The Key to Everything by Norman Grubb

The Key to Everything

by Norman Grubb


The Believer as a Container for God’s Presence in the World Today

When I was in the British army in World War I, God very plainly called me, though I’d planned another career, to join a little independent missionary group just starting in Africa.

I wasn’t there very long before I deeply felt my inadequacy.

It wasn’t that I was lukewarm for Jesus Christ; it wasn’t that I had turned away from Him to some other interest. I was a servant of His, and my whole interest was set on introducing my brother Africans to Him.

The inadequacy I felt in myself first of all was the need of love. I deeply felt, when I got among them, that I just didn’t have that love which bridges the gap. With that went the need of faith, and with that the need of power. All of these were linked together.

Response to the Christian message in Central Africa, like the United States, appears to be quite large. But I soon found there was much more profession than possession. I began saying to myself, Are we bringing the Africans anything really worthwhile? Are we just bringing a code of ethics? Or a liturgy, or historic faith? Have we got something genuinely transforming to transmit to others?

Then I made the question personal, “Have I?”

As I asked these questions, I discovered that when your ministry is disturbed, it tends also to disturb your personal life. I found myself, as my wife well knew, irritable at home in a way I hadn’t been irritable — and critical of others to cover my own failures.

As I doubted, asked questions, and searched the Bible for some kind of an answer to my inadequacies, I found some amazing answers. Some of them have shaken me considerably. They have changed my whole viewpoint — and my experience.

I can’t call them revelations, because they are based on the revelation, witnessed to by the Spirit.

To begin with, my attitude was that God should improve me.

Well, I’m a servant of Jesus Christ, I thought. I’ve been redeemed by His grace, I belong to Him. I must ask God to make me a better servant of Jesus Christ.

I thought He should channel in some love into my heart, some faith, some power, some holiness — and improve me.

I had to learn sharply that self-improvement is both a sin and an impossibility. It came as a considerable shock.

But though my idea of how God should answer my problem was completely wrong, my sense of inadequacy was good. It sent me to the Bible. And my first discovery came as I read one famous verse in the first letter of John: “God is love.”

Suddenly the is stuck out. What dawned on me went something like this: It doesn’t say God has love, but God is love. If some body has a thing, it isn’t he himself. It’s something just attached to him, as if you’ve got a coat on or something in your pocket. You just have it, and you can share it. But the Bible doesn’t say God has love, but God is love.

I Could Never Love!

Love, therefore, must not be a thing I can have. Love is exclusively a Person. God is love. Therefore, there is no other pure, self-giving love in the universe beyond Him Himself. Love is exclusively a characteristic of one Person only — and that’s not Norman Grubb.

That was a deflation for me. I had thought I could have love imparted to me, channeled into me, and I’d be more loving. But I suddenly found God saying, “You’ll never have one iota of love. I am love, and that’s the end of it.”

Love is a Person; one Person only loving — and that’s not I, and that’s not you. God is love and, therefore, love is God loving.

That set a new trend of thought going. I began to relate this to my other need of power. And I suddenly found a verse in the first chapter of I Corinthians where it says that Christ is the power of God. Not Christ has the power, but He is the power.

Once again, I had thought power was something which was given to me, and I’d be a powerful servant of Jesus Christ. I suddenly found that power, also, is a Person. And that person is not I but is exclusively Christ, Who is God; it doesn’t matter whether you call Him Father, Son or Holy Spirit.

Then I came to the one thing every Christian claims to have. Every believing Christian accepts the fact that he has eternal life. He takes it that he has a life which will go on forever in Heaven. (“The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”)

But I suddenly found that eternal life is not something I can ever have — for Jesus did not say, “I have the life to give you” — but, “I am the life.”

Once again I had found that something I had thought I had — eternal life — is one person only, and that’s not me. Jesus Christ is that “eternal life.”

But where did I fit into all this?

Finally I came to a statement which gathered all together and finished off my investigations by its absoluteness. The verse was Colossians 3:11, where it says of believers in Christ that “Christ is all and in all.”

Christ is all, not Christ has all.

And if Christ is all, what’s left for me? Not much by my mathematics.

I had thought I was somebody, and something or could get something. I found God had taken the lot. Christ is all.

Then I got the link. Christ is all and in all.

Then I saw for the first time that the only reason for the existence of the entire creation is to contain the Creator! Not to be something, but to contain Someone.

So there dawned a very important truth. We humans naturally regard the human self as important. But we’ve got the wrong ideas of the reason of the existence of the self.

An immense distortion has come into the very warp and woof of humanity. It’s the distortion of the ego — of the self. Though we feel self to be important, all of this showed me that self is extremely unimportant.

There is only one Self in the universe who is really important. I would almost say there is only one Self.

Why? Because there’s only one Person in the universe who ever said, “I Am.”

God said that was His name thousands of years ago when Moses asked what he should say when people would ask, “What is the name of your God?” (Exodus 3:13, 14).

We are told that at the end of the history of the universe it is God Who will be all in all. God all in all! Then what’s left? It’s terrific.

Why We Exist

There is only one Person, and the human creation is brought into a living relation ship with this One, so that He can manifest Himself in His perfection of life and love through us.

The whole creation exists because Spirit must have a body in which to manifest Himself. As the Scriptures say, “The whole earth is full of His glory.” They say that Christ ascended “that He might fill all things.”

If He fills all things, all things are containers of Him. Here is both the height and the dangerous depth in humanity.

The height is simply this: the rest of creation can contain manifestations of God; we can contain God as a Person. A person cannot manifest himself as a person through anything else than a person. You can’t fellowship with a dog or a stone. You can enjoy the marvels of the atom or of a precious stone, but you can’t fellowship with it. But I can fellowship with you because we are of the same makeup.

God can manifest His marvels and His beauty through the flowers and trees. We can view them through the microscope and telescope, and marvel—but we do not say, “That’s God.”

The greatest marvel, the greatest height of personality, is when we can look at a human being and say, “God is there.”

The depth, the dangers, of humanity are that personality means freedom. Intelligent choice is the essence of personality.

Therefore, God appeared to be on the horns of a dilemma when He created people. (Of course, He wasn’t, for He knows His own business in the end.) But it appeared so because the people He created could turn around and say, “Thank you very much, I don’t want You to live in me.”

That’s exactly what happened.

We make self our god, not God. We just naturally run our own lives. And that’s our whole trouble.

There isn’t a single problem in humanity except our self-reactions: not one.

The Devil is no trouble. He was dealt with 2,000 years ago.

Your neighbor is not your trouble.

Circumstances are not your trouble.

The only trouble is your reaction.

Distorted self, self out of gear, is our problem.

Once we know how to handle the human self and put it back where it belongs, we’ve found the key to life.

That’s what we’re going to examine.


You Simply Receive

Essentially from eternity there has been only one Person.

This is difficult to realize. Yet throughout the Word of God it is underlined.

God was before all: He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

He is love.

He is inconceivable beauty.

He is the all.

If that is so, then the link between Him and us, whom He has created, is the link between the One and the means of manifesting or making known the One. In other words, our relation to Him is that of containing Him in such a way that He may be recognized.

That is why the primary function of all creation, animate and inanimate, is receptivity. Your basic function, and mine, is the same—simply to receive.

This is demonstrated, silently, around us all the time. It’s never better seen than in the springtime.

If there were no receptivity in the trees and flowers and shrubs, we should have a desert around us. These things spring to life because of their quiet reception of the sunlight and moisture poured on them. What they receive they utilize. But utilization is secondary to reception.

In Biblical language, we call this faith.

Better Seen Than Said

But no finite language can completely portray the infinite. So different illustrations are necessary in order to complete the picture of our relation to Him.

Look at the number of times the Bible calls us vessels. “We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.” We are “vessels, sanctified, meet for the Master’s use, prepared unto every good work.”

Now you see at once the beauty of the illustration: a vessel is a hollow object made to contain something. And God has made us vessels.

Of course, if God makes us vessels, He fills us. God doesn’t fool with His creation; if He made anything to be filled, He must see to it that it gets filled.

This is our receptivity. The whole function of the vessel is to receive something.

Now get this clear: the vessel never becomes the liquid, nor the liquid the vessel. I add this because we humans are so proud that there creeps into us the idea that we can be deified. That is blasphemy. There is no such thing as self-deification, except that of Satan, the pseudo-God, and what we share with him. The divine can dwell in the human, but forever the human is the human and the divine the divine. God has said, “I will not give my glory to another.”

That is the vital importance of the vessel illustration: we are forever the container; He is that which we contain. That relationship never changes.

But there are other illustrations which both Jesus and Paul used which give us an enlarged picture of our position as receivers.

The famous one is that used by Jesus when He likened Himself and ourselves to the vine and the branches. Now we get a vital, active relationship. We begin to see that the illustration of the vessel is only part of the truth. A vessel is a dead thing and separate from that which is poured into it. From the vessel you might be led to picture us as simply passive containers. But we’re not.

So Jesus gave us the vine and branches illustration. Through this our eyes are opened to the secret of the universe union — the mystery of the universe: how two can be one and yet remain two. In this dimension, infinite truth is always in the form of paradox. We never get beyond facts that are seemingly contradictory to common sense.

In this dimension we can never fully comprehend truth through our senses. Our reason cannot teach it to us. We have to live with opposites which don’t meet, with facts that are, to our understanding, not completely logical. It is good for us to recognize this, and to learn to accept both sides—both ways of knowing—in their proper proportions.

This illustration of the vine and the branches is one of those paradoxes.

The living God, the living Christ, and I actually become one person and function as one person. Separation is impossible. It has disappeared. We function entirely and forever and naturally as one person. And yet we remain two!

The Mystery We Live In

Two in one; one in two. We see the paradox in the vine and the branch illustration because, though the vine and the branch make one, Jesus says that the branch must “abide in the vine.” Though the vine is the life and the branch the channel, yet the branch does things. It utilizes the sap and produces leaf and flower and fruit.

But its activity is secondary to its receptivity. This is where we fail. We make activity a substitute for receptivity. It is its outcome.

Paul gave us another illustration: that of head and body. Head and body make one organism, one life.

You can’t divide head and body. My name is Norman Grubb. But my head is not Norman and my body Grubb! You can’t divide the two.

The Bible tells us the same thing. For instance, I Corinthians 12:12 speaks of the body of Christ as being Christ. It says, “As the body [the body is, of course, the believers joined to Christ] is one and hath many members, so also is Christ.” The body is called Christ—not the head.

We are part of a vital organism which is an ascended, glorious, perfect Christ—the eternal Christ.

We are part of Him, yet we remain, ourselves.

Self-Confidence Is Not Security

In that relationship we are all dependent. Exactly as the body is dependent on the head and the head governs the body, so we forever remain the dependent member in the union.

And the union is never safe until we know that.

So, until you have a few good knocks on the head and discover your conceited self, you’re not safe to know the union. Maybe you’ve had plenty of knocks. They’re the healthiest thing we can have. We’ve got to be made safe and understanding for this tremendous relationship.

He is the Lord. We are the co-operators. We are receivers.

Basically every one of us has regarded life as something we must live, although we are glad to have the help and grace of God to assist us. Even though we are redeemed people, without realizing our error, we rely mainly on our self-activity.

Basically, every one of us has thought, “We’re the people, let’s get on with the work.”

That is the reason for the long periods of training through which we read God took all His servants in Bible times. Look at Moses. Few can equal his consecration. He threw away a throne as “the son of Pharaoh’s daughter,” with all “the treasures of Egypt” and “pleasures of sin for a season.” And he did all this for the mysterious Christ who had not even come — for he “esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches,” the record says.

Yet there was one thing that Moses had not renounced. That was Moses.

“Learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians,” highly trained, highly educated, “mighty in word and deed,” it says he thought the enslaved Israelites would understand that he was their obvious deliverer, and he set out to deliver them. Angered by an Egyptian maltreating one of his people, he beat and killed him.

But Pharaoh sent the police after him— and what did Moses do? All he had left was a good pair of legs. So he ran.

A healthy body is useful—but you need more than two good legs to carry you through life for God! Moses had thought he could do the job; now he found he couldn’t. He couldn’t find God because until he had come to an end of himself, God was a distant Person to him.

Unless you have come to the bottom of self you don’t know basically in a crisis just how to find God. You can’t find God when He’s found you. He’s just there. The Spirit must teach you. You just say, “That’s fine, Lord, carry on.” You are thoroughly natural.

I believe in being thoroughly irreverent with God! That’s putting it in extreme form, but what I mean is that a great deal of our pious talk and reverent attitudes and language is a cloak for insincerity. Men of God, God’s familiars, God’s friends, talk back and forth with Him in plain language.

But Moses, like every one of us, had to learn that you don’t do God’s work by self effort and self-wisdom.

Unquenchable Energy

Forty years later, Moses saw what he had not been ready to see before. He saw a queer object where he was tending sheep in the wilderness. It was a common bush on fire. But the curious thing, as he watched it, was that it didn’t go out.

That is where God showed Moses what humanity is meant to be: a common bush aflame with God.

But a man must be common first. Moses, in his own opinion, had been a very uncommon royal bush, and God doesn’t live in uncommon royal bushes. Then Moses saw this sight: God’s presence, God’s word out of a common bush — and as the divine fire consumes the bush, it refuels it. “The bush was not consumed.”

That’s exactly what God does. The divine life keeps flowing in, as you give it out.

That is receptivity: the key to true humanity. Then you move out into activity.

No one is active like a Christian, because he is motivated by the divine resources, the divine power, the divine Person. We’ve got to learn by our hard knocks to clear out of the way and recognize Another functioning – get His voice, His plans, His resources. Then we come back into the situation as servant, not boss.

Once you have come to understand that your basic function is a constant recognition of Another, the whole of life is transformed.

It isn’t a matter of continually allowing Him to come into your life, because you have received Him. But it is the recognition of Another.

Another is the functioning one.

Another is the Person who inspires the prayers and imparts the faith and thinks the thoughts through our minds and expresses His compassion through our hearts and puts our bodies into action.

Once you’ve seen that, you see that He is the illimitable One.

Then you relax and say, “This is what life is basically: Another living His life in me.”

You’ve got your key to everything.

Every problem becomes an opportunity.

Every tough spot becomes a chance to enjoy the luxury of seeing Him deliver us out of it.

And you welcome such spots.


Your Other Self

Normal humanity is God-indwelt.

Humanity which is not indwelt by Deity is subhuman.

Can you offer proof of that, you say? Yes, I can. I can give you proof from the only perfect human who has ever lived on earth.

Jesus Christ was a real human. (That’s why I love to call Him Jesus, though He is the Lord Jesus Christ.) He was the Son of God, but if He called Himself the Son of God five times, He called Himself Son of man fifty-five times. Which means He was a representative man—one of us.

Notice what Jesus said each time He was challenged on the source of His power to work miracles or His authority to say what He did. Every time He answered, “The Son can do nothing of Himself.”

In other words, His basic self-consciousness as a human was awareness of His nothingness in Himself!

His statements about the Father often puzzled the disciples. He would say, “I do what I see the Father do,” “as I hear, I judge,” “My doctrine is not Mine, but His that sent Me.” They wondered whether He had some strange means of communication with His “Father in heaven.”

He revealed their true meaning in what I think is the most important conversation ever recorded. It was the first time in actual human words that the union of man and God is revealed. It came in that last conversation at the supper table before He went out to Gethsemane.

He kept saying He was going to the Father, but the Spirit had not come; therefore, a normal human could only understand outward relationships — one person here, another there, each person separate from the other.

So when He talked about the Father, the disciples thought He must be some Being way up in the blue. Feeling desperate that Jesus was going to whom they knew not, Philip made a commonsense request:

“Lord, show us the Father and that will suffice us.”

In other words, “Open Heaven, and let us have one look at the One to whom You say You are going.”

Remember Jesus’ answer? He said, “Have I been so long with you, yet you have not known Me, Philip? He that has seen Me has seen the Father. How do you say then, ‘Show us the Father’?”

Now you might stop with that statement and say, “Well, that’s Deity. He meant that their names were interchangeable — Father, Son and Spirit, and they could call Him Father or Jesus.”

But He didn’t mean that, for the next verse says this: “Believes thou not that I am in the Father and the Father in Me? The words I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwells in Me, He does the works.”

When Jesus said He did what He saw the Father doing it was not that He had some telescopic view into Heaven, but that as the Father in Him took Him into various situations and faced Him with various needs He would know this was a call to action. As He saw the Father moving into action, He took action. The action of faith.

The same was true of the words He spoke. He was expressing the thoughts and words the Father thought and spoke in Him.

So you see the human nothingness and the divine union? Yet that doesn’t mean that we do nothing.

No one was more active than Jesus Christ! But the activity was secondary to receptivity.

An outstanding characteristic of the life of Jesus was His relaxed attitude. He was always saying, “I have what the Father gives Me.” Yet what words He spoke and deeds He did!

You see, that relaxed attitude is a normal human attitude-because a vessel hasn’t anything except the capacity to contain. So relax!

Two, But One

Someone may say, “Well, Jesus Christ was a unique person. Can we say we’re just like Jesus Christ?”

Yes, you can.

The chapter ends as Jesus says, “Arise, let us go hence.” It appears to me that as they moved from the supper table toward Gethsemane, He wanted to give one other illustration to connect them up with what He had said of Himself and the Father. They passed through a vineyard.

“See,” He said, “I have been the branch of My Father. He has been My vine; His sap has been flowing through Me, and I have just been bearing the fruit.

“Now,” He said, “I am your vine and you are My branches. We are to have the same union which I have had with the Father, and apart from Me ye can do nothing.”

Then, as a passing remark in the midst of another subject, Paul made a marvelous statement in I Corinthians 6:17 that reveals the nature of that union: “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”

That’s the real self, and the basis for our union: one spirit, not two spirits. The very same thing that Jesus said of Himself and the Father (“I and my Father are one”) Paul says of us.

A great many of our confusions in life begin because we haven’t discerned between soul and spirit. The Bible analyzes the human personality into three parts (for everything is a trinity). It speaks of “your whole spirit and soul and body” in I Thessalonians 5:23.

Look at the order: not body, soul and spirit—that’s our order. God’s order is spirit first: “I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless.”

To put it briefly, spirit is the seat of ego; soul is the seat of the emotions and of reason.

Spirit is the ego, the self. God is spirit and He is the first ego, the first self. We are spirits, of whom He is the Father (Hebrews 12:9). He is the Creator of body and soul, but the Father of spirits.

Down in that center—the spirit—is where you know and love. Knowledge and love-mind and heart-are the real self, the real person. That’s where you irrevocably live.

Paul, in I Corinthians 2:11, said, “What man knows the things of a man save the spirit of man which is in him?” The knower inside us is our spirit.

For instance, we Christians know Jesus Christ. How do you know Jesus Christ? I can’t tell you. Somehow you’ve come past the realm of just knowing about this Person called Jesus Christ and He is real to you.

In the same way, a person knows music, knows art, knows science.

I understand that, you say. I’m at home with that. He knows!

That isn’t giving a reason, is it? It’s something intuitive inside you, and that’s your spirit. That’s different from reason.

But your soul is more external. It is how you express your spirit.

Your mind (your knowledge) expresses itself in reasons. But reasons can vary. They can be influenced by all sorts of things.

Your heart expresses itself through the affections, the emotions. That’s where you feel. But feelings can vary—quite apart from the set purposes of the heart. We say, “I don’t feel like this,” or “I feel spiritually cold, or dead or dry,” and they are all illusions of the soul.

Neither reason nor emotion is our real life, which is deep inside us.

Now, we live where we love. That’s what the Bible calls the heart. That’s not the emotions; it’s the set of life, the choices, the purposes where one of the two spirits is joined to us—the false spirit of self-love, called the spirit of error, who is in us from birth—or the true spirit of self-giving, the Spirit of God, called “the Spirit of truth,” who replaces the false spirit in us by redemption and rebirth.

We have to learn how to discern between soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). We have to refuse in our spirit, our real selves, to be dominated by the reactions of the emotions or the reasons—our souls.

When we have learned to discern and to discipline the reactions of the soul, then through our reasons and our emotions we channel Christ, and are not moved by the reflex action of the world coming back at us.

But how can I do this? you say.

You can do this because “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”

The Bible reveals that God, who is spirit, is an invisible Person. He always expresses Himself

He expresses the kind of Person He is through His Son; that’s the soul of God. The soul of God is Jesus Christ.

Visible – and – Invisible Life

So with us, our spirits are our invisible selves, and we have to have a form of expression. The form of expression is the soul life.

And it’s in our soul life that we differ.

In the spirit we’re undifferentiated. You and I are exactly the same, eternally one person in the Spirit. You and I are one unit.

I’m sorry for you, but you’ve got to have me. Because we’re all one!

But in our souls we differ: you’re very quick and I’m slow. One person is cautious, another person is dashing. Variety is in our soul life-that is, in the emotions and the reason. These are the varied expression of the inner spirit.

Now you may say in your soul life—in your emotions or your reason—”l don’t like that person.”

We have an affinity with some people and not with others. We’re just made like that.

But you have to move back from your soul-affections (your emotions) to the inner spirit-love.

This business of emotions is most important, because dozens of Christians live with their feet dragging with a sense of condemnation and failure because they feel away from God, or the feel cold, or they feel guilty, or they feel weak, and so on.

They haven’t discerned between the variable emotions of the soul and the unvarying reality of spirit—where God’s Spirit of love is eternally our other self in our spirit.

How can I be cold when I’ve got that permanent fire within me-Jesus Christ?

Move back from your soul-affections and say, “No, He’s here.”

How can I feel dry when I have a permanent well of water inside me-Jesus Christ?

Not Emotion, But Reality

You move back from your affections, your emotions, to the real love-center—because “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”

The other verse that goes with that one, which I always think is so marvelous, is perhaps my favorite in the Bible. It is Galatians 2:20, where Paul says, “I am crucified with Christ …..”

That’s the old Paul out.

Then he says, “….. nevertheless, I live.”

That’s the new Paul in Christ: a living, thinking, willing, feeling, battling human. A real person.

But listen: then he corrects himself and adds, “Yet not I, but Christ lives in me.”

He could very easily have said, “Nevertheless I live and Christ lives in me”—as if Christ lived near him or close by him.

But you see, he replaced self by Christ.

That’s the point.

He said, “Nevertheless, I live—excuse me, the real I isn’t I at all, it is Christ.”

In other words, your other self is Christ.

It is not you, it’s Christ.

There are two selves joined in one; and the other self is Christ.

That’s why it’s indivisible. That’s why it’s ridiculous to look around or above and try to find Christ.

You don’t try to find yourself, do you? Wherever you go, you are there, aren’t you?

However you feel about it, you can’t escape your self.

And your other self is Christ; you can’t escape Him either!

I’m sorry if Christ has to go where you go! But that’s His business!

In the grace of God, Jesus Christ tied Himself to us.

Isn’t that amazing? You can’t escape Him.

Where you go, He goes. He’s your other self; He’s not you.

You’re you; He’s He.

You contain Him; He motivates you. And you learn the habits of this abiding life.

He is the one who lives it.

You are His means of expressing Himself.

Motivation by Jesus Christ; that’s the eternal life which we who know Him have already begun!

Next we will need to examine, understand and establish how this change of relationship has taken place. How can it be when we are eternally separated from God by sin? How can we have such a boldness, so that we can be free, happy, familiar, natural—not superduper reverent—but ordinary, normal people: what God intends us to be?


Your New Spirit

I believe in a secular Christ. I do not believe in a religious Christ.

I believe one of the whole difficulties of Christianity is we’ve put Christ in a special building for a special occasion, with special forms of worship, special music, special everything.

Cut the special out; put your hands in your pocket and go in your old blue jeans. Christ is a secular person.

If Christ is your other self, Christ washes dishes.

If Christ is your other self, He spanks the youngsters.

If Christ is your other self, He handles the accounting machine and runs the business.

Christ, therefore, is a very common person.

You’re a very common person—I assure you that. That’s why I believe in a common Christ—because He lives in common people!

Obviously, humanity has become separated from God. Before I can live in the kind of familiarity with God that He intends for me, I need to know the basis for that kind of a relationship. I need to know my title. Once I am sure of my foundations I can forget them and go ahead. Once I am sure of the road under my feet I can proceed to walk confidently.

Road to Familiarity

These are the simple facts of revelation (and we can follow their logic, as well as their tragedy and wonder):

What the Bible calls sin is, in one phrase, independent self. The created self was made to contain and express the Creator Self who is selfless love.

Instead, in the person of Lucifer, probably the created being nearest to God Himself, a new and horrible form of life came into existence: a created self who refused to contain the selfless Self of God but chose to live for and by himself. Lucifer was the sin-spirit, the spirit of self-love, self-seeking, and all the sins known to man that proceed from that.

The history of the creation of man in the Garden of Eden tells us what happened to our forefather. He was created to contain God in a living union, which was symbolized for him in the offer of “the tree of life in the midst of the garden.”

But as a human being with free choice, he could take another way—the way of self-love: symbolized for him in the other tree in the midst of the garden—the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Deceived by the lying spirit of Satan, he received into himself the spirit of error rather than the Spirit of truth, and became a child of the Devil. Since then the whole human race is born with the spirit of self-centeredness in it. The Bible calls it “the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience.”

That we are all born and live under that domination is obvious, for we are all by nature egoists and self-lovers. Every breath we breathe, therefore, is sin—because anything less than God’s perfection is sin, and God’s perfection is perfect love. But such total love to God and our brother is totally impossible without God who is love living in us.

Two Problems Solved

What, then, has He who is Love, and therefore must save, done to restore His lost humanity to Himself?

He has taken flesh Himself to start a new race. In the Person of His Son, Jesus, He came into history as a man called “the last Adam,” the Creator of the first. Having lived a perfect life which the first Adam failed to live, He then identified Himself totally with the fallen human race by dying for us. In that death He was so identified with us all in God’s sight that the Bible says, “He made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin. Thus, He died. In doing so, the Bible reveals that He effected the two supreme deliverances that were the two absolute necessities.

First, He solved God’s problem (or rather, God solved His own problem) by taking upon Himself the curse of the broken law, and being made a curse for us.

By the shedding of His blood, His outpoured life, He became God’s “mercy seat.” By this, God could both be just and justify the ungodly, and pronounce all believers in Jesus justified from all unrighteousness – forgiven, cleansed, in His sight as if we had committed no sin; “made the righteousness of God in Him.” Broken law has consequences. That is the nature of law. God, farseeing that we should all be lawbreakers, foreordained His Son to be “the propitiation through faith in His blood.”

What God revealed to be the necessary atonement for sin, He Himself suffered. What He suffered He accepted. And His acceptance is our justification (as the Scripture says, “raised again for our justification”). What is good enough for God is good enough for us. “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot unto God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?”

Secondly, Christ’s cross and resurrection solved our problem. For by this means He fully effected the destruction of the old union of humanity to Satan and replaced it by the new union to Himself. Our problem is simply that in our unredeemed life our inner self, our spirit, was united to the self-loving spirit of Satan. As a consequence, we followed the desire of soul and body.

When our bodies stimulated appetites in us, we gratified them. When our souls stirred up pride or dislike of this or hate of that or love of that—we just followed them.

We were governed by our souls and bodies.

Replacement for Soul Life

But when Christ died, it says that “He died unto sin once.” That means that in His death, as our Representative, our last Adam, He became separated from the sin-spirit which had invaded the human spirit—just as anybody in death is separated from his spirit. And in His resurrection He was “made alive by the Spirit.”

In other words, the Spirit of truth—God Himself—united Himself to that last Adam, and thus united Himself to all who will accept their place by faith as participators in His death and resurrection.

Here was the beginning of the new and final creation, when the usurping person was cut off from the possession he had deceitfully gained of the human spirit; when the true Owner, the living God, replaced him in all who receive Jesus.

This is no Biblical theory.

This is the most tremendous and dynamic event in human history!

Here is our title to union—to permanent familiarity—with God!

For example, use this little illustration.

On Sunday morning you say your duty is to go to church. But you get a blustery day, wind and snow, and you don’t feel like going. But you go anyway.

Why? Because down inside you purpose to go. You say, “Oh, I don’t feel like going, but I’m going.”

There you’ve got the point. Now you have moved from soul to spirit, you see.

Reason is exactly the same. Reason is the faculty by which we explain things and argue about them and talk about them. Through these words I’ve tried to use my reason, which is my soul life, to explain what I claim to know.

I claim to know Jesus Christ; I try to explain myself to you—that’s my reason.

You see, reasons can differ. That is why we can differ in our opinions and explanations—our soul life—but be one in Christ-in our spirit life.

I’ve always been one to dig into things. I took up philosophy just as a hobby and got my reason thoroughly shaken. I said to myself, “I’m really not so sure that there is a God at all. Yet,” I said, “I know Him and love Him and have done so for years—yet He may not be a living Person at all!”

My reason conveyed doubts to me.

My spirit said, “But I know Him!”

So do you know what I came to? I said, “Well, if God is the big illusion, I’ll be a little illusion alongside Him. I love the ‘Illusion,’ that’s all.”

You see, I would not be governed by my reason—my soul—because I had something deeper, more real.

Of course, in due time, I came out more strongly confirmed in soul, or reason, as well as spirit-knowledge. Doubts are the raw material of faith.

Have we got it clear?

The consequence of broken law which we must inevitably suffer, stated in most direct and terrible fashion again and again in the words of Jesus and the writings of the apostles, was borne by God Himself in the Person of His Son. If we ask, how can the blood of any man atone for the sin of all, the answer is that this was the blood of Deity made flesh.

The enslaved condition of humanity, through the indwelling spirit of self-centeredness, with which every man is born, was ended at the cross!

Christ, as our representative, died to that enslavement—that sin-spirit; and again as our representative, was raised from the dead by “the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead.”

Thus, this change of union from the spirit of self-centeredness to the spirit of self-giving becomes an actual, down-to~earth fact in the personality and experience of every human being who, recognizing and admitting his need, receives Him as Lord and Savior.

Your old spirit is replaced by your new Spirit!

You were governed by soul and body. Now, as a redeemed person, the Spirit—His Spirit in your spirit—is master of soul and body. You meet the demands of the bodily senses, the varying emotions of the soul stimulated by world, flesh or desire, with the affirmation of the indwelling Christ as Lord.

Soul and body become the manifestation of Jesus Christ.

Here, indeed, is the key to being a normal person—free, happy, familiar, natural—released from the spirit of self-love into the boundless, creative outflowing energy of the new governing Spirit that indwells you: His Spirit.

Here, indeed, is the key to everything.

It Was Told of a Certain Potter

It Was Told of a Certain Potter

by Walter C. Lanyon


Chapter 1


Abd Allah, the Potter


AND the sun streaming in through the eastern window awakened Abd Allah, the potter. He stretched his lithe, muscular body luxuriously and, rubbing his eyes, sat up. The boy Jethro lay wrapped in slumber, his harp close at hand.

“Jethro, Jethro,” called Abd Allah, “tis morn! Get thee to the well and fetch up the water for the morning meal.”

Jethro got, sleepily, into his picturesque costume of crimson with its heavy blue silken sash. He was a happy type of youth, a true son of the orient, his skin the color of copper and his raven locks matted in curls to his well-shaped head. Some years before Abd Allah had found him begging in the streets of Jerusalem, and had taken him home. Of his early life little was known, save that at one time he lived on a boat which sailed the Nile. And it was upon this boat that an old sailor had taught him to play the harp. His voice, which was natural and clear, had a warmth of expression seldom found in an untrained singer .

Pushing aside the heavy curtain of woolen stuff that covered the doorway of their abode, Abd Allah stepped into the outer court and raised his eyes to the eastern heavens. It was a new day and the sky was amass of gold and crimson, shot with the palest mauve. “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork,” breathed Abd Allah. There was a thrill in his voice as he repeated it; he felt the impetus of the new day creeping over him and thus he reasoned:

It is a new day, fresh from the hands of God, and I am a new man (idea) fresh from the hands of God. I have but the glowing, ever-present now, which is pregnant with opportunity and goodness. And as this day cannot look back into yesterday, neither can I bring from yesterday any of its storms or sorrows. And as every flower that blooms and every bird that goes singing through the long hours are new and fresh acquaintances to the day, so every man that I meet shall be new and good to me, a friend and brother.

As he stood filling his soul full of the morning and the glories of the new day, a single bird winged his way into the liquid blue, shrilling his wild song of joy. It was almost as if his thoughts had taken the “Wings of the morning.” And as he was thus setting his house (mind) in order for the day, Jethro came through the large open gateway with the jar of water on his head. He, too, had been drinking in the wonders of the heavens, and, setting the jar down, he stood beside Abd Allah and said:

“Look across that silver sea of olive trees, there in the valley of the Mount! See how she stands wrapped in that bluish mist! Is it not beautiful, Father Abd Allah? And see how the great leaves of those yellow-green banana trees sway in the breeze. The fragrance of a thousand wild vines and flowers fills the air. Is it not a wonderful world, and are we not rich, Father Abd, to have this picture ever before us ?”

And Abd Allah answered: “Praise be unto God whose handiwork is shown.”

* * * *

Now , Abd Allah was a potter by trade, and he worked into the color of his vases the glories of the heavens and of nature, and into his designs he painted wonderful lessons of gratitude and peace. He was also a letter writer, and in short, a sort of confessor or judge, inasmuch as those in trouble came to him with their problems for solution, and he always sent them away satisfied and with new courage. And, lastly, Abd Allah, which means servant of God, was a true servant of the Most High.

Of friends Abd Allah had many, and these he found among all classes, from the lordly nobleman, In his wonderful palace of snowy marble, to the humble herdsman, who dwelt without the city gates. In short he had a breadth of love that reached out to all men.

His dwelling, which contained two small f rooms, was in an enclosed court and faced the east. In front of it stood a thick, bushy almond tree, and it was under the shade of this tree that Abd sat day after day working at his vases, or writing letters, with Jethro close at hand to sing to Abd and play on his harp. A glance at the open doorway, with naught but a heavy, oriental curtain, immediately bespoke the moral courage of the man Abd, and his open, God-fearing nature, for his dwelling was located in the outskirts of Jerusalem, near one of the less frequented of its seven gates, and many considered it unsafe to leave their doors and windows unbarred against thieves.

And oft-times, as he worked, Abd Allah told Jethro the story of his vase, and sometimes, perchance he was starting a new vase, he would work into it the solution of the problem of some troubled one, who had come burdened with too much care.

Abd Allah had learned, years before, that as a pebble thrown into a pool of water brings one ring after another to the surface until they reach the outer edge, so one good thought dropped into the stagnant mind will bring ring after ring of thought to the surface, until the whole mind has been stirred; and he likewise knew that by dropping these thoughts into the pool of a dormant or sick mind, at last, when enough have been dropped into its depths, it will rise and flow off in a tiny stream, and by flowing (becoming active) purify itself, and, not only thereby receive a blessing, but water field and forest and prove a benefit to mankind. And though it had been unloved and shunned as a stagnant pool, little children may wade in its cool depths and scatter flowers on its surface.

“Love is the only active element of the Universe,” Abd had told Jethro. “Be sure you are filled with Love all the while; let naught else into your consciousness, and as you go you will reflect it in some way that ‘will draw all men unto you’.” So Jethro reflected Love through song and music, and Abd Allah through his pottery and his well-modulated, sonorous voicings of Truth. But there are many modes of letting your light so shine before men that they will call you blessed.




Chapter 2





It was the hour of prayer in the city of Jerusalem. About the gate where Abd Allah and Jethro were stationed many of the merchants and loiterers were kneeling and calling upon the name of their God to succor and help them. The little band about Abd Allah stood listening in silence to the mumbling of the men at prayer. “Tell us something of true prayer, Abd Allah,” said one of the men standing near him; “something of that for which this outward expression stands.”

“We admit,” Abd Allah began, “that God is good, that He is All, that He is everywhere, and the cause and effect of all that really exists. We acknowledge Him to be the source from which every good gift comes.

“Further, in the line of common reasoning, we know that prayer in its generally accepted sense means desire. This being the case, we begin to see that our very desires or prayers, in so far as they are good, proceed from God, and are not as we formerly supposed self-originated requests or petitions, but rather the urge of God (good) endeavoring to find expression in us, good endeavoring to be made manifest in the flesh.

“Perhaps, for example, you are praying for health. You are desiring it, but as God is the only creator and good, in reality your desire for health is but the will of God trying to express itself through you. ‘God is willing to do exceeding abundantly, more than we ask or think.’ God is ‘willing’ it. And as your desire for health is prompted by His willingness to be expressed in perfect strength, you reverse the proposition and find that, in reality, the health and strength of God, good, are seeking to find expression in you , not you seeking to bring them into your thought.

“If you are praying for supply, is it not in reality God’s fullness seeking further expression in you? Is it not the ‘still small voice’ calling for a greater expression of substance, God ? God is all substance; then the desire for supply is a greater desire for God, or God endeavoring to manifest Himself more fully. And suddenly you turn from your prayers of beseeching to the attitude of ‘Speak, for thy Servant heareth’, and ‘Not my will but thine be done.’ You begin endeavoring to find out what His wishes are.

“Then our part in prayer, after we have acclaimed God as all and ever-present good, is to relax, to let go and step aside; literally and figuratively to say ‘Glorify thy Son that thy son may also glorify thee;’ that is, make thyself manifest in me, fulfill thy desires. Fling open wide the portals of your mind and bid Him enter who waits without; make thyself wholly acceptable to Him, to use for His good pleasure, and your desires and prayers will find their rightful expression.

“Having given yourself over to His expression, see that no selfishness enters and tries to hoard up His expression of Love as it passes through you. You are merely a channel, a steward placed in charge of the gift, a caretaker, but not an owner. Use freely His Love as you do the air about you, but see that nothing clogs the channel of expression to others.

“Now if God is love and everywhere present, then we live in an atmosphere of Love for ‘in Him we live, and move, and have our being.’ Let us establish a better sense of this Atmosphere of Love in which we constantly move. First, it is unchangeable and all powerful, and you are completely submerged in it and must of necessity be governed by it. As a fish is completely submerged in water, so man is submerged, surrounded by mind, and as the fish of the sea finds his supply, health and happiness in the medium of water, so man must be fed, clothed and cared for by the One Mind or Atmosphere of Love that completely envelops him. In fact, in establishing a fuller and better knowledge of this Atmosphere of Love, we lose sight of ourselves completely, and thus in losing sight of self we have stepped aside and a complete healing, regeneration, or expression of Love has taken place, a full expression of His love has been made manifest in the flesh.

“It is quite as impossible for man to reflect only apart of the qualities of mind, or of this Atmosphere of Love in which he lives and moves, as it is for a fish to be partly dry and yet remain submerged in the ocean. If man reflects one of the qualities of mind he must reflect them all. If he reflects life, he must also reflect health, happiness and success. He cannot move into a place where any of these qualities are wanting—there are not desert places in eternal mind—any more than a fish could swim into a dry spot in the ocean.

“Comes now our impersonal work, both for ourselves and others. As we establish a idea of God as ever-present Love and fix our attention on this one quality, we unconsciously help ourselves and also anyone upon whom our thoughts may rest, because if we are submerged in Love nothing of an opposite nature can enter or affect us, and we partake of the qualities of this atmosphere just as the fish is naturally wet, not through any effort on his part; he does not try to be wet, he just is. When we come to the point that we can consciously feel that we are living in this Atmosphere of Love, we cannot help reflecting the qualities of it. We are one God, for we are ‘image and likeness,’ and what shall separate us from the Love that He bestows?”










Chapter 3


The Perfect Man


Early on the morning of market day Abd Allah arose and awakened Jethro. June was yet young and hovered over the distant hills with an enchanting freshness. A million diamond dew drops caught and held the sun a prisoner, reflecting the mysteries of the rainbow. Out over the valley, which was lavishly dotted with flowers and trees, a transparent purple mist foretold the coming day. Abd Allah ,was happy. He felt the thrill that only a mind filled with goodness can feel on the contemplation of the beautiful. Life was so worth-while; there was so much good to be had for the mere reaching out; there was a constant tonic of youth and health to be drunk from the wonders of nature.

After breakfast he and Jethro started toward the east gate with their small load of vases.

“Does not the morning, with its mystery, thrill you?” he said to Jethro, and without waiting for an answer he continued, filling his lungs with the fine morning air: “It is good to be alive. It is good to know that you are a perfect man, made in His image and likeness.”

“A perfect man?” questioned Jethro. “Just look, Father Abd, who comes there,” and as Abd looked he saw Jaraj, the herder. He was surely a pitiful looking piece of humanity, quite bent over and in ill health. “Is he, too, a perfect man?” asked Jethro as they passed on their way.

They walked on in silence for a while and Abl Allah said:

“Jethro, you speak some Greek, a little Egyptian and Arabic, and in all these languages they have a different symbol for the same numbers. That is, you can give expression to the quantity two in as many different tongues as you know, and while the material symbol in each instance will differ, the quantity remains the same. It is eternally two, and if every symbol that was used to express two were swept away, the quantity two would remain just the same. Age will not add to it nor take from it. This is essentially: true of all realities. So is it with the perfect man, made in His image and likeness: the substance of him is perfect and good and cannot change though the material symbol that represents him may be anything from a hunch-back to an athlete.

“Further, Jethro, when you see a column of figures, some perfectly drawn and others poorly made, do you stop for a minute and say: ‘That two is poorly made; I cannot give it the full value of two?’ No. You give it the full value without ever a thought of taking from it or adding to it because it is larger than the rest. In your mind it has a fixed value or substance and that is what you give it, no matter what the symbol looks like. Then is it not our duty to give to the material symbol of man his full inheritance, that of perfection and goodness, and to look beyond the material symbol, just as you do in figures, and reckon the absolute quantity and substance of Man made in His image and likeness ?

“What use would men have for criticism if they had this fact firmly established in their minds? And what a wonderful help and stimulus the world would receive again, to know that every man is perfect, just as he was created.”

“Then criticism is really ‘bearing false witness’ against thy brother, is it not?” said  Jethro, “and what other motive could prompt bearing false witness against a man than hate?”

“Yes,” said Abd Allah, “Criticism is hate, and with hate in our minds love cannot enter nor abide.”

“But another good point to me,” said Abd Allah, as they walked along, “is that while the material symbol for man may appear distorted, with the right thought and love he can be made straight and healed of his infirmities. Think of the symbol of the perfect man who lay at the pool of Bethesda for thirty and eight years, and how all that time he was unable to help himself. Is it not appalling to note the lack of right thinking on his part. There he lay, a son of the All Powerful, an ‘image and likeness,’ governed by the one omnipresent, omnipotent law of good, unable to move himself. And all the while the men at the court were giving him the lie, and refusing to count him as a perfect man, until one day Jesus came by and saw him as a perfect man, with the result that the thirty and eight years of bondage disappeared and the man came into his heritage of dominion.

“What disease or evil condition can present itself as permanent when we stop for a minute to realize that we are per£ect, created so by God an sustained eternally by Him?

“Was it not through Daniel’s realization of the indestructible qualities of the perfect man that he escaped the jaws of the lions? He put their laws of matter to naught by knowing that the  perfect man was indestructible.

“But it is necessary that we do more than declare this truth of perfection; having ‘done all, to stand,’ stay put: we see that though Daniel proved the powerlessness of the lions immediately he entered the den, yet he had to remain (stand) there all night. ‘Patience must have her perfect work’.”



Chapter 4


Abd Allah’s Philosophy


“Awake thou that sleepeth;” get some of the now-ness into your thinking. Don’t wait to die to get into heaven; “Behold the kingdom of Heaven is at hand;” it is within you.

What is heaven? It is happiness and joy; it is right thinking and right acting. It is making obstacles stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks. It is getting plenty of blue sky and sunshine into your mind.

All about you lie infinite possibilities. Opportunity and fortune literally plead with you to take them in. Fate is the blind belief of the fearful; it is the great excuse for failure and stagnation. Failure is the letting go of your grip. There is no such a word as failure to the right thinking man. True, material conditions may change, but with the destruction of the shell of an egg we have an advanced state of progress, that will eventually fly off into the great free sky, thrilling with joy.

Failure to the material sense may be opportunity and fortune forcing you to make a step forward that you have heretofore been reluctant to take. Don’t lose heart because you are down and out. You can always start over; there is always a new day. Success is not measured in dollars and cents; it is measured in happiness and contentment. Happiness is not an elusive something that keeps dodging you, but a permanent state to the right thinking man. Have some of the qualities of a cork; refuse to stay under.

Get plenty of joy into your thinking. Try singing instead of mourning. Try realizing what it is to be a son (daughter) of the Most High, a child of the King. Get some of the nobility that is yours into your thought. Be noble.

Protect yourself by keeping your thought filled with goodness and truth; if it is full of good there is no room left for evil or fear. Evil thinking is the plague that produces all sickness, sin and death; and right thinking corrects this. You cannot think death and life at the same time; either one or the other holds the floor. Neither can you think riches and poverty, health and sickness. Be sure then that you are thinking on the right side. When you are thinking right, no plague shall come nigh thy dwelling.

Have you lost your material home? Then you are now ready to enter into your divine estate, and as the synonym for home is happiness (not house), and happiness is a state of mind, you find yourself already established in your new abode, which is filled with large courts wherein you may walk in peace. This kind of home is “under the shadow of His mighty wing.” The losing of a material home is like the dropping off of the cotyledons of a tiny plant. The plant has lost nothing in parting with these impediments; but is free and ready to grow heavenward.

Have you lost your best friend; did he betray you? This may help you to know that to lean on your own understanding is a dangerous thing, and further that God is the only true friend of man; that He is unchangeable and eternal; neither does He call for special favors, loans, etc., but only for fair thinking about Him.

Have you lost your fortune? All substance is His, and the fact that you are His perfect child gives you ample supply. He is responsible for your sustenance; you can of yourself do nothing. You did not ask to come here; He placed you here and He will provide. He is able to do all things, and to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies (in the presence of want). Plant your grain of mustard seed ( faith ) and watch it move mountains ( doubt and fears).

When you act, act as one having authority. Put on the full armor of God. Don’t imagine that because you have a sword in your hand you are safe. Put on the Helmet of right thinking, the Breastplate of righteousness. Be “shod with the preparation of the gospel.” Have your shield engraved with the words, “Who is so great a God as our God ?” Then your two-edged sword of wisdom will cut through the enemy’s lines.

“Patience must have her perfect work.” Remember that it takes repeated good thoughts to be effective. One good, strong thought, offset by the rest of the day spent in evil thinking, will not accomplish results for good.

Remember that the walls of Jerico did not fall down the first time they were encircled; but the Israelites did  not give up, knowing that when enough good thoughts were directed against those walls, they would crumble away, and they did.

Do you suffer because your grandfather ate sour grapes? He is the one that should have suffered for that, and not you. You, probably, out of your own good wisdom, would have selected sweet grapes. Don’t let the stupid law of heredity bind you; put it to flight with the powerful command, “Call no man your father, save God.” What belief of inherited sin or sickness can withstand this?

Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for all things are possible to the man who puts his trust absolutely in God, and who knows that with Him all things are possible here and now.



Chapter 5


The Man Who Resisted


ONCE more the sturdy almond tree had covered itself with a sheet of snowy-white blossoms, and once more the caressing breath of spring had wooed each blossom and lured it from its resting place. One by one they had launched out from the parent branch and floated in a zig-zag course to the ground. Unconsciously the unfoldment of life goes on from one stage to another, and the almond tree, which only a short time ago stood a silvery mass of loveliness, under the sapphire dome of the heavens, caught a mellow tint of autumn, and again the ever active, ceaseless progress of life lured, one by one, the yellow leaves from the tree.

Out over the land, autumn had painted with a lavish hand. Here a dash of deep purple and there a bank of gold. The distant foot-hills rose like tongues of flame against the deep blue of the sky. Here and there was a deep green tree which had not yet been nipped by the frost, and again in the distance could be seen the delicately etched branches of trees already bare.

There was a mellowness in the air; a dreamy wistfulness that caused one to sit and wonder, to sit and dream. And it was on this day that Abd Allah sat pondering and dreaming over the wonders of life.

At length he resumed his work. “Come hither Jethro,” he called to the boy. “Bring your harp, for I would have you sing to me; sing and play to me that I may mold some of this mystic beauty of the autumn into my vase, that in years to come someone gazing on it may take hope again.”

“What is hope?” said Jethro, for he was fond of hearing Abd Allah explain the abstract. “Hope,” said Abd, “is the red bird singing of spring on the bleak February bough; it is the spark of light which the traveler sees at the other end of the ‘slough of despond’ ; it is the early spring lily peeping through the snow. But I would listen to thee a while. What will you sing to me?”

So Jethro, taking his harp, began:


The wheel of the potter turns round and round, Shaping his various wares.

Some to hold water and some to hold wine, Some to hold flowers fair.

Into each vessel the potter will mold True thoughts of usefulness,

And thus will the thought of the potter live, Ever waiting to bless.

God is the potter and man is the clay. He works out his infinite plan.

Each idea has a mission to fill, For each is a perfect man.


At this point in his song Jethro was interrupted by the loud shouting of someone at the gate. Laying aside his harp he ran across the court and gazed out. “It is Haasn and his mule,” he called back to Abd Allah, “coming over the hill. He is staggering, drunk on new wine.”

“Poor Haasn,” said Abd Allah; “he is the man who resisted.”

“Resisted,” said Jethro. “What do you mean, Father Abd Allah? Is he not at this moment in the power of his worst enemy-wine ? And has he not repeatedly fought against it to no avail?”

“Yes,” said Abd, “and in constantly resisting the temptation to drink has he not made it something real, a personal devil which has absolute power over him? Do not the sacred scrolls teach ‘resist not?’ Man is superior to matter and its laws, for he is ‘image and likeness.’  He is not bidden to obey every whim of the mortal senses. He has been given dominion and sonship. God is Law; and did not Christ Jesus come to ‘fulfill the law,’ not the laws, and the law that he came to fulfill was the law of dominion; and did he not say The works that I do ye shall do also, and even greater?

“Remember the story of Jacob; how he struggled (resisted) all night (in ignorance) and that when the morning light came (truth and light) he loosed the lie ( stopped resisting it) and let it go. Is it not worth while to note that Jacob ‘let it go?’ That which he had resisted and struggled with all night, and which had caused him to suffer he merely had to ‘let go.’ So it is with all material law. We hold to it; it cannot cling to us for there is nothing to support it. And when I see a man struggling with a belief of sin or sickness I am reminded of a child holding a wild animal with one hand and fighting it with the other and then crying because it hurts him, instead of letting go of it.

“In the case of Jacob we know not what the problem was, but let us suppose it was the temptation to drink that was causing him to resist and fight all night, and suddenly it dawned upon his consciousness ‘Ye do not need to fight. …set yourself see the salvation of the Lord;’  ‘The battle is not yours, but the Lord’s.’ And then the  whispered pass word, which will lead you safely through all evil, ‘Speak as one having authority,’ and ‘Dominion over all things.’ Would he, do you suppose, keep on fighting his temptation? Rather would he not suddenly find himself Superior to the whole situation ?

“If you resist a thing, you fear it, and if you fear it you necessarily endow it with power to hurt you. For who would resist anything that he was not afraid of ? We are not afraid of so-called powerless things.

“Meet every problem that comes to you as its master, knowing that God is working with you and that to be of one mind with Him is to be in the majority, for God is all powerful. The Hebrew children knew what it meant to be at one with God, and obeyed His Law instead of the laws of matter, with a result that the flames, which consumed others, left them untouched.

It took only a pebble (right thought) to slay Goliath, who had become real and terrible through material thinking and reasoning, and through resistance.

“Human will-power is the blind force which resists things, sometimes with seeming success, but only for a season.

“The great key-note to all, right work, is the attitude that ‘I can of mine own self do nothing, but with God all things are possible.’ At one bound we shift the responsibility of the situation on God, and He is abundantly able and equipped to put the enemy to flight.

“We do not struggle with the darkness in a room to get it out; we merely bring in the light, and the darkness disappears of its own self. Likewise with sin or sickness, or any material law, we do not need to fight it; we merely have to bring in the absolute truth that because man is made in the ‘image and likeness of God’ he is eternally protected and cared for.”




Chapter 6


The Woman Who Was Poor


MAZA was a widow who lived in a dirty little hut in the crowded quarter of Jerusalem. Each day she went into the temple and cleaned the great courts. But Maza was very poor and as she passed the coffers and saw her neighbors place certain sums therein she felt poorer than before, for she had not even the widow’s mite to give, neither could she spare a crust of bread to anyone. And, further, she was unhappy because she had no friends. She had heard much of the Potter, Abd Allah, and how he had helped others to be freed from their burdens, and one night she determined to pay him a visit. So, after she had finished her work at the temple and eaten her meager meal, she turned her steps towards the dwelling of Abd Allah.

It was a wonderful night with a sky like a heavy blue vapor that seemed wholly to envelope the world. The moon had not yet risen and the stars were brilliant. But Maza saw none of the beauty; her eyes cast down, she trudged along wondering why her lot was so hard. So poor was she in spirit that she could not even lift her eyes to the heavens and feast her hungry soul on the beauty so lavishly displayed.

At last, after her long walk, she came to the lodging of Abd Allah and found him seated in the court, the boy Jethro playing on his harp.

“Abd Allah,” she called, with a note of distress in her voice; “I am burdened with poverty; wilt tell me of riches?”

Abd Allah arose and motioned Jethro to bring a small rug for her, on which he bade her to be seated. They sat in silence for a while, and the Allah began.

“There is no man in all Judea, be he ever so rich, and though he possess a palace of white marble, and slaves, and gold and silver in abundance, who has among his treasures a picture as magnificent as you have stretched before you at this moment, Maza.” As he said this he pointed to the eastern skies where a blood-red moon was breaking through a rift in the long silver clouds. There was a telling silence as they all gazed in the direction he pointed.

“First, then, Maza, always feast the soul, and this you can do as often as you will in the day or night, for the heavens cover all; and they are the great canvas of God; each day is a rare master-piece, designed and painted for you. Then you are not poor because of the lack of beauty,  for the whole world is overflowing with it.”

“Go out into the sunshine, Maza, and lift your hands to high heaven and let your soul be filled with the blessed sunshine and blue sky. Let the oil of joy, the sheer joy of living, flow about you, and forget the material counterfeit of gold in your appreciation of the real gold of the sun. Let the sunlight of strength and trust in God dry up the stagnant morasses of worry and care. Pour some of the dew of life eternal on your blasted hopes and see them blossom forth into greater and nobler promises than before. Let the star dust light your way, instead of the dust of material ways cut off your vision of the stars.”

Maza stirred a little; already she felt an uplifted thought, a stirring within, and Abd went on.

“There was once a certain woman who was very poor in thought and, in a state of desperation, she cried out for help, and the one who heard her cry was a man who understood the power of right thinking. He understood where the true source of supply was; he understood that God is mindful of His own, and that not a sparrow falleth without His knowledge; and he also understood how much greater are ye than many sparrows? So he asked the woman, ‘What have you in your house (mind)?’ And the woman pondered a moment and said: ‘Only a cruse of oil.’ Now the man, who understood, knew the value of a  cruse of oil (joy) and how a drop of it had saved many an axle from wearing away. So he said to her, ‘Borrow vessels not a few.’ So she borrowed vessels (made her thought receptive). Then the man started filling the vessels out of the cruse of oil, and presently they were all filled, and still the cruse (source) was not empty, for joy increaseth every time it is left to run loose, and a smile an inch long may stretch miles, yea! it may even encircle the globe. But this was not all that was to be done; now the activity was begun, it was necessary to continue to keep the joy moving, so he said to her: ‘Go sell the oil.’ Action is the law of progress. It is necessary to give out joy and happiness and not stand with our vessels full meekly waiting for someone to come to us. Enter some darkened pathway where there is need of joy and scatter some light of good clean thinking as you go, and people will find that you are not only useful but an absolute necessity. There is the biggest market in the world for joy, and the fewest dealers in it of any known commodity. So this woman went her way and as she went she found a ready market for he oil.

“In the smiling mind there is no room for worry clouds, there is no accumulated, stale thinking or care, for the smiling attitude keeps them at arm’s length; yea, it even puts them to flight. This smile is not a silly, simpering, facial contortion, but a strong, clean, healthy mental attitude that refuses to be downed by obstacles.


* * * *


“And it also happened that certain fishermen had labored all night ( worked in ignorance ) without success, and they were heavy hearted and discouraged, when the voice of Truth spoke to them and admonished them to cast their nets on the right side. Now, literally, to cast their nets on the right side would be casting them in the same waters they had fished all night, but they knew that to cast their nets on the right side was merely a command to change their thought from one of limitation to abundance, to know that God is good, and that ‘He knoweth that ye have need of these things,’ for is it not He that ‘prepareth a table before me in the presence of mine enemies’, in the presence of famine, want and woe? What wonder then, when they cast their thought into the inexhaustible source of supply, that their nets were full ?

“Maza, supply is a law of God. He it is Who created you, and He is responsible for you. Has He not oft referred to you, in the sacred scrolls as ‘His child?’ Are not His promises kept ? Did He not say, ‘Seek and ye shall find. …; ask and ye shall receive?’ Is He that created you not able to sustain you, and that abundantly, too? Did He not say of man that he was created in ‘the image and likeness?’ You are His idea, perfect and eternal, and will He not keep you? Can the reflection manifest any condition that the original does not? and are you not a reflection of His love? It is good to know that you are living and moving and having your being in God; and if you are living in this great inexhaustible source of all good, can you want for anything? Rather I say unto you, reach out and take possession of your divine heritage. Open the doors of your thought so that the streams of Love can flow in and out of it.”

And rising, Abd Allah continued: “Maza, what have you in your house?” and she answered him:”Gratitude and Love,” and he said: “Go back to thy dwelling in peace and remember that Love freed is like bread cast upon the waters; it will return and nourish you when most needed.”

And Maza went her way, a song of thanks in her heart and her soul full of the beauty of the night.





Chapter 7



Jethro’s Song 

Just for today, dear weary heart,

Give up thy struggles; lean on me.

Forget all worry, come away,

Out where the silver brooklets play.

Out in the fields where daisies fair

Nod smilingly, without a care,

Where poppies greet thee with a flame,

And all the air breathes forth His name.

Amid green pastures let us stray

To seek and find the Perfect Day.

Where is the Perfect Day you seek?

Is it in valley, stream or hill?

Is it in city, mart or field?

Is it among the lilies fair,

That we shall lose all earthly care?

No, weary heart, it is not there;

So far away you need not go.

The Perfect Day is close at hand;

’Tis in the Consciousness of man.

Then, first, we look within the mind

And sweep it clean of thoughts that bind.

No room for worry, care and strife;

No place for evil, hate or rife.

No looking backward, just to see

The dark, dark road that used to be.

But open wide your thought and find

Flood-tides of love that fill your mind.


And once this mind is full of love,

A holy watchman from above

Shall guard the portals, day and night,

And put all evil care to flight.

And peace that passeth all shall be

Thy home for all eternity.

And He shall come and sup with thee-

And surely on thy upward way

Thy lips shall sing the Perfect Day.




Chapter 8


The Power of Silence


ONE day when Abd Allah and Jethro were seated at their work, two men came along the way madly jesticulating and arguing. There was strife and hatred manifest in their voices, and revenge gleamed through their eyes when looking in through the open gate, they paused, seeing Abd Allah, then entered the court at his beckoning. But immediately upon entering they began arguing again, each at the same time trying to place his case before Abd Allah.

“Peace, peace, my brethren; why this dissension. Know ye not the power of silence?”

“No,” said one of the two in a surly voice. “But we would,” rejoined the other. They sat down on the rugs which Jethro spread for them, and waited for Abd Allah to speak.

“You, Hajah and Casper, are Christian men and have read much in the sacred scrolls, and well call to mind how it is written that the blessed Savior was laid to rest in the tomb, and that a massive stone was placed at its mouth and a guard put over it. Now what happened in the silence of the tomb? Jesus, the Christ, worked out the solution to the material lie called death; he proved it to be nothing but a belief, and something to be overcome. But note that he did this in the silence. In the silence he went back to the real cause of man and listened for the guiding voice of truth, listened for the Word, ‘which spake and it was done.’ Could he have heard this Word in the hubbub of material wrangling? Was not this the power of silence ?

“To the mortal sense silence may seem death, yet how often is the ugly grub of thought used in changing form and working out his problem in silence, and at the appointed time he breaks the material law of limitation and floats off in a freedom before unknown. “God pervades the silence, and it is only in the silence that we can hear the voice of the great Omnipotent Guide.”

“But Abd Allah,” interrupted one of the men. “How can we feel the Power of Silence in our own work?”

“By being still, by quieting the material senses, one after another, and withdrawing into the ‘secret place of the Most High.’ And after you have shut out every material clamoring you can then hear the ‘still, small voice,’ which says, ‘Peace be still’ to all that is unlike God, good. This ‘still, small voice’ was the voice that spoke ‘and it was done,’ and it is the voice which said ‘Let there be light’ (understanding), and mortal chaos and darkness faded away.”

“But when I would enter the ‘secret place of the Most High’,” said Hajah, “a million little voices clamor for admittance, first one thing and then another, and I cannot enter the Silence of which you speak.”

“It is good to remember,” said Abd Allah. ‘Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door ( of his mind), I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.’ At the same time evil is knocking for admittance, the Christ is also standing waiting to be let in, to sup with you. Which will you admit? To which will you give the most power? Does not the very thought that Christ is standing there knocking put to flight all evil and sinful thoughts, for they cannot live in his pure presence?

“Then, brethren, before you argue and disagree about a question, and become angry and hate one another, just step into the closet of your consciousness and shut the door on all material voices and listen to this wonderful voice, which will guide you right.

“Don’t squabble with yourself mentally and wear yourself out with your arguments, either audible or silent arguments, but be firm and know that God is the source of your intelligence, and that right must prevail. Then when you have received your guidance you can issue forth from your closet, clad with a newness of spirit and love and righteous judgment; for, my brethren, you only want what is absolutely right, and when you know that the law of right is ever operative, how can aught else come to pass?

“What is so impressive as silence, and what carries with it so much dignity? It is the very essence of self control and authority, and what is more pitiful than a man overcome of his anger? The noisy breakers beat against the shores in vain, they only carry with them destruction; but the mighty silent depth of the ocean carries a fleet on its bosom. “‘Be still and know that I am God,’ be still and listen for the underlying melody that pervades all silence. It is the melody of life. It is the power that leads beside still waters and green pastures.”



Chapter 9


The House That Stood in Darkness


NOW it happened there lived, near the east gate of the city a nobleman, his wife, and their daughter, who was called Rhetta, because her skin was like the lily leaf turned to the morning dew, and her eyes were soft as the eyes of a fawn. And she was well beloved, this maiden Rhetta, and was daily found doing good deeds and bestowing kindnesses on those who were unhappy. But, the Last Enemy called at the palace one day and claimed as toll for his visit this lovely maiden.

All the country round about grieved for the fair Rhetta, and a great flower-laden procession followed her to her last resting place. The unhappy nobleman and his wife were as people without hope in the world and the marble palace was hung with black, and the doors and windows were shut. Moreover, in time, the lovely garden, wherein Rhetta was wont to spend many happy hours among the flowers and exquisite marbles that adorned it, became a weed patch. Thistles replaced the roses, and ugly wild vines clung to the marbles and strove to conceal their whiteness and beauty. It was the house desolate; it bespoke the futility of human existence; and from a thing of beauty it had become an eyesore.

Now in accordance with the custom in Jerusalem, the man and his wife spent their time on the roof of the house, which looked out over the city on one side and towards wonderful Lebanon on the other. June was at her height; wild flowers made the hills and valleys riotous with color, enhanced by the brilliant butterflies fluttering from flower to flower, and the birds darting and soaring through the clear, transparent air, a song streaming from their throats, “Come out and live! live! live !” Everything called out to the man and his wife to live and be happy. But so deep were they sunk within themselves in their sad thoughts that they heeded nothing.

And it was on this very day that Abd Allah and Jethro were returning from the market where they had been to sell the vases Abd had made, and Abd Allah went on ahead, while Jethro followed with the mule. He was playing a strange little melody and setting words to it, to suit his fancy, a melody with an appealing minor strain in it:


Life is a Circle which has no end,

Death does not break the link,

Death is but sleep.

Life is eternal, naught can be lost.


And the woman sitting in sadness, stirred on hearing the strange music, and said to her husband, “What means this strange youth, saying ‘Life is a circle which has no end’?” And her husband, looking after them, said: “’Tis Abd Allah and his boy returning from the market. He is said to have a strange philosophy which has explained away many of the cares of this life, and he has put his philosophy into the mind of this boy Jethro so that he sings it and accompanies himself on his harp.”

“Would he could heal my broken heart,” said the woman. So the man, rising, struck a brass gong and a black slave appeared. “Master, at your service,” he said, bowing low. “Go after the man and boy who have just passed, and bid them as my guests to rest a while with us.”


* * * *


When Abd ascended to the roof the man, rising, said: “Greetings to thee, Abd Allah,” and, bowing, he motioned him to a rug which the slave had spread for him. Jethro, who stood behind, was opened-eyed in wonderment. He it was who saw the exquisite white marbles hung with black, and the great flower urns standing empty at one side. Nor were the rich oriental rugs lost to his view. All the riches in the world are as naught without the proper mental attitude toward real substance.

The servant, moving noiselessly about, brought cigarettes and black coffee.

“We have heard your boy singing a strange song,” the man said. “‘Life is a circle-’. What meaneth the youth?” And then, continuing, he said: “And what meaneth ‘Death does not break the link’?” Abd made ready to reply, but the nobleman said further “Has not our beloved Rhetta been carried away by the Last Enemy, and taken from our sight?”

Then Abd Allah answered and said:”Believest thou in God, and that He is everywhere?”

“We believe in God and that He is good,” they replied in unison.

“Knowest not that He is Life eternal, and that he is changeless? Then how can death happen in an infinity of life ? Can God change, or one of His ideas pass into oblivion?”

A profound silence fell upon them as Abd Allah continued: “Life may change form; the tadpole in yon pool would not forever remain an insect, but he would enlarge his capabilities, and by changing form he becomes a frog, losing none of his former capacities, but attaining an advanced state of progress. Does the ugly grub die when it changes into a radiant butterfly, and is that which is left behind, either grub or butterfly ? Would you have the beautiful butterfly, which had cut through the ugly cocoon and outgrown the narrow confines of the grub state, return to its former condition? And what other than a selfish motive could prompt your wishing its return? It is plain that it would not be good for the butterfly, neither would it make it happy, yet it might satisfy your selfish desire for possession. Then when our loved ones in their line of progress have burst into a freedom that we know not of, is it for their good and happiness that we wish them back, or is it to satisfy our selfishness?

Is not then death, in its true meaning, progress ? Is it not unfoldment ? Does not the flower unfold at the expense of the falling away of the seed ? Yet is the seed dead?

“Did not the Great Master prove that death was a myth, when he rolled away the stone from the tomb, which stone had seemingly set the seal on the reality of death? Did He not say: ‘Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go that I may awaken him out of sleep?’ And then his great command, ‘Loose him and let him go; free him from the winding sheets of mortal belief, which says that death is the end, that it is real and terrible, that it is the outcome of life. Again I say unto you, Life is eternal.

“Can you conceive of God who is ever present, becoming inactive? God, good, is perpetual motion, and we, His perfect ideas and expressions of His thought, are controlled and governed by this perfect law of activity; then inaction or death can never occur, though the idea or expression may change form.

“Who, then, knowing this law of progress, will try to shackle it by wishing and sorrowing for those who have gone before and have cut through the shell of materialism? Does the mother grieve when her child lays aside his primer and takes the next book in hand? Rather does she not rejoice and say:’He is progressing; knowledge and understanding are replacing ignorance. He is finding his way out of darkness, which is ignorance.’

“What is it that dies? Is it man, the ‘image and likeness’ of the Eternal God? Is it the perfect idea of God, which is sustained by Him, that dies? And whence comes a counter power to omnipotence which destroys the works of His mighty Hands?

“ Are we paying the right tribute to those gone before when we hang our walls with black and sit mourning, forgetting to live and to reach out and help others, who are here with us? Is the garden yonder which is in weeds, a tribute to the loveliness of her whom you mourn ? What fainting heart gazing thereon would take courage and new hope ?

“So I say unto you, my good people, take from thy windows these dark hangings and throw wide open the doors and let in fresh air and sunshine, and set again the garden with roses, and watch the desert blossom.

“ ‘I am the resurrection and the Life, though a man were dead (ignorant of true life) yet shall he live again.’

“Come, Jethro, sing for us.”

I will say of the Lord

He is my refuge most High;

He is life eternal, and man cannot die.

Death is a dream, in Truth we awake

And every law of man will God surely break.

* * * *


As they again wended their way along the street, Jethro sang his song of “Life is a Circle,” and the woman, lifting her eyes, smiled through tears and said: “Life is a Circle, there is no death.”









Chapter 10





ADGA, the beautiful, the adored, the well-beloved and idol of her father’s heart, had just stepped from the white marble Roman bath, over which presided two statues of youth, supporting in their hands a lamp which cast the palest green tinge over the water and the marble fittings of the room. Her maids were massaging and anointing her with precious oils and perfumes of the orient, while a third black slave stood gently swaying a gorgeous fan.

In the midst of this oriental luxury, as she reclined on a long marble bench over which was thrown a rich piece of crimson stuff, she looked very much like a wonderful bit of marble, the masterpiece of some artist, which had been thus carelessly placed in this elaborate bath, save for her wonderful raven locks that in their blackness almost seemed to have a deep purple hidden in them, which fell over her white shoulders and back in great, thick ringlets. Her eyes were blue and steady in their gaze, edged about with long dark lashes, and were not unlike pools that one finds in the heart of some dense forest.

She had a lithe, slimly built body, rather of the sinuous type, and wholly unlike other maidens of her race. Her haughty, thin lips and finely chiseled features contrasted strangely with the full sensuous beauty of other maidens of the orient. By an indulgent father she had been given the sobriquet of Adore´e, by which name she was generally known. Being the only daughter of a wealthy nobleman, and a Christian, she had been indulged to an extent unheard of in that country. In fact she even had the companionship of men, and her father had left the choice of a husband to her own liking—a condition long since desired, but not yet attained in Jerusalem.

Of suitors Adore´e had many, and from many lands, for her fame as a beauty had been sung abroad. They had acclaimed her the most beautiful woman of the orient, and had eulogized per in song and poetry as the “Midnight of a June Garden,” “the Twilight of the Desert,” “the Purple Mist of the Sunset.” Her tiny white feet were spoken of as possessing the fleetness of the deer on the snow-capped mountain.

Now Adore´e had listened to the songs of many lovers and had thrilled at their praises, but underlying it all she felt that there was an emptiness, and that their songs were called forth only by the physical; that when her beauty faded then the worship and love would cease, and possibly sooner. “Love was so fleeting a quality as this,” so her old nurse had told her, and taught her the secrets of beauty, and admonished her to stay beautiful so that her lord and master might be pleased. But deep in the heart of Adore´e there was a longing for something more substantial, something more enduring and stable; so one by one she sent her lovers on their way, and one by one they vowed to seek a watery grave or go into the desert and become a sun sacrifice.

Alas, this maiden who had all that material wealth could bring her, was unhappy, and she sighed as her maid clasped the heavy gold bands on her pretty white ankles.

“For what sigh you, oh, lovely Lady of the Midnight?” asked one of her maids. “You of all maidens are to be envied, for within your possession is power, beauty and riches; yea, and lovers by the score. What more could a maiden wish for?”

And Adore´e, answering, said: “For love, Misma, for love,” and, pushing back the heavy black ringlets, she took the golden head-band from the maid and adjusted it herself, using the green pool for her mirror. “For love,” she continued as if talking to herself; “that is not physical; for something more noble than the worship of body, wealth and jewels. Oh, Misma, is there no such love; is there nothing but the shifting transient sense of happiness?”

“My lady, thou art not well this day, or else thou art awry with some strange dream of the night. What more could you wish for ? Have you not the love of a hundred men, ready to do your bidding?”

“Yes, but I have not the love of one who knows that love is not consuming, but up-building and unfolding.”

“You speak of the strange love that Abd Allah tells of at the East Gate, and there are many that believe in it, but for me, it is naught but talk.” “Who is Abd Allah,” said Adore´e.

“Do you not know the potter and letter writer named Abd Allah ? He is said to lift a great burden from the shoulders of many by his happy philosophy.”

“ At eight bells tonight we shall go to him and hear what he has to say of love,” said Adore´e, rising.

“But, Lady Fair, we cannot go alone to this remote hut of the potter.  It is by the north gate and the way is very dark and some say it is the way of beggars and thieves.

“Nevertheless,” said Adore´e, “we shall go. You shall accompany me, Misma.”


* * * *


The night dropped down like a heavy curtain, cutting off the beauty of the sunset with a thick mantle of clouds, but at the sounding of eight bells Adore´e and Misma, robed in heavy travelers’ cloaks, set out for the dwelling of Abd Allah.

A high wind had set in and the heavens became the playground of a million hideous cloud phantoms, which raced across the sky in mad terror .

“Let us turn back,” said Misma. “It bids fair to be a terrific hurricane.” But Adore´e said, “We shall continue. It cannot be much farther for we can see the dark outline of the great wall.”

Presently a reddish light flared up in the heavens, turned to blue and died down again, followed by a faint rumble of thunder, and again the maid spoke of returning: “Oh, my lady, shall we not take shelter and return home, and come again another night when it is not so terrible?”

“Misma,” said Adore´e, “this night is not more unquiet than my mind. I am weary and worried, seeking for happiness and true love.”


“ * * * *


As they neared the court of Abd Allah’s dwelling the storm was upon them. Great bolts of lightning utterly tore the heavens, to be followed by diabolical claps of thunder that were deafening, then by a silence that was almost tangible.

“Who goes there?” called Abd Allah as the women entered the court. “What seek you at this hour and in this storm? Are not the gates of the city long since closed and all men safely in their homes?”

“I seek thee, Abd Allah,” said Adore´e. “And I have come to thee through this storm, which is much akin to my mental state, to know of a love that is not physical, to know of a love that does not deal with passion and that will not falter. Oh! Abd Allah, I am weary of this shifting, changing love. Can you tell me of real love?”

Standing there before the doorway, the heavy cloak dropped from her shoulders, and by the flashes of lightning Abd Allah could see her wondrous beauty, and said: “Is this not the Lady Adore´e, the praise of whose beauty is sung in a thousand ballads?” “Yes,” she answered, “and I would know of love.”

So Abd Allah, in his direct manner, bade them enter and placed rugs for them.

“God is Love, and since God is unchangeable, love must be likewise; and since God is everywhere Love must be everywhere. God is Life, and God is Love; then true Life is Love and is eternal, since Life is eternal. Love that is material is of few days and full of trouble; it builds upon a foundation of sand. It is elusive, for the moment you think you possess it, lo, it has slipped through your fingers and fluttered on to another. And, lastly, it is limited and does not belong to God; hence it cannot satisfy.

“Love then is universal and reaches out to all. It is active goodness, and is found seeking its ‘own in another’s good.’ Love is true service. It is the veiled figure which bestows its alms at night. It is the helping hand that lifts the fallen and sets him on his feet again. It is the something in the mother’s kiss that heals the wounded baby finger, and replaces tears with smiles. It is the tender word spoken at the right moment; it is the sheer joy of living, of being happy and useful.

“Love is pure. It is the dove sipping the dew from the lily chalice. It is the blue that peeps through the dark clouds of material sense, and whispers that the storm is far spent. It is the thrill of joy that the shepherd knows when he finds the lost sheep. It is the something in the hand clasp of a long lost friend. It is the ‘rod and staff’ that both help and guide.

“Love is giving, not hard gold, but good thoughts, thereby helping the beggar to help himself return to his perfect estate.

“Love is the fulfilling of the law, and God is the law.

“Love is work in the Master’s vineyard. Know ye not that the fields are white but the laborers (lovers) are few?

“Love is liberty, and by loving man aright we can liberate him from the bondage of material thinking. We can set free all the slaves that we are holding in bondage in our thinking by loving them as the children of the Perfect One.”

Now, as Abd Allah ceased speaking, a breathless silence fell upon them and each in his heart was praying the prayer of thanksgiving, for each felt the mantle of true love gently enfolding him.

And Adore´e, rising, said: “Love was all about me, and all I had to do was to put my hand out and take it, yet I did not know it. It was calling to me and beseeching me and yet I could not answer. But now I know what real love is, it is service; it is right thinking and consequent right living and doing; it is praising God, not with long prayers and speeches, but with silent voicings of gratitude and willingness.”

And as they went their way the storm had spent itself and the deep blue of the night was beginning to peer through the clouds. And so they returned through the dark by-ways clad in the white and shimmering robes of Love.




Chapter 11



The Man Who Lost A Friend


OFTEN were they seen together, these two friends, Haaj and Absalom. Wrapped closely in the mantle of friendship they even excited envy and jealousy because of their nearness, because of the protection they afforded each other. They had been called Damon and Pythias, for they held each other above all else. But one day, into this haven of perfect friendship and love crept a serpent. At first they refused to listen for a moment to its insidious suggestions and arguments, but the serpent was not to be put aside thus easily; he was not destroyed, only cast aside, and he returned more subtle than before, and at length one of them yielded to the alluring voice of wrong, of jealousy and of envy, and turning against his friend, stabbed him to the heart. Not that he stabbed him with a knife of steel, but with a sword of hate, which cut deep and spilled the life blood of their friendship.

And one day he came to Abd Allah, this man who had been betrayed. He was dejected and downcast, for he had loved his friend well. And Abd Allah, looking up from his work, said:

“Greetings, Haaj; where is Absalom, for to see one of you is to see both.” And Haaj, with sorrowful words, told the story of his lost friend, and said to Adb Allah:

“Abd Allah, thou knowest well that I laid upon him purple and fine linens, and threw upon his neck a golden chain, and did show him preference in all things, and then, when one came and whispered in his ear suggestions of distrust, did he not run me through with the sword of hate and leave me by the wayside bleeding almost unto death from the wounds his

cruel words and actions had inflicted, and leave my faith in man a shattered thing?”

And Abd Allah, rising, put his arm about Haaj and said: “Peace be unto you, Brother Haaj. Recall you not the First Law, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me?’ Were you not, in a measure, making your friend a god? Were you not setting him up as a something to be looked up to above all else, even defying his personality?  Was it not for him that all the pearls of your thinking were saved ? Then count it not a loss but a gain that the law of progress has forced you to ‘lean not on your own understanding,’ and further to put not your trust in the shifting, changeable material something called man, but to turn, first to God, Who is Good, and Who is thy true friend.

Count him then not thy enemy, but thy friend for he has once again brought you into contact with God and restored you to rightful sonship.

“And if he has trampled your pearls under foot, does it not teach you to guard with greater care your pearls (thoughts) in the future and cast them not down again? They are precious and if any man seek them, be not slow in giving, but do not force them, else the swinish desire in man will rend you. In return for your pearls of love and good thinking, he would cast over your head jets of hate and deceit. These, I bid you, cast aside, for they are not worthy of aught else.

“Look yonder at the dome of the Mosque of Omar. See how it stands out against the blood-red sunset. Is it not like a splendid white pearl in a glass of wine? Yea, like a stupendous reproduction of Cleopatra’s glass of wine in which she tried to dissolve the last emblem of purity that she possessed, that she might consume it. That she might consume purity and scorch its white robes with the heat of the flesh pots of Egypt. But, as with Cleopatra, though purity and goodness were submerged in the wine, they were only hidden, and not destroyed, so with your love for your friend: it is only hidden in the maddening intoxication of the wine of mortal hate, and when he shall have drained the glass of its bitter contents and wallowed in the slime of his own mistake he will find this pearl, still unsoiled and untouched, and will prize it as the ‘pearl of great price.’

“Not hate, but pity, is what should fill your heart, the pity the Master felt when he looked out across the sea of angry faces and lifted up his eyes and said: ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do.’

“Love more; that is your keynote, not the selfish human love that desires to possess, but the love that liberates and makes free; and remember, ‘If I be lifted up (purified in thought), I shall draw all men unto me.’

“Was it not said by the Master, ‘When thy father and mother forsake thee I will take thee up?’ Then can you want for a closer friend than He who marketh the sparrow’s fall?

“Go feed among the lilies, Haaj; ’tis not your part to suffer because another has offended you. He is the one to suffer and will in proportion as you rise above the wrong he has done you; as you are superior to it, it will then find no abiding place in your thought and return to its source to destroy itself.

“Selfish human friendship is like a grain of mustard seed which is tightly grasped in the hand,—it cannot grow nor develop, and is worthless. The right kind of friendship is like a mustard seed which is planted in fertile soil,—it is constantly developing, and while it may be the joy of one, it is not shut out from others. As there is enough sunshine for all, so is there enough friendship and love for all.”



* * * *



The Laughter of God


THE LAUGHTER OF GOD – by Walter Clemow Lanyon


He will “fill thy mouth with laughing and thy lips with rejoicing.”

And then one day I heard the Laughter of God in the midst of me and within the world, and all was suddenly changed. Old patterns and ideas were shattered and passed away—a new loveliness of LIFE was exposed to view.

“God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.”

Suddenly the leper broke into laughter—the filth of his mind slipped away—the sick, the lame and the halt suddenly laughed the Laughter of God and were healed —revealed.

And one day you will laugh the Laughter of God, too.

Written in Germany at Shining Lakes


The Laughter of God

Rejoice, Thou Barren One

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The Years That the Locust Hath Eaten

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The Other Disciple

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“For God So Loved the World”

Thou Art the Bright Messenger

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O Colorful One


Art Thou?

Celestial Mechanics

A Mob of Individuals

False Prophets







Chapter One


“God has made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.”


Deep in my soul I hear the Laughter of God, ringing in silvery cadences through the timbers of my being, breaking the human bonds and limitations as a strong yet gentle wind in the forest sweeps aside the strands of cobweb.  The hard, fast knots that I had tied slipped loose, and the snarls of beliefs broke free.  The river of my human life, frozen by a thousand and one false ideas and teachings, broke joyously into expression and went bounding to the infinite sea of Life, to be lost and found at the same time.  One dark cave of fear after another was illuminated by the light of this laughter, and swampy areas of sick thoughts were dried up instantly.  Parched sands of hopelessness and futile efforts were drenched by the living waters, sucked in — absorbed instantly like a wave breaking on the sands.  God laughing at me, and my puny efforts to make things happen; to make heaven appear; to attain the Sonship.  Not the laugh of derision, but of infinite compassion, a laughter so deep and sweet, so pure and glorious that everything in the nature of struggle gave way before it.

And the breath of that glorious laughter blew all the dirty rags of personal teaching and self-aggrandizement away from me, and at first the fierce joy that proceeded from the unheard-heard peals of laughter made me afraid — afraid that everything worth while was being taken from me, and that I should be naked; but  no sooner had the filthy rags of personality blown free than I was clothed in a panoply of light, and in this glorious raiment of light I saw for the first time the glory of the Spirit made flesh.

I stood before the infinite peals of laughter, which flowed through all creation like floods of golden mist, filled with speechless wonder at the beauty of the world I had lived in — which had been invisible because of my separation, because of my personal ideas about attainment.  I was as a child with a small measure at the seaside, trying to carry off a little water when the whole sea was at my disposal, and I understood for the first time the exhaustless sea of substance about me, and that the idea of hoarding was but a childish fear grown into a Goliath by false teaching and beliefs.  I suddenly became aware that the substance was everywhere, in everything, out of everything, and the only place of lack was in the hypnotic state of belief — and I alone created and moved in this vacuum.

And the glorious laughter rolled on, searching the very joints and marrow of me — dislodging every belief in fear, sickness, or age.  And as it swept over me and through me and round about me, I was amazed with the wonder of it — the fierce, terrible thing which was at the same time so beautiful and free.  The wonder of it kept singing through my soul as veil after veil of belief was rent asunder and new kingdoms stood revealed.  And the whole thing was as if one just saw a little deeper, as one looks through the surface reflection on a river and sees the pebbles and shells below, that was all; only the Laughter made this possible, for it cleared away all the effort and straining which in its attempt to see God had been halted at the reflection on the surface, instead of gazing into the limpid, glorious depth of Infinity.

The Voice, as its honeyed tones flowed out like a burst of sunshine through storm-clouds, was so unlabored, so untrammeled, and so Divinely indifferent, it seemed to envelop me with an instant realization that all was well.  No matter how many struggles had been made, no matter how many mistakes, how many shortcomings, how many failures, how long the belief, or how short the hate, it was all swept aside as nothing.  The glorious Divine ease with which it was expressed made disease impossible. It was the overturning an overturning that had to take place before He, the Laughing One, could come into expression.  The people of God are a people of joy, and it is not until they hear this God Laughter in their souls that they have attained to their heritage.

What of this race that speaks of the Kingdom and doing the Father’s work, and uses all the language of the Truth, and at the same time sows seeds of fear and hellish inventions?  What is this race that is always seeking evil to destroy, like a weasel seeks out a rat?  What is the hopelessness they preach — that on one hand, you are the Sons of God, and on the other, that you must fight against evil of every sort and nature?  “Ah, yes, but, if, and maybe — they roll these stumbling-blocks under their tongues with a wise twinkle in their eyes, as much as to say, Yes, it is all true, but it comes only with hard labor and long study, and it is not for such as you, sinner and worm of the dust that you are, until you have purified yourself in the fount of my wisdom and paid me personal homage.”

And it is then that the Magdalene hears the Laughter of God and is clean and free; and in an instant too; and it is when the cripple hears the Laughter of God that he leaps to his feet and runs away praising the Living God.  And it is when you, no matter where you are, or what you are, no matter what you have done or left undone, hear the Laughter of the God within and the God without, that you will crash through the gates of hell and find heaven, no matter what these gates may be — person, place, or thing.

One moment’s recognition that you are the Son of the Living God, and you have attuned your ear for the Laughter of God which will put to flight all the stupid ideas of mine and thine, and free you into an expression that you have not yet dreamed of.  How can you restrain the joy that fills you when you hear this laughter which, when it is heard, causes the winter of your discontent to break into full fruition, which causes you to see literally that “before they call I will answer,” is not a bit of euphonious language, but a positive living, glowing fact.

“I was afraid,” and therefore you were driven out of the Garden of Life.  You have been afraid that God will punish you — – that it is too good to be true — that you are not ready — that it comes by great learning; and so you are still without the portals of your own kingdom, trying every way but the only way to re-enter.  Many there be who try the way of violence, and many who expect to ride in on the skirts of another.  There are some so foolish as to invite this.

Why do you not stop trying to get things, trying to learn how to get power, place?  Why do you not come away from the man whose breath is in his nostrils? — You who read this page, and go within and hear the Laughter of God, and know that “it does not matter” — that the things which gave you great concern are all swept away into the dump heap?  The sooner you learn this the sooner you will see they have no value.  And one time, when you take away their value, they are possible of attainment to you.  You profess to be a follower of the Master.  If you in any way believe this, you will begin to listen for the Laughter of God through your whole being, and will know that the Laughter of God sets you free from the snarling discontent of the Tower of Babel in which you have been living.

Presently, as you listen for this Laughter, you will hear it, and gradually you will begin laughing — billows of laughter, silently-audible laughter that will shatter one limitation after another; laughter filled with the Divine Indifference which knows that the Universe if filled with God and only God, and to recognize this will cause this laughter to flow into expression and shatter the belief in sin, sickness, and death.  And when this belief is shattered in you, the pictures of this on your universe are dissipated and are no more, and even the place thereof is no more.  You will know why there can be naught but laughter in the Kingdom of Heaven.  What good of words or arguments?  What in human sense is a lecture worth on the subject of Laughter, as compared to one glorious sudden peal of joy released by a God soul and picked up by all those in hearing distance?

And gradually, as you learn of the Laughter of God and join in with the Glory of the Sons of the Living God, then you will laugh at yourself.  You will perhaps go back and laugh all the mistakes and faults and limitations out of existence.  You will stand with your glorious feet on the mountain-tops of Self- Revelation, laughing at your universe and with your universe, and laughing in words: “It is wonderful, it is wonderful, it is wonderful.”

“Let the filthy be filthy still.”  Some may read into the Laughter of God a belief in carelessness and indifference, and some consecrated souls may rail and tear their hair and say that it is encouraging license and making nothing of sin, in order that one may indulge in sin, and so on; and for them this message is not.

He that hath ears shall hear what the Scripture saith unto the Churches, and only he that hath a single eye is through with trying to twist meanings to suit personal ends.  But he that hath the consciousness of the Son of the Living God shall not find it strange that “he that is of too pure eyes to behold iniquity” should laugh at the belief in it that has bound men for so long; and this Divine disregard does not in any way encourage license, but gives liberty to the Sons of God.  It breaks up the dank morasses of human belief and reveals itself as heaven, a state of consciousness, which finds not happiness at the disposal of sin, health at the disposal of sickness, and harmony at the disposal of inharmony; but finds these pairs of opposites swept away.  It finds man the individual Son of the Living God, experiencing power and wisdom such as could not be put in human language.

The impress of the Divine upon the human causes the human to express in what to the unenlightened thought may seem to be a supernatural way.  The how and why and when are all vested in the limited human concept of life.

When are you going to start laughing the Laughter of God?  When are you going to join in the glorious chorus which is already encircling the globe, and which has for its password “It is wonderful”?  You cannot stop this laughter once it is started; you will shatter the belief in disease in thousands as you go along your way — not by a poor, half-hearted way of beseeching God, but with the ringing Laughter of God in your Soul which knows no sickness, sin, or disease, and hence cannot look upon it.  And in this very knowledge it will impress the consciousness with the Eternal well-being of the Son of the Living God.  The man, if he hear the Laughter — that is, if he be willing to hear it, instead of accepting the pinched human concepts of his human reasonings — shall break the bounds of his limitations; crash through the gates of brass; shake off the shackles of beliefs; burst through the prison bars of his own making, and find himself free, free, free, and find his soul ringing with laughter and with the song, “It is wonderful.”

Whoever you are who reads this page — you who sit in prison houses of disease, sin and unhappiness — listen, listen, listen.  I AM the door of attainment.  He will “fill thy mouth with laughing and thy lips with rejoicing.”  I AM the door to this glorious Laughter of God — I AM the way to the eternal bliss and harmony of the Sons of the Living God.  No matter where this finds you; nothing is hopeless or helpless; this joyous Laughter of the recognition of God, here and now, of the Finished Kingdom — of the sudden discovery that Jesus was not a liar, but a truth-sayer, a concrete truth-sayer, when He said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand — it is within you” — will cause this Kingdom to descend out of the clouds of your belief and be real.

How can you help laughing silently and audibly the Laughter of God, and see its ringing notes shatter the silly arguments about life?  “The wisdom of man is foolish in the eyes of God.”  Why try to measure the inspiration of the Almighty against any man-made teaching!  “I will make you fishers of men.”  I, the I AM, when once discovered will make the one who discovers it a Fisher of Men.  Who can resist the Laughter of God — the fearless Laughter of God ringing through the universe, sweeping all the debris of human belief out of the way? — no matter if it be thousands of years old, and hoary with the respect of mankind.  Not one stone shall remain in place.  The very foundations of the human belief shall be shaken in order that the True Cornerstone, which has been rejected up to now, shall be laid.  Yes, the Stone — the very Stone that the Master gave to us — the philosopher’s Stone if you will, which we have rejected, because to accept it would have been to have overthrown great temples of human reasoning — will finally be made the Head Stone of the Temple of Truth.  You are the Temple of the Living God, and from out the inner recesses of your being proceeds the Laughter of God.  “The Sons of God shout for joy.”  You will shout for joy, not because of victory over evil, but because you have at last realized that the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place of overcoming evil, but of revelation which is above the belief of a divided universe.  Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee Light.

And I heard the Laughter of God in the Soul of my very being — ringing in glorious cadence throughout my universe, causing me suddenly to burst into a glorious laughter which was full of praise, full of wonder — full of wonder and amazement at that which I had missed through looking through a glass darkly.  “Arise, shine, for thy light has come” — do you hear?  “It is wonderful!  It is wonderful!  It is wonderful!”  Heaven and earth are full of Thee — sin, sickness, and death have vanished away. I hear the Laughter of God ringing in the deep recesses of your soul, you who read this page.  I see the moving finger writing across all the worries and fears of a lifetime “It does not matter,” and I see this laughter writing the things of beauty over the walls of your temple and casting a glorious glistening white robe — a seamless robe of attainment — over you.  And at last I hear you laughing from the mountain-peak as you go on your way, without thought of scrip or purse or robe or ring or upper chamber, and long before you have reached your destination the Laughter of God in your soul has gone ahead and made ready the upper chamber, and the Host has come out to receive you. Do you hear? You who read this page? You?     Under the aegis of Jesus Christ you can “go” with the Laughter of God in your heart.






Chapter Two


“FOR IT IS WRITTEN, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not; for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband” (Gal 4:27).

Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for the Lord Omnipotent reigneth.

When we begin to see that the great Universal God overshadowing the Universe causes it to bring forth in due season, we begin to understand why it is stated, as quoted above, that “the barren and desolate shall have many children.”  We begin to see that, when we contact the Father within, the old order of trying to make things appear from the outside is done away with.  The old order passeth away — “Behold, I make all things new, saith the Lord of Hosts.”

Thousands of people have tried in every way to bring forth the manifestation of Spirit; to make demonstrations; yea, even to help others in the name of the Lord; and have found themselves and their lives barren as the desert, while others about them seemed to bring forth many children; and they have wondered, and finally fallen under the belief that the manifestation of spirit was not for them, but only for a special few; or that they were not fit avenues, or not yet ready to express the Christ Truth — hence they bore no children.

But the old order changeth.  The light is breaking over the dense human consciousness.  Man is awakening to know that contact with the Father within is the propagating influence which will bring forth many more children than “she that hath a husband.”   He is beginning to understand that the creative force of the Universe is even at this instant at work within the secret place of his being, and that just as soon as he is ready to “let” (through the process of recognition), “the word will become flesh and dwell among them,” and he shall say, “Let the child be born,” and the barrenness of a thousand life-times in the flesh shall be swallowed up in the glorious expression of the flowering desert.  “It shall blossom as a rose.”  The well-watered garden shall take the place of the barren waste.

Martha had many cares in preparing to receive the physical Jesus.  Symbolically speaking, the most she got for her work was perhaps a “Thank you,” while Mary feasted upon the hidden manna of Spirit.  The human sense would like to condone poor, long-suffering Martha.  A thousand reasons why she acted as she did are offered, but the rather uncompromising fact stands that she was rebuked, and that the blessing was given to Mary.  All this symbology does not mean that the Mary consciousness might not do just as much work with her hands as the Martha, but from a different standpoint.

When we are on the outside of being, trying to bring forth, we are finally rebuked for our barrenness, even though we have put into expression the best that seemed to be in us.  Likewise the state that dreams of perfection, and dwells in a mental state of rightness and perfection, is also rebuked for vain imaginings.  The Word must become flesh.  “In my flesh shall I see God.”  One extreme is as bad as another.  The Word must become flesh, and the flesh must become spiritualized or resurrected, until the two become one.  We then have Jesus the Christ — instead of Jesus the son of the carpenter and Christ the Son of God dwelling in one body.  The two become one, and the sayings of the Scriptures are made true.  It is then that “death is swallowed up in victory,” because death could only come to the one of a divided consciousness.  What is told in secret shall be called from the housetop.  Thus we see that the Christ of God decided to submit to what is known as the crucifixion in order that the world might see the transcending power of spirit over matter, and to know that the law, “I have power to pick it up and lay it down,” was true and provable.  To stay on the heights of this law was to escape the seeming ugly reality.  Do you imagine that the Christ who was able to open the eyes of the blind, restore lost substance to the body of Lazarus, and do a thousand other things directly in opposition to the best accepted laws of the physical world of that day and this could not have averted the Crucifixion?  If so, then read Matt. 26:53:


“Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?”


Where is the Father, and how do we pray?  You see, then, that the Christ decreed this to come to pass.  When He descended to the human Jesus state of consciousness, then He asked that the “cup pass from me.”  We understand that what He had accepted or decreed in secret should come to pass.  So is it true with you.  You will begin to see that all the unborn children shall be released when the body and soul become one.  To pray then will be to speak forth only that which is about to appear.  Prayer will not be the old idea of wondering whether God wants to do a certain thing; it will be merely an exquisite feeling of gratitude, which says, “Thank you, Father,” because it knows that the answer exists before the question.  Do you begin to see why it is that the one who was barren of manifestation will suddenly become fruitful?  The limiting laws of the human concept of creation shall be dropped off, and the recognition of the Father of all shall cause thy barrenness to be a forgotten state.  “The former things shall pass away — they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more.”  Thus the barrenness shall be swallowed up in the abundance.

From the human standpoint we even admit that we have teachers of Truth or music who cannot demonstrate for themselves, but can give readily to others.  From the Divine elevation this is an utter impossibility.  This state of barrenness which brings forth no manifestation shall be fertilized with the overshadowing influence of the Ever Presence, and what it has so long conceived on the invisible shall come into manifestation.  No more shall the world be filled with barren ones who talk but who do not show forth the works, for they shall have united the body and soul and resurrected the risen Christ, which hath a body and which lives in the world, but is not of the world insofar as coming under the hateful laws of the human mind.  Death is swallowed up in victory, and with it all the things that go to bring about or make death possible.

“Call no man your father,” for “every man is a liar, and the father of it.”  We see what lies have been told about us in the name of family, nationality, etc.  We are burdened with hateful lies of every sort, because we have recognized a human parenthood.  We have assigned to ourselves all the limitations of human-kind, and therefore we are full of troubles, and so are our days.  “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”

Do you begin so see, O barren one, that your name shall be changed, and that you shall be as a land flowing with milk and honey?  For the spirit of the Infinite Spirit broods over all, and has broken the hateful bondage and set the prisoners free.  Then is thy house gladsome with the laughter and joy of many children — your glorious ideas that have so long remained in the silence of your mind come forth with joy and thanksgiving.

“This is life eternal, to know ME.”  Where is this ME, and what will you do with this life eternal?  Do you expect to carry on this limited personality for eternity?  Do you expect to be John Smith for eternity?  Only when Jesus the son of the carpenter became Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, did He ascend above the limiting influences of beliefs that belonged to His family, nationality and time.  When He became Jesus the Christ, and “the Word became flesh,” He transcended ont only nationality, but time and space, and was able to set aside any law of the belief-world, just as the intense sunshine sets aside the dark shadows of night.

All disease and all barrenness out-pictured on your body and affairs are merely the shadows of beliefs cast upon the screen of your life.  When the light has come, the shadows disappear.  It is no good to throw a picture on a cinema screen if that screen is illuminated.  So the shadows of the belief-world, that have been formerly true to the human mind, fail absolutely to record when you have come to the place of letting “the light within so shine before men.”  We do not heal the Christ, nor yet prosper Him, nor yet change Him.  We merely recognize Him, and as we do so we bring out that which has been eternally.  Thus healing is swallowed up in victory.  Were anything real to be healed, it would be utterly impossible to accomplish it.  The Christ of God needs no assistance, no help, no healing.  But until the John Smith realizes this Christ within himself, and permits it to come into manifestation, he will merely be working on a plane of imagination.  Nothing concrete nor definite can take place.  So many of us have stood about and seen the demonstrations; yea, we have even partaken of the bread, the fish, and the wine; but we have forgotten to partake of the spirit, so when we had consumed the manifestation we rushed back for more and found ourselves far from the source of substance.  So many people are so engrossed in listening to words that they only bask in the light of another’s understanding, and hence miss the glorious possibility of the command, “Go thou and do likewise.”  Many are asking for life free which is promised, while still holding a miser’s consciousness within themselves.  Do you not know, until you can give yourself to the Universe it cannot give the ever-flowing substance to you, for the simple reason that there is no capacity to receive it?  The mind which is still hoarding cannot have the infinite rivers of abundance poured into it, else it would be destroyed; but the consciousness that has given itself to the Infinite is an open way through which the torrents and floods of substance can flow.  It thereafter does not have to seek — it receives before it asks, for a infinite stream of substance is constantly pouring through into expression.

“It is written” — so full of meaning is this statement, nothing shall retract or rub out a single word until it be fulfilled.  “Not one jot or title shall be removed until the law shall be fulfilled.”  It is written that “the barren shall be more fruitful than she that hath a husband.”  The law that is so full of promise, and so glorious to all those who have wondered and grieved and tried to bring forth the works of the Master.  “Go thou and do likewise” is a pretty big command, but there it is.  What are you going to do about it?  Talk it over with some wise one who will go into gushing phrases and words, and whose barren life is filled with mute testimony of failure?  Be still; be very still.  Finally you will hear the command, “Go within and shut the door,” and you will let the glorious revelation take place within your own consciousness.  “Nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  Who are you, and what are you going to do about it?

“And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the Lord of Hosts.”  Ye, the newborn, the resurrected one.  In the silence, in the tomb, in the aloneness, shall ye know the things which ordinarily are not written nor spoken of — things which are neither seen nor heard by the noisy ones who are clamoring for place and power.  “Behold, I make all things new.”  Do you see?  You who read.  “All the nations shall call thee blessed,” for they will recognize the Christ within you; the same glorious Christ that functioned in the man Jesus and enabled Him to go against the laws of the human mind and set them aside as non-existent.

“None of them is lost but the son of perdition.”  The only thing that is lost is the memory of the human personality — the subconscious mind — the storehouse of all evil.  The god that was.  The god of the kingdom of WAS is lost, forgotten, wiped out, and the place thereof is no more.  The Holy Presence of

Christ in the eternal NOW is here.  “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”  The desolate barren land shall blossom as a rose.


“I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich.”


It seems a strange thing to say, Buy gold in order that you may be rich.  It would seem that if you had money with which to buy gold you would already be rich.  But the secret doctrine causes the light to break over this symbology and to reveal that the complete giving up of the symbol is the buying of the gold which will make you rich.  “Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor” is merely another way of stating that man is to take his attention away from the worship of symbols and place his allegiance on the Power.  Awake, thou that sleepest.


“I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye-salve, that thou mayest see” (Rev 3:18).


Do you begin to see the treasures incorruptible that lie within the consciousness of Christ, awaiting the coming of the Master?  Awaiting the coming of that one who will take his Divine Heritage and assume the proportions of the Son of the Living God.  The barren one who will suddenly realize that the Father — Infinite-Omnipotent — overbrooding all, has suddenly brought into manifestation the unborn children of desire.  It is wonderful!

“Who is my father, mother, sister, or brother?” is the question you will answer with deep joy.  Not to become a “holier than thou,” but because you are ready to partake of the infinite nature of your Divine Fathership.  The wonder of the invisible shall be made manifest to you.  You shall begin to partake of the qualities of Spirit.  As ye have borne the earthly image, so shall ye bear the heavenly.  Do you hear?  “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.”  It is wonderful!

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.”  When you hear what it is saying to you (for you are the Church of the Living God — the center from which pours this glorious white light of revelation), then you will fold your tent and steal silently away into the new place of expression.  And this shall be a natural event, not some human concept of moving out of evil conditions, but a showing forth of the God-power into expression.  Do you see why “He that travels alone travels far”?  And why the command, “Salute no man as thou passest along the highway,” is not unfriendliness, but the essence of wisdom?  “Behold, I make all (not some) things new.”  Do you believe that?  Where is the I?  What about it — you who read these lines?  Are you going to run to someone and ask him to explain this to you or are you going to be still and let ME explain, and thereby turn your barrenness to fruitfulness and make you a gladsome land?

Just so soon as you begin to see the futility of opinions and beliefs regarding life and the Truth, just so soon will you go within and lave in the living waters, and partake of the hidden manna and “buy gold that has been tried by fire.”

“The old order passeth away” — the old order is the order of your human personality and its destiny; the old law of cause and effect, of karma — the endless karma that you have been making and passing through.  The Spirit of Life has suddenly thrown you off the wheel, and you are freed into expression as the Son of the Living God.  Do you suppose that the Son of the Living God has anything to do with the son of the carpenter?  He has only this much to do: to absorb the personal idea into the glorious impersonal nature of God, and thereby free him of the limitations and narrow confines, yea, the barrenness of the human concept of existence.

Hear ye, you who read this page: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the Sons of God.”  Do you hear?  Do you see?  When will you take your Divine Heritage?  When will you appropriate the gifts of the Spirit?  Not until you can go within and shut the door, and listen not to the noisy man whose breath is in his nostrils.

“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”  So the unborn ideas that you have been holding in your mind, and wishing for all these many years, suddenly come into expression, for the Christ and Jesus are one.  “Whatsoever things ye ask in my name, that give I unto thee.”  It is well.


“For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break forth and cry, thou that travailest not; for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband.”


Do you believe this?  If so, you are at this very instant rejoicing.  The rejoicing is a command and a statement of a fact at the same instant.  You are automatically rejoicing because you have suddenly discovered that the barren years and efforts have been turned to good account, and the glorious ideas have all been freed into expression.

When you come to the place of belief you have come to the place of acceptance.  You have come to the place where you have accepted the Reality of Being, and you are therefore not surprised nor are you dismayed at the appearance of the Power of Spirit which instantly neutralizes the beliefs of the flesh.  “Let the dead bury their dead” — so the old conditions and beliefs and acts all fall from the cliff of oblivion and you stand on the heights, rejoicing in the name of the Living God which is written on your forehead.  You stand on the heights, not as one balanced for the space of few joyous moments, to be dashed again into the valley of despond, but you stand there and rest in the new understanding which has shifted the weight of the human mind and beliefs and has freed itself from the law of human gravitation.  “If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the law.”  You are in the Spirit when you recognize the Christ within and act in accordance therewith.

The whole proposition is put to the one who seeks the light.  When he has come to the place that he seeks not another’s opinions and beliefs, then he has arrived at the point of:


“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that heareth my words, and believeth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death to life.”


Here is a simple statement of a fact.  “Believest thou this?”  If so, you are beginning to experience a new life, a life that is everlasting, right here in the flesh, and the life which is now coming into manifestation cannot come under the condemnation of the former self.  You are freed from the condemnation of the John Smith against which you fought so long.  You are now passed from the death of these things — these beliefs and difficulties — into Life.  Finally man is unveiled to himself.  When agreement is made — conception takes place.  The new idea or concept gathers quickly a body — and the child is born.






Chapter Three


“GET THEE UP and eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundant rain.”

Thus spoke the prophet to Ahab.  No one could believe such words; they were too good to be true.  Three years had the scorching sun parched the ground, and the wells were dry and the riverbeds dusty highways.  The brazen sky gave no evidence of it, and yet the prophet said, “There is sound of abundant rain.”

Ahab, running back and forth, looking for a sign and finding none, is representative of the person who is looking outside for signs and wonders.  When the prophet makes a statement of a fact, it is in face of the direct opposite, as far as the testimony of the human sense is concerned.  That is the reason for the insistence of “Be absent from the body,” “Judge not from appearances,” etc.  There is sound of abundant rain, the drenching downpour of spirit on to the parched and dried life of any man.  The more real the famine has been, the more drenching the rain will appear, but what good is it to tell a person “There is sound of abundant rain” when their cistern is dry and they are subsisting on a few cups of water?  No good, because they can show you the reverse, and not only can they show you the contrary, but they can bring a thousand individuals who will verify every word they say.  Further than this, they can even bring you men of learning who will prove by many arguments that it cannot possibly rain.  And yet in the face of this the prophet says, “There is a sound of abundant rain.”

Finally, on the horizon of that brazen sky of despair appeared a tiny cloud, as small as a man’s hand.  The prophet had spoken truly.  “Faith is the substance (the very substance) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  It is the evidence of the unseen, the unheard thing that is about to be released into expression.  “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”  Unless you have faith in the principles of harmony your will never become a musician, and you will never produce melody.  Unless you have Faith, which in the truest sense of the word is Understanding, Recognition, and Acceptance of the unseen, you cannot bring into manifestation these things.  What is the good of saying, “There is a sound of abundant rain,” if you only hope there is?  What is the good of prayer that only hopes it will be answered?  No more than applying the principles of mathematics in the same manner.  “Before they call, I will answer” is more than a pretty phrase.  It is a statement of a fact to those who have ears and eyes a statement that what they ask for already exists, and is ready to come into manifestation, in spite of the hateful appearances to the contrary.  Yea, though they be piled to the very heavens, and be as adamant as the rock of Gibraltar.  Asking, then, becomes a process of speaking the decreeing word.  “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.”  Asking, then, takes on the nature of calling forth that which is.

“Let the dry land appear” is asking for something to appear which already exists in the unseen.  But there is no doubt about its appearing; there is no looking for it to appear there is the pure faith, or acceptance that it is so.

We are only beginning to recognize what exists in the unseen and unheard world about us.  The radio gives us ample proof of certain things which would have been emphatically denied by our forebears.  That bacteria are being destroyed by the use of vibration would have utterly amazed our grandparents, as well as the fact that sound can be photographed, reproduced, and recognized as the voice of a certain individual.  A piece of vulcanized rubber and a bit of steel can reproduce the voice of one long since passed from the mortal picture.  While all these human devices are but playthings to the giant power of which we have heard so much through the man Jesus.  We are only beginning to understand that “Judge not from appearances” is more than a religious adage.

“If ye have faith ye shall say to yon mountain, ‘Be ye removed and be ye cast into the sea.'”  But if you have not faith, or recognition of the principle of God everywhere present, then your saying is but idle words that are clouds without rain. But if you have faith, “ye shall say” and “it shall be so.”  Do you hear?  You who read this page?  You?

Do you see why it is necessary to “go apart” to bide your own counsel?  These things are not to be chattered about in the marketplace.  They are reserved for the “Upper Room” of consciousness.  If you desire them, the noisy voice must be silenced, and the asinine habit of setting the other fellow right, while you are full of obvious evils yourself, must stop.  “I AM the way; walk thou in it.”

When you recognize that the substance you are asking for already exists, then you too will be able to say to a barren earth, parched for many years with the scorching sun of failure and lack, “There is a sound of abundant rain,” and believe it.  What you discover in the invisible what you recognize as true of God will become true of the outer manifestation.  “That which is told in secret shall be called from the housetops.”  Yea, “in my flesh shall I see God.”  But in order to see the manifestation of the rain, it must first be recognized in the invisible.  “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared for them that love the Lord.”  “The things that are prepared.”  When we recognize a thing from the spiritual standpoint of life, we will see it manifested in the visible world.

You are fed with the hidden manna that your fathers knew not of your fathers, representing the old order of thinking, the old forms of metaphysics which are dead and which you are told to let alone.  “Let the dead bury their dead.”  You have manna that they knew not of, for they had to see it with their eyes, and handle it with their hands, and they received no blessing.  “Blessed are you because you have not needed a sign.”  You are blessed because you recognize that the Presence is everywhere, just as much in one place as another everything in every place at the same time.  “Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”

You are feeding upon the heavenly manna, and when you do this in silence you will find that your material body is perfectly fed and cared for, and when you realize that you are clothed in the garments of praise and light you will find the body clothed in perfect raiment.  No wonder, then, you are invited not to consider the robes of the rich Solomon, but the ways of a lily; there is something most interesting in this.  It is the manner in which the lily appears.  Out of the unseen. Out of the invisible.  Out of the very substance which is about you now.

No one thinks it strange when he plants a lilybulb that a lily should appear in due season.  Why should it be strange, then, that prayer is actually answered?

The prayer is a thousand times surer of results than the lilybulb, when the prayer is one of recognition, instead of one of begging and beseeching.  Why should you think it strange that the muchneeded rain should come to the desert?  From the human standpoint I know there are a thousand reasons why it should not come, and the testimony of the eye is anything but encouraging.  It searches the dome of heaven and sees not a cloud, not a possibility of anything happening, and that is why you are told to “look not to appearances” as one of the first laws of bringing out the answer to true prayer.

When the acceptance is made in the invisible, there comes a joyous abandon.  Not a careless abandon, or indifference, but a joyous abandon, for it has been decreed.  The dark cloud as big as a man’s hand that appears in the skies is enough to produce floods of rain, and so there is a joyous abandon.  Hence the command to the poor tired servantbody, “Get thee up, eat and drink” in other words, rejoice and be happy, for everything is all right, and there is a sound of abundant rain.  There is a glorious feeling of letting down, or resting and relaxing, when we have thrown the weight of our lives over on to the shoulders of the prophet the Christ within.

Within the domain of everybody there is that something which is symbolized by “the little cloud as large as a man’s hand.”  You who read this page, you who have felt the hot, dry winds of futility and lost hope, in your life that something is sufficient to produce it all, and it within you now, awaiting recognition.

But the little cloud that is finally to produce the abundant rain has to be let alone, or else it will turn out to be a cloud without rain.  Many a person has become anxious that God could not or would not do His work in the right manner, and has turned back the abundant rain.  Your anxiety for another, or for yourself, will only cause the famine to endure, for “I have a way ye know not of” the I AM has a way that you cannot possibly feel or express.  “My ways are not your ways My ways are as high above your ways as the heaven is high above the earth.”

“My ways are past finding out.”  Can you see, you who read this page?  You?

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed.”  You see then that the “little cloud” does exist in your life.  Even the tiny little faith that caused you to venture to read this book is all that is necessary to flood your desert with the abundant rain of Spirit.

“Be not afraid; it is I” the I of Spirit is always with you, no matter where you go or what you do.  It is at the hell of your own making, awaiting recognition and it is at the uttermost parts or ends of the earth.

Note the word “abundant” in the firstmentioned idea.  The expression of spirit is always abundant it is always full, pressed down and running over.  It is lavish in the superabundance of its expression.  It is wonderful!  The poor little measures that you have held to the universe are as nothing they cannot hold the abundance of spirit that is to be released by recognition.

Do you begin to see the Abundance of Spirit?  You are a spiritual being in a universe of spirit.  The flesh becomes spiritual by recognizing your true self, and you are actually fed and sustained by the hidden manna.  Just as soon as you know you are fed by the hidden manna you will see the wholesome food manifested.  For “what is told in secret is called from the housetops.”  Do you see?  Do you hear?  What, then, are you telling yourself?  What you are telling yourself is what the world is retelling you, and many times that is what you are fighting.

You are fighting the echo of your own voice, your silent voice which calls so loudly to the universe that people do not hear what you are saying with your lips.  You argue with your own voice returned to you from the loud speaker of the universe.  You hear your own secrets broadcast in the universe.  You fight against the injustice of your own secret findings.  It is almost ghastly to contemplate, and yet it is glorious to know that it is so, for it immediately brings with it an opportunity of releasement.

“What ye tell yourself in secret shall be called from the housetops.”  You are only telling yourself what you find to be true, and most of this you have found from judging from the appearance of things.  Hence when you begin to take your attention away from things and to be “absent from the body and present with the Lord,” then will you begin to follow the commands of the Spirit, “Be still and know that I AM God.”  And when you are still, the still small Voice is telling you things in secret that shall be proclaimed from the housetops things which will make you thrill with joy; things which will bring out glorious new states of expression.  So, little by little, we are finding that the way of attainment is not by struggling and torture, but by peace and contemplation of the Realities, and the Recognition of the Allpresent God of Love.

“There is a sound of abundant rain” this has come to you for a purpose.  It has come to you to make you know the glorious revelation that is even at this moment being made manifest to you, the abundant rain of substance into your life.  If the desert be one of sickness and lack of strength, then the abundant rains bring, even at this instant, the flood of health, vitality and power.  If the desert be one of loneliness and futility, then the abundant rains bring floods of job, thanksgiving, and attainment.  Heavenly new fields of expression open before you.  The veil drops from your eyes, and you see the reason for many things; the blinding sense of futility has passed away.  If it be the desert of financial lack or limitation, then the flooding rains will be in terms of substance suitable to meet all the needs.  “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make ye free.”  It will make you free from the beliefs of the human sense, free from your own limitations; different for each man in accordance with his present need.

It is glorious, thrilling.  Listen, listen, listen, you who read this page.  Listen, listen, listen: “There is a sound of abundant rain.”  There is a sound of abundant rain the downpour of spiritual substance in any form that is necessary to neutralize the desert of your belief.  Glorious glorious truth.  It is well with thee.  You are in the floods of Light and Life.  On the invisible you are feeding on the manna that is hidden, at this very instant you are clothed in the garments of light and thanksgiving.  It is wonderful.  It is glorious.  You are in the flood of Spirit, of Light, of Attainment.  “Heaven and earth are full of thee from glory to glory”; you go on into more wonderful fields of realization.

One moment of recognition, one grain of faith as big as a mustard seed, and you have brought in the harvest of substance.  If it be to that place filled with inharmony, you will see the floods of harmony and understanding descending.  If it be to the place of pain, then the healthful power of life shall quicken the body.  It is wonderful.

Listen, listen, listen.  “There is a sound of abundant rain.”  Even as I write, and you read, there is a sound of abundant rain in the form that you can best appreciate and understand it.  “There is a sound of abundant rain,” and the desert that is loaded with seed is to blossom as a rose, is to run a riot of glorious colors and perfumes, where once the wind tumbled the dry sagebush over burning sands.  Yes, it is all there; “The mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.”  The sound of abundant rain is at this instant audible to your inner ear.  Fear not.  Be not anxious.  It is well the downpour of Spirit is at this instant upon you.

You listen, this time to the Silent Voice, within.  You begin to hear, to act, to “go,” having heard “I go before you.”  It is wonderful when you listen.





Chapter Four


“SILVER AND GOLD have I none, but such as I have give I thee.  Rise up and walk.”

A beggar sitting 40 years at the Temple Beautiful asking for silver and gold.  What for?  To consume, and then ask for more. The endless getting, and using, and being obliged to get more. The endless making of demonstrations.  The endless asking for the loaf of bread which is consumed immediately.  The endless looking for symbols, instead of getting back of them.  Why didn’t he go into the Temple Beautiful?

Picture the cripple at the temple gate.  For years he has been there.  He has long since accepted his infirmity as his natural heritage, so he begs for a bit of silver.  Picture the disciples knowing that if they threw him a handful of gold or silver they were only doing what hundreds of others had done in a more or less degree, that in reality they would not help him.  At best, it would only be a temporary relief.

“Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I unto you”; and then followed the gift of healing.  How much silver and gold would it have taken to have bought that healing in the marts of the world?  More than likely, from worldly standards, it was beyond price.  More than likely the body of that cripple was in such an emaciated state that if the healing were possible, it would have taken years to have brought the cripple back to normal.  Back to normal by the knife, by food diet, exercise, and long, long months of convalescing.

“Silver and gold I have none, but such as I have give I thee, Arise!”

The bestowal of the gift instantly rehabilitated the diseaseladen body.  Instantly the cripple accepted the priceless gift, leaped up and ran rejoicing and singing.  Picture the same cripple with a handful of gold.  His joy might be increased for a moment, but he would soon return to his former limitation.

Note that the gift was instantly accepted and what was the gift?  It was the full recognition of the presence of the Power of God in the midst of him.  Every man has the gift.  He learns that the gift is beyond the price of fine gold or rubies. Silver and gold and fine rubies become as worthless chattels in

face of the priceless gift that every man has to give to the world yea, to give to himself.  Arise!

Yet the world is full of cripples who sit at the gates of their own temple and beg for silver and gold.  The world passes by and throws them a copper or two; but sooner or later one comes by and says, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee,” and it is at that moment that the beggar has within his grasp complete freedom from the beggardom he has so long accepted.  Arise!

Unless, however, he accepts his gift, he will remain at the gates of his own temple begging the crowd of human thoughts that go by for enough to live on.

Always seeking the symbol instead of what is back of it, always looking for the loaves and fishes, makes the eyes more blind and the ears more deaf.

Looking to outside conditions for help will result in defeat.  After you have consumed the loaf of bread you are hungry again and must get another, and thus goes the game of life; devoid of charm, as crude and misshapen as a statue hacked from a block of wood with a clumsy garden axe.  Hypnotized to the human thinking, man has accepted his state as one which cannot be helped.  He blames his heredity, prenatal influence, environment, accident, or disease.  But all or any of these might have entered into the case of the aforementioned cripple, and still they did not act as a wall against the showing forth of the priceless gift of Spirit.  No law that man has made is a law to Spirit, and as soon as man looks away from the symbols he will receive the gift of Spirit and will understand why the priceless gift is not in dollars and cents, but in the substance which lies behind them.

“When the Son of Man shall come shall he find faith on the earth?”  When the inspiration of the Almighty speaks to you and gives you the priceless gift, can you take it?  Can you take your good in the same degree that the cripple at the temple gate accepted that which was given him?  It was a tremendous gift that he took, from the standpoint of his bodily condition.  It meant that a great physical change had to be made instantly.  It meant that the wellnigh impossible had to happen.  It meant that he had to let go of a lifetime of hypnotism of human thought.  It meant that it was opposed to every single human law, and was placed in the category of the impossible.  It meant that it was sweeping aside like so many cobwebs laws that were hoary with age and concreted with millions of proofs.  Yes, it meant all these. And it means that the condition that you may be under can be no more difficult than this single instance that is given you, and it also means that the change which is necessary to bring you from the darkness into the light will be no greater, no more difficult or impossible of attainment, than that performed on the cripple at the temple gate.  Arise!

Even at this instant, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock” the very “I” that spoke through the disciples and said, “Silver and gold have I none” the very revelation of your perfect health and freedom stands offering you the gift of life and happiness, offering you freedom from the human bondage, no matter how long it has been with you.  “Is anything hard to Me?”  Is there anything that is difficult for the power of the AllGod within you to bring forth into manifestation?  Arise!

What is this seeming opposition that seems so much more powerful than God?  Awake, awake, awake!  Arise and shine!  The thought that has been trailing its wings in the mud of human existence will scale the heights of interstellar space.

You will note in the case of the beggar, and in the case of may others instantaneously healed by the Master and His disciples, that the healing took place almost before they had time to think.  A gift is accepted at the instant it is presented.

When we stop for a moment to reason, “Could this happen to me?” we are lost.  God has power sufficient to instantly offset the oldest and most terrible human concept of law.  “Fear not; it is I.”  Arise!

Silver and gold have I none” does not in any sense of the word imply poverty or lack on the part of the disciples.  They might have added, “Silver and gold I have none for thee” knowing that it would not in any way help.  “When they ask for bread, I will not give a stone.”  The glorious help which enables a man to see his true self is more precious than a handful of gold or a world of human sympathy.  Arise!

Most people are beggars in life.  Not all of them sit at the temple gates asking for gold, but they are begging for other gifts, or the symbols of other gifts, and missing the glorious gifts of Spirit which are poured out upon them.  So hypnotized to the outside manifestation are they that they fail to see or hear the gift that is bestowed upon them.  Symbols, always symbols, until they learn that a symbol without something back of it to animate it is nothing but a puppet, and has no power nor life nor expression.

Beggar of life, when will you begin to accept the gifts of the Father?  When will you accept your Divine Heritage, and rise from the degrading position and let the light of revelation pour over you in flooding streams?  Arise!

When will you come out of the old Pauline doctrine of “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” and accept the glorious gift of God, “Fear not . . . it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven”?  A gift yea, even a gift as large as the Kingdom of Heaven must be accepted.  Think of it, beloved the trembling and fear, the working out of your own salvation, is suddenly all set aside by the acceptance of the gift of God, i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven. And, just as the cripple at the temple gates ran and leaped for joy into his new state of expression, leaped out of years of belief of sickness, ugliness, and filth, leaped into freedom and left behind him all the things that were true of the crippled beggar, so you, son of the Living God, will make the transformation from the present state of sickness, poverty, and unhappiness, into the perfect heaven of harmony and bliss.  When will you accept your gift?  When will you arise?

“It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” Where is your Father?  What did Jesus the Master say of this?  “My Father within me, He doeth the works.”  The Father consciousness within you is that which will give you, the human body manifestation, the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.  Do you see that it is not something afar off that is going to grant this favor to you?  “Yet in my flesh shall I see God” yet in the present body shall you see the glorious revelation, because soul and body have become one, and “whom the Lord hath joined together let no man put asunder.”


“Stir up the gift of God which is within thee.” “Arise.”


In the midst of your chaotic world is the gift of God the gift of Life Eternal, the gift of the Infinite Riches of the Kingdom, the gift of increasing the manifestation.  “Stir up the gift of God which is within thee.”  It is already there the gift of beautiful life, glorious life, radiant life.

And in turn the beggar goes his way rejoicing, and giving in turn the gift.  We are afraid of the gift; we make a sickly attempt at speaking the word.  We wonder if God would want us to assume such authority and such proportions, and at the same time we acknowledge, “I am the son of the Living God.”


“When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”


This is addressed directly to you you who read this page; if the prayer that you asked this morning suddenly came bounding out into expression, would you be ready and willing to accept it?  If the piece of gold that you had asked for could actually come into manifestation, would you be able to accept it, or would you have to look to see whether it had a serial number, or whether it were in accord with the human intellect?  If you were suddenly to have the gift you were asking for made manifest, could you have faith enough to accept it?  Until the perfect acceptance can come, and the curiosity has been absorbed in the absolute faith that “all things are possible to God,” these things cannot be, no matter what a thousand voices may say pro or con on the subject.  Arise!

If you should tear the hide from a living body to see how the life was produced underneath, you have no life.  The killing of the goose that laid the golden egg is the result of curiosity. If you are secretly cherishing in your mind such ideas, you will see nothing, for nothing shall be there.  The soul is not of curious, it knows.  “I have a way that you know not of.”  The I AM has its way that no human intellect can see, understand, or believe.  Arise!

The whole glorious proposition lies within yourself.  It is asked of you, “When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth (your consciousness)?”  You have to answer that for yourself.  It does not make any difference what the answer be so far as the outside world is concerned; it is, however, tremendously important to you.  What would you think?  If the prayer you have just asked were at this instant to be fulfilled, could you you, who read this, accept it?  “Be still and know that I AM God.”




Chapter Five


“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel” (Num. 23:23)


“I shall overturn and overturn until he comes whose place it is to rule.”


This is the day when much is said about enchantment and divination — sometimes openly under these names, but more often referred to only, or spoken of by a new modern name.  The mad enchantment of a bird and a serpent is only equalled by the enchantment that exists between man and the serpent of human thinking.  The only way for the bird to break the spell is to takes its eyes away from the fearsome thing upon which it is gazing, and the only way for man to break the spell of disease, hate, fear, sin, and lack is to take his attention away from appearances, “Being absent from the body and present with the Lord” and “Judging not from appearances, but judging righteous judgment” — the scriptural means of breaking the enchantment.  But few people want to follow these commands.  They way their problem clearly stated and set forth, and then they want the remedy.  They want to attack the evil and destroy it — and so they are destroyed by the very thing they desire to destroy.

“But,” says one, “that is the very reason I took up the study of Truth — I want to destroy the evil in my life.”  “There is nothing in My Kingdom that can or shall be destroyed,” and the appearance you are attempting to destroy is the out-picturing of your own belief.  You are attempting to destroy it while you are constantly creating it by gazing at and handling it, and examining the nature of it.  Many people who are seeking God are turned awry over the appearances of a few leaves in a teacup or a few lines on the hand or other outside things.  They will ask anyone to forecast the future, and are much more willing to believe those prognostications than to accept the fact that “God is in His Heaven (state of consciousness), all is well with the world.”

In spite of the statement, “No man knoweth what a day brings forth,” in spite of all the eloquent declarations that God is the only power, just let the idea of “fortune” be mentioned and they are all ears — being much more willing to take the word of a person who is prostituting the sacred gifts of Life than to have the revelation of their inner soul made manifest to them.  “The way is broad that leadeth to destruction.”  The flower-strewn way of hearing good things that are about to happen by chance leads them on; they wade knee-deep in glorious flower-covered fields, snatching a posy here and there, thinking how wonderful it is that their “fortune” is so fine, perfectly unaware of the poisonous serpent that suddenly makes itself manifest in the form of a horrid prediction.  Then they want to escape it all and fly back into the idea of Truth, and loudly proclaim that “God is All”; but the enchantment has done its work.

The flowers of the spurious joy of delving into the future have withered in their hands or turned to thistles.  They shriek, “Save me.”  The terror of seeking those things which are an abomination to the Lord is their portion, yet even in this time of terror, even in this time of desolation, there is always the way of escape.

Why it is that people who profess God as the only power wish to hear of other forces which they seem to think are actually more powerful than God?  What is the insane curiosity of looking ahead, and trying to see if something good is going to happen, but the hypnotism of the human mind, and the failure to awaken to the glorious NOW of life?  Anyone who has awakened to the Christ-consciousness is not looking for the good that is to come; he is revelling in the glorious present of the NOW, and he does not doubt the future.  He is not wondering if things will be taken care of.  He knows that as long as he stays at the point of the NOW of God, he will not need to prepare to destroy the Devil.

If you are looking for good to come in the future, you are still where you were before you heard the Truth; do not the Gentiles do that?  What difference if you have let go of the old idea of heaven, with angels, if you still hold on to the false idea of evil being more powerful than God?  What is this belief of a power opposed to God?  Why is it that, because someone has prophesied truly for then thousand people who were under the enchantment of human doctrine, you, the son of the Living God, newly awakened to the powers and the gifts of the Spirit, should come under the sway of this lie?  Did not the magicians, soothsayers, and wise men produce a serpent after the prophet had produced it as a sign, and did not the appearances show clearly that the power used by the magicians was the same as that used by the Man of God?  Yea, it was terrific proof, enough to make the stoutest heart faint for fear of the power of evil, but did not the serpent of the Man of God suddenly devour all the serpents of the magicians, and is there not hidden in this glorious proof that God is supreme to the belief of any man or any teaching or any idea, however hoary with age and respect they may be?  “There is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel.”

“Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”  Awake from the hypnotism of human belief, and break the spell it has cast over you.  Realize once for all time that “He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps”; that the I AM consciousness watching over you neither slumbers nor sleeps, and you are eternally in His care.  You are the son of the Living God, and this glorious recognition causes the laws of the human belief, however powerful they may have seemed, to give way before the new dawn.  Awake, awake, awake.  It is well with you!

Are you true to your own word?  Then the whole world (your Universe) will be true to its word.  “My words are Spirit and they are Truth, and they shall not (positively not) return unto me void, but shall accomplish whereunto they are sent.”

You may be under the enchantment of money.  “How hardly can a rich man enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Not that money is bad; it is the love of money that is spoken of as the root of all (not some) evil.  It is the enchantment again of looking upon the outside and imagining that there is power there.  There is no buying-power in the symbol of money; it is what is back of it, for, even while you hold the symbol in your hand, it may decrease in value to a point where it is not worth the paper it is printed upon.  The enchantment of money is due to the fact that we have placed power in the symbol instead of placing it where it belongs.  And hence the saying, “Money is power” — but what of a dying man who has exhausted the finest arts and crafts that money can buy?  What about friendship?  What about love?  What about anything that really matters in life?  Looking on the symbol, people become enchanted by it, then think to possess it, but end by being possessed by it; they are destroyed by the serpent just as surely as the bird is.

Trying to demonstrate symbols of money has not proven successful.  Perhaps in a few remote cases it has been done; a handful of gold has been forthcoming, and then the terrible lapse that has followed and the wonder how it happened, and why it does not happen again.  Keeping your attention fixed on things will keep them from you.  As you pursue them, they flee before you as the mirage in the desert that seems so real and true.

Power is not in the symbol, the substance of money is not in the dollar bill.  The golden idol with feet of clay will crash upon your own head.  The worship of the golden calf seems to be in accord with the masses of humanity, but it brings the sharp rebuke, “Thou shalt have no (not any) other gods before Me.”  Where is this Me, and what is the Me that comes before all else, except the I AM consciousness within you, which is your point of contact with the Universal Whole?

“To him that hath shall be given” does not seem fair, and is not fair from the human standard of things, but it is true.  To him that hath the consciousness shall be added symbols of that consciousness, not because he needs them, nor because he is receiving a special favor, but because he is automatically functioning a law of God.  “With all thy getting, get understanding.”  But most people say, “With all thy getting, get gold, then you will be able to go into the world and take possession.”

“There is no enchantment against Jacob.”  There is no law of poverty that is fixed over you, through which you are obliged to function.  No, not if ten thousand wise men say as much.  You are the son of the Living God — the All Power — and when you recognize this then will you understand how there can be no enchantment against Jacob.

“If ye seek me after the loaves and fishes ye shall not find me” is recorded as the saying of the Master.  If you are seeking the things, then you will come under the enchantment of things, and you will reap the result of this divided allegiance.

“Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?”  You may answer the question yourself — and look over that which follows, and perhaps through the crannies you will see the light, and hear the command, “consider the lilies and the ravens and the sparrows,” and many more things, and see that you, as the Son of the Living God, are not dependent upon the divination of the human mind.

Neither shall you be under the enchantment of disease, for the Son of the Living God is a being of pure Spirit, and is made of the substance which comes under the direct control of God, who is of “too pure eyes to behold iniquity.”  Pause a moment and ask yourself whether there possibly could be an actual law of sickness and misery, and, if so, why have you, of all people, been singled out to manifest it?  You can only answer that it is because of your acceptance of this law as a power beside which God Himself is powerless.  The more you look at the loathsome manifestation the more real it becomes, and the more you realize the utter impossibility of escaping it.  Who can gaze at disease in its various forms and even imagine how it could be relieved?  Yet in turning away from the appearance lies a sudden and sure escape — just as you know that the bird and two strong wings has an instantaneous means of escape from the serpent, yet so long as it stands gazing at the object of its fear, just so long will it be in the grip of that thing.  Take your attention away from the appearance and place it on the All God and you will find wings to escape any difficulty to which your human thinking has brought you.  Awake, thou that sleepest — Christ is risen.  The Christ-consciousness within you has risen out of the tomb of your own making, and he come with all power.  Turn your attention away from appearances and the enchantment will be broken.


“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel.”


Either God is all-powerful, and able to do all things, or else our teaching is in vain.

“There is NOW, therefore, no condemnation to those which are in Christ Jesus.”  When we begin to read the words of light and see the inner meaning, we see that the enchantment of the human mind is broken and that the condemnation of the evil of our beliefs is cancelled, and we are freed into the Spirit of the sons of the Living God.  When we forsake the evil in our consciousness, then it is forgiven and released; the condemnation goes with it, and we are freed.  Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.

Are you looking for a lucky charm, a sign, or a miracle?  Miracles happen only to the human belief.  The operation of the Divine Mind, producing health where the human mind sees sickness, and prosperity where the human mind sees poverty, is a natural process.  It is only unnatural to the relative world.  The statement, “Signs shall follow, they shall not precede,” does not mean anything to the person who is always looking for things.  He wonders why, after years and years of serving God, he has never experienced a miracle or a revelation.  Awake, thou that sleepest; the signs follow, they do not precede.  Do not seek me after the loaves and fishes, because as soon as the loaves and fishes are consumed you will be without them, and be the creature of chance again.  There can be no chance in the law of God, else the very harmony of the Universe would be destroyed.  “There is no power opposed to God.”

In Nigeria, all sorts of black magic is practiced, with the most terrible results.  But in every instance the person who is to receive the baneful effects of this so-called power must be informed that it is being used against him, and this alone tells the tale.  “Not that which goeth into a man defileth him, but that which cometh out.”  It is not what you take in that counts, but that which comes out.  If you hear evil and accept it, it comes out in the form of evil in your universe; therefore, it is that which defileth you.  If disease is real, then it must come into manifestation.


“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel.”


The only enchantment in any of the evil lies in the fact that your attention is fixed upon it, and so it becomes real to you; but as soon as you take your attention away from it, and place your consciousness on God, the enchantment is broken.

We look out upon a universe of our own making.  “To the pure all things are pure” — “Let the filthy be filthy still” — “What thou be’st, that thou seest.”  The one who is perpetually looking for the clay feet of others stands on crumpling feet, and falls in his own dust.  “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves” — “Occupy till I come.”  “I come quickly” — it is well.  A newer courage suddenly comes into being, a fearless Believing, a Divine indifference.




Chapter Six


“THEN WENT HE IN and shut the door.” What goes on behind the closed doors is go­ing to be of tremendous interest to the outside world. “That which is told in secret is called from the housetops.” When you think of the word “se­cret” you think of the “closed door”—-you think of the “Secret place of the Most High”—-in fact, you think of the center of Being. Until a man learns the law of silence he cannot leave his burning desert of human experience.

“He that travels alone shall travel far”; “He that holdeth his tongue shall take a city [a new state of consciousness]”, and so he who learns to “come apart from among them and be separate” is getting his feet firmly placed on the ladder that leads safely to heaven-realization.

Power is noiseless; its manifestation may make a terrific tumult, but power of itself is noiseless. “Be still and know that I Am God” has been a command which has been as little heeded as the one “Before they ask I will answer”—-but that also bespeaks si­lence accomplishing something that noise could not. The burning coal which is placed on the lips seals them forever, and it is to such an one that power is given-given because he has discovered something in the silence that he can never discover anywhere else. He has found certain secret springs which, when released, will cause the whole face of his uni­verse to change, and people will say, “It is a mir­acle,” but he will know differently.

Until man learns the law of silence, he will travel on in the heat of the burning desert of experience, comparing notes with others; discussing and argu­ing about the vital truths which never seem to work, and yet seem so plausible and real.

“I do not see why it is that I cannot make more progress.” “I have been faithful—-I have helped many—-I have heard hundreds of lectures—-I have read hundreds of books—-I have given of my sub­stance-and am still in this terrible condition.”

The answer to all this is simple, yet it will be re­jected by many because they like to “talk it over” first with someone who is supposed to know more than they do; and then they want to talk it over with God and tell Him just what to do before things will be right in the Universe. But nothing happens, and they either go down into the ditch of human failure or hear the “still, small voice” which constantly says, “Be still, be still, be still, and know that I AM God.”

“In quietness and peace shall be thy strength.” A thousand times that is read over, and by the very one who is seeking light and understanding, but will you obey it? Nay! nay! you will pass it over, and go again into the desert of human hope seeking for shade and water. In the desert through which you are traveling is the deep secret well of silence, and when you drink the waters thereof you are re­freshed, and the water there from will transform the desert into a garden.

“Be still”—be very still and KNOW that I AM God, and you will find out something about the Promised Land you have been seeking, lo, these many years. The something you will find out is that the Promised Land lies in your own consciousness, and the moment you are through seeking it, and be­gin the process of recognizing it as here and now within the secret place of your heart, that moment you see the transformation beginning to make itself manifest.

Do not expose the seed to the parching winds of human opinion. “Thou fool, do you not know that a seed must first f all into the ground and rot before it shall be made alive?” Do you not know that the seed idea must be dropped into the secret place, and there lose its outer wrapping of human opinion and belief, before the new manifestation shall come forth? The ugly brown bulb is transformed into a cluster of lilies. What a transformation-all for the simple following of the law. Yet this process of change is no more wonderful than the transforma­tion that shall go on in you—-“O ye of little faith”—–when you can follow the law. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” How can the mind be renewed if it be not still? How can the earth be renewed unless it go deep into the secret place of the roots and there restore itself or its manifestation by the substance that is stored up there? Do you begin to see why it is that the lips shall be sealed? You who read?

The butterfly and chrysalis, the chick in the shell, and a thousand other things give you an ample idea, but all these are inadequate to convey the power of the Word which is to work out in you when you can be still.

The law states very clearly, “Ask and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you,” and yet there be thousands that will say they have done all these things and are still without the bare necessities of life. Seeking amidst the husks of human reasoning and opinions—–among the findings of the human intellect-will not be productive of much more than a grain or two of substance. Asking the world at large for freedom from your sorrows will merely bring pity or ridi­cule on your head. Knocking at the gates of human temples is disheartening, and yet the law continues:


“For every [no exceptions] one that asketh receiveth; and he that        seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”


The pristine beauty of this assurance sounds forth like a glorious bell across the smooth waters of a silver lake, or like an answered S O S to a tempest—–tossed ship, and yet no results have come. Men have gone down in the ditch trying to wrench away from the Universe just a decent living. One by one the dreams of youth are exploded because they cannot be fulfilled, although they seemed so right and so possible of attainment.

“For everyone that sketch receiveth.” You may prove that you spend hours a day in good works and prayer, just as a man states, and truly, that he holds an oak tree in his hand when he shows you an acorn. In spite of the fact that you have “faith as a grain of mustard seed” that is said to be enough to move mountains, nothing happens, and nothing is going to happen until you enter the place of silence and set the seal on your lips.

When you are once in this place of silence you find the processes reversed. “Before you ask I will answer.” The asking is merely voicing something that is about to be made visible. It is the decreeing of the thing that will eventually come into manifes­tation. The chick in the shell, hidden away from the world of curious human eyes, is evolving into a new state; you will begin to see what takes place in the silence of your being, and why you are commanded to “Be still and know that I Am God,” and pres­ently you leave the noisy company of those traveling in the desert and enter into your secret place, to discover that the Promised Land is not a place, but a state of consciousness, and it exists in the Now of time, the HERE of space.


“But the land whither ye go to possess it, is a land of hills and valleys, and drinketh water of the rain of heaven; a land which the Lord thy God careth for; the eyes of the Lord thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of

the year even unto the end of the year.”


Note the words “the Lord thy God,” and see if the light of the governing influence of your Christ ­consciousness does not blaze forth with such ef­fulgence that the noon-day is as the twilight, and in this revelation are revealed the glorious things that heretofore were hidden from the human mind. “Eyes have not seen,” etc., etc. But it is there all the same, and makes itself manifest when the eye be­comes single and when the lips become silent and when the recognition is made in the secret place. Here and Now does not mean more waiting, more patience with the appearance of things, but it means a beautiful transformation that goes on before your eyes, a coming into being of the Promised Land.

When you pause for a moment to consider that the Lord thy God is watching over this Promised Land, “whither ye go to possess it,” from “the be­ginning of the year even unto the end of the year,” then you can understand why you are admonished to take no thought f or the body, f or the food, f or the purse, scrip, or upper chamber.

“I have much to say unto you, but you could not bear it now.” No one can bear the deep Truth of Life until his lips have been sealed. No one can take the new state of consciousness until he can hold his tongue, for it is by means of the tongue—-symboli­cally speaking—-that you shall be defiled. Watch, therefore, that ye enter not into temptation to tear away the protective coating of silence from about the new idea. Let not the manifestation be retarded or deformed by your anxiety, for, the moment you recognize the new idea, the soul of you is singing, no matter what the outward appearances-for anon the Child shall be born. Every idea that has its im­maculate conception in the mind of silence will come forth to rule over its domain gloriously. Be still, be still, be still and know that I AM God.

The sign of a silent soul is serenity-poise and power. There is a confidence and an abandon. There is a light of joy in the consciousness.


“Serene I fold my hands and wait”­


quite a different waiting from the old idea of wait­ing for something to happen. It is the confident waiting for the Divine event to take place-a serene confidence that it is done and the mechanics will be perfectly executed. Can you see why it is necessary for you to come apart from them and be separate? Be still, be still, be still.


“Be silent, 0 all flesh, before the Lord.”

“For the froward is an abomination to the Lord; but His secret is with the righteous.”


The froward is an abomination to the Lord, the same as the one who digs up the garden after it is planted, and opens the egg after it has been placed under the bird. Abomination, because he is destroy­ing the manifestation that is due to appear.

“Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light”—awake and arise from the dead. Fold your tent and steal silently away into the secret place where you can enlarge the borders of your tent without asking the permission of anyone. No matter how loving the advice may be, the things of spirit that are deep and pure will have to be found alone in the silent place, alone with God.

All that is necessary to enter therein is willingness on the part of the student-willingness to listen in­stead of to tell; willingness to accept the promises as made by the Master, and to plant the seed and let the human limitations and husks of belief rot away from it, in order that the new life may appear. In the place of the Most High you have no favors to ask, no special permission to gain. What you tell yourself in secret shall be called from the housetop -the Word shall become flesh-there is a rest f or the people of God. All of these beautiful things be­come true to the silent soul. “Be still and know that I AM God.”




Chapter Seven


Five thousand hungry men, far from food and shelter. Five thousand men in the desert-hungry-calling for bread; and only five barley loaves. The nearest food depot miles away.

Dozen of empty vessels, all crying out to be filled -great, yawning, ugly black vacuums of debt and want, and only a few drops of oil in the cruse.

Great stretches of parched desert scorched by sun and wind-dry, barren, ugly, useless. Worthless, helpless, unwanted, crying for expression, and only a small desert water-hole under a scraggy tree, half­-filled with poisonous water, and a mass of bone-dry seeds buried in the sands.

Any one of these pictures is enough to make the average strong heart quail and turn away with a sense of helplessness. “Why does God permit such terrible things to exist if He is All-powerful?” “Why do I have to continue always under an ava­lanche of debt and limitations, with never enough to do anything with?” “Why do I lie on a bed of pain, my body racked with loathsome disease?”

“I have tried and tried and yet no results come.” “Anyone could see that five loaves would not feed five thousand men. A loaf to a thousand? What good to even pause to consider such an absurd idea? What good to consider the empty jars when only a few drops of oil are visible?”-Thus man reasons, and thus he fails. Having drawn his conclusions in ac­cordance with the best human understanding and wisdom, he abides by the results.

The first and great law of breaking the belief of limitation is, “Judge not from appearances.” We have heard it often, but we have never really heard it until we can do it. When you actually hear a word of Truth you can fulfill it. Taking your atten­tion away from the appearance of things, or judging not from appearances, is not merely closing the ma­terial eyes and refusing to see that which you know —in your human thinking—is real. “Being absent from the body and present with the Lord” is actu­ally placing the attention on the Invisible Source of All. This is neither as abstract nor as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is not a difficult thing through the process of your imagination to possess those things which are necessary for your well­being. It is not difficult f or you to imagine that it would be a simple matter to the All-Power to pro­duce all the desires of your heart-seeing that it has already created infinitely more-right before your eyes. It is not difficult f or you to place your con­sciousness in the realm of Spirit, and there f eel the freedom of the All-Spirit, being lost in the immen­sity of light, and finding the hard outlines and forms of things all melting back into the infinite ONE—-out of which all things came into being.

     After all, a moment’s thought will cause you to throw much of the limiting reasoning of human wisdom away. Just think of the infinite flow of water into the Universe. From the single drop to the mighty torrents, where does it come from? We can, by a slow process, trace it from one stage to an­other back to Primal Cause. Where did it come from in the first place? What is the nature of the invisible quantity of substance which constantly repeats it­self in a never-ending stream of expression, and in an infinite variety of forms? Out of the same in­visible realm of substance we see millions of differ­ent manifestations, just as out of the same garden plot we see a hundred varieties of seeds bringing forth as many different kinds of flowers and fruits, all drawing on the identical substance for their life. Why do a poppy and a grain of wheat, drawing on the same elements, bring forth such radically dif­ferent manifestations? Who can answer except with the absurd reply, “It is the nature of the seed”?

Why should it seem strange, then, that man should make a conscious contact with this Infinite Power, and see it step up the process of time and bring out the instant manifestation of whatsoever is needed, instead of seeing it put through the limiting human thought process? Why should it be thought so absolutely outside the ken of possibility?

Further, why is it that you, the very reader of this page, will go into your garden and scatter a handful of seeds in the ground without so much as a mental effort as to how they are going to draw their substance out of the invisible? Pushing this idea back a little farther, you find it is because you have a perfect confidence that it can be done-not in a way you know, but in an unseen way. Some­how or other this tiny seed will be able to select the pigmentation of color and the qualities for its own expression. And you do not find this strange; it has ceased to be wonderful. It is natural. You dismiss it. The handful of seed is all that is necessary for you presently to reap a harvest that many men with many baskets cannot gather in.

Yet if someone said, “There are five loaves to feed five thousand hungry men,” you would immediately place it under the head of miraculous-something outside the laws of Nature and life. Why should it be thought more difficult to increase one substance than another? Well, you scatter your seed with abandon, and with absolute faith that its increase is assured; you give it little or no thought after it is sown. But if you were to attempt to increase the loaves you would be concerned to such an extent with the manifestation that the law would not oper­ate.

If you have five seeds and want to increase them to five thousand, you do not lay the five seeds on the table and pray over them. You do something. You cast them into the ground. There is no wonder­ing or questioning the action. After you have aban­doned them in this way the work on the outside is done; the next move must be from the realm of the Invisible.

When will you, you who read this page, open your eyes and see what is going on all about you? When will you start the flow of substance by taking your attention away from the symbol and placing it on the substance back of the symbol? In other words, when will you cast the seed into the ground of Spirit and let the Invisible Power of the Lord work upon it? When you drop the seeds into the ground, you have already given thanks-perhaps not in words-for the harvest. You have actually ac­cepted your good-your increase-your fulfillment -and yet you have seen nothing. But you have obeyed the law, you have not asked for a sign—-knowing that the “signs will follow, they do not precede.”

When Jesus, the Master, saw the five thousand and the five loaves He said to his disciples: “Give them to eat.” The disciples-even as you and (­immediately looked at the problem before them and in the most intelligent manner asked: “Where can we get the bread?” Over and over the word is spoken to us-yet the deaf ears hear nothing. When the Voice commands, it should be sufficient to cause you to move into action; for it will never say “do,” “go,” “be,” “have,” or any of the commands, unless wrapped up in that very word is the means of ex­pressing the command in its fullness.

Strange as it may seem to the human sense, man is always in possession of enough to start the in­crease which will unfold or unroll until it has filled every empty thing. Hence, in the desert, five loaves were “seed” sufficient to increase the manifestation unto the need.

Jesus took the five loaves and blessed them. His blessing was one of pure recognition of the infinite increase, or the infinite abundance of substance—-“he blessed and brake, and gave. . . .”

He disregarded absolutely all appearances-“he blessed and brake, and gave”-and he kept on breaking the bread until everything was filled and there was enough and to spare. His attention being away from the appearance of things all the while and placed on the invisible. The very invisible out of which the tremendous increase of your seed ­planting took place last spring. Only his attention was so conscious of the Presence that the time lag was wiped out and it became the glowing, vibrating Now of Spirit.

“Borrow vessels, not a few”-the same power blessing, recognizing-the infinite source of sub­stance, looked away from the few drops of oil and began to pour it out just as it had broken the bread. And presently out of the invisible source of all things the flow of oil came in such abundance that everything was full to overflowing.

The only benefit of these parables is the direct application to your present manifestation. Many peo­ple stand in the place, symbolically speaking, of the Master with five thousand hungry men and five loaves, or with hundreds of empty vessels and only a few drops of oil wondering why they do not dem­onstrate abundance, not heeding the urge of Spirit to “Bless and break, and give”-to recognize the pres­ence of the Spirit and begin the process of breaking and giving. Wherever you are, and whatever your problems may be, you have the five loaves necessary, or the few drops of oil, and you can “Bless and break, and give.”

All three steps are necessary. You are doing the same thing constantly in your garden, whether con­sciously or unconsciously. Your garden is brought forth in just this way. You realize that half the joy of your garden is the giving of its rich harvest to others, yet many people in the Truth imagine that the giving is something entirely apart from the get­ting. It is only by making a constant outlet for the expression of good that more can flow into your life. It is reasonable to believe that the increase of any­thing would stop if it had no outlet. We notice in the five loaves and five thousand men demonstration that bread was given as fast as they came for it. It was not all manifested at once and then passed out. Your sub­stance does not have to be mountain-high before you can give it out-in fact, if the flow is not kept open, the increase stops.

It is a glorious revelation that you, just where you are, can begin the process of breaking and giving the bread of life and see the endless flow of substance making itself manifest to you and your Universe.

You can begin to see why the command of “Si­lence” is so essential. Why, the great prayer is “Be still and know that I AM GOD”-not the human lim­ited power, but that which can step up the time lag and make the NOW of the manifestation appear. The power which is back of this potent statement “You say it is f our months until the harvest, but `I’ say look again.” Only those that have eyes that have been opened to the reality of being can see the harvest where the human sense says planting has not yet even taken place. “Having eyes, ye see not; hav­ing ears, ye hear not.” “Awake, thou that sleepest.” The new dimension is edging into your picture.

Do you begin to see the futility of keeping the at­tention fixed on the few drops of oil, or the five loaves and the hungry masses? Bring this right down to your problems and a door will open to you. A new joy will fill you, for you will discover that you have all that is necessary to bring out the fullness of the invisible substance.

Beloved, do not let it be said of you any more “Ye seek ME, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves and were filled.”

Don’t you see how perishable is the symbol but how unlimited is that which is back of it? “Labor not for meat that perisheth, but for the meat which endureth unto everlasting life.”

Why should you worry about the symbols-take your attention away from them or the lack of them and keep breaking and giving of the precious sub­stance. Do not invert the process and reason thus in your hearts, “If I give I shall get,” that is a losing game-give because the overflowing substance within you seeks its level-that is, its complete ful­filment-automatically. You cannot help pouring out the gift of the Father when you begin to see that the infinite flow of joy is coursing through you, and through your Universe. Rejoice and be exceeding glad and let fall the drenching rain of recognition of the presence of God; let it f all on the barren desert of your life and the desert will blossom as a rose, for it has the seeds of infinite possibilities hidden away in its burning sands, awaiting recognition. It is well——“Break your bread and give it to the hungry multi­tude of desires in your life.”




Chapter Eight


“All power is given unto ME in heaven and in earth.”

In spite of this, men still wonder if it is possible for God to set aside the evil in their lives; if it is possible for the All-power to neutralize the fearful problems that have come to them.  “All power is given unto ME in heaven and in earth.”  This statement is certainly not true of man, for he seems strangely without power.  In fact, everything else in the Universe seems to have more power than man.  Hence he is subject to all sorts of influences over which he seemingly has no control.  God is ruled out of His Universe and a power of evil is enthroned.

When man examines his human self to ascertain his capacities and abilities, he finds them strangely lacking in power.  He takes into account his birth, breeding, education, muscular power, general health, etc., and knows exactly what he can do, even to his earning capacity.  This is verified by thousands of laws, statistics and proofs, as well as the findings of the wisdom of the world.  What good is it to tell a man who has measured himself by these standards that a power exists that can and does make every one of his findings null and void?

He knows he cannot lift a two-hundred-pound weight — he has tried it.  What is the good of argument on this point?  He can prove it to you.  Yet occasionally he finds that someone in a moment of excitement or stress has lifted many times his own weight, and this in spite of the best findings of human intellect.  He knows it cannot be done, and yet time and again it has been done — and man says “by a supernatural power.”  Exactly, and that is what he should say, and that recognition should suddenly turn his attention away from the limited human capacity unto the Supernatural Power.

The law by which this power is discovered and used is by taking the attention away from the limitations of the human world, and contemplating the Real and Supernatural Universe, the unconditioned power of God.

The following was clipped from the New Yorker.  It was found in an article on Zimbalist, the great violinist:


“Somehow, nobody told Zimbalist that he was supposed to

play the piano, too; but during the final examinations,

in his eighteenth year, they handed him a Beethoven

sonata to be read at sight, in the presence of the whole

facility.  He had never touched a piano except to get his

‘A’.  He sat down, however, got his breath, played.  When

he finished, he was told to close the book and repeat the

whole sonata from memory; he did so.  After a moment of

silence the room broke unanimously into applause — an

unheard-of demonstration.”


All the human intellect in the Universe could not conceive this possible.  They would immediately say it could not take place, and yet it did take place.  Few things could be more difficult.  It bespeaks a power which is entirely outside human capacity.  Imagine reading a difficult sonata once, and then playing it note perfect, and this, too, on an instrument you had never touched.  Just think about it a moment, then you will begin to see what the power of which Jesus spoke is capable of doing.  It is capable of setting every human law at naught.  Is it any wonder, then, that within this law lies the Kingdom of Heaven, and should it not thrill you to know that this very law is possible of operation within your midst?

“Ah, but Zimbalist is a genius.”  Not being able to dispose of the Power, which upsets the most cherished laws of the human mind, it finally disposes of the matter thus.  But presently it is confronted with another interesting news item concerning an invalid who had been paralyzed for twenty years and was being conveyed on a stretcher to another town.  In crossing the tracks, the carriers suddenly discovered they were in the way of an on-coming express train.  Without time to go forward or backward the length of a stretcher they did the most natural human thing.  The law of self-preservation came into play and they dropped the stretcher and fled.  From the human standpoint it was certain destruction to the invalid, who had not walked a step for years and could not move himself.  But what happened?  He, the invalid, suddenly seeing the train, leaped from the stretcher and ran.  But how?  Only a moment before he could not move.  A miracle had happened, said the Press, and so it had.  Something that the human mind could not conceive as possible had happened, and laws of twenty years’ standing were as naught.  What about it?  Do you think it is necessary for the God-Power to have an express train in the picture in order to operate?  Do you think it is always necessary to have some terrific thing about to happen before God is able to come into manifestation?  It does not matter whether it takes an on-rushing express train, an earthquake or torrent to produce it, or whether you produce it in the quiet of your own soul.  One thing alone is necessary, and that one, all important point is your willingness to take your attention away from the limited human concept of yourself.  In the simple language of Jesus, we find “that to be absent from the body and present with the Lord” is the way of great miracles.  Looking at the appearances of things only binds you to the human capacity which is practically nil.

The story of the prophet and his servant is the story of every man.  The servant, looking to appearances, saw they were about to be destroyed, and called out in fear.  But the prophet was smiling and called the servant’s attention to the invisible-visible power and said, “Those that are for us are more than those that are against us.”  That is, the power that is for you is greater than all the combined beliefs opposed to you.  The reward is rich if you can heed the Scriptures — “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord.”  If the Lord knows your every need, and supplies it before you ask, then why not fix the attention on the Allness of God now?

“They that trust in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.”

Can you but place your Trust in the Lord; not as some mysterious power, but as the very presence of Life within you and your Universe, then you can know the feel of instant release from the evil of human belief.  “With God all (not some) things are possible.”  ALL things are possible.  Do you hear, you who read this book?  “Believest thou this?”

“They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, even as the waters covers the sea.”

We begin to see, then, that Jesus was a Truthsayer when he said, “I come not to destroy, but to fulfil.”  The idea that we are here for the purpose of destroying something gives way to the truth of the redemption of everything.  The fulfilling of the Law is the realization of the presence of the Power which is able to do that which the human limitation finds impossible.

“God is able to do for us exceeding abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.”  The God-Power is able and willing to do that which completely outdistances human thinking with its limited idea of the possibilities of the God-Power; but note the crux of the whole thing lies in the word “according.”  According to your acceptance of the God-Power as everywhere present, and as omnipotent, will It be able to do more than human thought can conceive of.  The God-Power reverses every human law.  “Before they ask I shall answer” is one of the interesting things to be considered.  From the standpoint of reason this is absolutely ridiculous, so inversely to the Divine Mind the “Reason of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.”

Cannot you see, you who read this page, how we are fast approaching the state of “Be still and know that I AM GOD”?  Can you see why the noisy chattering of the human mind must give way to the glorious peace and poise of the Presence?  If your question is answered before it is asked, why repeat it over and over, why not stay on the finished idea?


“The former things have passed away, they shall

not come into mind nor be remembered any more.”


Even the memory of the evil shall be passed through the waters of forgetfulness and man shall arise from this glorious bath and be clothed in a cloud of perfume from an unseen flower of spirit.  He shall stand on the heights naked and be enveloped by a golden veil of life.  The former things shall have passed away and shall not be remembered any more.


“The works that I do, I do not of myself, but the

Father that dwelleth within me, He doeth the works.”


Indwelling in every man is this Father which is able to do more that we ask or think, and which is able to set aside the limitations of the human expression.  Making your union with this Father brings you to the point of which Jesus spoke: “I can of myself do nothing, but with God all things are possible”; and a little contemplation will cause you to see that if you will open wide the doors of your consciousness and let this Christ come into your life and become one with you, “The Father within” will do the works.

“Behold, I have received a commandment to bless, and He hath blessed and I cannot reverse it.”  The capacity of the Father within is to bless, and the meaning of the word “bless” conveys that heavenly capacity of invoking the Divine favor.  It is wondrous and beautiful to contemplate that “I have received the commandment to bless.”  The “I” of you hath received the commandment to bless, to “invoke the Divine favor” — it is that which sets aside the sternest human laws and beliefs; it is the power which causes the oldest and time-honored limitations to crumple as a sand-castle before a tidal wave.  Nothing can revoke this Divine blessing, when once it is recognized and called into manifestation.  All that is necessary to bring out the glorious revelation are the simple words, “I bless you” spoken from the conscious recognition of your at-one-ment with the Father within.  Remembering all the while that this glorious teaching is given to the child.  Not the child in years, but in consciousness — the mind that can accept the fact that God is the only Power and is everywhere present.

“All power is given unto ME in heaven and in earth.”  In the mind and in the body is all power given unto the I AM.

Arise and go forth with this glorious command written in gold across your heart: “Behold, I have received a command to bless (to invoke the Divine Power), and He hath blessed and I cannot reverse it.”  You can go your way invoking the Divine Power because you are the Child of the Living God, and right now and right in the place you stand you have the power to do this.

“Arise, shine, for thy light hath come and the glory of God hath risen upon you.”

You are the Being of Light in the Universe of Light.  It is well with you NOW.




Chapter Nine


“FOR UNTO us a child is born, and his name shall be called Wonderful, the mighty, the counsellor, the everlasting, and the government shall be upon his shoulders, and of his reign there shall be no end.”

So beloved to you who read this page, at this very instant great floods of spiritual light are breaking over you. The soul of you arises at the blast of the silent trumpet, and the glad tidings are proclaimed throughout your Universe. The picture of history and legend that you have cherished so long in your heart has suddenly come to life and the divine event takes place within you-within the manger of your heart. You, the poor worm of the dust, the sinner, the outcast, are actually the lowly manger wherein the Christ is born. His name is to be called Wonder­ful, and the government shall be upon his shoul­ders. The government of what? The government of your life. The poor struggling sinner who has so long been under the law of “When I would do good, I do evil,” he it is who suddenly sees the star in the East and goes towards the stable of his own heart and finds there at this glorious instant the divine event taking place.

And the government of your life is to be upon his shoulders. All the worrying and trying and effort falls away. “Cast your burden on Me and I shall sus­tain thee”; “Lean on Me”; “Come unto Me,” a hun­dred invitations are given to the struggling man, but, until the divine event takes place, he turns a deaf ear to it all, unable to see how it can possibly take place. The quickening of the Father within. The recogni­tion of the Divine Sonship. The glorious revelation of the at-one-ment with God. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” All these and a hundred more testimo­nies hover about the new babe like angels of the Lord. Enfolding the universe of the newborn in the soft folds of their wings. It is wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of Thee.

The struggle is over. “He that loseth his life shall find it.” He that loseth his personal life, his life of separateness, in the immensity of the All-life shall find the real meaning of Life; shall find the hidden manna and the living waters, and shall never hunger or thirst again. Then if your will be lost in the Di­vine Will or if your human governing be given over to the Christ, then your will becomes His will and His will becomes your will, and you see the new regime setting in.

The glorious heralds of the New Day go forth and proclaim it to the uttermost parts of your sin—-bound Universe. The prisons of thought are opened and the prisoners are set free. There is great rejoicing in the land, for you that were dead are made alive.

“For unto us a child is born, and his name shall be called Wonderful.” His name shall be called Wonderful. Do you hear? Do you feel it? You who read this page, you? Blessings, floods of blessings, holiness, glorious swirls of illumination are yours—–the heavenly hosts are descended unto you. You are in a blaze of light or revelation in the glorious NOW. The soul of you at this time is singing “Glory Halle­lujah. Christ is born.” Not in a far-off country, not in the dead history of yester-years, but in the glori­ous Now, right in the midst of the fear-filled life. Christ is born and the government shall be upon His shoulders. The wonder of it fills you with silence so great and powerful that you are lost in the im­mensity of it all.

The government shall be upon His shoulders, and it shall therefore be right and just and good. Fear not-it is well with thee. Let go of the personal striv­ing. You are now about your Father’s business and this is the eternal expression of harmony and joy. A new sense of integrity will come to you. “Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in and when thou goest out.” The lazy, sluggish mind shall give place to fresh streams of activity. Like a frozen river that is suddenly touched by the hot tropic sun, the frozen river of your life shall burst forth into expression. Or, like a flood that passes through the stagnant wa­ters of life, this glorious awakening shall sweep away all the scum and stagnation of human fears and thinking, and leave in its place the healthful waters of activity.

Be not anxious. The government shall be upon His shoulders, and it will be well with thee. Fear not.

“All the ends of the earth shall come.” The ends of your universe. They shall hear of the new birth and shall arise, and the kings shall come and lay their crowns and jewels at the feet of the new babe. The realms of human power, of human thinking, shall finally bend their knees to the new King.

Thus will the monarchs of Health, Wealth and Happiness, who have been so difficult to appease, come and lay their power down. No more shall they have dominion over you, for your life shall be gov­erned from now on, not by a group of tyrants doling out a little happiness, health and substance to you, but by the Great Central Power of all-the Christ in the midst of you, and all flesh shall see it together, “For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for your Redeemer draweth nigh. The limited concept of life shall be swept away. In place thereof is the Christ who says, “Be­fore you ask I will answer,” instead of the tyrants of human thinking who required sacrifice of blood and fire before they could be moved to do ever so little for you.

“And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” When in your weakness, when in the recognition of your inability to accomplish the good you would, you come to the point of recognition of the Christ within, then you are “no more under the law,” but “are under grace.” No more under the law of what? The law of your human belief; the law of your hu­man concept of Life which was full of so much trou­ble. No more under the law of “When I would do good, I do evil.”

“My grace is sufficient for thee.” My grace, my Divine Influence shall be sufficient for thee. The in­fluence of the Divine surrounds you-it is above the possibility of failure or fear or harm. No wonder, then, that you are thrilling with joy. The long years of bondage are ended. The scorching path in the des­ert has terminated. You have come to the promised land. “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Where is the MY of this promise and where is the thee? Do you not see how it all goes back to the Christmas; to the new birth of that which is Wonderful and upon whose shoulders the government shall rest? The government of the human personality shall be upon the Christ and the Grace of the Christ shall be suffi­cient for the human manifestation. Sufficient is enough. Do you hear, you who read this page? You? “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Sufficient is enough. Over and over this revelation comes to man­kind, and at last out of it he perceives the wonders of the Divine Influence. The Divine Influence is that which causes the acorn to press its tiny shoot through the hard earth, and even through places and under conditions that are pronounced hopeless. This same Divine Influence is that which enables you to pass by safely. It is that which opens the doors in walls that otherwise appear blank and adamant.

This glorious quality of the Divine Influence which we call grace resides in the consciousness of the Christ Mind, and it is this very Christ Mind which you were told to “let” be in you. “Let the Child be born”-in other words, when we have the Christmas celebration within our own souls, then the Christ is born within us, then we begin to experience the law of Grace or the Divine Influence. We begin to see the old beliefs fall away. We begin to see that the legends of Father Christmas and the Christmas tree are truths told so that the uninitiate should not despoil them of their precious substance. They are the pearls which are not cast before swine.

The Christmas tree is only another way of ex­pressing the Tree of Life which lies in the midst of the garden and upon whose branches are all good gifts, the Gifts of Spirit. Whosoever heareth the word will henceforth not be a beggar for the gifts of life, but will go within his own garden and take his own gifts. “All that the Father hath is thine—-“­when the law of Grace is set free the law of limita­tion is made null and void. You will find then that the promise “Before they ask, I will answer” is some­thing true and wonderful.

You are your own Christmas tree and your own Father Christmas. You are the center and circumfer­ence of your being. You stand in the center of your universe and at the uttermost point of your universe. Spirit is all, and only when man accepts his birth­right and goes forward upon these new lines can he possibly know the joy and thrill that the truth about Christmas brings. When you realize for an instant “For unto us a child is born and his name shall be called Wonderful, the mighty, the counsellor, the everlasting, and upon his shoulders shall be the gov­ernment,” then you have taken Christmas out of the symbolism and gotten back to the soul of it. It ceases to be a day of gifts, with pudding and turkey-and a possible church service thrown in with a magnani­mous prayer for the poor-and turns itself into a heavenly recognition of the Presence: flings wide the portals of a New year, a New life and a New field of attainment.

At the name of Christ every knee shall bend. At the nature or name of the Christ the knee of every human belief shall bend to do Him homage. Every so-called power shall bend before the One and Only Power, who rules by Grace. “My grace is sufficient for thee.” It is wonderful.

“Joy to the world (your world)

The Lord hath come.

Let earth receive her kind.”

Joy to your world-joy to your world-the Lord hath come. Lord of Lords and King of Kings is born within you. Born within your consciousness. Lord of Lords and King of Kings, and besides this there is no other. Not a little personal despot of a king, but a glorious consciousness that is one with the Univer­sal God.

Everything is fused with the new-old idea, the birth of the Christ within you. You are filled with light and the radiance of the New Day.

Awake!-with the new birth man loses his fantastic idea of demonstrating God, and lets God dem­onstrate him. Lets the Light reveal the answer which was before the question. Sees the futility of demon­strating a thing which immediately disintegrates and returns to the endless source from which it pours.





Chapter Ten



“I WILL RESTORE to you the years that the locust hath eaten.”

A meaningless bit of Bible language, a scrap of Oriental poetry, and yet hidden away therein is a secret and a promise so wonderful that it makes the interest in life flare up into reality again. “The years that the locust hath eaten” are the years that are wasted. So many have found themselves looking backward over a life of fruitless years; years of strug­gle; years consumed with futility and despair; years filled with unexpressed dreams and ambitions; ugly years of vacuity and nothingness. Hundreds of peo­ple have spent ages trying to bring out the higher consciousness, only to arrive at a place of disappoint­ment. Old, worn-out bodies and insufficient funds seem to have been the reward for their years of la­bor. The locust of human thought has eaten up all that was worthwhile and left but the ghastly skele­tons. Many of these fall back on the old hateful teaching that when they “sleep” they shall waken to a new and wonderful state of things. They only accept this because they have failed to bring out the Presence here and now.  The bitterness of failure is upon them.

“Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all die, but we shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump. The dead in Christ will be raised and we (the liv­ing) will be changed.”

The “last trump” that is to sound which will change you, or raise you from the mass of dead beliefs, is not a noise that shall be heard with the human ear. It is “the still small voice” of the Master who standeth at the door and knocks. It is this very silent ­audible voice which will awaken the dead, and change the living, and it is this glorious power that will suddenly cause you to know that the “years which the locust hath eaten” are restored, and that it is not too late, it is not just a whitewashing of rot­ten timbers, but a newness, a restoration of the tem­ple which was almost destroyed. “Destroy this temple (body) and in three days I will raise it up.” “I have power to pick it up or lay it down.” We are speaking of the temple of the body, which is the “Temple of the Living God” and is therefore a tem­ple of perfection. We are speaking of the temple of life which through belief has been consumed with the locust of human thought. Yea, these very tem­ples that we call human bodies—these same bodies that we have called “vile” and have begged to be delivered from—these shall be restored.

The day of platitudes is over for the one who has heard the voice of the Inner Lord. He is no longer trying to make his old body over by repeating a lot of words or ideas. He knows he must be born again—-he must start all new and fresh. He must give up his temporal power and become the new fresh babe of Spirit. “Ye must be born again.” Old Nicode­mus, when told that he must be born again, put up the same argument that you and I put forth when we are first initiated into the inner courts and hear the wonders that must be made manifest. No wonder —we have seen so much failure and such tiresome years of earnest effort being consumed by the lo­custs of failure and futility.

“He restoreth my soul.” The substance wasted in prodigality is restored in all its freshness. The prodi­gality may not necessarily have been sin in the terms of what the world calls sin, but it may have been spent in a thousand and one ways that proved futile and availed you nothing.

“Return unto the Lord and He shall forgive your backsliding.” We are just beginning to understand that through a mistaken belief of life in the body we have wasted our substance, and we have nothing but the locust-eaten years to look upon.

“Behold, I make all things new.” Do you believe? You, who read this line? Where do you locate the “I” of which you speak? Can you see, you who read these lines, the new day is slowly but surely dawn­ing and the words of the Spirit of Truth, whoever spoken through, are being fulfilled?

“I shall restore the years that the locust hath eaten.”

“Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” Do you believe this, you who are reading? Do you think it is possi­ble, and do you stop to think what it will be like to “see God in your flesh”? “In my flesh shall I see God.” What would you see if you saw God in your flesh? Think it over—certainly you would not see the “years that the locust hath eaten.”

“His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he re­turneth to the days of his youth.”

“The human mind cannot grasp this. It comes un­der the head of the seeming impossible, therefore it comes under the scope of the I AM consciousness—the doer of the impossible. Note the word “fresher.” Why “fresher”?-because it is the spiritualized flesh. “In my flesh shall I see God.” In my flesh shall I see spirit materialized. We know Jesus raised his body from the death of materiality and from the material limitations, and yet he had a body which could be touched and handled. But it was fresher even than the body of a child, or the flesh of a child, because it had lost all earthliness and had become pure spirit. These are the deep things of Spirit. “My words are spirit, and they are truth and they shall not return unto Me void.” Do you hear, you who read? The deep and hidden things are being revealed to you. “Be still and know that I AM GOD”—this means the human laws of birth, growth, maturity and decay are no more operative for you. You are the risen Lord. The Spirit has become flesh, and the years that have been eaten by the locust are restored. They are revealed in all their beauty and nothing is lost or found wanting.

“The Kingdom of Heaven has come nigh unto you.”Secretly we are seeing, through the mass of words, the power behind them, and are leaving the symbols for the reality. In the seed is stored up all the plant will need to express itself in perfection. Lost in the Life of God, you are finding that the sub­stance spent in riotous living is restored to you.

Do you not see that, when you lose your life-the human sense of birth, growth, maturity and decay—you will find the eternal Life, that which will restore all which you thought was eaten by the locust-hu­man belief? “For this is (present tense) Life eternal, that they might know Thee.”

Beloved, the day breaks, gradually we shall know the truth of the statement “And God shall wipe away all tears, there shall be no more crying.” The belief of human misery shall pass away, and you shall stand revealed—the Son of the Living God.

“Thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away.”  JOB 11:16.

The hour has struck. The door is closed. We are beginning the process from within out, which shall change us, or reveal to us the “full stature of Christ.” “Eyes have not seen”—we do not look for a pattern or model of this temple of the Living God, but we gaze inwardly to the “Picture shown us upon the mount” and this is the picture that shall be re­produced in the flesh. “Yet in my (my own) flesh shall I see God.” Do you hear, you who read? “Be­lievest thou this?”

“You say it is four months until the harvest. I say look again.” Suddenly there is a telescoping of time, time is mental, so is weight. This ability to telescope the illusion is a capacity which you possess, i.e. “Re­turning to the Father,” a blending with the One where two does not exist, but “before you ask” is the Law.





Chapter Eleven



“THE LORD SAID unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool?” (Matt. 22:44).

The Universal Consciousness speaks to its mani­festation. The Son becomes one with the Father as Jesus stated. “I and My Father are one.” “My Fa­ther is greater than I,” so man is beginning to see and to recognize the fact that the I AM within him is the Father-consciousness which by man’s accept­ance becomes one with the Whole. All ideas of sepa­ration are swept away in the glorious manifestation of Light. All fear and limitation are made null and void. Instantly you see that the Lord, the Inner Lord who has become lost in the maze of the belief world, and is almost overcome with the seeming ene­mies, has to put up his sword and “see the salvation of the Lord”—what Lord?

“Until I make thine enemies thy footstool.” When there ceases to be retaliation; when man ceases to fight back, but steps aside as it were, the “vengeance is mine” is perfectly worked out into expression in a way man knows not of. His enemies have reaped the whirlwind. Whosoever tries to steady the ark of an­other finds his arm withered away.

If a man throws a rubber ball at a brick wall it returns to him of its own volition, but if there hap­pens to be a hole in the wall it goes through and does not return. So is it with evil. If thy enemies throw evil at you and you accept it, then you have to pay the ugly penalty of getting rid of that which you have accepted. You then set about to get even with your adversary, and the result is discord, and possibly destruction for both of you. But if you have no hole in the wall—that is, if you refuse to accept the evil—it returns with accelerated force to its sender. You do not have to seek revenge. “Venge­ance is mine, saith the Lord”-the reaction of evil is its own punishment and cure. You have no enemies except those you accept as such within your own consciousness.

Judging from appearances and looking to people as detached, separate beings causes you to manifest dissension, strife and evil. “Know ye not that ye are gods” has been interpreted to mean that a personal­ity can rise up and make itself as a god, instead of realizing you are a god in capacity as soon as you recognize you have within you the I AM conscious­ness which has instant power to contact the Uni­versal Lord, and to call into manifestation unlimited and unconditioned power.

“Nothing shall by any means hurt you”

is the statement of the mind that realizes its atone­ment with the Universal Power. When the Inner Lord of you listens for and makes its contact with the Lord nothing (not anything) can hurt you, for you can instantly call into manifestation legions of angels. You have but to put up your sword and see the salvation of the Lord. This Lord of Lords who is not in any way subject to what you think or what anyone else thinks; who acts independently of all thought. That which doeth the things impossible to human law.

“Ye shall eat your own words.” That which you send out in the way of judgment comes back to you eventually with accelerated force and from the least expected place. Thus is the law of the Cosmic Force. Little by little we are learning the protection in the command “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” and are beginning the process of seeing only that which is good. After all, the truth of the adage “Set a thief to catch a thief” is not so far wrong when it comes to many other things that we see in the world.

Be not afraid of the truth. Welcome with open arms anything that will clear away the debris of hu­man thinking, no matter how time-honored it may be.

The quaking fear of the servant gives place to confidence, when you realize the presence of the In­ner Lord. He is above all fear, limitation and lack. Nothing can by any means hurt you when you rec­ognize this fact, and “though ten thousand fall at thy right hand it shall not come nigh thee” unless you open unto it and accept it, and then it becomes real to you.

“Agree with thine adversary quickly whilst thou art in the way.” We do not fight or argue with the adversary. Your refusing to accept the evil is silent and is not done in a whirlwind of denial or argument. Your adversary will become your footstool—that is, he shall be placed under the dominion of the Christ within you, and shall be as nothing the moment you step aside and let the Lord, the great Cosmic Power of the Universe, return the evil which you did not accept.

Once you have accepted a condition or thing, it is yours, and you will fight all night with it, until further light comes and causes you to let go. Finally, you will have to loose it and let it go. Then why ac­cept it at all—however real it seems, however unjust or hateful? Just close the door of the mind to it, and the Universal Mind against which it has struck will return it to its proper place of manifestation.

That is why Jesus was so fearless. He refused to accept evil as real. He left the penalties to the Power of the Universal. To the Power of the God of Love. In reality, God does not hurt nor harm any in all His Kingdom. One would not blame a door, which was blown open by a violent wind for injur­ing a man who was standing in the way thereof. Ob­viously the door did nothing. You strike yourself when you strike another, and rather sharply too, provided that other refuses to accept the blow. What you know of evil for another you know for yourself, more especially if that other happens to know the law of non-acceptance. Watch, take care you enter not into temptation. “Vengeance is mine” is a terrible law to set in operation. You are the only one who can set it in operation against yourself, and it is possible only by trying to injure another. “Judge not” is a hard, fast law, and there is no (not any) loop-hole for your superfine judgment to get through. Watch, watch, watch that ye enter not into temptation.

When this idea first came to me it was so terrible and overpowering that I had a feeling of despair. I knew that so much judgment had already gone out into the Universe. True, much of it I thought I was entitled to make—but here was a hard, fast truth that could not be compromised.

I realized that enemies were merely thoughts, since one man’s meat could be another’s poison, and one man’s enemy could be another’s saviour.

I saw clearly how the God of Love could be, and was, the God of Vengeance. How the wrath of God was quite natural and just. I saw the Universal Mind merely threw back to us that which we put into it, whether it be good, bad or indifferent thinking—that our life was composed of all this. I was in de­spair, and most everybody I knew was in the same boat. And then the command:

“The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool?”

Gradually I began to see these evil thoughts I had sent out were my enemies, and, if they had not been accepted by those to whom I had directed them and were coming back to me, I too would re­fuse to accept them, and when they hit against the closed door of my consciousness, they would be dashed to pieces, since they had made the complete circle and found no lodging; so in reality I could free myself from the ugly kick-back of my own wrong­-thinking, whether done recently or years ago. I would sit by and see my enemies—“my evil thoughts”—whether expressed or unexpressed, whether new or old, made as my footstool—that is, put into subjection, redeemed. Dashed to pieces like evil birds that have rushed headlong against the thick glass of a lighthouse.

Yes, there was not only a sudden freedom for those whom I had judged evilly, but there was also a freedom for myself from the ugly reaction of these thoughts that needs must come out of the Universal Mind. No matter what the evil had been or was, no matter how deep you had sunk into the mire of be­lief, repentance-refusal to participate further in the hideous game of seeing evil in another-would bring about freedom from the manifestation of evil think­ing and action.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” There is no ambiguity about it. This utter casting yourself on the Inner Lord and listening for the Voice of the Universal Consciousness will cancel all the karmic debts and fears, whether prenatal or present. The moment the Magdalene came to this point of recognition she heard the voice saying “Nei­ther do I condemn thee—go and sin no more.” This Voice of the Lord speaking to her Lord was making her enemies as naught. She could not find one among all of them who could accuse her, because she had suddenly become one with the Father and He found nothing to condemn. This is a wonderful example of the working of the Infinite Mind, and is the door of release for thousands of earnest souls. From a hu­man standpoint, I suppose, there were many in the crowd about the woman who could have testified to certain things that they knew about her, but sud­denly this oneness with the Spirit made it impossible for those things to be anything but disintegrating be­liefs. You see “I have a way that ye (man of the world) know not of.” It is the complete and perfect cancellation here and now by repentance. “Repent and be saved.”

No state is impossible. No state of mind is too low or too high to receive this glorious freedom of the Sons of God. Even the thief on the cross had his chance to experience the Kingdom of Heaven Here and Now—“This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.” The instant you make this repentance and refuse to accept the evil by virtue of its nothingness, then the cancellation takes place. “The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand until I make

thine enemies thy footstool.” A great inrush of glory and light comes to you—a new door is opening­—-you are being freed, not only from the evils that have seemed to be directed at you from the outside, but from the reflex action of your own evil deeds. Does this seem right? Can a man be evil and then not pay the price? “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” When a man makes his align­ment with the Inner Lord and waits for “the still small voice,” instead of accepting evil and then try­ing to dispose of it, or going into the ditch because of his inability to cope with the reaction to his evil thoughts, then suddenly his past is wiped out. That which is scarlet shall be white as snow. We find the woman, with a history of all sorts of evil, suddenly made clean and free. How? By this very repentance, this very coming into the Spirit of Life.

“The Lord said to my Lord, sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.” The Lord said to my Lord. The Lord says to your Lord exactly what the world is going to say because it can find no guile in you. The world that had accused the woman suddenly found it impossible to accuse her, why? Because the Lord did not accuse her. “Neither do I condemn thee.” Just ponder that glorious state­ment and what follows it. The whole debt was wiped out-it was made nil. It was nothing, but it was the degree of absolution. “Go and sin no more.” Do not imagine that you can seek refuge from your evil thoughts and ways and expect to continue in them. The evil that is forsaken is forgiven and the person is freed.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell.” We have all experienced the hell into which we have cast our­selves because of the acceptance of evil in one form or another, but even that is not a hopeless state; for just so soon as you recognize the fact that “If you make your bed in hell there am I,” then do you transmute the belief.

Do you not see the glorious salvation that is of­fered through the Christ, and how it is that “Noth­ing shall by any means hurt you, neither make thee afraid”? You are beginning to understand how it is that evil must first be accepted before it can be man­ifested in your universe. Many will argue, “Yes, but I never did anything to that person.” It makes no difference. God is no respecter of persons. The uni­versal power that is throwing back that which you have thrown out has ways and means you know not of. Watch, watch, watch. Repent and be saved. This is not an emotional exercise. It is just a new-borning —a new awakening into the God-world with a glo­rious feeling that the waters of Spirit are washing away all that has gone before. “The former things shall not be remembered nor come into mind”—they shall have passed away into oblivion. It is glorious, it is glorious and wonderful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Then do the sons of God leap up with new life: “You do not need to fight, set yourself and see the salvation of the Lord.” You can understand now what it is that makes this possible, i.e., “The Lord said to my Lord.” The recognition of your oneness with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings makes you a majority, and the cancellation of sin takes place. It is wonderful, and more wonderful since it means the cancellation of the old debts and unsettled accounts for the past acts and thoughts.

“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a sal­vation?” How, indeed, shall we escape if we have to go on fighting—even with the best methods given to us through the study of metaphysics—an endless stream of evil which is manifesting from all sorts of causes set into action and long since forgotten by us? Acts and thoughts in this and other lives that seem to be wholly apart from the control of anyone. “How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salva­tion?” How indeed? “Come unto Me, all ye that la­bor and are heavy-laden.” This is not spoken so much to the physically tired, or the physically heavy-laden, but to the souls that are burdened with false beliefs and endless meeting of evil in one form or another, most of which they are willing to admit is the result of their own thinking. What hope is there when man thinks himself to be under so ghastly a law as “When I would do good, then I do evil”? And what constant stream of evil manifesta­tion must take place in his world? But remember that complete and whole salvation awaits the one who forsakes the evil beliefs of life and turns to God with his whole soul. He is saved from the terrible ef­fects of his evil thinking.

“That which is told in secret is called from the housetop.” That which is told in secret is what “the Lord said to my Lord.” And what the Lord says to my Lord the world at large must say to me. The Lord is saying wonderful things. “This is My beloved Son, in whom I AM well pleased” is but one of them. “Be still and know that I AM God.” “I come as a great flood of waters covering the whole earth” of your human thinking, and when the floods have subsided, then the ground is washed clean of the evil manifestation or that which was causing it.

“To speak no evil nor to listen to.” Many will speak no evil, but will listen to and think evil, and then wonder why, having been apparently so good, they meet with so much evil.

There is more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repenteth than over many righteous. There will be rejoicing over you, and you will hear the glorious words “Thy sins are forgiven thee,” and feel the cleansing floods of spirit pass over you and wash you free from the evil effects of your present or former thinking and judging.

When the God Power forgives sins there is a total cancellation of the sin and all its effects. Man im­agines he forgives sins by holding the injustice done to him against a person f or the rest of his life, al­though he may say he has no hatred or resentment, but as long as he remembers the fault he has not for­given. Sin that is forgiven by God, by the Lord, is completely wiped out, just as disease that is cured is completely destroyed and its manifestation obliter­ated.

“Why cast ye lots for part of the garment of truth?” might well have been asked. The whole gar­ment, the seamless robe of Christ, is thrown over you as a great panoply of light and you are created anew, revealed as new.

The attitude, then, of the Awakened Soul is not that of trying to instruct the Divine, but one of lis­tening, and one which says, “Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth.” And the constant prayer of such a one is “Be Thou expressed in me.”

“Be still and know that I AM God.” When you are through with accepting evil of any sort, no mat­ter what the appearances are, then you are ready to hear what “the Lord said unto my Lord.” You can hear something that all the prayers of the human universe cannot bring to pass—remembering that thy enemies are all the beliefs of inharmony that have been so real to you and have harassed you, lo, these many years. A day dawns—a new day dawns—arise and shine, for thy light has come and the glory of God has risen upon thee.

The price has already been paid for eternal Life for you; but you will still die in spite of the entreaty “Why will ye die?” until you accept the gift of Life eternal. No life can be eternal that is sin-filled, and by sin-filled I mean filled with evil thoughts for yourself or another or the world at large. But the gift of Life eternal is given unto all those who believe. “I have a way ye know not of.”

“I AM the way—walk ye in it.”

“Verily I say unto you: Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

“He that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.” Do you not see then, that if you bind evil on the earth, it shall be bound in your consciousness and will constantly reproduce itself? If you bind evil on another, you bind it to yourself like holding a poi­sonous asp to your breast. And, inversely speaking, what you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. If you loose the brother that you have held captive, and a prisoner to your opinions and beliefs, ye shall also be loosed—set free. It is wonderful. Watch, watch, watch. What are you going to accept? When are you going to sit in the quiet place and listen for “the still small voice”? “The Lord said unto my Lord.” When are you going to get the glorious revelation of the Lord, the Universal Mind speaking to the individual point of expression. “Be still and know that I AM God.”

“Fear thou not, for I AM with thee, be not dis­mayed for I AM thy God. I will help thee, I will up­hold thee with the right hand of My righteousness.” Be not dismayed-I have a way you know not of, of wiping out the evil and making your enemies as your footstool. I AM the Truth, I do not use it. It emanates from ME through the five senses and ex­tends them into Reality. “Come unto ME and I will give you rest.” The Lord said to my Lord.”





Chapter Twelve



   “Running water never tires.”


“FOR MY PEOPLE have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water” (Jer. 2:13)

In this little verse lies hidden the reason for most of the difficulties of the human race. “My people,” you and I, have forsaken the Fountains of Living Water and made cisterns of our own-broken cis­terns. We have wandered far from the Living Foun­tains, into the parched and dried desert of human experiences, and have stopped on some oasis and dug us wells and made us cisterns, trying to husband the waters of human understanding, hoping thereby to quench our thirst. But the cisterns are broken and the water does not satisfy us. The prodigal is far re­moved from his father’s house, and yet he is as near to it as he will ever be. Everything that is real and eternal is here and now and the Open Sesame is rec­ognition.

The prodigal has been feeding and watering the outward body and has not been satisfied. His state goes from bad to worse. And the prodigal is the story of every man. The dead letter of the word sticks in his throat. He knows that his fathers did eat bread in the wilderness and are dead. He has come to the end of the human satisfaction. The bro­ken cistern is dry; the stagnant waters of human rea­soning are unfit to quench the appalling thirst.

It is then, perhaps, that he heeds the admonition of the Voice: “Turn ye even unto Me with all your heart and ye shall find rest for your soul.” It is an invitation that is many times passed by because of the human argument: “What, am I fit to enter the rest of the righteous? I, who have left undone so many things that should have been done, and have done so many things that should not have been done?” But there is a beautiful insistence on the re­quest, “Turn ye even unto Me—-for My ways are not your ways.” The ways of the ME of Spirit—are not the ways of the prodigal who has spent his substance in riotous living. The “Ways of Spirit” are not the ways of the human reasoning and wisdom; for “as the heavens are high above the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways.” So what use for you to hold out any longer with your human under­standing and reasoning-“My ways are past finding out”-no man can put the ways of God on a laboratory-table and dissect them to find out how they can set aside the human laws.

What if ten thousand people have gone down by the false law, it shall not come nigh you (provided you have “turned even unto Me with all your heart”). What if, ever since the beginning of time, a human law has worked out successfully—there is always the exception, and that is the time that the God Power is brought into play and the poor, puny, human intellect rears its great head of wisdom and says “a miracle has happened”-a “supernatural law.” Exactly-a miracle to the human sense, but a natural functioning of the God law.

Incurable, impossible, hopeless, improbable are all words in the dictionary of man-they find no place in the courts of the Lord. The unconditioned power of God asks no permission of the race of human thought to set aside one of its laws. The sternest, most hard and fast law of the human wisdom is less than a bit of thistle-down battering against the walls of China. There is no recognition of the existence of a false law that has to be set aside. There is a simple, natural expression of the God law-the eternal har­mony of itself, and when this expresses and destroys the belief law, man says “a miracle has happened.”

Feeding upon the letter which is dead is no way to attain Life everlasting. Drinking the stagnant wa­ters of the history of evil is no way to quench the thirst of the soul.

Gradually we are beginning to see that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” He is gradu­ally sensing the fact that drinking of living waters and eating hidden manna is not such an imaginary thing as it was formerly thought to be.

“Ye have bread that they know not of.” The awakened soul is beginning to know that he, being a spiritual being in a Universe of Spirit, must be, and is, perfectly sustained in this medium of expression. He knows that the spiritual man must be fed with Spirit and watered by the living waters. He then sees more into the command “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord.” He begins experi­encing the feel: “I am a spiritual being in a Spiritual Universe”—and he takes his attention away from the physical manifestation and begins to literally feed on the Spirit. His body is beautifully fed and watered—he laves in the River of Life—and is be­ginning to be impressed with the consciousness that if he eats this food and drinks this water he shall never hunger and thirst again. “Never”—think this over. The statement is “never.” “Hold fast to that which is good,” if you, on the invisible side or in the pure light of Spirit, partake of this food, and drink these living waters, you shall never hunger or thirst again. “Never”—what about the human body, then, never being in want of food or drink again? Do you see what lies hidden in this wonderful revela­tion? Do you begin to see that the “Word became flesh” and “In my flesh shall I see God”—right into manifestation? Can you understand that to feed and water yourself in the pure essence of Spirit, not re­garding or looking for the manifestation, will cause your physical body to be properly fed and watered? It is wonderful. You shall also find that conceiving yourself as the being of Spirit, in the Universe of pure Spirit, eating the food and drinking the living waters of Spirit, the physical body will take on a finer tone, “yet in my flesh shall I see God.” The soul and body of man will become one. Even as Jesus and Christ became one; and all the glorious revelations of the Spirit “searching the joints and marrow,” the “Word becoming flesh,” and “yet in my flesh shall I see God” shall be made true to you. Your body shall be a well-watered garden—a glorious garden—the desert of your body shall blossom as a rose.

You who read this page, do you begin to see the new idea? Do you begin to understand that what you do on the invisible in the sacredness of Truth and the Christ-consciousness shall diffuse its shadow of expression through the material Universe and make all things new?


“Eat my body, drink my blood”


is more than a bit of poetry. Relax and let go, con­ceive yourself in the glowing white light of Spirit and partake of the holy meal and “eat” the body of Christ Jesus, the substance of Life, and drink the blood of inspiration that transcends all reason and human understanding and belief.

You are the being of Light, in a Universe of Light, and you shall clothe yourself in garments of Light and of Praise-yes, literally in the glowing silence you shall clothe yourself in the garments of Light, the garments of Praise, the garments of Thanksgiv­ing, and verily ye shall be clothed on the human plane. Fear not!

You go forward on the way of inspiration, the eyes of Spirit are now made flesh and the former statement, “Having eyes ye see not, and ears ye hear not,” is no more true for the human eyes of flesh—-into these very eyes the Spirit has come. The Spirit shall be flesh, and naturally the limitations of the hu­man material vision fade away with the increase of a wondrous sense of Light, and you see and hear and know “what is the height and depth and breadth.”

Limitations that were true and were laws to the human sense of sight are no more true. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” “Believest thou this,” you who read this page? If so, then can you not see that, when you partake of the spiritual food in a conscious way, your physical body will be beautifully cared for?

“The bread which cometh down from heaven”—where is heaven? What is heaven? Where is the Me? The only place you can contact God is within your own consciousness. So you are very near to the glo­rious revelation of the being of pure Spirit. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man will open unto ME I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with ME.” The very coming in to sup with you means the perfect union of soul and body. The body shall be permeated with the Spirit and shall manifest the joys of the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.

Cannot you see, that, when you bring together the soul and body, you cannot want again for anything, for all things are found within the soul of you? “I AM that bread of Life.” “If any man will eat thereof he shall never die.”

“Be not afraid, only believe.” All we need is a wholesome acceptance of the fact that there is a God in the Universe-All-Present, and willing and able to make Himself manifest in any situation or at any time. “Only believe.” Such a wonderful restfulness after the long journey through the barren wastes of human reasoning and understanding-such a well of water to the parched lips. It is wonderful.

Go thy way, “provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purse, nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves; for the workman is worthy of his hire.” This is the rank­est kind of philosophy to the human mind, and yet so beautifully true to the one who knows that he has the living waters and the life-giving bread al­ways within him, and that he is clothed in the gar­ments of Light and Praise and Thanksgiving. Why should he take thought of “the purse, the scrip, the journey?”

What ye therefore do in silence ye shall manifest in the open courts of the world. See that ye be well fed with Spirit and clothed and watered with the life-giving essence of being.

See that ye make the journey in Spirit first, and then the “Father worketh hitherto and I work” shall be true. The invisible consciousness shall have per­fected it before the body has yet expressed it. So is it true “I go before you and make straight the way”; so, before you go on the journey, the Father—consciousness has gone before you and made straight the way, and you come along later and express the mechanics of the trip. “My Father, My Father, worketh hitherto and I work”-that is, “I” carry it out into expression, and it will be perfect and com­plete in every detail. Remember that the Power which knows the “number of hairs of your head” and “cares for the sparrows” has fully taken care of every detail of the journey-nothing is too small for this glorious power, nothing too large. It is wonder­ful. “Fear not, it is I.” “Fear not, I AM with you always.” “I will never leave you.” I, the center and cir­cumference of all Being, am with you always.

If you, then, would pause in the fury of human thinking and return to your Father’s house (con­sciousness) and partake of the invisible meal and clothe yourself with the invisible garments of Light and Praise, the starving body would go through the mechanics of eating and be perfectly satisfied. So may you carry the idea right down the line of hu­man wants, until your soul shall magnify the Lord, the Giver of All Good, whose arm is not shortened.

Before this book was put down on paper it ex­isted in ‘its entirety in the invisible.

“I go before you and make straight the way.”


“I thank thee, 0 Father, Lord of heaven and earth, be­cause thou hast hid these things from the wise and pru­dent, and hast revealed them unto babes.” (Matt. 11:25)


If this be true, why waste any more time trying to make the “wise and prudent” drink the living wa­ters or eat the bread of life? But see to it that from this day forth you are fed and sustained on the in­visible manna that cometh down from heaven.





Chapter Thirteen


“My ways are not your ways.”


A BALLOON that seeks a higher level must of necessity throw out ballast. Just as soon as ballast is thrown overboard, the balloon automati­cally ascends to a new level. Suppose the balloon to be caught in a level of air charged with poisonous gas or the belt of a terrific storm? All these environ­mental laws operate upon the passengers, and while they may fortify themselves with gas-masks and other protective aids, yet they are never for one in­stant out of the danger of being overcome by them. The way of complete escape for the balloon and its passengers is to throw out ballast. The moment this is done the balloon automatically ascends to a new level and it and its passengers operate in an en­tirely new environment.

This little illustration gives an adequate idea of what takes place in man when he begins to realize the truth of his Christ-consciousness. He begins to throw out ballast-that is, certain areas of evil thinking are done away with and he rises to an en­vironment where the laws formerly affecting him have power no longer. He begins to see the extent to which this ascension can take place in his life. The great statement “If ye be in the Spirit ye are no more under the law”—of your belief—is ever at the heights, and all he has to do is to release the evil be­liefs he had accepted and to ascend. “Come up higher” is the call of Spirit.

The little leaven that leaveneth the whole is brought into active manifestation by the process of recognition. As soon as we begin to recognize the Christ-self and to accept the wonders of the new life “lost in Christ” we immediately begin to see new capacities built in our consciousness. We see through the fog of human understanding and begin to perceive the reality of the perfect man.

As in the case of the balloon rising automatically to a new level, so man, when he recognizes his true self and accepts the laws of Spirit as the only laws, automatically arrives at his new place of expression. The old idea of trying to make a new place and at­tempting to make things happen through struggle and fighting gives way to the glorious fact that, the moment man recognizes the presence of Christ, he automatically rises to a new level of expression, and that which was true and operative in his life before now ceases to have any power over him. “The prince of this world (the world you have left, the world of belief regarding anything) comes and finds nothing in you.” Suppose you had believed sickness to be an inescapable law, you were then subject to the personal and the race consciousness regarding it; and, every time the prince of the world, or the realm of sickness, came to you, you would answer back: “Here am I—speak, for Thy servant heareth”; the manifestation would automatically take place and you would show forth disease and perhaps death in accordance with the belief law. Now, through your understanding of the Inner Lord, you find sickness can be caused by nothing as well as by a so-called belief cause. People have died from fright over mis­taken telegrams. When you perceive the fact that you are the son of the Living God, you are not sub­ject to such belief any longer. No sooner is this con­quest made, than you move to a new mental envi­ronment and automatically find that the former law is nil as far as you are concerned, and when the prince of the negative belief comes to you there is no response.

Do you see why it is you are commanded to take your attention away from the body and away from appearances, and place it on the Inner Lord—the Christ within—and to be still and know that I AM God? When you obey this command you will find yourself automatically rising to a new and wonder­ful level of expression in a place where you are not affected by the former things.

Many people fret and worry about expression; they claim they are ready to express, but can find no opportunity to do so. You might just as well say, when you throw the ballast from a balloon, the bal­loon would remain at the same level. It is automatic and takes care of itself. That is why you will cease the everlasting running to and fro looking for some­thing on the outside, and go within your conscious­ness and partake of the glorious food of Spirit and drink of the living waters-yea, both figuratively and literally.

A thorough examination will tell you exactly what is the matter. You know better than anyone else—you may not want to face it. Few people like to look upon the Truth; it blinds them, just as it blinded Saul. It is too wonderful and too penetrat­ing, and calls f or a letting go of many things in or­der that the realities of the Kingdom can be made manifest—within and without. It does not require the sacrifice of a single thing; but, by so doing, you are given an infinitely greater manifestation. Glori­ous-glorious light, dazzling and white, the very light which is to become flesh and dwell among you.

If you are not expressing, you will find that a cer­tain amount of ballast is to be released before you can get to the point of expression. Just as soon as you are willing, the power works and expresses—-how? Automatically. When we say automatically it carries with it a joyous meaning. You will begin to see that the expression then is like the coming of dawn—everything so perfect, so easy, so gloriously successful and so unique, so full of infinite charm. Beloved, it is so wonderful, this new revelation. “Come apart from them and be ye separate.” Go in and shut the door, and the Father that seeth in secret will reward you openly. Why do you try to get the reward before you drop out the ballast? You make it hard. Why do you “kick against the pricks”? Why will you doubt? Arise, awake, get thee up. When you are willing and ready I will do the works—and that “I” is within you. Your very own point of consciousness where the impersonal life flows through into expression.

Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder. The body and soul become one; the Word becomes flesh; you are not a body separate from your Christ. You are not double-eyed. When you once see, the Word becomes flesh. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” Do you believe that—right in your flesh? Do you believe that it searches the joints and marrow? Do you see that the two becoming one, instead of having two eyes, have one? Instead of having two opinions, have but one. When the eye is single the whole body is full of light. When you stop believing in a material man with a Christ man in the invisible, you will have one-the resurrected and as­cended Christ—and you will know that the resur­rected Christ had flesh and bones, and ate and drank. It is wonderful. Filled with glorious revelation. When you contemplate this you immediately feel the overflow of spiritual substance watering your desert (body) and bringing it into freshness and ho­liness, expression and joy. “My ways are not your ways, saith the Lord.” Whose way do you want? Your way hasn’t amounted to much thus far, has it? Why don’t you Repent—Change?

A new day dawns. Do you hear, you who read? Do you hear the word of your Inner Lord? “Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with Me.” Do you know what it means to “break bread with the Inner Lord”? It means that the eyes of the blind are opened. When the Christ breaks bread with the disciple, the eyes of the disciple are opened and he beholds the things which cannot be put into words. He begins to see the revelation of that which is not caught by the hu­man reason and intellect. The deep things of Spirit which are filled with beauty and holiness and glori­ous expression. The wonderful invitation to “come and see,” not that a Spirit hath no flesh and bones, but that a Christ man is a normal, glorious, real man­ifestation. It is wonderful. Do you see? Do you be­gin to understand the saying “He that believeth on ME hath everlasting life”? Do you believe that? And just what do you mean by the word “everlast­ing”? You must begin to answer these things for yourself and seek out the deep hidden spiritual sub­stance—the manna that your fathers knew not, and of which if a man eat he shall never see death.”

“Memory is the only thing which grief can call its own” is the line of an old song. Memory is the only thing that habit can call its own, or evil or re­venge or hatred, any of the evils that the human man is subject to. You can see why it is said “The former things shall not come into mind nor be remembered any more.” With the introduction of the leaven of Christ in the midst of the meal of human under­standing, the whole mass begins to change its base, and to take on a different quality, and the ballast that is thrown over is memory of evil. The subcon­scious mind is the storehouse of memory of every evil thing. It is filled with all the little hates and fears from the very beginning of the human life. You can understand why this will eventually disintegrate and go away because it is the repository of all evil. Without it man would seek no revenge. Its governing law is “When I would do good, I do evil” —and, strange as it may seem, it has been given many of the qualities of the superconscious mind. We have attributed to this subconscious mind the power to do all sorts of things that it is thoroughly incapable of doing. “He, watching over Israel, neither slum­bers nor sleeps” is what awakens you at an ap­pointed hour, and it is this great and glorious super­conscious mind that frees you into expression when you are ready to forget yourself. It is this glorious thing that plays and dances, sings and paints, and does everything that is done through millions of ave­nues of expression. And this is your Christ-self that stands at the door of your consciousness and knocks for admission. It is too wonderful. “Be still and know that I AM God.”

The old idea of getting a mental picture and then praying and begging and beseeching—yea, even de­manding—that it appear has given place to the new consciousness that knows that, before the human man asks, the superconsciousness has supplied.

We see a case of this kind in the incident of Jesus’ meeting the disciples at the seaside, after the Resur­rection. He asked if they had anything to eat, to which they said “No.” And then Jesus produced the cooked fish and bread for them. It is wonderful. Before they ask, I—the I AM—the Christ-­consciousness-will answer, but it takes pure and unadulterated belief in God to have this take place. It does not take argument or words or listening to theories; it takes pure and unadulterated acceptance of the Truth. A child can have it-what about you? Look to this day-look to your consciousness and see wherein you do err. “Who did hinder ye that ye should not obey the Truth?” It is wonderful. Be­loved, do you begin to see the glorious possibilities before you? “Come eat, drink without price.” Do you hear? Can you obey by throwing over the bal­last of human belief and partaking of this holy breaking of the bread of Spirit?

No matter who you are, or how prodigal you have been, it is always the same. You, too, can open wide the door and let this Christ into your life—into your very body-temple. You, too, can make the resurrec­tion from the tomb of your dead beliefs and see the glorious spiritualized flesh of the Son of the Living God.

Automatically it will work. “I come as a thief in the night.” The appearance of the Christ is not with noise nor with thinking; for, “in a moment when you think not” (when you are not trying to demonstrate ME), then the I AM comes into ex­pression. It is wonderful. Praise God—you are alive and thrilling with the new substance of life—-the flesh made Spirit and the Spirit made flesh, the per­fect redemption—wholeness. No more the sick body worked upon by an outside force, but the body of Spirit-substance, manifesting more and more of the picture shown to you on the Mount of Transfigura­tion. It is too wonderful for words—you thrill with the feel of the presence of this glorious power. Awake, thou that sleepest. The spiritualized substance of the resurrected Lord is not marked by the passage of time or memory. What was true of man in his former estate is no longer real or effective.

With this consciousness comes the awakening of fresh capacities and talents. You become aware of a new and wonderful power and a sense of relaxation which is the essence of effortlessness, which enables you to give an unlabored performance of the work you have in hand. It is glorious. It is wonderful.

“Then did their hearts burn within them”—the manifestation of the burning bush takes place. A flaming fire that destroys nothing that is real. There is found in the final analysis that nothing is left to be destroyed, but everything to be filled with the spirit of the Lord. Then will the blind understand and see, and know that they have always seen. The Man of Spirit, the Christ, has always seen all things, and when He is let into conscious expression in the life of man he searches the joints and marrow, and the whole temple of man becomes the glorious tem­ple of the Living God, and from that moment on­ward it is a matter of revelation. One limitation after another begins to fall away and new and more glori­ous precepts come to light. You have just started on the process of self-revelation and the hidden things that were there always are beginning to come into the light of reality. Be still, be so very still and cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils. Cease from the noisy-talking individual who is always going to tell you a system or a way or means of demonstrat­ing. I speak directly. I speak of Him that sent me, and I speak a varied language. I speak with unknown tongues. Unknown to those who are still heckling about the letter of Truth. They cannot understand because they have a house divided against itself. They have the Christ and Jesus parted asunder. They have their body separated from their soul, and so they function under the double law which spells disaster. The human mind is perverse, for the simple reason that it has gone prodigal and formulated all its ideas by judging from appearances. It has seem­ingly set up many hurdles over which it forces itself to jump, complaining the while that it cannot do so. All this is done in the spirit of human bravado that looks for the “well done” of the relative world.

“Be not afraid, it is I”—but they were afraid, and so is the old human self; that is why it keeps on de­nying the Christ and will not open the door and let Him in. It knows that much rubbish has to go. It knows that the activity of Spirit will cause the slug­gishness of procrastination and waiting to disappear. “Be not anxious”—you have but to open the door, by recognizing the Christ within. If you are willing to do this, the rest is automatic. The Christ enters automatically—yea, the Christ, the spiritual sub­stance becoming flesh, enters and searches the joints and marrow, the fibers and nerves and bones of the temple, until the whole house is alive with the Life of Christ. It is a glory and a light set upon a hill; it cannot be hid or destroyed. Glory be to God—it is well and so it is.

You and your risen Lord. Alone, and yet for the first time not alone. Wholeness, completeness, con­tentment. It is wonderful. The Spirit has become flesh. You are free—the ballast has been thrown overboard and you automatically ascend to the new level of expression. “My ways”—“My ways.” Just saying it within causes an up-gush of Spirit within you. “My ways are not your ways,” aren’t you glad?





Chapter Fourteen



“Singing Masons building roofs of gold.” HENRY V.


THE TEXT-BOOKS of today will be­come the ABC books of tomorrow for all those who have eyes to see. What a world of good came to you out of the little ABC book which you have long since cast aside. What secrets it contained and what mighty doors it opened to you, and yet you have cast it aside. Yes, you have cast it aside, even as a reference book, though not a day goes by that you do not use the entire substance of the little ABC book. In other words, you took the spirit of the thing and left the letter behind. It was the spirit of it that opened the doors of the universe. By the use of it you could explore any country and language and understand and read the thoughts of men long since gone from sight. It is a wonderful thing, and yet only valuable when it becomes part and parcel of you.

As long as you are blundering over the letters from one to another, it is not very productive of results, but once you have grasped the understand­ing and imbibed its spirit, it starts on its magnificent unfoldment and has no end. By it great avenues of contact are established. And yet, I repeat, the actual book has gone; you care nothing for it; you do not look back upon it with regret. So, when the letter of anything goes, the spirit comes. “If I (the per­sonal) go, the Comforter shall come”—that is, the revelation of the Spirit will come.

The one who never lets go of his ABC book is found to be either a fool or an idiot.. At least he is considered, in the parlance of the world, as sub­normal.

“The letter killeth, the Spirit giveth light.” When you begin to see this, you will begin to understand that it is only the spirit of the Truth that will be anything to you, and you will begin to give up the dead formulae.

“It is by My Spirit, saith the Lord”—not by might or power. Not by force or effort, but by “My Spirit.” By the Spirit which is hidden in the letter you shall be able to set free the new expres­sion. The Spirit is like the life of a seed. The shell must first f all away before the plant can be made alive. The shell must first be destroyed before the life can come into manifestation. So is it with the Word. The letter must drop by the way and the spirit must be released. It is wonderful and glorious. Heaven and earth are filled with the revelation of Almighty God. Do you hear, you who read this page?

Do you see back of the letter the Spirit shining through-the Spirit which has wrapped up in it the means of complete expression? “All that the Father hath is mine” is true and is correct. But gazing upon the letter and trying to make it so, is like expecting tropical flowers to grow in the northern blasts. But cast the letter aside and release the Spirit, and rev­elation comes to you. It is like magic. Why? Because it has a way of its own. A means of coming into manifestation that man-made laws cannot even put into words. “No man knoweth the Son, but the Father.” It is wonderful.

Why do you not release the letter from your life and see the glorious Spirit work out into expression? The signs will follow. Remember that as soon as the seed is cast into the ground, into the secret place, the shell or letter of it starts to drop away and re­leases the new life and beauty.

Faith as a grain of mustard-seed is no good unless the shell of the letter is broken and cast aside and the life of the seed allowed to appear. The glorious promises that you repeat over and over are all filled with the possibility of manifestation. It is the ad­herence to the letter that killeth. Over and over, the same pattern, day after day with no results, but with the irritating knowledge that it is all there.

When you stop trying and cast your burden on the I AM and actually are ready to let the Spirit move in and through you, then you will see that the Spirit giveth life and power and that you are sud­denly ushered into a new state. Right where you are—right in the place you stand—right in the pres­ent surroundings, the transformation takes place, because by the power of the Spirit are you made to see that which eternally is and always has been—i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. The Spirit of the Word reveals the concrete manifestation. It is then that the Word becomes flesh and dwells among you. Just as you may hold in your hand a dried rose-bush and talk for hours to a group of people about a rose. If they had never seen one they would only have the vaguest idea what it looked like, even after you had described it; but cast it into the ground and then your very words will become flesh and they will see the rose which in one instant will convey more than a thousand lectures could. Do you see? It takes the faith of a child, for the adult cannot let go, and would rather talk about “how and why,” and “when and where,” and would rather spend hours pointing out what is wrong with other members of the universe than spend one moment trying to rid his own sight of the beam that is out-picturing everything evil.

If I wear a pair of dark goggles, the whole world, so far as I am concerned, is grey or dark; but that does not make it so. If you look through eyes of limitation and ugliness everything appears so to you. Even God becomes a God of wrath, and Jesus be­comes a hard task-master, regardless of the regaling statement and promise: “I came that your joy might be full,” and “I came not to destroy but to fulfill.” Do you see? The Power is here, not to destroy, but to fulfill the Law, to fulfill the glorious promises. All these little points of evil that seem to be giving you so much trouble will be picked up into the positive expression of Good—Here and Now. It is wonder­ful and it is glorious. God is everywhere, and beside Him there is naught else.

“Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in ME.” Where is the ME?” “Be­lieve, and ye shall be saved.” Do you see the power of the word believe? It is pure Acceptance of the Word, in the face of the most adverse testimony. When the appearances are as far removed as the rose-bush is from the rose, the “belief”—acceptance —will cause the holy promise to be released.

Do you see why “Then went He in and shut the door” has its importance to you as never before? Argument and talk about these precious things will only bring the ugly futility of the letter. The letter without the Spirit is DEAD. Do you hear?-it is dead, of no use.

The books that we are reading today on Truth will be the ABC books of tomorrow—we will have imbibed the spirit of them and dropped the letter aside. Why? Because the textbooks of the future will have to do with things that we only casually mention at this time. From time to time we hear of levitation, of Fourth Dimensional expression, of the Superman, and of many things that could not be told us back in Jerusalem. These will form the basis of the textbooks of the future, for the spirit of the present teaching will be released to such an extent that sickness, sin and unhappiness will be unknown: it will be so generally understood that no one will stop to marvel at the working of the law of the Absolute. There was a time when a man who knew how to read was outstanding in a community, but today it would be an exception to come upon one who could not. So is it with the Word. Just so soon as you release the Spirit from the letter, the things that take place from the standpoint of Spirit are bound to appear. “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, goodwill toward men.”

“Be still—I have many things to say to you.” When we learn tbe still and not talk constantly to the Divine, we are beginning to experience the deep hidden things of the Spirit. New doors are opened to us. New avenues of expression, and the unafraid state of consciousness becomes manifest to us.

“The former things shall pass away, they shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more.” The shell that releases the living plant shall be for­gotten. It shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more. You could not put the flower back into the seed, nor can you put man back into the limitations of a state of consciousness from which he has freed himself. When you are freed from a certain state of consciousness you are not subject to any of the laws which formerly operated therein —just as the flower which has released itself from the seed is not under any of the laws that applied to the seed. For example, a bird or animal might have carried the seed away or it might have been left upon the shelf and destroyed by insects. As the flower comes under the care of the gardener it has protection and a new set of laws and environment. This illustration, as all illustrations, is inadequate to convey the idea of the wonderful change that goes on when the “shell” of the letter is cracked and the new idea—the Spirit—is released. “The Lord, He it is that doth go before thee: He will be with thee:

He will not fail thee.” Fear not-when you cast your burden on the Lord He will sustain thee.

“For eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, and it hath not entered into the heart of man.”

“Be still—be still—be still,” and listen for the revelation to be made. Close the material eyes that are hypnotized by the serpent of appearances and see the revelation that is coming into manifestation, “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

“He that abideth in Me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit.” If you abide in this con­sciousness—this “believing” consciousness—then you shall bring forth much manifestation. It is the fol­lowing of a natural law. A law which is stated in terms of Grace—Divine intervention, Divine influ­ence. All knees shall bend at the name (nature) of Christ. Every temporal power shall come tumbling to the ground. Every Golden Calf shall be brought low and the Kingdom shall be established Here and Now.

The New Dimension of life enters only from a point within and never from without. The oak tree proceeds from the Center which is in reality only a point where the already finished thing makes itself visible. Through our limited thought it seems to grow but when we can “Look again” we will see the “flower before the seed.” What we see as growth is “reality” appearing. “Before you ask” tells this revelation. It is.




Chapter Fifteen



“HE WHICH SOWETH SPARINGLY shall reap sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudg­ingly or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.”

The sowing lavishly and abundantly comes from the knowledge of Infinite Substance. The sowing for increase in order that the storehouses may be filled, and the soul may take its ease, always results in death to the idea. The abandon of abundant sow­ing shows absolute faith in the Unseen. We are be­ginning to see that the law of substance is diametri­cally reversed from that which is usually accepted. We are first called upon to give abundantly. Give out of our lack as it were, but give lavishly. The widow’s mite was more than most gifts because it was given abundantly—it was given freely and from the heart. “The motive ye mete shall be measured to you again, and it shall be pressed down, shaken together and running over.” The motive back of the abundant sowing will determine the harvest. If the sowing is done with gain as the one idea in mind then the looked for results are not forthcoming.

“There is he that scattereth, yet tendeth to in­crease, and there is he that withholdeth and tendeth towards poverty.” We see that the symbol is a poor thing to hold on to. The more you have your atten­tion fixed on the symbol the less opportunity you have of grasping the reality back of it.

All this indication of abandoned and abundant sowing is the result of fearlessness on the part of the sower. He that does not follow the command “Launch out into deep waters” cannot have the big fish. He will never find them near the shore—just as a person will never learn to swim as long as he keeps one foot on the ground and stays in shallow water. “Launch out into deep waters.” “Do, dare, and be silent.” Dare to enlarge the borders of your tent. Dare to sow abundantly and abandonedly, and rest in the perfect knowledge that the bread which you have thus broken has been broken to increase. You will learn presently that only what you give you get. A seed given to the universe gives back its usefulness and increase. An idea given to the uni­verse gives forth its joy, and its increase comes home to the giver. “The signs follow, they do not pre­cede.”

Joyously abandon yourself to the Christ within, and care not f or the increase. It must come of its own volition. “Be careful about nothing” is the command to the understanding heart. This being careful about nothing means also to be careless about nothing. The command to be careful about nothing can only be used by one who has begun to see the superabundance of everything in the Uni­verse. The substance of God is everywhere present. Yet all this joyous abandon does not imply license; it implies liberty—liberty of the Sons of God, which, when once tasted and experienced, brings to the consciousness of man the true concept of free­dom. The command goes forth, “Be not again en­tangled.” Go not back to the former bondage—the sowing sparingly. Sow abundantly and reap abun­dantly—with the glorious abandon of the Sons of the Living God.

“On the same day he saw a man working on the Sab­bath Day, and said to him: Man, if thou knowest what thou doest, thou art blessed, but if thou knowest not, thou art cursed, and a transgressor of the law’ ” (Cambridge MS. Codex Bezae).

He that sows abundantly, thinking thereby to gain a thousandfold that which he sows, knows not what he does, and is cursed insomuch as he loses all. Trying to use God as a Stock Exchange whereby you can gain personal ends is to entirely defeat the principle of Truth so far as you are concerned. We learn to sow abundantly because we are seeing the abundant blessings that are poured into our life and we are coming to the point of unafraidness. We are more and more coming to the place of recognition of the presence of God as being literally the suffi­ciency of all things.

Man is slowly evolving from what might be called the degree of the egg. As an egg he is perfectly helpless, though he may contain all knowledge of the power of God. He has no power of self-loco­motion. Were an egg in the path of an on-coming car, no matter how much it knew its protection, it could not escape the dire effects of meeting with destruction. When the chick is hatched, it may yet rest in the same place, but it has power to side-step the on-coming danger. So man, when he first learns of the Truth, finds out many things that he knows to be absolutely true while he is in the egg degree, yet he can only put them into practice in a very limited degree, because of the shell of personality that is around him.

But presently he throws off the shell and comes to the degree higher, where he is able to avoid much of the so-called evil. He can step aside, as it were, and he is able to prove the parables and promises of the Bible, instead of knowing inwardly that they are true but not being able to see them into mani­festation.

“Man, if thou knowest what thou doest.” If you know what you are doing as the Son of the Living God, you shall cause the dry seed of parable and promise to crack open and give forth its substance. You will know what it means to “be careful about nothing.”

All things are possible to the awakened soul. As is recorded in Acts ii, the speaking with new tongues took place before an infinite number of men of different races and languages, yet all understood. Twenty different tongues understood one single voice, although they could not understand each other. This fourth dimensional picture of the con­crete use of the Law gives us a glimpse of how the impossible becomes possible, and how every human law is reversed and found to be productive of re­sults. You will begin to see that it is useless to argue about the real Truth underlying these great state­ments, for the Truth is so intangible and impossible to reason out—it completely escapes the wisdom of man.

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee: He will not fail thee nor forsake thee.”

Can you, you who read this promise, accept it lit­erally? Can you accept the fact that the Lord thy God goes with you, and that He is the One that makes twenty nations understand a single tongue, though they cannot understand each other? Do you believe this? “I will walk in them and talk in them” —why need you worry further about the safety of your goings and comings? And why worry about the word you will carry into the universe? The word that comes from the Speaking of the Inner Lord is, “the word that shall not return to you void but shall accomplish whereunto it is sent.”

Beloved! are you beginning to see the glorious sense of abandon and rest that is due to come into manifestation in your life the moment you take the promises of the Lord and tear off the hard shell of human reasoning that you have put around them?

“Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven.” A gift must be accepted. Through the re­joicing there is recognition of the Infinite Abun­dance that is manifested in ways that no man can find out, just as the message is given by one person to twenty different races. One speaking, twenty hearers all hearing differently, yet all understanding the Voice. Awake, thou that sleepest. A new day is dawning, and when I say a new day is dawning, I do not mean the symbolic day of former years, but a wonderful New Day of expression and abun­dance; wherein you will experience the glorious rev­elation that the Lord is walking in you and talking in you.

Look up, then, and rejoice, for: “Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh righteousness in those that remember Thee in Thy ways.”

Rejoice and be glad. The ground you stand upon is holy ground, and you are clad in the garments of Light and Praise. A new day dawns and a new door opens before you. It is well. Rejoice and scatter abundantly the glorious idea of Truth. Live abun­dantly the Life in the inexhaustible source of All Life. Verily, if you will prove the Law with the fearless faith of one who permits the Voice to speak through him and the Power to walk in him, you shall see that the windows of Heaven are opened to you, and the blessings that are poured out are too many for you to receive, so small has been your human concept of the abundance of God.

       You are learning the glorious relaxation of the Prodigal who has returned to his Father’s house and is finding again the wonderful Truth:

“For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

“Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”





Chapter Sixteen


“THEN WENT IN also the other disciple.” The other disciple who went into the tomb and found it empty is, symbolically speaking, you. It is  you who have experienced all the manifestations of the Christ-consciousness– the healing of sickness and sin, the transformation of one substance into another, the supplying of all things needful, and the overcoming of gravitation, yes, the raising from the dead, and now you have come to a place where proof is given you of self-resurrection. The swaddling-clothes (bondage) of the babe become the grave-clothes eventually left in the tomb. They are the human bondages that must sooner or later be laid aside for the robes that are white and glistening, the garments of light and praise.
Eventually you are brought face to face with the fact that in the final analysis self-resurrection will take place. “I have power to pick it up or lay it down.” Until a man comes to the place of the “other disciple” and goes in, he will be toying still with the idea that his help comes from some other source than God. It is true that up to a certain point much help is given, but after a while the disciple is left to himself. He must either perform the process of self-resurrection, which is put in various terminology, or go the way of all flesh. “He must be born again,” and this “borning” must be from within. It is manifested within each person; it is a personal and individual experience that no one else can do for you. “Marvel not”– do not be surprised when these  things come to you; your eyes will not always be “holden that thou shall not know Him.”  You  will not always walk to Emmaus with the Master and fail to see Him.”  The scales will drop from your eyes, and you will perceive the things which eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, and the things that you have not yet thought of.
It takes more than the human sense to recognize when anything has truly happened.  The human sense did not recognize Jesus when he presented his risen body. Why?  Because the human sense first judges from the intellectual standpoint, which says emphatically that no one when dead rises again. If they rise, they were not really dead, or else a miracle happened.
Go thou in and shut the door, and contemplate the presence– then you will see the nothingness of all the evils to which the flesh is heir.
“These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs; but the time cometh when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall show you plainly.” Surely there is no ambiguity about this statement, “I shall show you plainly.” The one who is ready, and who has passed beyond the curious stage, and who is not looking for signs and wonders, who is not searching for the loaves and the fishes, will see. He will hear the things which could not be told because formerly he could not bear to hear them. “When the student is ready the Master appears.” “Be still and know that I AM GOD” is more than a statement. It is not something to be talked about– it is something to experience. “Then went in the other disciple.” You are standing on the threshold of the glorious experience of self-resurrection. You are at the point of receiving the revelation.
“Hitherto have ye asked for nothing in My name; ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”
How can your joy be anything else but full when you begin to see– through the thick undergrowth of human reasoning– the Garden of Eden to which you are returning? It is enough to make you thrill with joy, for all the fond imaginations that have strayed over your soul without expression are now understood. The single ear, the single eye, the single voice. You have come away from the tower of Babel, that great galaxy of people who are all shouting in their own tongue that they have the only way to reach Heaven, and that you must follow them or be lost, who have finally succeeded in building up nothing but a tower of jealousy, strife, and hatred.  All talking different tongues– confusion. Come away from it all. Seek the Inner Lord, and listen to the glorious revelation that is made to you now.
    “And as we have borne the image of the earthly we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.”
When the self-resurrection takes place, you shall transform the fleshly body to one of Spirit. “The Lord shall become flesh and dwell among you.” The body shall take on new properties, and you shall then be no more under the laws of the dense matter which has caused you so much grief. “If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the Law.” You are then under Grace. Glorious freedom and cancellation from the mistaken evils of the flesh. Why not, since you functioned under the law, “When I would do good I do evil?”  Who could blame you for doing evil if you did it in spite of the fact that you wanted to do good? Not any just God. You are beginning to understand why it is that repentance makes a full cancellation for the evil that functioned in your life, and how you are under Grace when you are in the Spirit. The “other disciple” who goes in experiences the new birth, and to him are revealed the hidden mysteries.
“The first man is of the earth, earthy; the second man is the Lord from Heaven.” Where is Heaven?  According to Jesus, it is a state of consciousness. It is within you, and descending out of this heavenly consciousness will come the Lord– the risen Lord. As the shell of a seed gives way, life appears. As the muddy vesture of human thought that has enclosed you falls away, the Christ (the Christing or Anointing) comes into manifestation; is unwrapped from his grave-clothes and set free. Do not be disheartened; it is stated in the Law that “it is sow in a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body.”  When you are willing to let go of the human beliefs that you have massed together by judging from appearances, then you will raise the spiritual body. That is, you will see the Spirit become flesh and dwell among you. It is wonderful.
        “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.”
We understand that the laws of the flesh which are constantly changing and bringing in harmony to the individual cannot inherit the Kingdom. The flesh-and-blood man has not the capacity to accept so much good. He has functioned in such uncertain capacities that he hardly knows what is right and what is wrong.
“Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Why look for that which is living in the midst of that which is dead?  Why do you seek in the dead letter for the Spirit which in reality dwells eternally within you?
“Then went the other disciple in.” Be still– “I shall come as a thief in the night.” You are the other disciple. Why don”t you go “in” and discover your permanent identity, and begin now to live in the Kingdom?








Chapter Seventeen


“We are already touching, though as it were only with our finger-tips, a new source of power so great as to make us inexhaustibly wealthy.”


AN ATOM is defined as an invisible particle of matter so minute that it cannot be di­vided.

The very definition of it goes beyond the ken of human reason, since it is impossible for the human mind to think of a particle of matter so small that it could not be divided; hence at the very start we are faced with a pure mental proposition. Yet scientists tell us that the atom is made up of an infinite num­ber of electrons, which are further described as cen­ters of force.

“We all know that the atoms of which everything is made up are themselves made up of a `cloud’ of electrons, at the center of which is a tiny heart or nucleus made up of the tightest jam known of the smallest electric particles known.”

                 -Sunday Express, London, January 19th, 1932.

In spite of the definition of an atom as being in­divisible, we now discover that it has been “split,” and thereby changed in nature. This is almost be­yond the imagination of the average person, and yet it seems to hark back to the abstract idea of “faith as a grain of mustard seed” being able to move mountains, and do all sorts of things that are impos­sible to the human sense.

The article from which the above quotation was taken is by Gerald Heard, and he continues to say:

“If you could knock out some of these particles you would then change the nature of the atom, you would have made the dream of the alchemists come true, you would be able to transmute elements, you would be able to change if not lead, then quite possibly mercury, into gold.”

What Mr. Heard promises by “knocking out some of these particles” seems to be in perfect alignment with the power as used by Jesus in changing one substance into another, and changing the nature and quantity of the manifestation. Jesus changed water into wine. He saw beyond the limitations of the hu­man mind, and was able to release the infinite sub­stance into expression in whatsoever form was needed.

Every knee shall bend to the Christ, and we shall finally see that He is King, and that His wisdom makes the wisdom of the world as naught. One premise after another is reached in physics and dis­carded, but the laws of the Master remain intact and changeless; little by little we find it useless to try to bring them down to our level of thinking and reasoning.

The Mighty Atom which is within you is the Christ-consciousness which has been bound by the human belief. When the shell of human limitations is broken, the Mighty Atom of your True Self comes into expression and sets aside all the laws of the human mind, no matter how time-honored they may be.

We read things in the daily papers that would have caused people to be burned as witches not so long ago. Man is getting back to pure abstractions—into the invisible-and finding it more real than the visible. Mr. Heard says, “Common sense-and this is becoming commoner and commoner as science advances-has again let us down.” Man is beginning to see that the Master stated it clearly when He said, “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.”

Professor Jeans declares there is no such thing as ether, and if this be true, and he seems satisfied that he has proven it to be so, then another cherished basis for calculation of the present universe has gone from under us.

“I shall overturn and overturn until He comes whose place it is to rule.” The handwriting on the wall is that not one stone of human reason shall be left upon another, and that HE-the pure, unadul­terated wisdom of God—shall come to reign in peace. That is, the reign of harmony and order shall be made manifest despite the chaos of human think­ing.

“We have kept on saying: `Common sense shows that the world must have this or that, and so this or that must be there.’

“But when we look, we find that the things said to be necessary by common sense have not in fact been found necessary in making this surprising world.”

The recognition of this Mighty Atom at the cen­ter of your being is what causes you to take the first step in releasing it into expression. “Behold I stand at the door and knock”—the heart of the Atom is alive and knocking against the shell of hu­man belief, knocking to come out into expression in your life and to bring with it the glorious power which will transcend the human limitations.


“By giving up the ether we are taking another and a big step out of the common, dull world we have imagined to be real, into the real world where perhaps anything is possible.

“But though, through this discovery, space has been found to be emptier than we thought possible, through another find it has been discovered to be far fuller than we suspected. Scientists are continuing to measure the cosmic radiation.

“This radiation is called cosmic because it comes not from any star but from out the blackness of space where we thought there was absolutely nothing-save the ether which has failed to materialize.

“The existence of this radiation was never suspected till quite lately, yet it is at present the most powerful thing known in the universe. It can penetrate sixteen feet of lead, when X-rays are easily stopped by less than an inch.

“And now Sir James Jeans has just suggested that, though it is only today that we have been able to pick it up, it is a radiation which was sent out at the beginning of the universe.”

-G. HEARD, Sunday Express, London,

January 10th, 1932.



Already the radiation of the Star which is leading back to the Christ-consciousness is being felt by the scientist. Where is the light of this Cosmic Ray leading but back to the very center of Power? Just as the wise men and shepherds symbolically fol­lowed its light to the manger, so to-day the scientist and the metaphysician are following this light on to powers which are only dreamed of at this time, of which Christ not only spoke, but demonstrated, and said were the heritage of every man. It is through the door of acceptance and recognition of the exist­ence of such a power that men are willing to push forward, following the emanation of this ray which all the time is getting brighter and more iridescent; more manifold in its manifestation.

“I have a way that ye know not of”; within you lies this Mighty Atom of power and strength—within you lies the possibility of bringing out this glorious expression. There is a reason for the hope that is in us. We are following the light of the Star, back to the very Babe that is born unto us and upon whose shoulders shall be the government.

“Come apart from among them and be ye separate.”

The principle of everything we see in the universe to-day, no matter how wonderful it may be, has existed always, just as the principle back of the split­ting of the atom, and the further revelations that will ensue, are here today, and just as usable as they will be when man discovers them. “You have not chosen Me—I have chosen you.” The Power has chosen you to be the glorious expression, and the only way this expression can take place is for the Mighty Atom of your being to be set free, for the Christ to come into expression by being recognized.

The great Cosmic Ray which is beyond the stars seems to point at something that is the All Power­ful, emanating from the throne of God. It is well.

And now men talk of a “Cosmic glue” with which the particles of the heart of the “indivisible” atom are held together. And again the question, “Who can know the mind of God?”— Is the “uni­fied field theory” yet complete?



Chapter Eighteen


“When you are ready– I will do the works through you.”
“For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Suddenly, like a burst of light that pierces the dark clouds of night, comes the revelation that God so LOVED the world– yes, this very world that you have been calling hell; that you have found so full of everything evil; that you have been trying to die out of, or trying to escape. Yes, this very world God has LOVED. It must be that we have hypnotized ourselves into something that is unlovely. Yet we find that God so LOVED the world. If God had found it one-tenth as evil as we have been taught to believe it is, He would certainly not have loved it; He would have destroyed it. Can it be that we, you and I, are mistaken regarding the world– have we been seeing through a glass darkly and mistaking the shadows of the human belief for the reality, to such an extent that we have come to hate that which God loved?
“Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee Light”– the Light which will enable you to start the Love Process and set yourself free from the prison house of your own making.
“When you are ready” …
“If you cannot love those whom you see, how can you love God whom you do not see?”  A question asked and passed over too lightly.  The same thing might be asked: “If you cannot love the world which you can see, how can you love the Kingdom which you cannot see?” It is time that we awakened from the mesmeric sleep that we have cast over ourselves.  We have been stupefied by the heavy drug called procrastination. Half the people are ‘knowing the Truth’ are merely waiting for something in the future to happen and are at the same time despising the present manifestation.
There be those who will say, “Love not the world,” and by  the word ‘world’ they mean just the antithesis of what is meant  when it is stated that “God so loved the world.” It is made quite clear that if we cannot love our fellow-creatures we cannot love God.  And eventually we begin to see that we glorify that which we love. The power of love that is within every man is the power to transform appearances. “Love never faileth” would indicate that all else can fail.  Also, “Perfect love casteth out fear.”  We are beginning to see the power of Love. When we Love our fellow-beings, they become God-like, and display God-like qualities.  And when we love the earth as God loved it, then we transform it into heaven.
Self-examination shows, however, that to most of us this world is just a battle-ground.  Each morning we rise and set forth  to battle evil, always looking for way and means of  overcoming the almost insurmountable obstacles that arise before us like a Goliath. This fighting spirit stays with us, in spite of the command, ‘Ye do not need to fight– set yourself and see the salvation of the Lord.’
In the beautiful God-loved world there is nothing to fight, but in the world of man’s creating he finds evil everywhere. It is for man to choose in which of these habitats he will live.  Surely, as soon as he sees God in man, man becomes God-like, and just so surely as he sees Heaven here and now the world becomes again the Garden of Eden– the very Garden that God loved.  And for this purpose He gave His Son– the Christ– and said that whosoever believed upon Him should have everlasting life. The Son is given to each of  us when we are ready to accept the priceless gift within ourselves.
“I came not to destroy, but to fulfill”– that is the message of the I am coming into expression in your life. I the Christ, the You of You, came not to destroy, but to fulfill the law of God, and to fulfill and bring out the reason why “God so loved the world.” We are missing it all as long as we keep on the hunt after evil.  We are missing the great and grand issue of life when we keep pounding away at imaginary beliefs and thinking that our business In the world is to fight evil. ‘Put up your sword’—“When you are ready…”
“God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
The idea of a perishing body or kingdom, then, is lost in the consciousness of the everlasting life. Do you think for a moment you can continue everlastingly in the same personality? Do you see this would be quite as impossible, as it would be for you to continue a baby forever? The constant revelation that is coming with this imperishable Life is such that it drops off one belief after another and lets the perfect manifestation come into being. Revelations, one after another, break over the universe of the newly found soul. The former things are remembered no more; they cannot come into mind; for the mind has been made new, and it naturally has nothing in it that answers to the former limitations and beliefs. ‘The prince of this world (the ugly, hated world that you have been living in) cometh, and findeth nothing in you,’ because you have renewed your mind and there is nothing in this new state that responds to the former evils and limitations. Do you begin to see the new day that is dawning?
Small wonder, then, that the command came, “Go forth, heal the sick, open the prisons,” etc. How can this be done except the power is given with the command?– the power of revelation. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” and the Spirit is everywhere, and when it is recognized in that place the limitations of the human belief are suddenly burst asunder and the manifestation is set free.
A shell does not hold a chick one moment after it has grown to the limitations of the shell. When you recognize the presence of God, the limitations that bound you are broken asunder by the sudden expansion of this new knowledge. Be still– do not talk– it is well with thee. “I AM HE that should come”– and you will begin to understand the difference between overcoming and realization or revelation. Be still, be still, be still. Remember in your quiet that GOD SO LOVED this world that you are finding so hateful and ugly. Be still; you will see and understand.
The presence of the very God that LOVED this world is in everything and through everything– even in your hell, in your prison, in your problem– and contains everything for the complete satisfaction of every human desire interpreted in its truest form. Be still– be still. It is well. Right in the midst of it all, there am I; and I am everything that you can possibly ask or think.
For God so LOVED the world (Editor’s note: A. P. Adams definition of world, i.e. Kosmos, which is interpreted as, “the order of things.’ End of note)– what are you doing with it? Why did God so LOVE the place (or the ‘order of things’) that you hate and find so filled with all undesirable things?  Be still– be still– and see if the Son which was given does not come to abide with you and make all the desires of your heart possible by the process of revelation.  And GOD so LOVED the world– LOVED the world.
Are you ready? Answer ME– I AM.”





Chapter Nineteen


Thou art the Bright Messenger – the Shining One, the being of pure Spirit. Thou art not the man thou hast been, lo these many years.

Thou art new – born, fresh, clean, and pure. Thou art not an old creature patched up by various treatments. Thou, Bright Messenger, Golden One, hast never descended to the level of belief, and therefore hast not consorted with the shadows of the play – life.

Thou art the Bright Messenger, with winged feet, who goeth where he will, and knoweth no obstruction, nor condition. Thou art the unconditioned, the untrammeled, the free – the individualized yet inseparable manifestation of the All God.

Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thou art full of light – bathed in All Light. Whithersoever thou goest is light – not consciously projected, but unconsciously conveyed; a natural effect of thy presence.

Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thine eye is single to the Allness of God, the Oneness of creation. Thou therefore seest with the eye of light. Thou lookest into a universe of All Light, and seest through the shadows of belief. Thou seest the world in a world, the rose in a rose, and the Man in a man. Thou perceivest with thine eye of Light that which IS and always has been – not that which shall be changed by begging, beseeching, or praying to a tyrant called God to make whole. With the eye of Light thou seest nothing to heal, for thy sight is perfect in the understanding.


“I AM of too pure eyes to behold iniquity.


If God cannot perceive it, how can the man in the street perceive it and make long prayers over it?

“Thou art the Bright Messenger – the being of light. In the touch of thy hand is light. As the warmth of Spring touches the frozen earth, so thy touch of light causes the seed to swell and burst and the flower to leap from her chalice. Thy touch of light is like the soft rain on the parched desert, which causes it to bloom as a rose. Whomsoever thou touchest – in the true sense of the word – thou transformest, instantly, gloriously, freely, joyously. And men shall call it health, but thou shalt call it revelation.

Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thou hast the golden touch which transforms everything into the gold of which Ophir never dreamed.

Thy touch shall be able to take from the fish’s mouth the needed symbol. Thy touch it is which gives that which is beyond price, and which makes a man rich even when the saying goes, “Silver and gold have I none, but of such as I have, I give unto thee.” Such as thou hast in the touch, O Bright Messenger, is beyond the price of pearls and rubies – the transforming touch which is gentle yet firm, which is soft like the surface of the ocean, but which has the power to dash a whole fleet of evil ships into oblivion. Thou art the Bright Messenger – thy touch is Golden.

Thou art the Bright Messenger. The aroma of thy presence precedes thee. Thy passing is as the passing of a cloud of incense from the sacred lilies of the enchanted woods. In thy presence the precious perfume of the soul is sensed above the stagnant odours of human beliefs. When thou comest to the soul it is as the bridegroom before whom the lovely flowers of purity open and shed their perfume in superabundance. At thy coming the rose loosens the silken tassel of her soul and gives forth the glorious attar of her being. At thy coming the trees and minerals loosen the glorious refreshing odours of woods and stones. From thy nostrils comes the Breath of Life. From thy breath comes the appearance of the new creation. Man becomes a living soul by breathing thy breath – man lives, and moves, and breathes, and has his being in thy breath. Thy breath fans the small sparks of faith into the flame of realization. From thy nostrils comes the flashing, dazzling fire which consumes the dross of belief. Thou art the Bright Messenger.

Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thy invitation is, “Oh, taste and see that the lord is good.” Eat my body (my substance) and drink my blood (inspiration). Thy taste is Golden. The milk and honey of the universe of the All God are thine. The hidden manna (that which the eye – the human belief – cannot see) thou feedest upon.

Thy eternal drink is the Living Water. Thou shalt never be without the sustenance of Spirit, no matter whither thou goest. Thou shalt realize this all-substance, and shalt cease from thy thought-taking process of wondering wherewithal shall we be clothed and fed. Thou shalt eat, and hunger no more; drink, and thirst no more – for thou shalt feed upon the reality of life instead of the husks of material belief, with its shadow appearances.

Thou art the Bright Messenger, the bearer of Glad Tidings. Upon thy breastplate, encrusted in gold, is the motto, “Speak no evil nor listen to”. Thou art of too pure ears to hear evil – thou hearest with the ear of Spirit. Thou hearest with the silent ear – closed to the din of the human relative conditions, but open to that which “eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man (human thought) the things which are prepared for them that love thy LAW.” Thou hearest the word of peace and a whole ocean of fury of belief ceaseth – stilled and made calm. Thou hearest the reports of that which IS, and thou tellest of these. Thou hearest the things that “Ear hath not heard” – the ear of man whose breath is in his nostrils, and whose eye is double – and yet thou hearest the report of the Kingdom Here and Now – thou hearest the Glad Tidings of the eternal Christ walking to-day in the Garden of Attainment. Thou hearest the words “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” and thou recognizest these words as addressed to thee.

Thou art not ashamed, nor afraid because of thy nakedness; the stark tragedies of the human belief fade into the distance when thou answerest this call with the “Aye, Aye” of Spirit. Thou hearest in the truest sense of the word – in the fearless sense of the word, “Arise and shine, for thy light hath come.” No need to create this light, to stimulate it, but only to recognize this light as within.

How can a man who is constantly looking for evil to heal and treat know anything of the Kingdom? How can he understand the things which cannot be seen nor heard with the human ears? How can he set right that which he has already done? And yet there are those poor deluded souls who have appointed themselves the official stone-casters for the Christ, not realizing that they are casting stones at HIM.

Thou art the Bright Messenger – the Being of Light – the Unafraid. Why should there be fear when the realization has come that thou art the Bright Messenger, the being of pure Spirit – not subject to the beliefs of the thought world, not subject to the failures and successes of thy human life, but suddenly up and above that which has always seemed so real.

Bright Messenger, Unafraid Being, Holy Creature, Son of God – arise – shine. Arise, let thy light so shine. Take no thought – if thou take thought, it will be of fear or limitation. Thou art the Bright Messenger – the Being of Light that goeth forth before the manifestation of thy human self, and maketh straight the way. Thou art the Unafraid, the Unbound, the Prometheus Unbound. Thou shalt smite the rock and make it gust forth the Living Water of Life.

Thou art the Bright Messenger, the Being of Light, the Unafraid. Thou art glorious – thou art free – thou art not bound by human limitations – “Thou art not another [a separate one] but the same one.” Thou art the Christ. Hail! Soul of Me, I salute you Son of God – Christ – Bright Messenger.






Chapter Twenty


“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;

The soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

Hath had elsewhere its setting

And cometh from afar;

Not in entire forgetfulness,

And not in utter nakedness,

But trailing clouds of glory do we come

From God, who is our home;

Heaven lies about us in our infancy!”





TRAILING clouds of glory, sweeping the great horizon of your new heaven and earth, follow after you, Son of the Living God, in great swirls of light and illumination. No more can you withhold this wondrous light than day can stay its coming. No more the conscious effort to know the truth ; to make others see the truth ; no more straining to have people listen to your chatter about what is or is not–no more anything, but simply BEING. Why do you try to be? A thousand eager souls have gone down in defeat trying through every possible means to be that which they already were. “They have taken my Lord away,” is the cry of a personality­-worshipper—one who looks to mankind for his salvation instead of looking to the only possible source of such power—that within his own consciousness.


Trailing Clouds of Glory follow after you, and the great illumination of their brightness goes before you. Are you afraid to accept such a glorious picture of your True Self? Then you are yet playing with the colored pebbles in the shallow waters of metaphysics -disobeying the command, ” Launch out into deep waters.” He who has the courage to “launch out” into the freedom of his soul –not asking of those beachcombers who hang, around the shores of personal ideas– will find nothing wanting. The rough sea will be smooth, and the calmness shall be there ­that deep stillness of being alone, and for the first time being actually free from the soul hunger and loneliness that nothing’ of the human mind can satisfy.


Many who read these lines perhaps you who are reading now—will be self-revealed, and will find it natural for the Son of the Living God to have Glorious Trailing Clouds of Attainment follow after him—-no matter whither he may go. The signs shall follow­ they shall not precede. Why look ye for a signpost-when I AM the way? Salute no man that thou passeth along life’s highway, for lie may turn you awry. Salute the Soul of your True Self and be not turned aside. “It is I ” —eternally I—-and when you begin to see Me in everything you will call Me out into expression—and that which flies at you in mad fury trying to destroy you shall be in an distant transformed into Me. This whole process lies within the scope: of you who read this page. I have said to you, “Agree with thine adversary quickly,” and the agreement is made through calling the name of the Living God out of the dead Lazarus. “It is wonderful “-everything is wonderful; the only thing that is dispelled at such a moment is your belief in evil. Even hell is made into heaven when you call upon Me. Call upon Me and I will answer. Do you hear? I said, “I will answer. “Believest thou this? Or are you going to argue a little, and try to prove that it is so with a reservation? Go thy way ; the bridegroom passeth, and you have no oil because you have not learned yet to accept your good. You are still with those who want to make it happen, and who are looking for personal aggrandizement.


But one day—-perhaps to-day, perhaps right now—-you will shed the filthy rags of argu­ment and of personal teaching, and rise and go up into a high place, and descend again, not to work out problems, but to reveal the God within you. As much as ye will, that give I unto you. Do you hear?


“Acquaint now (right while you are read­ing is now) and be at peace; thereby all good shall come unto you.” How very simple ­too simple perhaps, because you have been hypnotized into believing that long, hard study was necessary to attain the Kingdom, and that you were full of sin that some sin cleanser had to take out of you by special instruction that he could give you. Yet shall I call again and again to you: “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace—­thereby all good shall come unto you. “Do you see how utterly impossible it would be for you to explain the glorious feeling of “It is well” to anyone who was trying to think it out?


You are impressed with that which de­scends to the plane of human, thinking from the place of Christ-consciousness, the fourth­-dimensional realm. Do you not see what is meant by “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be [find yourself] at peace; thereby all [the whole] good shall come unto you. “Can you understand, then, that your expression of healing, of whatever belief comes before you, is merely the light of the Trailing Clouds of Glory which automatically emanate from your being? When you see this, that All (the whole) Good shall come unto you ; then will you know that you have the hidden well of living water and the exhaustless substance of the manna that cometh down from heaven. Do you see that you will be self-sufficient, and that your giving will in reality be only the coming of your presence? On whomso­ever your consciousness rests pours the infinite blessing and possibility of a perfect revelation of health, prosperity, or happiness. Should they but accept it, either consciously or un­consciously, the transformation will take place, and they will shout, “Whereas before I was blind, NOW (right NOW the ONLY) I can see”—-and one blindness after another shall be healed in every man. New fields of illumination and light shall be made visible to him, and each time he shall exclaim, “Whereas before I was blind, now I can see.”


Do you see that the mere acceptance of this makes it possible for you? Until you believe it is possible (not from a standpoint of credulity or blindly), it can never be possible to you, however much of the letter you may know. You believe in the true fashion of the Word when you have accepted the Finished Kingdom as here and now, and possible of expression. Then what matter if a thousand say to you, ” It is hard”—“There is much work and difficulty in attainment.” I said to you many times—-and I AM saying to you (you who read this page, do you hear?)­—-at this instant saying to you—that the Kingdom of Heaven is given to the Child, not in years, but with the capacity that can accept good as real instead of endeavoring eternally to make My Kingdom over or set things right by first believing in evil.


As soon as you take away the personal nature of evil you have it in a place of understanding, where it can more easily be seen nothing but belief. The thing you have been working on is your personal devil, and he is fed by the substance of your thought. Taking your attention away from the body—- being absent from the body or embodiment of your problem and present with the Lord— is another way of putting it. When you are present with the Lord the Trailing Clouds of Glory sweep the horizon of your universe and find nothing there which needs to be destroyed or killed-but find the great, glorious realm of attainment opening wide its portals to you. Enter.


“Where there is no vision the people perish”—were there is no vision which is beyond the thought process, the people finally fall by the way, full of dead letter and earnest effort. The glorious Vision of the Son of the Living God is yours. You are dream-drenched with the joy of it all–they pass before your gaze as lovely realities, in­stead of phantoms and ghosts of dead hopes and wishes. Deeper and deeper you go into the treat clouds of light ; more wondrous are the revelations made to you as you go your eternal way of aloneness and attainment. Nothing shall be denied you-and no one shall say ye nay. Do you hear? Can you talk this glorious thing over with one who has but a mind full of thoughts or trite statements, and a house full of evil that needs attention? You shall learn the glory of silence which is golden by its light of revelation.          Stand still­ very still-stiller than any human mind can imagine.


Everything you touch shall be filled with the Spirit of Light. Everything you look upon shall be illumined with the glory. And all this not in the impractical way that most people look upon these wondrous words, but in a way of concreteness.” Even in my flesh shall I see God.” Do you begin to see the impractical teaching is that which shows you how to get things when there is the great “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven [within] and all things shall be added unto you”? Do you go any further until you have decided within yourself whether this is a lie or the truth—why continue the self-hypno­tism any further? You are on the path of attainment-attainment of greater things than can possibly be set down in black and white.


Trailing Clouds of Glory shall follow you as you go about your Father’s business-and the pygmy personality will fade out of the pictures as the new creature moves into the plane of expression From out the invisible will come new ideas and impressions that will cause you to know that the way of attain­ment is not fraught with difficulties, but is easy and beautiful, a way possible for the childlike consciousness which believes in its good and accepts it.


Out of the invisible comes the manifest. As a smile out-pictures a state of conscious­ness, and is instantly reflected by all who come in contact, thereby making the increase infinite, so the idea which wells from the Inner Lord will come into ample expression and be reflected back to the giver in endless ways. The whole concern is not how to make it reflect back with increase, but to release it without thought of return. A smile is given, not to get a smile in return, but because it is an automatic expression of the state of con­sciousness at that time. A grin will not accomplish the same results. Few are fooled. Few are those who respond. The deep, smiling consciousness of good shall be re­flected back again and again in countless ways.


“Ye are the light of the world.”


What world? And who is referred to as “ye”? All these glorious promises and statements of absolute facts must at length be overtaken by the Son of the Living God; he must finally come to cause everyone to yield its full measure of substance. It is only when the grape has been pressed in the wine­press that the hull is thrown away, and it is when the inspiration has been taken from the letter that it falls by the way.


When will you rise and leave the tatters of human reasoning and former attainment for the open road of the Son of the Living God? Dare you-you who read this page-remem­bering that taking the open road does not of necessity mean a physical voyage? He who recognizes any of the attributes of the Christ consciousness as so and real will see them into instant manifestation, as Peter, realizing the substance of freedom, could sing in a material prison and cause it to open to him. I AM the way-if it takes an earthquake to do it, what of it? And those that put you in will invite you to come out so they may be blinded by the Trailing Clouds of Glory that follow after you. And finally you will realize that the everlasting rising to heights and falling to depths is a matter of human belief, and that it has nothing to do with the real, the lasting, the eternal, but is merely an emotional reaction. The Son of the Living God does not ascend to heights and get cast off into the depth, for there is no height, depth, breadth, or length in the ALL—and yet there are all of these as long as they are necessary for Jesus to operate within their boundaries. There is the glory of the risen Lord gleaming through you—and the fashion of your continence shall be changed and you shall be revealed in a glory of light.          Do you hear? Do you see? Do you look between the lines and grasp the hidden meaning that is there?


Go into all the world, preach the good spell. Speak of the good spell-the wonder of good­ness that is everywhere-and go not out again first to point out the evil and then hunt in your mental satchel for a remedy-one thing for headache, one for a mortgaged house, another thing for an inharmonious home, another for how to find money and a job. How long will you cast lots for a part of my garment? When will you see that to know ME is life eternal? Life eternal is not subject to disease and limitation, neither can it be made unhappy by the lack of anything. Can you see now?—you who read this page ­that, a thousand years being as a day, and a day as a thousand years, you can make the hypnotism of yesterday a thousand years old and out of your way?


You shall do all these things, and the mists of earth-the beliefs of the human limitations -shall vanish away in a cloud of light and beauty. And suddenly you shall walk un­trammelled and free-a new door shall open unto you, and you shall enter, and as you do so it will close, and the past, with its limita­tions and fears, will be vanished away. Do you hear? You who read this page? You?


I speak to you-the new order of things is at hand and it is the time of its appearance. It will be very much as the wakening from a dream that you fully intend to remember, but about which is spun such a mist of forgetful­ness that only the merest fragments remain. And this is the translation from one mansion to another in the universal consciousness. Newer and fresher capacities shall be yours; you will find yourself in possession of wisdom necessary to perform that which you formerly thought impossible of attainment, and, strange as it may seem for the moment, you shall presently find that it is quite natural. The moment you overtake a truth or become conscious of it, at that instant you also realize that you have always known that truth, and that there has never been a time in your life when you did not have it actively into expression.


When you go by the Way, be sure you leave the false modesty of the hypocrite behind­be not afraid to assume and take for granted the power of the Son of the Living God. You are acting within your own precincts when you realize that the power of the Christ to accomplish that which it will is  a natural thing, and not something for display. It is wonderful-and, even as you have been reading this word, your fear and problem have melted away, dissolved by the Light shed from the Trailing Clouds of Glory that emanate from the Son of the Living God.      It is all right with you now-everything is all right-now. The fig-tree that cumbered the ground has shriveled up and disappeared the fig-tree that did not obey the law to bring out the whole manifestation at the instant is also pulled up by the roots. The slow process of birth, growth, maturity, and fruition is all swallowed up in instant recognition of the perfect whole-the flower before the seed. He that hath ears, let him hear. Do you hear? The whole in perfect manifestation, not through the slow human process of time and space.


Feeding among the lilies–considering the lilies-the effortless, unlabored action of the I Am moving into a constant stream of ex­pression. Rest, beloved; it is well with you. You are the glorious Being of Light in a Universe of Light-you are lost in the immensity of it all. As the candlelight is lost in the sunlight and yet retains its individu­ality, so you are lost in Me-in the Spirit. of the All-and there you find nothing wanting or lacking And there you find no shadows. And there your soul is singing the song of the Son of the Living God in the eternal Now and Here, in the eternal joy of Life, Life, Life complete and filled with an unspeakable joy. It is so. Do you hear?


Remember, then, as you go out into your Kingdom of Heaven about your Father’s business, that the Trailing Clouds of. Glory are about you, and that it is well.





Chapter Twenty One

He that hath the true fear of God in his heart hath no room therein for any other fear. -CROMWELL.


As every positive word has a negative counterpart and interpretation, so the word “fear,” which is the ghastly hydra­-headed monster that besets the footsteps of man from cradle to grave. It has a thou­sand different titles and names—is personal and impersonal. One person might quake with it, another thrill with joy. It is easy for a trained pilot to soar about the heavens like a glorious bird, but the same movements may cause the untutored to be thrown into paroxysms of terror and dismay.

So likewise the expression “Fear of God” brings to the minds of many the fear of a most terrible tribal God who takes keen pleasure in bouncing upon them at unexpected moments and bringing the most fiendish devices to pass, while to another it means a reverence and security with all attending benefits.

A savage, after seeing some of the terrible things that can be done with electricity, might fear it, and even obey its injunctions as in­terpreted by a savage medicine-man. He might prefer to stay by his rushlight rather than have anything to do with this fearful thing. But an enlightened man will not de­prive himself of the glorious benefits and help derived from the proper understanding and use of the power.

There are many people who profess to be civilized—-and smile with derision at the so ­called savage—-who worship in ignorance a God as replete with whims, moods, and fearful power as any heathen God dared to be. While professing to worship a Father­ God who is mindful of his own, they are filled with superstitious beliefs concerning him.

I heard a man—-with great emotion in his voice, talking to this God regarding the need of money—finally conclude his high-flown statements of an impersonal God with, “Now, Father-God, you know if it is best for me to have this money it will be forthcoming.” He was the spirit of humility and contriteness, and was as near a pagan praying to a glorified figure of clay as he could possibly be. Imagine praying for the invisible current of electricity to let you have light if it thought it was well for you to have light. If you are in total darkness and have to read, it is an obvious fact that you need light. Yet thousands are thinking to wheedle some special favor from this God while afraid, and filled with super­stitious fears regarding Him, so that their humility is nothing but a robe of hypocrisy.


“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”


The wisdom spoken of is the understand­ing of God, and the fear that is mentioned is the reverence that one naturally has for fundamental laws. A musician, the more he awakens to the glorious realm of harmony, the more he reverences (fears) the laws of harmony; he does not see in them anything that will destroy him, or from which he can curry personal favors. No matter how con­trite he has been, no matter how many times he has told the principle that he is a miser­able artist, full of terrible discords, and un­worthy of the power to express harmony. As an artist he knows that, the moment he falls away from the laws of harmony, chaos is produced in his playing, and he will even­tually completely destroy himself as a musician if he continues to disregard these laws for long.

“The wrath of God,” or electricity, or dis­cord, then, must be in the keeping of man, no matter what may be said to the contrary.

“The wrath of God” is man’s own wrath, or his ignorance or “fear” of God in the negative sense of the word. Many people have interpreted the fear of God as meaning a power that constantly requires sacrifice of everything but the most ordinary things of life. Others have a tribal God who is a be­stower of personal favors. Still others imagine they are one of the few chosen to express this power-that they are especially consecrated, and that all others must look up to them. Jesus, the great Way-Shower, see­ing this tendency in man, made it clear that the power he was employing was impersonal, and as available to the man in the street as it was to him. “Call not me good.” Well might he have said, “Do not worship me.”

“I AM wonderfully and fearfully made.” Do you begin to understand the FEAR of God, and how it operates successfully over the “fearfully” made body? Do you begin to see what is hidden in the word “fear”? Do you understand how the currents of electricity run freely over a perfectly equipped house? Wherever there is wiring and equipment there it appears in whatever form it is needed, and that form is to neutralize a belief in a lack of some kind. So also the “fear” of God operates over the body, which is “wonderfully and fearfully” made. Many an electric­ally equipped establishment has a system of wiring and switchboards wonderfully and fearfully made. The most ordinary man in the street would not find it anything unusual if told that the same power could freeze and burn at the same time, in the same room; he would not find it strange that this power could connect him instantly with the other end of the earth. No, he has recognized this fact, and accepted it.

That the power we call God operates in the same manner is un-understandable to many people. They want to know what “method” or what power you use to neutralize disease as differentiated from poverty; what affirma­tions you say to bring about happiness as differentiated from those used to produce prosperity-as if there were a different set of currents in an electrical wave to produce different manifestations. God is impersonal, omnipotent, and omniscient, as well as omni­present. He is everything at the same time. The moment you recognize the Presence of God in any place, the situation or condition of human ignorance becomes nil.

When you begin to recognize the impersonal nature of God, great areas of fear leave you. You realize then that it is not a matter of the power working or not; it is a question: Are you willing to let it into manifestation? “When you are ready, I will do the work.” When you are ready to stop this ridiculous praying to a man-god and come before The Presence with the glorious readiness to let The Power into expression, then will you see and know ” The words I [the I AM] speak are not of myself, but him that sent me.” The “words” are the manifestations that you give forth as the Son o/ the Living God.

Do you begin to see why it is, “if you make your bed in [the] hell [of belief] I AM there”? To recognize this is to see the darkness of hell dissipated in the light of Spirit. To the human sense, flames may have light and a burning heat, but this is nothing as compared with the light of Spirit. Hell is always per­sonal, and limited to the belief of a person; heaven is universal and everywhere present, and is available to everyone.

That this power has always been, goes without saying, just as we know the principle of the automobile always existed. Jesus might have ridden into Jerusalem in an auto­mobile as on an ass, as far as the existence of the principle is concerned. No one recognized the principle; hence it did not seem to exist. In the same way you, in your human dark­ness, do not recognize the presence of heaven here and now, and so it does not exist to you.

Because of the limitations of human lan­guage, terms of symbology and parables are used to bring out the hidden meaning of the visible-invisible; yet it is ridiculous to com­pare the power of God with the power of electricity.

The Power is so much beyond the limited illustrations man can give, that words utterly fail to convey the idea, and the best illustra­tions only raise many queries in the mind of the reader. Who can define the Infinite?

The first fear, then, to be eradicated is the false interpretation of the “fear of God,” not the belief in a power opposed to God. When you are unafraid of God because you are beginning to understand the ALL-Now of the All-Presence, and are ceasing the terrible struggle to make this Power work according to human standards; when you cease to fear him as a terrible tyrant, meting out horrible punishments to helpless victims of his caprice —then will you begin to know “the peace that passeth all understanding, “for” in the twinkling of an eye “you will see that all fears are induced merely by the lack of under­standing of God-“the fear of God “-the understanding of this great Power so com­pletely fills you that there is no room for any other ” fear.”

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” The reverence for, and aligning of oneself with, this glorious Power, is the beginning of wisdom. You will see the human fears for what they are-the product of a double mind. A man I met, working in the service of God, was afraid lest he could not get sufficient money to keep his church in operation. What about it? Do you suppose that this great Power, desiring to express it­self, fails to supply everything necessary to make this possible, without the aid or assist­ance of man? Who is this man who thinks he has to strain every nerve to bring in the Christ Kingdom?         Who is this poor benighted soul who imagines that if he does not make a place for God to express, God will not be expressed? Where is that one who is seek­ing no favors, nor any permission to express that which God hath given him to express? Where is the one that needs no recommenda­tion, but finds the temple doors flung wide open to him?     Is it that one who, as Crom­well says, “hath the true fear of God in his heart” to such an extent that “there is no room for any other fear”?

You who read this page, what is the nature of your fear? First, what of the fear of God? What do you actually feel in your heart regarding this God? Are you afraid of him? Do you fear him in the old sense of the word, or do you “fear” (reverence) him as the great Impersonal Power? If you but learn to be unafraid of this Power, you will be like the learned electrician. Your fear and super­stition regarding the truth will melt away along with the other fears of evil, poverty, and disease.

“The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” Do you hear, you who read this line? The door is opening to you-the door into the glorious land of understanding, through which you may enter and be free. They (your fears) may seem terrible and imminent. They may seem sere to annihilate you until you learn that through the unafraid state of mind they will flee. You cannot fear anything when your heart is full of the fear of the Lord, remembering that you are won­derfully and “fearfully” made, and that the power which is to activate this mechanism is now in full manifestation.

“Come, ye children, hearken unto Me; and I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” The I AM will reveal to the unafraid soul all the wonders that are hidden beneath the “fear.” The eyes of the blind will be opened. You will begin to see that although some may say “Peace, peace, and there is no peace,” and some may retain the “the fear of the Lord” in their hearts and suffer the pangs of the damned, yet others may be so filled with the “fear of the Lord “that no other fear can enter. Do you see? Do you hear—you who read this line? Does not your heart suddenly burn with a glorious joy? Are you not aflame with the glory of the new revela­tion-you who read this line? You have nothing to fear because you have the “fear of God.”

You will begin to read the secret doctrine and see the things that are hidden away from the wise and prudent. You will begin to see how the letter often contradicts itself as well as confuses. Witness this for prosperity;


“By humility and fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life.”


Interpret this from the negative meaning of the word “fear” and you have a contrary argument to the non-fear state that appears to be necessary for the relative world of finance to-day. Fear is to be ejected at all costs, and as fear so it is, but consider this with its true meaning, with your heart full of it, and you will see that prosperity is not a matter of demonstration, but a matter of recognition. You cannot help but manifest prosperity, any more than an electric bulb could refuse to illuminate when the power is turned on.

“Search the Scriptures.” You will learn to search the deep hidden meaning of the Word. “I will reveal myself to you.”

It is only when your heart is full of the Dear of the Lord that you can truly say, “I shall fear no evil,” concluding with the glorious reason, “For thou [the understand­ing] art with me.”


“He that hath the true fear of God in his heart hath no room for any other fear.”


It is wonderful.




Chapter Twenty Two


I AM the Great White Light in which all the visible and invisible colour of the universe and heaven rest. My name is O Colourful One—I am full of light that is white and glistening and at the same time is multi­coloured and many-hued. My white light passes through the prism of human thinking, reasoning, or teaching, and takes on seven distinct rays. And man, looking through a glass darkly and with the double eye, sees as many different paths all claiming to be the truth; but so long as a man remains in the personal idea of the truth he had not yet seen the Great White Light of his True Self in which are hidden all things-hidden only to the eye that is double.

He may follow a single ray of colour, think­ing that he at last has the truth, only to find that it terminates in disillusionment. One by one he may exhaust the paths, until finally he comes to the Great White Light of his Soul. It is the whole garment alone that can satisfy, and this comes, not by a mediator, but through the Christ within, and until man learns this he will go seeking in every strange place and chasing every will-o’-the-wisp of colour, hoping to fund peace and the All. He will find what the man finds who believes literally that a pot of gold hangs at the end of the rainbow.

Pretty soon he begins to see the Great White Light of his Soul-and, as he recog­nizes this, he sees hidden in this’ all the glorious colours of Soul. A million colours and tints burst upon his startled eyes as he goes from glory to glory-for he suddenly realizes that for the first time he is seeing. “Having eyes, ye see not,” is changed to the glorious explanation, “Whereas before I was blind, now I can see.” He is thrilled with the exquisite bliss of the awakening in the new heaven (state of consciousness) and the new earth (manifestation in the flesh). He finds there everything that he has tried for long years to demonstrate by one means or another. He finds there overflowing abundance of the All, and he is unafraid and naked. There is nothing between him and the truth-he is lost in the great swirl of colour, of light, and glory. He is bathed in its golden mists. His feet are lovely upon the mountains of in­spiration and along the still waters, limpid and blue. He lies upon the breast of the new earth under the shifting gold-dust of the sun of life. He tastes of the bliss of the peace which passeth all understanding. He is suddenly One with the Universe, with the All. He is everything and nothing at the same time. “When a man loses his life he shall find it” –when your personal sense of trying to run the universe is ended, and you are willing to let go of the petty personal desires, you shall taste of a fruit of life that will again admit you into the portals of your lost Eden.

Ah, how fair it stands, and has always stood, awaiting the one who could lay aside his dusty, worn, travel clothes and put on the white, shimmering robes of the Son of the Living God. “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the glories prepared for them that love thy law. “What you are about to experience when you can give up or let go of this tinsel personality—painted with the colours of effort and struggle to be or do something personal—is so far beyond anything that has ever been written or told you that the comparison is absurd. What you lose when you give up or let go of the personal something is the difference between Jesus and the Christ. And this giving up is not a straining thing when once you understand the truth as taught by the Master.

Gladys Smith may have been the teacher’s pet, been called a pretty child, and been the pride of her family; but Mary Pickford ab­sorbed all of this Gladys Smith and expanded to a creature beloved by thousands. She pushed out the border of her tent beyond anything little Gladys would ever have dreamed. Do not be afraid that your darling —the little personality that has perhaps to your eyes attained such wonderful things, and wants credit for it always—is going to be lost by giving up and letting the Christ into expression. You will lose nothing but the prison of a name and a following, and find a Name and a hollowing a million times greater than the little consecrated soul you thought you were when working to bring in the millennium and to save the world.

He who travels alone travels far—no man along the way can discuss these things with you. Either you do or you do not know that within you lies this great fountain of life which gushes up into a pure white stream—­shoots far up into the azure skies, and is transformed into a mist of glorious colour by the Sun of Life.

You are this fountain of pure White Light which is everything and anything. It can be that which it will, and is so chameleon-­like that it can harmonize with its surround­ing either for protection—lost to the human eye—or to bring forth a glorious revelation. The great floods of understanding will ever be able to speak in that colour that is un­derstandable to the listening one. Thou art all colours, twinkling, blazing, flaring up into expression.

O Colourful One, the soul of me, only through this great at-one-ment can I ever find the satisfaction of life. Only when the impersonal comes to be the personal can I re­possess my universe and find it heaven here and now.

Many have whitewashed themselves over with a false humility and set themselves in the highways of the world, proclaiming in all their meekness that they are the consecrated souls, and have come to save the world from sin. They have come to save nothing, not even themselves; they are merely selling My robe, casting lots for it in the open market of life-drawing their white garments away from Me, and making themselves official stone­ casters. Do not imagine that any personal teaching,’ however high, will satisfy you ­nothing but the discovery of the Great Soul of your True Self will do that.

“Let the filthy be filthy still”—let the personal teaching remain personal—you will find your soul in due time. A filthy mind is always seeing filth. A nude statue made to represent the truth is to him something obscene and dirty. Find out what a man is condemning, and you have a concrete picture of that roan. You give yourself away when you criticize another; you are only letting the wise man see your self which is hiding behind a personality.

O Colourful One—the soul of you—is that which makes you to know concretely-right here and now:


“I AM the light of the world [your manifest world]; he that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness [human beliefs], but shall have the light of life.”


The I AM, the O Colourful One, will cause you to see the impossibility of walking longer in the human beliefs and limitations of life. Many things that you formerly consigned to the “yes-they-may-be-possible-when-I-get-the-understanding,” will be natural. I have things to show you that I cannot tell you.

Dominion, dominion, dominion, not domi­nation. This is what I give you. There is no need to dominate in the Kingdom of Heaven, for that is only bondage. What you dominate occupies your whole time and at­tention, and hence dominates you indirectly. I give you dominion, for you have the cloak of invisibility, the cloak of many colours, any colour. Do you understand, O Colourful One? Yes, your soul leaps with joy with the bound­less possibilities of the Sons of the Living God —with the serene joy of the expression any­where, and at any time, in the manner neces­sary. Not just a painter, or a lecturer, or a dancer, but an O Colourful One, who knoweth the deep things and can give to every man that which he asketh—not as a personal gift, but by way of self-revelation.

I AM a pool of iridescent flame—in Me is all; without Me is nothing. When you are lost in My will, then you automatically func­tion from the heights of bliss, abandon, and expression.   Your individuality is not lost; it is found. The deep springs of unknown talent and accomplishment gush forth into expression. You shall speak with new tongues, both literally and figuratively. You shall be at that instant just exactly what you recognize yourself to be—when you do not strain to recognize it, but just are it by re­cognition and assumption—very easy, as the colour of white broken up into the rainbow melts from one to another hue.

O Colourful One, is the soul of you. It plays into expression, as the light plays on the water—there is no resistance to the light. It does not need to combat its supposed enemy, the darkness. It finds nothing there to fight, so the human mind, when lifted to the understanding of the Son of the Living God, will find that what it formerly considered obstacles will disappear. What to Jesus was a problem was nothing to the Christ-what to you as a human personality may seem an impossible, insurmountable obstacle is no­thing to the soul of you. The tiny resources which you hugged to yourself as a personality become as a drop in the bucket compared to the overflowing of the windows that are opened in heaven when you recognize the Power of the Son of the Living God.

Saul, going to his duty of fighting sin and evil, is blinded by the white light—so white that the human eye has not yet perceived it. It would blind the human eye, because of its limited capacities, and because of the in­describable colours and hues. Millions of tints and nuances are revealed; but by this very blinding is the obstruction removed, the name changed, and the way opened-the new way. All this is just in front of you—you who read this page. Do you hear? You? When will you lay aside the trinkets you borrowed from your masters in Egypt? They have served you well, but they are also souvenirs of your bondage.

The letter that you study is merely a memory of your bondage to the human con­cept of truth. Presently you shall cast that aside, and exclaim in the soul rapture of the Son of God, the O Colourful One, “I AM free born—I AM a Son of the Living God—I AM a joint heir with Christ.” Glory, glory, glory –and a flood of white light, with its billion of colours and tints, shall descend upon you, and your eyes shall be open, and you will know that “It is well,” and that nothing matters but you and your soul.  And in find­ing this out, then for the first time, and in the true sense of the word, everything matters, and is your special charge, and the command, “heed my sheep,” will be literally under­stood and not mutilated into a personal service.

I said “Feed my sheep”—not destroy my sheep with the personal fears and personal teaching. Who are you?—standing there with that great mantle of personality about you—passing out some tabloid statements of how to get things and how to attain spirituality by following after you? He that set­teth himself up shall be abased. Remember­ing that the Master had no patience with hypocrites, have a care that you be not classified with those who were called “vipers.” To whom will you be Judas? You may be running about smartly correcting others, and thinking thereby to win a special reward. Watch!

O Colourful One, the soul of you will cause the mantle of secrecy to envelop you. You will not care to chatter about the findings of truth-they will be too precious. Once you have been shown the jewel, the pearl of great price, and seen the luminous floods of colour of your real self, then you will know that nothing matters but the following of your own soul instructions. How and whither, no man knoweth. He that hath many cares must remain with the household of the human thought, and try to set it in order-and at the same time he may be a doorkeeper and have many duties to perform.

Do not think, because you discover your True Self, that you will sit idly by and pass out wisdom on a golden platter. You will live and release wisdom on rays of light that the whole world will see. Fear not! If there is anything to you, your fame will find its wings. The dogs barked at the feet of the Master as he passed through the streets of Jerusalem-the holier-than-thou dogs, and those who would have destroyed him. Fear not: I AM mightier than any combination of human belief. Those that are for thee are greater than those beliefs that are against thee.

O Colourful One, soul of me, shine forth—­that is, the word shine forth in the particular nuance of expression that is necessary at this instance to bring out the glories of heaven on earth. Can you see how heretofore you have asked for nothing, for you have not known how to ask? You have asked for some trifling thing in order that the human self might be glorified—in order that you might gild over a human personality and make the world fall down and worship you; but now you ask in the true way, that of appropriation. Can I speak plainer than:


“Ask, believing, ye receive.
Before ye ask, I will answer.”


Am I then, the soul of you, a liar? Is My word broken constantly and not fulfilled? Do you hear? You who read this page? You? Do not ask another—ask yourself. What are you afraid of? Letting go? Letting me direct your way? Are you going to bend it in order that it may suit another’s idea of you, or what another thinks you should do and accomplish? Be still! Until you can get over that you can never know peace.

Come out from among them (human thoughts) and be free. A man’s enemies are those of his own household (consciousness). These are the only enemies you have, and yet you have a world full of them, because you see your human thought reflected in a million mirrors of the universe. What hope is there for you to change the reflection in the mirror? I said, “I AM a new creature in Christ Jesus” —I call to your attention over and over this statement, for finally you will hear it-a new creature has no need of the old appliances, bandages, and appurtenances—fears. Do you hear? You who read this page–right now? You?

The open road lies before you, no matter if you are bound head and foot with human beliefs.    I say unto you, “I”—the O Colour­ful One—the soul of you. “I” say to you—to you who read this page—to you—are you listening (feeling)?   “I” say to you, “Rise up and walk.”

Do you hear?    You? I AM speaking to you from out the depths of your very being-I am speaking to you from out the fount of life —I am telling you something that is already possible, awaiting acceptance, awaiting recog­nition. The open road lies before you, the road upon which all things are discovered, not created. It is the Way of Life, and it leads all over My Universe, and goes directly to its Robe, and Ring, and Upper Chamber, and finds its purse and scrip. Do you hear? I AM that Way, the Blaze of Life, the O Colourful One. I go before the human mani­festation, and see that the way he travels is clear, and that there shall be no stones for him to stub his toe against. Are you afraid? I shall clothe thee in the many-coloured, seamless robes of pure white which shall be all things to all men.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I did not say you should be patched up and fixed up to look better and to have more of my goods-I said ” BE “­now, here, at this instant, ” BE ” ye ” trans­formed “-not temporarily changed-glisten­ing, shimmering, shining, white and all colours at the same time. It is wonderful-wonderful -wonderful. Heaven and earth are full of thee–of thee, of thee-the all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of it is left. No amount of hearers can ever exhaust music. Because a person listens to music he does not destroy anything of its volume-and yet he has it all. So will it be with you.

So will you go into your own garden and find the eternal Christmas-tree-the gift tree, the tree of life, situated beside the inexhaus­tible river of life-and you shall be at peace. It is wonderful, O Colourful One; it is glorious. You who read, do you hear? Be quiet, then, let go, and see the salvation of your True Self pour out into expression. Even as I now pour out the words to you on this page, so will I pour out to you your true and wondrous expression. It is well.

You shall descend into the cleansing pool of life and there taste the bliss of heaven. It is well with you-the myst-i-fications of the earth beliefs are even at this instant becoming more translucent and clear-then “through a glass darkly” is beginning to become “then face to face.” O glorious, O Colourful One with healing in your wings, with the strength that is beyond all human limitations in your arms, with the glory of youth eternal written all over you, you are even now stooping down to the human belief and lifting up the poor little personality until it shall be swallowed up in the million hues of spiritual wonders of the Kingdom here and now.





Chapter Twenty Three


“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.”


I HEARD a student in Metaphysics say to another who was sledding under a financial prob­lem—“Make out a check on the Bank of the Uni­verse.” The woman thus addressed looked amazed and replied, “But I haven’t anything in any bank on which to draw.” “Well, just visualize a bank ac­count, see yourself going to the bank and making a deposit, see yourself drawing on this account,” etc., etc. As well might she have said, “Make a check out on the Bank of England,” as the Bank of the Uni­verse, without fully explaining that in order to have a checking account on any bank it is first necessary to make a deposit in that bank. It is true that we can take out of any bank only what we put there, and it is particularly true of the Bank of the Universe.

The only deposit that anyone can make in this bank is Faith—more Faith which piles up into un­derstanding. Its safe-deposit vaults are fool- and thief-proof. Its vast accumulation is consciousness. Its rules are simple and sure of results.

Before opening an account in any bank you are interviewed. You give your name, your address, and such other information as is necessary for the bank to keep in touch with you on the shortest pos­sible notice. You do not discuss with the banker your hopes of increase, your state of poverty, etc. All he is interested in is the actual amount you are to deposit. You, in turn, understand the privileges, the rate of interest, the backing of the bank, etc., and go on your way. The symbols you have left with him you will probably never see again but this does not worry you. You take in exchange for your money a little book in which are written figures. You are satisfied, secure and at peace, although you have actually let go of everything which materially stands for money. In doing this, you are exercising Faith, not only in the man who took your money, but also in the Institution and its ability to make an increase for you.

After you have left the bank, in reality, the only place you have wealth, to the amount deposited, is in your consciousness.

All the steps you have taken in actually making this deposit are those required for one who opens an account with the Bank of the Universe—or the Infinite Source of all Good. Yet many people never open an account at this bank. They only present checks of Belief and Imagination to a bank which has neither their name nor an account to their credit.

Faith used in the smallest degree soon evolves into Understanding. The Banker of this Universal Institution gives you a few simple rules to follow. You are surprised to find that many of them you are exercising every day in the daily round of life. They are something like this:

Faith-acting and growing.

Judge not from appearances.

Full identification with your account.


All the growing and evolving is actually in the human belief, for man finds sooner or later that he is merely becoming aware of this True conscious­ness in which is a “sufficiency of all things.” What you have in your mind is what you bring into mani­festation. A picture cord that is perfectly attuned to a certain note of the piano will instantly sing out when that note is struck—whether it be in a lighted or dark room, regardless of temperature or location. If poverty or limitation is in your belief, every time that note is struck in the universe you respond. Eventually man begins to understand what is meant by the Law, “The Prince of this world (of belief) cometh and finds nothing in me.” We have already proven this to some extent. Many things pass over you now without so much as a ripple of disturbance in the mind. Accepting false reports, judging from appearances, rushing madly to grab at symbols has closed the doors of many a banking institution, when, fundamentally, nothing was wrong. Every­body who was attuned to the fear responded to it and the result was disaster for many.

“Prove me and see if I will not open windows in heaven and pour out a blessing ye shall not be able to receive.” Where is heaven? According to Jesus, it is a state of consciousness. Understand, then, that the ideas that are to be poured out to you are not in some kingdom far removed from you, but are to come directly out of the heavenly state of Con­sciousness which is within you, awaiting recognition.

The Prodigal is a good instance of this. He sat with the swine looking for a few grains of suste­nance among the husks of belief. He had already dissipated all his symbols in riotous living. He had gone into a far country of Belief. Most of us are prodigal, and most of us will remember something, and when we do, we shall arise, disregard the ap­pearances and go directly to our Father within. No questioning, no condemning, no fearing that the past accounts shall be checked up against us. We, too, shall remember “My father hath enough and to spare.” “My Father,” according to the Master, is within the consciousness of every man. The moment this memory takes place, the Prodigal rises from his state of belief and at the same moment of recogni­tion the Father rises and comes towards him. “Oh, ye of little faith.” We are afraid to trust Him, be­cause we have Him away off in some invisible King­dom. We are afraid He will not hear, or will not answer, or that He will look back on the ledgers of the past and hold us up for heavy interest. “Fear not, little flock,” has a tender compassion in it that is enough to make the greatest fear melt into noth­ingness. “Fear not, I AM with you always (all ways); I will never leave you.” Why will the Banker of the Universe never leave you? Because He is in the midst of you, keeping watch over His Own. It is only the curtain of belief that we draw by looking without and judging from appearances, that causes us to fail to see Him. We look for Him in some far-off place— “Oh, if I could only find Him” —we search through books, through teachings and into many lands for that which is within. “Behold, I stand at the door (of consciousness), and knock. If any man will open unto me I will come into him and sup with him and he with me.” Are you afraid to open the door? Awake from this hypnotism of be­lief, swing wide the portals of absolute abandon. Stand on the slippery cliff of your beliefs and say, with Job, “Even if you slay me, yet will I say you are God.” The ground you stand on is holy ground, covered over with slimy belief, which you have amassed from appearances. When every way is closed to you from the human standpoint, “I have a way ye know not of.” Where is this I, or Father? You must bring Him down out of the skies of im­agination and identify yourself with Him, as within, as the very You of You.

All man-i-festation or man is made in the image and likeness of God. You and your whole universe are fashioned after this pattern, but the human be­lief has plastered over the perfect vision with fear. “Smite the rock and make it give forth the living waters.” The unafraid will find his God here and now.

Only that which you have in consciousness can be reflected on your universe, which in reality is but, symbolically speaking, a series of mirrors. Does a man standing in front of a mirror give anything of himself? Is there any intelligence in the reflection? If the mirror is shattered and the reflection de­stroyed is anything gone? As long as you have it in consciousness you will automatically have it into manifestation, and this holds for good, bad and indif­ferent states of mind. Power is not in the reflection. It is wholly at the mercy of the reflector. Substance is not in the symbol of money, but something that is wholly outside of it.

A German woman told me an interesting story of a symbol. When the first money scare took place in Germany, she drew out her money and had it converted into a single bill of the value of One Hun­dred Thousand Marks (approximately $20,000 at that time). She took this home with fear and trem­bling, but with a certain sense of security. She had her money in her hand. A whole army of beliefs set to work in her mind. Fear of losing it, fear of thieves, fear of someone finding it out. Twice her fear nearly precipitated a robbery, something that had never happened to her before. She changed its hiding place times without number, looking at it carefully each time. Deflation came while she was away and before she could return with the piece of paper it was hardly worth the paper it was printed on. What was the matter? She still had the same piece of money which had been so valuable, but now it was worthless. She sought no more to hide it. It lay on the dresser, soaked in tears. No more fear of thieves. No more lying awake worrying about its safety, and yet it was the same bill. Nothing had changed as far as the symbol was concerned—and yet it was worthless. So it is with all symbols—they have no value in themselves—but all value is deter­mined by something unseen. So is it with the cash of the Bank of the Universe. Its value is unseen—its manifestations are infinite. A consciousness of abundance does not mean an eternal manifestation of gold. What good would gold do you in the desert if you needed water and shade? Yet the Bank of the Universe would cash a check for water and shade just as readily as for gold. “Awake Thou that sleep­est and Christ (within you) will give thee light.” Light to see the Allness of the Invisible, or as some­one has called it the “visible invisible.” Courage, “ye shall reap if ye faint not.”

When one becomes a depositor in the Bank of the Universe he learns the law of casting his bread on the water. This illustration comes to us from the rice sower. How abandoned he is as he wades through the paddies and casts his seed on the water. Does he pause to worry about the insects and small water animals that might consume it? If so, he stands hugging his measure of grain to him, which eventu­ally he will consume, with no increase. “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden (with be­lief) and I (within you) shall give you rest.” What a heavenly invitation to abandon yourself to the God within and act upon the guidance of this Power.

Intuition evolves by leaps and bounds when man begins even in a small way to rely on his TRUE Self.

Holding on to the symbol of life stops all activity, and brings the disheartening fact to light that the substance of the symbol is daily diminishing. No in­terest is paid on symbols withheld, no increase is given, and yet we are told that the measure shall be full, shaken together and finally running over.

Immediately the human reasoning interposes the question, “What-am I to release all my symbols in order to get increase?” and the answer is, “No.” If you are using the Truth like a game of chance in which you imagine the chances are all in your favor, you will lose. The person who gives or releases with the thought of getting his money back with increase, is in reality only playing a game of the Belief world. “The measure (MOTIVE) you mete to the universe shall be returned to you.”

As you begin to abandon yourself and your world to the God of the All Good, perception, clear and beautiful will come forward. The scales will falloff your eyes and you will see. “Whereas before I was blind now I can see”-for “Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard the glories that God has prepared for those who love His law.” The human mind cannot believe or accept the God-Universe; it is entirely too good to be true to know that within every man is the voice which dictates the Way and the Truth and Light, and yet it is True. What we call Masters are men who have in some degree realized that the only place they can know God is within themselves, and are relying on the inner urge and acting upon it at once.

Whereas before I was blind (Now-right this moment as you read and contemplate this wonderful revelation) NOW I can see—do you begin to under­stand and sense the revelation of the new LIGHT coming through you into manifestation.

Do you begin to understand that—Now you are to appropriate this glorious revelation. When Jesus spoke to anyone he asked one simple thing “Believ­est thou this?” that is the ONE thing you have to an­swer. Do you believe in GOD??

The law of secrecy comes into play. “That which is told in secret is called from the house-tops”-that which you recognize in the invisible shall be called from the house-tops of manifestation. Talking it over with another will only dissipate the energy which should go into the manifestation. There is a sermon in the words “See that you tell no man”—and “Show John.” Tell no one-when the manifes­tation is there you can show John.

“Fret not yourself”—“Fear not”—“I am with you always.” “He watching over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps”—the “He” watching over Is­rael is your Inner Self. He is mindful of His own, He rests the compassionate love UPON You, and whispers deep in your soul, “It Is Well with you NOW.”

“The earth is the Lord’s (not John Smith’s) and the fullness thereof”—if you believe this you will stop asking John Smith for that which is the Lord’s. The fullness—the fullness—the fullness thereof, and you are in the midst thereof and it, the full­ness, is in the midst of you. Amen.




Chapter Twenty Four


ART THOU a Christian—?

And Jesus enumerated the works of spirit and we can well imagine the eyes of Nicodemus grew wide with wonderment because when Jesus spoke, it was the WORD that fused with his words and made them take shape and form as he spoke-but Nicodemus, still filled with wonder, asked: “How can these things be?”

The answer Jesus gave him is a classic question of all times-and more especially to the Christian.

“Art thou a master and ask these things?”

Art thou a Christian and ask whether the healing can take place or not? Art thou a professor of the WORD and yet are wondering when, or if, it can heal the tangled patters of human thought that is holding you captive?

You admit you are a Christian-and yet admit you are unable to heal the sick? What is the diffi­culty? Art thou a Christian and are still asking whether you can or will be healed? Does this terri­ble question send you headlong into oblivion? Does this confusion of thought cause you to realize that you have yet to BELIEVE? Has your “believing” only been a form of credulity of the human mind?

Art thou a Christian and ask these questions? Do you—are you still standing in the place of “maybe it can happen?” Art thou a Christian and are still trying to reduce the Power of God to the level of trying to human thinking, saying at the same instant “who by taking thought can etc.?” Art thou a Christian and are still TRYING to heal the sick? Jesus admitted he could do nothing of himself—BUT—and that is the point, the apex of the whole matter, you either enter into, the new mansion of being a Christian and begin to see manifestations, or are guessing and  plundering with a “System” of the truth is which there is nothing but confusion and disappointment.

“Believest thou that I am able to do this?” As­ other question that only a Christian can answer, for the moment you do believe, manifestation or what the world calls demonstration falls into place with the ease that a shadow is cast.

Art thou a Christian and still wonder whether the problem you are hypnotized by can be disinte­grated? The moment you recognize it even though no sign is visible, you have reached the charmed combination of “Whereas before I was blind NOW I can see.” Now, at that instant of recognition of the Blessed WORD, do you suddenly leap into the air out of the distorted picture of human thought and belief.

It is wonderful-and so it is.

All this lovely LIGHT is infinitely remote to the one who believes in two powers-though he pro­fesses with his lips that he is a Christian.

By your own words are you made or destroyed—-“Thou art the man.” As he talked the spirit said unto him, “Thou art the man”-self-accused, self­made. It is suddenly magnificent when you become a Christian. Things begin to appear; are revealed—discovered. In the barren place of nothing, suddenly everything. It always has been so. The key to the situation was the discovery that you are a Christian, a Christed one, and suddenly all is changed. “In the twinkling of an eye.” “Look again”—-what has hap­pened? In the place of nothing is everything. Art thou a Christian? Do you believe?





Chapter five


MY FATHER worketh hitherto and I work­

First the celestial mechanics and then “I work”; the mechanics of expression will take care of them­selves. Expression becomes automatic-and inspira­tional.

At every instance of the actual operation of the LAW, Jesus made it plain He could do nothing, and had to step aside and let the “Celestial Mechan­ics” take place—that is LET the LAW—-the LAW of God operate in the Kingdom of heaven. This will not be apparent as long as man tries to assist by either taking thought or trying to reason a situation out.

Before him he has a picture which is set in the vise of human belief, and has long since lost the last vestige of fluidity. When he sees this he will stop trying—and return unto ME—to the FATHER or to the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE, instead of relying on the pseudo intelligence of human reasoning. WHO BY TAKING THOUGHT CAN MAKE THE THREE DROPS POUR INTO INFINITE STREAMS-OR BY ‘TREATING’ CAN MAKE THE FIVE LOAVES COME FORTH IN SUCH ABUNDANCE THAT THERE ARE TWELVE BASKETS OVER AFTER EVERY­ THING WAS FILLED? No human mechanics can do this. It has to stem from the celestial or God operation. When the human mind stops all efforts and returns to the source of all movement-then it moves upon him, as the LIGHT moves upon the face of the deep and reveals.

The mechanics take place automatically, and man finds himself doing the right thing even under the most untoward circumstances. He finds that through the impossibility of human belief the possibility of the Presence suddenly appears, as the sun suddenly absorbs the light of a million candles. Did you ever see a powerful searchlight at noonday pointed at the sun? Exactly the same thing happens when a man returns to the ONE. It completely absorbs the manifestation of human thought.

When the action of the human mind is stopped, then it is that the action of man blends with the ONE action, and manifestation automatically falls into place—“my Father worketh and I work.” The reflexes are automatic, natural, and move in the di­rection of complete accomplishment. Man uncon­sciously and without the foolishness of imagination enters into a new dimension. He becomes aware of something he has not yet known, and begins to feel it moving through his temple body, coming into manifestation.

“And he planted a tree eastward, in the garden and there he put man.” This is the perfect Edenic state of the Permanent Identity. He can enter into this original state of harmony and experience the surge and the urge of the ONE power, and discover for the first time:—“before you ask I will answer,” because the Celestial Mechanics operate before the shadow or reflection is cast into the manifest world. Integrity is the key note. Having done all, stand and see—don’t help or assist in the Birth of the Child—“LET the child be born.” The action of God is au­tomatic, unlabored, untrammeled and instant. It is the revelation of that which is. “The former things,” created by thought, have passed away. Sunk deep in ancestor teachings and beliefs, man fights appear­ances instead of devitalizing them by taking away the thought which supports them. The moment thought is taken away appearances fall into their native dust. “My Father worketh hitherto.” Then it is really done “and I work”—or let the manifesta­tion come through. The mechanics take care of themselves automatically; they are revealed. “You do not need to fight.” You need to recognize that the Celestial Mechanics are already done. I go before you to prepare a place, an elevation beyond former beliefs. The eternity is God’s opportunity, not yours. Why not let Him have it for a change, and suddenly discover that you “shall run and not be weary?” The Celestial Mechanics operate from a level utterly unknown to human thought.






Chapter Twenty Six



“Each one of us is made up of ten thousand different and successive states-a scrap heap of units-a mob of individuals.”



THE CONFUSION that has manifest it­self so completely in the world today is not from wars and rumors of wars, but from a wandering in a “foreign land”—a land of Adam—a land estab­lished on a belief in two powers. Man has put on dozens of false faces and has remembered and car­ried over many of the “Mob of individuals” into the present-day life. So does he wander through the “valley of the shadow” on the rim of the burning hell and through a thousand and one evil conditions. When he suddenly—and it will be suddenly—hears the words of Jesus Christ “Call no man your father” he will loose much belief and history (his story). All the “mob personalities” having their roots in an­cestor teaching will slide off him, and he will be free; he will be even as the Prodigal when he came in sight of his real home. It will be just as it has al­ways been and the patrimony he seemed to have spent will still be intact. Suddenly he learns that all the states of thought are illusions and have no reality except the recognition given them.

“To be absent from the body” is not some fan­tastic experience: it is recognizing the Presence and automatically doing away with the “two”—you and God. There is just God, and you are the point through which this power comes into manifestation. Once you discover this you begin to understand why Jesus went to the Father every time he came into an area of unsolvable thought. A state of thought that is intensified more and more as so ­called time goes on-until he “stops thinking.” The moment he does, manifestation created by the state of thought disappears, and he is free. It is instanta­neous and wonderful. An evil—a disease is only as old as the last thought.

Where did all the evil come from—the devil, the evil manifestations? You are told that the devil is a creation of thought—taking, judging from appear­ances, and making these findings a basis of life. From “Walking up and down and to and fro came the devil”; he is made up of accepting what you see with foreshortened human sight, instead of what you SEE when you return to the Father. Jesus devitalized thought-forms of hunger, not by working for bread and fish, but by suddenly breaking the thought form by taking away the power of thought which was sustaining them.

The moment you BELIEVE you cease to see manifestations of human thought and evil. Thus an incurable man with forty years of disease is found suddenly leaping and rejoicing. No convalescing, for there is nothing to convalesce from. There is a sudden going to a new state, a new dimension. It is wonderful when we begin to see that the states of thought about us are sustained by the very force that is fighting them. There is only one power and that is Present always and in all ways.

We follow the pattern of the ancestors. It has been well established and recognized as true and even venerated. It is like a rut which we worship, until suddenly we begin to see that something can lift us from this RUT which is so abhorrent. After­wards when we begin to see there is but ONE power and that the manifestation of evil is not the effect of another power, but of the one power which has been used to animate the ancestor teach­ing: pure hypnotism. Suddenly there is another ele­vation-another mansion into which we can in­stantly enter and be freed from all that was distaste­ful without making a so—called demonstration. The Recognition comes that manifestation is always fall­ing into dust and that the moment thought is taken from it, it results in its own demise without effort. You don’t have to get rid Of ANY THING OR PERSON—you have to take from the situation the thought that is sustaining it and the manifestation will take care of itself no matter how long it has been established as an absolute law or rule. “In the twinkling of an eye all shall be changed” and so it is. . . . This ceases to be “Bible” language and be­comes a statement of LAW, and “in the twinkling of an eye” is pretty quick; it is in direct ratio to the sudden taking from the evil manifestation that which is holding it together. When the water is taken from the sand castle which the child builds on the seashore and it is dry, it is blown away: it is nothing. Where is the shape of the castle then? It is in the same place as the shape of evil you sustained by feeding it with recognition and imagining it came from the DEVIL who was a Power against God. Well, it is against God and acts in a militant way until recognition is made and we cease the two­ power business and discover it is only possible to have evil because we believe in two powers and do not understand that there is but ONE which we, being free agents, attempt to use in our own way and thus create a pseudo universe. The moment we see this we take the power from the manifestation and it falls into the dust. It is wonderful that this can be “in the twinkling of an eye”—just as fast as you can LET it happen—not make it happen. No wonder then that Jesus returned unto the Father and away from the pictures of evil in front of Him which were being sustained by thought.

Self-consciousness is completely de-valuated, and SELF Consciousness takes over, and the evil pic­tures and forms disintegrate. A man who thought he was exposed to a loathsome disease died, the re­sult of an experiment by some scientists. He devel­oped all the symptoms of the disease he never had simply by being told he had accidentally slept in a bed in which a cholera patient had died. He mani­fested the whole thing and passed on. This account taken from the London Lancet. Even his body con­tained cholera virus. So you see, and as the gentle­man from the South said “I sees what I sees and I hears what I hears and I draws my own delusions.” It is well to return to the Father as a reality instead of an experiment in religion. Just walk into it—just melt into it, just recognize it and assume it and let the sand castle fall again into the sand. The thought force being taken away, your greatest evil is nothing but a thing in time—an illusion—a memory.

Everything is done in the Now. Until this is dis­covered we will continue to work in the future. Waiting and waiting for something to happen which has already happened. All the pictures in time have already taken place and are waiting recognition, and if they do not get RECOGNITION they are stillborn, they are clouds without rain. It is wonderful. We know that a bud on a tree can be crushed by the pressure of the fingers, which if left to grow can be a high branch. It is all in the “Awake thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee LIGHT. We are awakening into that which is and into the Now and seeing the parade of the manifestation that comes from the “Mob of individuals.”

When you accept that you are the SON of the Living God you are through with the re-incarnation of the Adam self-creating thought. It is then you discover you are in the world but not of it. You are “No more under the curse (fate) of the law but you move with the LAW and not with the misin­terpretation of it through the use of thought.” The matrix of the perfect creation is eternal-and you return to that instead of trying to correct the dis­torted manifestation you have brought out by tak­ing thought. It is wonderful.





Chapter Twenty Seven



“AND THE WORD of the Lord came unto me saying:”

“Son of man prophesy against the prophets of Israel that prophesy, and say unto them that prophesy out of their own hearts. HEAR YE THE WORD OF THE LORD.”

In the twinkling of the eye all the necromancy of the human prophets goes zig-zagging down into Hell—into the flames of purification—into the Ge­henna (the burning garbage dumps) to be utterly consumed away and all the evil it entails with its hypnotism and mutterings. It is said that “No man knoweth what a day brings forth”— Do you know a man who prophesies f or years ahead and in the final analysis discovers he was only exposing the human thought pattern of evil in his own life?

“Woe unto the foolish prophets that follow their own spirit, and have seen NOTHING.”

That evil you see or prophesy for another is merely the illusion of your own fear cast on the others be­fore you and attached to another. There is no es­cape for the prophet of evil, and the prophet of good carries manifestation with him. “I AM theLORD . . .”

“They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, the Lord saith: and the Lord hath not sent them: and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word.”

They have established a false faith in their powers to peep under the altars of the righteous and predict evil to come, covered with a light veneer of good. And they resort to the oldest trick of the trade: “The Lord said it, albeit I have not spoken.”

A thousand prophets try to put over the idea that they have a private line of communication with the Powers that be—and that they are free to prophesy, through one system or another, of evil to come. But then comes the WORD— “The Word of the Lord came unto me saying” . . . “Because ye have spoken vanity and SEEN lies, therefore behold I AM against you.”

Finally the false prophet begins to understand what it is to have “I AM against you” come to pass. He runs from one of the best “established” signs to another, finding them all reeds shaken by the wind.

“And mine hand shall be upon the prophets that SEE vanity, and that divine LIES.”

And then it is recorded that “they have seduced my people saying, `peace, peace and there was no peace.'” And then it is said they shall build a wall and “daub it with untempered mortar.” They shall cover it with the double talk of belief in two pow­ers, predicting evil in order to bring about their devices of so-called good. Many people are deceived with systems of fortune telling and divination, and many WALLS are well daubed with untempered mortar, and offer a splendid disguise. And then: “Say unto them that daub with UNTEMPERED mor­tar, that it shall fall; there shall be an overflow­ing shower, and ye O great hail-stones shall fall, and a stormy wind shall rend it.” (Ezek. 13:11)

And many false prophets go into the temple, di­verting souls from the Light by telling them it is needful to divine the evil patterns of the stars to find out what is needful to be done. When a man hears the word “call no man your father,” he is sud­denly lifted above all star patterns of evil for he is born of God. A strange and weird thing usually happens to the prophets of evil; a subtle undoing takes place in their lives. The money they have taken has an ugly way of leaving them, and they are in the valley of indecision unable to find their way through the maze of charts and predictions they have made. They have turned many from faith in God to belief in other gods. In their despair they call for a ‘way’—not made with hands—but eternal in the heavens, not a way of evil but a way of Light.

“Lo, when the wall is fallen, shall it not be said unto you “Where is the DAUBING WHEREWITH YOU DAUBED IT?” The irony of that last question is answered with the picture of destruction to that, one who carries on the business of necromancy in the name of the Lord. Saying “The Lord saith:”­—

This is the clarion call to those who have been caught in the necromancy of it all. He suddenly sees deliverance from the hypnotism of belief in two powers and no amount of fast clever double talk will convince him that God employs evil in order to produce good.

“So I will break down the wall you have daubed with untempered mortar.” It is interesting the Power which sees through the “daub with untempered mortar” situation, and the wall it has builded up of which it is said, the foundations of it shall be DISCOVERED, and it shall f all and be consumed in the midst thereof, and YE shall know that I AM the LORD. Gilding mud is futile, though it may fool some.

“Therefore ye shall see no more vanity, nor di­vine divinations; f or I will deliver my people out of your hand, and ye shall know that I AM the LORD.

Interesting the words “Divine Divinations”; so much of the present day divinations is done with a sort of pseudo-spiritual background—as if the dis­covery of evil to come could possibly help the eter­nal Presence into a further manifestation.



The Impatient Dawn



Walter C. Lanyon

Author of
2 A.M.
and Others








































A beautiful bird beat its lovely wings against its cage, struggling in vain to gain its inborn freedom, – only to settle on its perch, – frustrated and defeated.

Had I been granted but one wish at that moment I would have opened the door, – freeing those lovely wings which so ached with the desire to fan the cool ethers.

. . . . .

And then I realized that all about me were men and women, locked in their cages of thoughts and beliefs, – far stronger than the bars imprisoning the bird.

Many doors had been opened, – religion, psychology, hobbies, work, – all of which had been tried, but still no surcease from the beating of the soul-wings against the hateful cage. Most of them had retreated to their perches, – dejected and frustrated, like the bird.

. . . . .

Then came Jesus Christ, – not as a teacher, but a Revelator of the New-old Dimension. The clear, crystal stream of His New-old consciousness flowed through the dark subterranean passages of human belief. With a thousand and one parables and illustrations did He give to the world the Power to arise into this plus-value of life.

Now and again the up-gush of His Revelation has broken through the ground of established beliefs and spurted high into the air, as a gusher coming from the center of the earth. Man has always explained the miracle by science or human reason, -or failing that, concluded he had been duped.

But the stream continued on its urgent way, nearer and nearer the surface, -diffusing a thousand and one religious and psychological doctrines. “The Voice crying in the wilderness” of human thought is now being heard through the confusing, difficult veils of theology which has made that which was “given unto a child” something beyond the reach of man.

Man proclaims that he believes in Jesus, but finds the miracles something ‘outside’ his ken. Jesus insisted on the naturalness of this new dimensional teaching, eschewing any personal claim to it, -dating it before Abraham.

And again, in every word and deed He showed it was not a special GIFT to any particular man, -nor could it be learned from books, -but is discovered within each one. The invitation is to EVERY man, good, bad or indifferent.

“If ye believe”, -and then follows a list of things which can only be classified under the heading of the Fourth Dimension, – entirely outside and beyond the capacities of the three-dimensional human thinking, which has a beginning and an ending.

Jesus is the first and the only Revelator who made good His every statement. In the vernacular of the streets, “He laid it on the table”, -proclaiming nothing He did not produce. When He said, “Receive your sight”, sight WAS, where blindness had existed as an incurable condition, -and likewise through the whole gamut of human difficulties, -indicating that we have been hypnotized by the findings of the brain-mind and by the “judging according to appearances”

All the world awaited His coming for eons of time, – and all the world looks back upon it as the most momentous and the only new and original event to ever take place.

With such startlingly simple statements as “I AM the DOOR”, He gave the Keys to the Kingdom, but men have rejected the simplicity of His teaching in favor of the findings of the microscopic human mind.

* * *

The Soul of you, -that Immortal BEing which will not die, – which cannot die, – stands pressing against the cage of human thought, even as the Impatient Dawn presses against the purple curtain of night, – waiting, – waiting, – waiting for the password.

“If any man hear My Voice”, – ah, that is it! If any man HEAR My Voice”, – -he will rend the temple veil. The Aurora of his Immortality will draw back the dark curtain of night and frighten the evil constellations of human beliefs into oblivion. They shall disappear as rain-drops falling upon a river. And Apollo, the Soul, will come forth, his flaming, prancing chargers breathing long rays of Light and Power which shall penetrate the darkest forests of human fears, – revealing a NEW heaven and a NEW earth. Diana, the negative subconscious embodiment, will fade, – all the brilliance and color drained from her by the understanding of LIGHT. She will vanish with her satellites, like a flock of sheep across yon mountain top, – and the Shining, NEW DAY will burst into expression.

* * *

The restless, prancing steeds of the Impatient Dawn of your NEW Day will no longer be held in check. You must ARISE and make the gesture of Life, – the gesture which is to reach through the paralysis of human thinking and limitations, – impelled by the awakened Soul of you which can no longer be confined in the prison-house of the beliefs of men.

That Impatient Dawn is pressing against the door of your awakened consciousness, – waiting to reveal to you the secret of your BEing, – waiting to lead you into your God-given heritage, – waiting, trembling on the very brink of SELF-expression.


Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, – even the death of the cross.”

THE DRAMATIC INSTINCT in man is so strong that whenever he mentions or thinks of Jesus, he automatically places Him in a theatrical background, so glorified as to set it completely apart from the remotest possibility of naturalness. He forgets that at the time of Jesus, flowing robes, purple, fine linen and long hair were the vogue of that time, just as sack suits and military haircuts are today.

There is no mention made of the robes of Jesus being outstandingly beautiful. True, there was the seamless robe, – not so much a comment on His clothes, perhaps, as an illustration of the wholeness of His teaching. In fact, Jesus asked the very pertinent question, – “What went ye out for to see”, – a fashion show, or to hear a revelation. It is more than possible that the rich young man mentioned in the Bible, as well as many others, were dressed in silks and brocades.

Have we, then, been caught in the very thing against which He cautioned us? Is this beautiful teaching and revelation given us by Jesus as a usable every-day pattern of life always to be wrapped in dramatics? Will we perpetually be an audience watching a drama?

The tendency to glamorize anyone in the limelight is common to all men. It has a tremendous financial urge back of it. But as with Jesus, so with all the idols of the stage, – sooner or later lots will be cast for the robes. The sport of the human mind is to build an idol, – and then attempt to discover its clay feet.

And again, the decore and background against which Jesus moved were natural and normal to the times.

Can you imagine Jesus in a tweed suit? At first the idea shocks the sensibilities. But suppose He was with us today, – or rather, suppose your consciousness was of such a level as to permit you to see Him today, – would you want Him to go about in flowing robes True, there is yet this practice in America, a thousand and one “prophets” and “teachers” have donned robes entirely out of keeping with the times, playing on the dramatic value, – and people have followed. But Jesus was of all things, natural and normal. He said definitely, “I live in the world, but not of it”. This did not set Him apart anymore then than it would now, for we find ample proof of His moving with the people, high and low. In fact, He was accused of being a friend of harlots and wine bibbers. Jesus was unafraid to live His life. He held no brief with hypocrisy and spiritual wickedness, gossip or scandal,

Can you imagine Jesus and His mother attending a wedding of a Hollywood star? Well, why not? They attended a wedding-feast in Cana, which from the record, was very spirited, to say the least, – not very much different from our present-day affairs.

There is no intent to take from the Glory of Jesus, – but rather to emphasize the fundamental Truth of His teaching. It is not difficult for one to bend the knees at the Name of Jesus, so great is our reverence for Him, – but just reverence for a dramatic or historical character is not sufficient. If Jesus ever was sad or disconsolate, it must have been when He asked the question, – “Have I been so long with you, and yet … ?” He did not want them to set Him aside or apart in any way whatsoever. He only wanted what every true teacher and revelator wants, – namely, that the students and followers absorb and use the teachings, rather than deify the teacher. He wanted them not only to do the works He did, but to exceed Him, – assuring them they could. “The works I do, ye shall also do, – and greater than these shall ye do.”

Until we take away the dramatic, emotional side of our acceptance of the beautiful Revelation, the whole endeavor is reduced to a fascinating story of a man, – and is of no practical use to us in every-day life.

You would laugh at the idea that every time you approached mathematics, you would have to put on a special garment of ancient origin and arrange yourself against a special back-ground of proper dramatic value.

We know that mathematics is not affected by race, color or creed. Neither is it more operative in one temperature than in another, nor is it more present in a magnificent university than in the little red school-house, or for that matter, the slums of a great city. All that is necessary is the recognition of the law of mathematics for the unfoldment from simple addition to the most complicated equation in relativity.

Talking of and about mathematics will not work out a problem, no matter how ever much you respect it. Unless you become a mathematician in one degree or another, nothing happens. And when you do, the stream of power comes through you, uses your body through which to express, – -proving the problem was already solved. Every mathematician knows the answers to all problems already exist, whether he is aware of the answer or not. But the recognition of it as passing through him enables him to arrive at the already established fact.

So with the Revelation of Jesus, – it is everywhere present, is no respecter of persons, is as available to the greatest criminal as to the most high priest. It is just as present in the worst hell-hole as in the lofty temple. Being everywhere, it is nowhere until it is recognized and “let” into manifestation, and it is of no value until this takes place.

Jesus, too, said the answer existed before the problem, – “Before you ask, I will answer, and while you are yet speaking, I shall give it unto you”, – and again, “Thank you, Father, I knew that this was done”, – in this latter instance, making concession to the mass-mind which believes something must be done. Yet He did not touch the woman who was healed in the crowds. She touched Him. The wonderful recognition in her came forth and met the perpetual agreement of His consciousness, and the answer, which always had existed, became a reality to her.

Jesus was not pleased with blood-sacrifice, – asking only the sacrifice of the human thought with its limitations and its terrific bondage. He was always looking for someone who could take it, – -always seeking a temple-body who would stand up to the point of equality with Him. That great unselfishness on His part is the God-Love within Him, and within us. He found it once in the Centurion who came boldly up to Him with recognition of the Power and who deigned to set himself on an equal level when it came to authority. “I have not seen so great a faith, – no, not in all Israel!” How would you like that to be said of you?

What do you suppose the widow’s mite meant to a Man who could with impunity feed five thousand? But it was important enough to be recorded. The motive of the widow was greater than the “measure” of the rich.

As long as we continue to imprison this beautiful revelation of Jesus in garb, books, teachers and temples, it will be nothing but another philosophy. Most of Jesus’ teachings were given out of doors, He went seldom in the Temple. When He did, He astounded them with His Light, – and they began the old roundelay, “How does this man speak, seeing- he has no learning”. They went even farther than this in the protection of their limited views of life and were glad to shout at Him when He was going through His greatest manifestation, – “He saved others, – Himself he cannot save”. Yes, and the derisive shouts, “Come down from the cross”. Had He done this, – and He could have, – He would have defeated the purpose of His teachings and we would still be awaiting the Messiah who would save the world. What world? Your world, of course, – the only world you know anything about.

A thousand religions have been hung upon Him, like barnacles on a ship. This is no diatribe against any of them, but nevertheless, there can be only ONE interpretation of the Truth that two times two are four. True, you can write it in Roman numerals or even signs, but the principle is ONE and remains unchanged and eternal, – regardless of opinions to the contrary.

Simpler than the laws of mathematics are the laws of Truth. A child can understand and employ them through the capacity of the unsullied mind which accepts and brings out that acceptance with apparent ease. When the child-like consciousness enters a thing; all the universe cooperates to bring it about, – all of which is foolishness to the adult mind whose greatest capacity is to commit adultery. It will endeavor to take away such beautiful laws from the child through false education. He learns to smile with tolerance or derision at the things he formerly believed possible, stumbling along through the morass of human life until finally he comes to an insurmountable hurdle. Then he may realize there is something greater than John Smith and all his intellection, plus that of all his text-books and teachers, – and perhaps he will “let go” and (‘let God” into expression through his body-temple and be saved. Saved from what? His own thought creation.

The Philistines did the same thing, and finally a giant named Goliath dominated that city (state of consciousness) so completely that it was faced with destruction. Then comes the point of LIGHT, David with his sling and five pebbles, – the five senses which had been extended into the consciousness of Cod, – marking the end of Goliath.

To be of any real worth, this law cannot be a will-o-the-wisp of imagination which works sometimes, any more than can the law of mathematics. “Having eyes, ye see not, – and ears, ye hear not”. Why? Because you are so blinded by the accepted appearances of your creating (your giant) that you know you are about to be destroyed by it.

It takes but one pebble, – but one sense extended beyond the human limitations, to do the trick. “Open your eyes!” You say they are open, and you are straining to see. But there is nothing to see on the outside, not yet, – the sight is within.

All the commands appear to be physical, to call for some physical action, – but unless they are heard, the physical remains helpless under the control of the limitations of its belief. When the hearing is extended to the point of acceptance, then the command becomes physical and you can and will “arise and walk”.

Jesus did not see five thousand leaves and two thousand fishes with his physical eyes, neither the fields white with grain, until He saw them within, then the consciousness was projected into the realm of manifestation.

I like to think of Jesus walking through the wheat-fields and along the beaches, sandles scuffed just as ours would be. He was so natural as to be a present possibility here and now. The glorious recognition of the Presence was always waiting to come forth at every turn of the road. He constantly endeavored to ensnare men with His love, – to awaken them to their own possibilities.

The “well done thou good and faithful servant” will not come through lip service, nor yet through sacrifice, – but through going forth and doing likewise, – stepping out on the waters of human beliefs. Every time we act from the consciousness of God within, we smash patterns of human beliefs, – and so the leper is healed or made clean. One of the old prophets showed the nothingness of human disease when he put his hand in his bosom and took it out white with leprosy, and with the same gesture, brought it forth clean. How did he do it? By thinking? Saying words? Mantras? Or following a human belief? What do you say?

Why are we awed at the thought of Jesus either in tweeds or in flowing robes? Is it a false sense of modesty? The hypocritical human mind is so humble and meek when it wants anything, – and so boastful and ugly when it seems to be sailing on calm seas.

“In ALL thy ways, acknowledge HIM, and He shall (not maybe, or perhaps) bring it to pass.)’ Is that good enough. It is entirely fool-proof, – there isn’t the “exception which proves the rule” to the human thought. There is one hundred percent delivery of the promise.

As you read the teachings of Jesus you will see there are no pastel shades, but pure, primary colors. When He makes an experiment in the laboratory of Life, He takes the ultimate in impossibility, – never some lesser gradation. He does not work with tints, nuances and shades of color, but makes His picture “contrasty” by the use of the primary colors. Such pictures as the one of a man being born blind, – not a case of faulty eye-sight or a blindness which had come upon a man, – but a case of blindness from birth. And again, a man dead four days, with the ugly picture of putrefaction and all the beliefs, or for that matter; the absolute knowledge of the human mind.

And the indifference of it all, – such a Divine indifference which freed reality from the self-hypnosis of human thought. “Whereas, before I was blind, NOW I can see.” Was it dramatic? Yes, very! But is it still the peculiar powers of one man? He has shown and said in a thousand ways that every man has the gift within him as a natural expression of Life flowing through his temple. Why will we continue to judge from appearances, following the stupid thought-pattern of saying, “I am sick but God will heal me”. Does God know sickness then? And if so, by what means can He destroy it?

Nothing is destroyed because we bring Christ Jesus down to earth. As a matter of fact, He is already here, but until we have the consciousness of it, we cannot live in His presence. This has nothing to do with the psychic disturbances that bring accounts of His appearing from time to time. When He appears it is because our consciousness is on the level of His, – and then He and much more will be made plain to us.

Jesus was not psychic, – but He had the Spiritual gift of Prescience which enabled Him to see all concerning the person into whose presence He came. And the lady at the well mistook this wonderful revelation as just another fortune-telling. She was so excited by the accounts of her private life that she did not hear, “If you had asked ME, I would have given you to drink of the Waters of Life, which if a man drink thereof, he will never thirst again”.

So now we have Jesus in tweeds, – going to a Hollywood wedding, just as He went to a wedding in Cana in flowing robes. We must take Him out of the “clouds” of human belief and recognize Him as the Elder Brother, born of the same Father, even as you and I, if we want to hear, “I have not seen such faith, – no, not in all Hollywood !”

He would probably be offered a movie contract. He was offered the kingdoms of the world if He would perform a certain ‘stunt’ that would amaze the groundlings, – such a little feat as turning stones into bread. And I am sure He would smile, – He has such a magnificent sense of humor.

Let us have Jesus natural and real, – honest-to-goodness reality. Let us drop the dramatic, emotional worship and “come boldly to the throne of grace” and bear away the Gift of Life Eternal.

Let us have Jesus in tweeds!


THERE IS JESUS, – John Smith, the body-temple. There is the Christ, – your permanent identity, created in the image and likeness, the eternal, the Soul. And there is God, – the Universal, ALL-Present Power, from which everything springs into BEing.

It takes all three to fulfill the Trinity, – the three in ONE, to bring out the perfect manifestation. Jesus without his Christ, struggles against an avalanche of false teaching and doctrine, witchcraft and hellish inventions born of Adam. Christ without a body or point of manifestation lives in a symbolic world of substance which remains forever unembodied and hence non-existent to all practical purposes.

Many people who are seeking the Light live in this divided world. They live in a Heaven of symbolic wealth while the John Smith (Jesus) feeds on the crumbs under the banquet table. They know and iterate, “I am well”, “I am rich”, “All that the Father hath is mine”, – but what good is wealth and health if not materialized? Yet, what they say is the Truth, but not factual. Until a thing becomes literal, with an embodiment of manifestation, it remains in the dream realm of the unborn.

When we see that God hath joined the Soul and body together, not to be separated, but to function as a Temple through which He can be stepped down into manifestation, then the merging of the body and Soul takes place, – the substance of flesh in its right interpretation comes into BEing and the Invisible God is stepped down to the realm of the manifest. God, the Universal, All Enveloping Substance of Life everywhere present, without a channel through which to express would remain unexpressed.

And so the Trinity, – the three in ONE:-Body (Jesus or John Smith), – Soul (the Christ), – God (the Universal), – and the merging of the three into the ONE is the “rebirth”.

Then it is that “All things are possible with God”, – and “I (yes, YOU) can do ALL things through Christ Jesus”, – through this union.

All things thus far in manifestation have always existed. Until this is recognized, they remain unembodied. The aeroplane was just as possible at the time of Noah as the dove which was sent out on a reconnaissance voyage, – – but unrecognized and hence it remained in the unseen, awaiting birth. As soon as it was recognized, one hard, fast law after another which had been operating for so long in the world of John Smith, gave way,, and the unborn thing came to have a body, – and a constant stream of improvements are still being brought forth.

The idea you have, whether of health, happiness or prosperity, lies in that same realm of the impossible so far as your John Smith is concerned. At best, you can only dream of it in a symbolic world until you awaken to the purpose of life and cast off the old limitations and condemnations and LET the Power of God pour through your Temple-body.

Then things happen which could not otherwise take place. You “taste and see” that the teachings of Christ Jesus are beyond the pale of speculation. There is no question concerning the working of the law the moment it is given an opportunity.

Jesus stated definitely that through this merging with the Father He could raise up an apparently destroyed Jesus. He said He could “pick it up and lay it down”. He went from one degree of Temple-body raising to another until He raised His own Temple.

In the world of symbology, awaiting recognition, awaiting acceptance and understanding, is this Law of Resurrection. The manifestation of God in what has been called “demonstrations” is not a special dispensation to a few, – but a natural, normal action of the Power of God through all. Through the thick veils of human thought these wonders seem impossible, – and yet, “He, every man that thirsteth, let him come to the Fount of Life, – let him drink of this Living Water, which when he drinks thereof, he will NEVER thirst again’).

The possibilities that await the prodigal when he is sufficiently sated with humanism to arise with his True Dignity and return to the Father, are infinite. There is no condemnation, – no judgment, – no paying of the old accounts. True forgiveness carries nothing of the cringing sinner attitude, groveling before a tyrant. Forgiveness brings NEW BIRTH, FREEDOM, – SELF EXPRESSION!

And so you arise in “righteous indignation” to the beliefs under which you have been all these years, and you go unto your Father and release that wonderful manifestation which belongs to you, – which God is more desirous of expressing through you than you are.

What is the “substance of things hoped for” if it is not that out of which the manifest thing comes into being;. Yes, Faith (recognition) is the substance and the evidence that it is so. There is a reason for the hope that is in you, even when, to the human thought, you are yet a long way from your Father’s house. You have the recognition, the evidence, the precious “lump” of substance within, – and it is casting its rays through the darkened corridors of the temple which has so long been filled with money changers and dove sellers.

If we are to take Jesus at His WORD, we must be “born again”, – we must enter a new degree of consciousness. “In my Father’s house are many mansions”, – many degrees of on-going. We live in one degree of consciousness until we have exhausted all “degrees” of that degree, – and then it becomes a “pig-sty of prodigality” to us, – and we again ARISE and GO.

During the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth, He was one against the world of evil, – but now we are beginning to see that the Power we have thought so peculiar to Him is within any and every man, when recognized.

We are told to “Call no man upon earth your Father, – but ONE is your Father, who is in Heaven”. This recognition is the “NEW birth”, – and we enter the NEW day, with its NEW mansion (manifestation), – and the former things are remembered no more.

Then “Go not back nor become a sluggard in the race”. The race is not to the swift, – nor to the priest in the high temple, – nor to the learned one who can cite Scriptures to his purpose, – BUT TO THE PRODIGAL, – (YOU), who suddenly awakens and goes, disregarding all that has gone before, – dropping off the old habit-pattern of judging from appearances, – walking over the obstacles, the fire, the difficulties, through the crowds of jarring-sense testimony, – into the ABUNDANCE of your FATHER’S HOUSE.

Then it is that you understand your body IS the Temple of the LIVING God, and that that is the only reason it was created in the beginning. And you become a Light set on a hill which can no longer be hidden. “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” is the benediction pronounced over you. God is pleased with every opportunity to express through His Temple-bodies. To give you good gifts, to shower you with the glorious manifestation, is the urge of God.

The stream of pure LIFE pouring through the temple will cleanse it of a thousand little thieves who have been hiding in the recesses of human teaching. You are a NEW creature in Christ Jesus, – -a NEW Light set upon a hill.

If you tell of it, no one will believe you. Too often have they passed by your darkened temple and have seen it falling to pieces with disease and limitations. The Master said, “Do not tell-but SHOW”. When they SEE, they will tell.

Then YOU, the Temple filled with emanating LIGHT, can and will heal anything that comes your way for healing, – for the LIGHT is impersonal. And the only reason anything comes to you for healing is because it sees the Light in you, – and the healing is automatic as it was with Jesus. When the woman touched Him, virtue proceeded out of Him. She had come to the level of acceptance or agreement, – He was always there. The “touching” caused the thing to be established upon the earth.

Such wonderful dimensions of invisible-visible Light are now coming to the earth, – so near it is almost like the swish of Angel wings. The “peace that passeth all understanding” is enfolding you, and you relax your human thinking, – and rest. And such showers of blessings, – so many they cannot be counted, even as the sands of the sea.

Do you believe? If so, then from NOW on, the descent of all that is wonderful and lovely will take place. Or are you afraid? The galley slave, so beaten and punished by appearances, shrinks from anything so beautiful, while his Soul hungers for it. “Oh that I might find HIM”! Well, now that you have found HIM, let go of all the former things. They are passing away and shall not long be remembered, – nor come to mind any more.

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is GOOD”, – not a merciless tyrant imprisoning you in a pit of torment.

Yes, today this subtle, invisible-visible Light is descending as never before. The rarified ethers of the Presence have actually pierced the outer walls of human thinking. Given the least recognition, it will burst into manifestation.

You are to stand and SEE the salvation of the Lord. That is something you have to do, – not through the offices of another, but through your own Temple. Then when the terrifying waves of belief strike, they break OVER you as against a rock, and run back into the sea of nothingness.

And so the Trinity, – BODY, SOUL, GOD! And the union which no man can again put asunder, takes place, – a wholeness, – a HOLINESS.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, – and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”


THE COSMIC PUNCH which landed straight in the middle of the solar plexus of human beliefs and findings was the Immaculate Conception, – the ONE thing which turned upside-down and inside-out all the laws of Adam and his kin. It set aside any and all reasoning of cause and effect. It is the only reason why so-called prayer is answered, or things miraculous take place, -because all miracles are immaculately conceived.

Strange that many religionists deny the possibilities of the Immaculate Conception in one breath,and in the next say “All things are possible with God”, – and still stranger that after denying this archetypal event, they pray or beseech an unknown power to do something which they have found utterly impossible of attainment through human thought and effort.

Without the radical reliance and acceptance of the Immaculate Conception, there is no basis for


“Behold! a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel, being interpreted GOD WITH US.”

“If ye ask anything IN MY NAME, I will do it.”


MARY, THE VIRGINAL MIND, was over-shadowed by the Spirit, – and she conceived and brought forth Jesus. This mighty illustration is the key to ALL manifestation.

You are overshadowed by the Spirit, – the urge of God to find a Temple or a point of expression. Every desire that comes to you is that urge attempting to come into being-and all desires are good when properly interpreted.

But when the idea is passed through the thick veils of human belief it is still-born at best. The human mind places its interpretation upon the desire and in its effort to bring it to pass, descends to anylevel to accomplish it. Thus a bank robber’s original idea to possess the substance of life is as good as yours, but his interpretation is wrong. To him, the only means of expressing that desire is to rob a bank, and the law ensues. You may be so defeated by the human belief that your idea cannot possibly take form, – and then you are sent into the wilderness of despair.

On the clear, placid surface of the waters the NEW image is formed. When the consciousness recognizes its heritage and releases all its preconceived nothings of the how, the why, the when and the where, then this wonderful over-shadowing takes place.

Mary, the Virginal Mind, could not by any means understand how she was to bring forth a child without the offices of man, – and neither can you understand how the desires of your heart can come into being.

There are helps given you, and one of them is that “Mary pondered these things in her heart”. She kept the secret and contemplated the Power of the Almighty with its ways which are past finding out. And when you do likewise, the thing will take place, – the conception.

From the instant of conception, the new idea draws its embodiment unto itself. This does not have to come under the prescribed human laws of time and space. It can “look again” and see the fields are white, – in spite of all the findings of man who says it is yet four months to the harvest. The extension of the sight enables the awakened soul to see the finished product before it is visible to the eye, – just as this book is already complete while it is being written. The John Smith then lends itself as the temple through which the manifestation will come. The mechanics of the birth processes will take care of themselves.

Jesus always started with the idea that “it is consummated” before He asked. So sure was He of this fourth dimensional Power, He even thanked God for the completed and perfect manifestation before it was visible. He rested His case with the statement, “I know this is done”, – making a concession to the human thought of His listeners who thought something had to be done, in the form of verbal prayer. Your affirmation, as was His, should be a statement of a finished thing, and not a process of endeavoring to create a thing. He made the affirmation because He knew the thing was already formed in the Mind of God, but awaited the recognition and acceptance of Jesus (John Smith). The moment this recognition took place, the manifestation came into being.

The teachings of Jesus were by parable-but parables which were manifested in tangible flesh-and blood. All other teachers “talked” of heaven to come. Jesus showed forth the WORDS He spoke and delivered the manifestations to the earth.

When the masculine knowing and the feminine feeling and receptivity come together, conception takes place. The secret is protected from the vagaries of human beliefs which would “laugh you to scorn”, – but what can they do who see the manifestation, but fall down and worship God?

What can you do but surrender all the foolishness of human thought when you come into the Presence of God? What do you imagine you can do to change the Mind of God? Where did you get the desire you have for a NEW manifestation? Did it come out of thin air? If desire is not God pressing upon the diaphragm of your mind for greater expression, then from whence does it come and why? And if a particular desire were not peculiar to you, why would not every man have the same?

No two men having a given desire will bring out an identical manifestation. If you desired substance, the measure you bring forth would be different from the measure of every other man who desired the same thing. Each one brings out the degree they are able at that time to accept. What is wealth to one might be poverty to another, – and yet it is all one substance. No limitation is put on the measure except the degree of acceptance.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions”,many stages and states of manifestation. As soon as you have finished with one “mansion”, you enlarge the borders of your tent and move on to another. The degree of acceptance is wholly up to you and it is not determined by your human desires, – but by your ability to accept this wonderful revelation of Christ Jesus.

“Who did hinder you, that you should not obey the Truth?” You have blamed everything from birth on to the people and conditions about you, – and will continue to do this until you discover that YOU hindered yourself. No one holds you back, – no one stops the flow of Light through your body-temple. At first this is not easy to accept. It is bitter to the taste, – but sweet to the digestion. As a good surgeon cuts deep with the first incision instead of cutting away the difficulty bit by bit, so you rid yourself of the hateful habit of blaming everything in the world for your present plight.

As you stand today, you are the sum-total of your consciousness of God. If you do not have sufficient manifestation of Life, you can do nothing about it on the outside. It MUST be done from within.

The NEW idea must and will be born when the NEW conception takes place, – when you have recognized the urge within you as God coming into expression through your temple-body. The moment this takes place, the temple is filled with LIGHT and carries out the inner instructions. If it is told to “go into a City”, a NEW state of consciousness, and “there meet a man who will lead it to the banquet room”, it is ready to go or to do, without question. For instance, when the book, or the picture, is conceived in the invisible, it must and will pass through the temple-body through which the mechanics must be performed.

All of this is in the deepest secrecy. “Tell no man” must be brought to us again and again, – else the Herod comes forth and attempts to destroy the idea before it is able to stand alone.

The human mind in its darkened temple believes little actual good of itself and less about you. It is a “liar and the father of it” because of the terrible fear from the acceptance of the false law that it was “born of woman, few of days and full of trouble”.

The Spirit is like the “wind that listeth where it bloweth and no man (not ANY man, – teacher, priest or holy man) knoweth whither it cometh or whither it goeth”. Yet the human mind will attempt to plan a way for expression of God. He will think so hard and search far and wide for a solution or a possible “wind-fall” that”might change his life pattern. But not until he enters within, – into the Virginal Mind, – will he be able to feel the overshadowing of the Spirit and know that the conception of the idea has taken place. And this ‘click’ or conception will be so precious that the secret will be guarded. It is the pearl of great price, which when a man finds, he sells all, he releases every former notion, – and buries this NEW LIGHT in a field, a consciousness which is Virginal and which knows that “All things are possible with God”.

The understanding of the human mind concerning creation is so limited that it positively cannot accept the Word of Jesus of itself, and the “miracle” of manifestation can take place all about, but it would not be able to see or understand. “Here am I in the midst of you”. The disciples saw Jesus in His resurrected state for but a few moments because they could not sustain that state of consciousness.

Conception takes place through agreement. “When two shall agree as touching any one thing,

it shall be established on the earth.”

Any wonder, then, that you are commanded to “be still and know that I AM God”? When the jabbering human mind becomes quiet, then the Voice moves upon the face of the deep and out of this comes the dry land. Always the impossible, as the Immaculate Conception indicates ! Dry land coming out of wet water is enough to set the old human reasoning off at a tangent which will prove to itself the utter impossibility of such a thing taking place.

“I shall STAND upon my WATCH and SEE what the Spirit has to say unto me.”

Yes, you will cease the old begging and beseeching a tribal Jehova and “be still upon your bed”, – and then the blessed annunciation will be made unto you, – “A child is to be born”, – a NEW and WONDERFUL, idea is to be set~upon the earth through you. It does not depend upon outward conditions. Sarah was ninety when the annunciation was made that she was to bring forth a child, – which caused Abraham to laugh long and loud. He positively knew it was impossible !

So the healing that you seek, – the old Abraham thought knows it is impossible, – that it just couldn’t take place, – and yet the annunciation is made to you. Can you accept it? Will you go within and magnify the Lord instead of spending time in human thought and appearances trying to understand how such a thing could or would take place?

What you accept comes to abide with you, – good, bad or indifferent. Likewise, what you reject is passed on into the oblivion of the race consciousness. The decision is with you.

Everything works from within out. It is always in the SECRET place, the HIDDEN place that the idea is conceived. Be still, then, and KNOW (do not try to know) that I AM God. My Ways are not your ways, for My Ways are as high above yours as the heavens are above the earth, – they are past finding out. That blessed event which takes place within you and brings to you a new and more wonderful idea of Christmas than ever before, is sacred and must be a secret thing until “the child is born”.

Draw close unto ME and I will draw nigh unto thee. See the naturalness of the omni-activity of Spirit in and through you. “Be not afraid, – it is I”,no matter what old temples are torn down or set aside.

“Marvel not, then, ye must be born again!” The conception of your NEW-old self has again taken place in the heart. The moment it is recognized, it starts building its body. “For unto us a child is born, – and His Name (nature) shall be called Wonderful, – filled with Wonder, – the Mighty, – the Counselor, – the Everlasting”.



“I CAME THAT YOUR JOY might be FULL.” This is the reason Jesus came with His New-old Revelation of a plus-value in LIFE.

The Anatomy of Happiness is discovered to be an invisible structure upon which all enduring things are hung.

The discovery that all manifestation in the material world is in a constant stage of change, a shuffling off or a disintegration of the successive manifestations, minimizes the importance of things. They only endure for a time, as the Power of God integrates itself in a never-ending stream of FRESHNESS and LIFE.

The “space between” the works of Jesus, – that is, from the time He was confronted with what the world called a “problem” and the manifestation of the answer to that problem, while indefinable, is a “semi-hiatus”, – the immeasurable non-space between “now you see it and now you don’t” of human thought, – the split second when He stood midway between the findings of the scientific mind of man and the Golden Splendour of “the fields are WHITE”.

The elasticity of human thought is finally stretched to a breaking point, – and that which seemed to cover so much surface, shrinks into insignificance as does a toy balloon become nothing when pricked with a pin.


We put thirty spokes together and call it a wheel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing

that the utility of the wheel depends.

We turn clay to make a vessel;

But it is on the space where there is nothing

that the utility of the vessel depends.

We pierce doors and windows to make a house;

And it is on these spaces where there is nothing

that the utility of the house depends.

Therefore, just as we take advantage of what is.

we should recognize the utility of what is not.

-Lao Tze

AT THE VERY OUTSET, the title seems quite ridiculous, – nevertheless necessary in order to bring out the idea of what takes place when we pray aright.

If we cut a stencil of the figure seven (7), we would remove a perfect seven (7) of opaque paper, – at the same time leaving a perfect seven in space, or a hole in the paper which would have the shape of a figure seven (7).

Now suppose we were in a dark room with no apertures, and we cut a window in the wall, – we take out a piece of material the exact shape of the window. We have not created the LIGHT that comes through the window. The light is eternally existent, waiting to be ‘let’ into expression, – -in whatever shape or form we choose to accept.

The size or outline of the window can be changed at will and an increased amount of light released into the room. We do not build a house around air or atmosphere. It is already there and instantly takes the shape of the room or house. Always the air in a vase takes the shape of the vase. Remove the walls of the house and you have no shape of air left, – break the vase and the shape disappears.

If we hold the stencil of the seven (7) to the light, it casts a light shaped as a seven, – but if we hold the opaque paper seven (7) which we have cut out, it will cast a shadow. Both of them are sevens, – one a shadow, the other a light. The nearer we approach the light, the greater the size of the seven (7).

So it is with the shape of consciousness, – human or Divine. “For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. “Through a glass darkly” of human thought, we receive only darkness, – no matter how ever hard we struggle for the light or illumination.

From the inside of the house we can obscure part of the light or all of it, by hanging a curtain over the window. Likewise, we can and do obscure the degree of LIGHT that comes through our lives by human thinking. We ourselves control the amount of LIGHT that comes through, since there is no limitation in LIGHT.

The old habit of trying to visualize an empty form and then attempting to “fill” it with substance lacks the “gesture” or the actual making of the window which brings the whole manifestation of light into being. On one side, we have the attempt to create, – on the other, we recognize it as already existing. The LIGHT is there at all times, – just as LIFE is eternally existent. But if there is no shape or pattern in consciousness, then it is invisible, being obscured by curtains of belief.

Without the shape of consciousness, the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things eternally present does not appear understandable to man. The diffused, general concept of Life as everywhere present gives no evidence that it is actually present unless it is manifest in some form or shape.

The stencil of the figure seven (7) is a perpetual seven as long as it is held to the light. There is no exhausting its supply. Once the figure seven is conceived in consciousness and held there, it cannot be depleted.

Whatever we shape in consciousness is immediately filled with substance and remains that way, always fresh and new, as long as there is a consciousness of it. Light is not solid, – neither is health and wealth static, – but a constant pouring through the shape of consciousness we are holding to it. A thousand persons in a lecture hall will each have a different concept or shape of health, – which in reality has nothing whatsoever to do with UNIVERSAL LIFE.

“The measure ye mete”, – the consciousness you form – is all that will come back to you out of the Universal Mind-God. And everyone will have a different measure at will. No one hinders another in any way when it comes to consciousness. All are free agents. “Who did hinder you that you should not obey the Truth”-is answered with a thousand and one complaints, jealousies and fears. “Well, you see I try and try and try…” Do you try to get light from a window, or do you just get it? And does it do any good to try to force more light through the window? It can and does give only the amount that can come through the shape of consciousness you are holding to it.

From this elevation does the command “Enlarge the borders of your tent” mean anything? Why do you wish to enlarge the borders of your tent? So you can have more room. From where is this room coming? Certainly by enlarging the borders of your tent you do not create more space, since your tent is in all space, just as your body is in Universal Life and knows of itself no limitation of health. There isn’t sufficient room in the tent and so you change its shape by pushing out the borders, – and you automatically have more room. You do not create the room space, – it has always been there. You are merely encompassing more of that which already is by the enlarged shape of consciousness.

All the manifestations of God-power are as effortless as light passing through the window. God is pressing against the temple-body for a “shape” of consciousness through which to manifest, – inviting you constantly to accept more and more.

Nothing limits the light in the window but your thought. The same is true of all manifestation. You can drop the curtains of disbelief, or cement it up, or complain that there is not sufficient light, – but this still does not diminish the light, except insofar as you are concerned.

This is true in all departments of Life. The moment you have a consciousness of anything, it comes through the “shape” you have of it and diffuses itself on the other side. If it is insufficient, then it is necessary to enlarge the “shape” of consciousness.

No man ever reduced the size of a window because there was not enough light to fill it. He knows the “measure ye mete” is already filled. All speculation as to who, why, when or where are entirely eschewed and set aside, – in fact, they never existed in his mind. He makes the “shape” and the rest is automatically taken care of because long since he knew that light is everywhere and only needs to be “let” into a room to make it full of light.

When he even faintly knows that LIFE is everywhere and only needs to be “let” into expression, he will understand how it is that the darkened body or temple will be flooded with health the moment there is the “shape” of health in consciousness, – or the moment he takes his health with the same ease as he takes his light, and with the same abandon. He is not asking or begging that when his window is completed, light will fill it. Jesus paid no attention to the quantity of Life in the world when He healed all who asked, – good, bad and indifferent.

That which is true of health and happiness is true of wealth and prosperity. There is only the ONE indivisible substance pouring through any consciousness which holds a “shape” up to it, – and it will continue to pour through until that conscious “shape” is destroyed.

Do you now begin to understand how it is that nothing can be taken away from you so long as you have that “shape” of consciousness, – and how it is that nothing can be lost? And do you understand how it is that “To him that hath is given”? How can it be otherwise !

And so you will be given more and more Light because you already have Light, – and you have the “shape” of consciousness which permits LIFE to take shape and form.

The Adam man, trying to pattern God and become a creator, fashions himself a figure seven (7) and holds it to the light, – but instead of casting a light, it casts a shadow. True, that shadow is the same shape as the light figure cast through the stencil, but it is opaque and in darkness. The nearer he brings it to the light, the larger the shadow becomes. The more he “tries”, the less his results.

And so with the health of the body, – man’s human concept of it, – he “works” and tries to hold it, only to find it constantly diminishing. When man discovers that he has filled in the very shape he wanted to reflect light, he is in despair and may try to paint it in bright colors, – but still it casts a dark shadow.

He must discover that he is in reality “hid with Christ in God”, – that he is lost in the Universal LIFE of God. Then the human-thought shape of consciousness he has been working with goes down and he cuts his new stencil and LETS the Life through into manifestation of health which nothing can take from him. Just as abundantly as he will, is he able to have this health, eternally new and fresh.

Light cannot be stored and saved any more than can health. The moment man tries this he is defeated, – and yet in reality he can never be without all of it, – that is, all that can come through the shape (recognition) of consciousness he has taken unto himself. The moment he thinks to “possess” God, he finds himself without Him, – for he is possessed by God, – and eventually discovers the truth of that statement, “For in Him we live, move, breathe and have our Being.”

Moving in this universal sea of substance, holding always his “shape” or measure of consciousness to the light, he will perpetually manifest the full measure he metes to God. It happens automatically, – and yet nothing happens for it is always there. “He, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, … and drink, without price.” No limit for any reason, whether he be a Holy Man or a wretch of the lowest order. It is for every man, no matter whom.

COME unto ME, all ye that labor with the human patterns of belief, and I will GIVE you Life-LIGHT. GIVE is the word. “Cast your burdens upon ME”-and “Take My yoke upon you”. The yoke which binds you to God is one of LIGHT and GLORY. “He careth for you” is enough to set everything aright if the “shape” of your consciousness is right.

A complete surrender to the ONE God will cause you to throw into the Gehenna of purifying fires all the old idols and shapes of human thought you have hugged to yourself through your fears and beliefs engendered by trying to break the law, “Judge not from appearances”. All these evils you see about you are the results of human consciousness casting the shadows of their self-made “shapes”.

It is all so easily changed. We see the old Prophet putting his hand in his bosom and taking it out white with the most dread disease, – and then making the same motion and taking his hand out clean and fresh with health. It is somewhat like taking down the shutters which filled the shape of the window, shutting out the light, – and then putting them in place again. The very thing the human mind thought was something real turns out to be the thing which shuts out the real, – although it has the appearance of the real.

The measure you mete shall be returned to you, pressed down and running over. The measure of the human mind is the human picture of it all. It works in reverse, – “when I would do good, evil I do”,because it still believes it can “create” something that is already there. The “motive” ye mete is what actually will be returned to you, pressed down and running over. If enough light is not coming into the room, then the borders must be enlarged to meet the new demand.

No man has yet been able to shut light in a box and store it for future use. It would be foolish to try. Likewise, no man has ever shut life in a body temple.

No man can create health. Health is the manifestation of life and is not produced by taking a red pill or a green pill. The pill has no more creative power than you have. Health IS. Man can appropriate it through his recognition of it as a reality, and this in any degree he will. He may produce a temporary semblance of it through a belief in a pill, – but health is an already established thing. Prayer may reveal it and cause it to come through into manifestation by the disintegration of the human thought-patterns.

It is a wonderful rest for man when he finally realizes he has no part in creation, – the work having already been accomplished and pronounced good and very good. What do you pronounce it?

And how is it we imagine we are creators or co-creators? God needs no help from man (body). When understood, the body is the reflection of Spirit, – “the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”. When man comes out of his Adam dream, into his heritage, he finds he is a stencil of LIGHT in a world of LIGHT, – even as a transparent bottle is cast into the sea. The whole ocean may take the shape of the bottle, as it passes in and out, – and yet is never that shape.

Jesus taught by parables because His listeners were not able to grasp the wonders of His revelation. And so we go step by step into the thing called “consciousness”. As we arrive at any level of consciousness, we find we have always been there, – and so we have, but did not recognize it.

“The former things are passed away and shall not be remembered nor come into mind any more”-for there is nothing in that mind which can possibly understand them. The ugly beliefs never did exist as a reality, – only as a congestion of human thought, working always from the without to the within and doomed to failure from the start, – no matter how wonderful they appeared from the outside.

Finally Noah cut a stencil in his ark. He had been floating around for a long time, – and when he cut his window, his stencil, the LIGHT flooded in, filling the entire ark with LIGHT. The waters receded and he landed on a mountain-top, – an exalted state of consciousness, – which had always been there. And from that moment he was always THERE.

“Come unto ME”, – the Soul of you calling to the body to come into that great union of body and Soul, – and in that “shape” of consciousness, anything can happen through the body. Yes, the body is the reflector of Soul, coated with human beliefs which obscure the innate capacity to “rise and shine”. The moment this is discovered, “thy LIGHT is come, and the GLORY of the New Day is risen upon you.”

Now we see why Jesus endeavored to bring man to a state of belief in the ONE GOD. When it becomes a matter of “letting” instead of making, man will realize that all this dazzling picture is for the Glory of God and not the glorifying of a human being.

So cut your window in your ark and “let” the LIGHT stream in. Hold your “shape” of consciousness up to the ONE GOD and SEE the Glory of it all. “In a way ye know not of’, your “shape” of consciousness shall be established on the earth.


SUDDENLY THE REVELATION CAME, – -like a shaft of lightning striking a powder magazine. When the explosion of discovery was over, I realized for the first time that we, as a race of “truth-seekers” have been working in reverse.

Strange too, – since we have followed to the best of our ability the precepts laid down by Jesus Christ. But there has been such an appalling sense of failure in prayer. And such a tendency on the part of man to compromise, – first for the half loaf, – then for the slice, – and finally finding himself under the proverbial table eating the crumbs.

And then the torrent of words, – pro and con, – as to why the prayer was not answered. And the beseeching and begging and agonizing before a supposed Deity, – the groveling in the dust of human thought and words, trying to curry the smallest favor from God. All of this in spite of the fact that man has been told to “Come boldly before the Throne of Grace”.

In spite of our best efforts, God seemed more human than Divine, – and at times a very “spoiled” human, whose most important activity seemed to be laying traps in which to ensnare humanity, – then gloating over the slow, tortuous punishment. Yet Jesus made it plain that God is LOVE, – and is concerned over the fall of a single sparrow, though four of them could be had for a farthing.

Everything worked for Jesus, – though at times it may have seemed that it was a special power which He alone embodied. But to counteract this idea, He invited all to “Go thou and do likewise”, – and “even greater things”, – greater than He had ever performed.

Well then, – why don’t we at least approach in some minor degree the works He did two thousand years ago? True, – from time to time a so-called healing or miracle takes place, – but an occasional healing is no indication that a definite law is underlying it, – no more than the very occasional working out of a problem in mathematics. In mathematics we demand a hundred per cent efficiency. Is mathematics, then, more certain and definite than God? The Power which Jesus used was certain of definite results.

There is no currying of favors in mathematics. The humblest wretch, the worst sinner, the most lordly prince, all have an equal chance. There is no limitation as to the use of the law. It is not bestowed upon man as a reward of merit. It just IS, and must be accepted and entered into before it becomes alive. And in this respect, Jesus also made it plain that “God is no respecter of persons” I was listening one day to the radio, to a very prominent singer who had become almost an institution during the war years, so appealing and warm was his voice. The natural comment was, – “That man has a beautiful voice”, – but suddenly I realized just the reverse was true, – that voice has a beautiful body through which to express. The song was singing him, – singing his body, – expressing through every cell and atom.

And then the LIGHT flared, – and I saw that this is exactly the difference between the manifestations of Jesus and the attempted demonstrations of man. Jesus “went within and shut the door”, – and became a soul with a body through which to manifest.

The unintelligent mass of atoms called the body and named John Smith or Mabel Jones or Jesus, has been attempting to establish its power in the body, – attempting to make a singer, a dancer, a writer, a healer of John Smith, – and with mighty poor success.

But when the idea is glimpsed, – this revelation of Jesus Christ, – then man is seen to be a soul with a body, – and whatsoever he then designates the soul, that the body performs. Jesus knew that the John Smith could do nothing, when He said of His Jesus body, “I can of mine own self do nothing”, – and He stopped there as far as making Jesus perform. He went within and identified Himself with Soul, – and whatsoever He designated that soul to be, that did Jesus perform, – whether speaker, healer, financier, baker or vinter. He was a soul with a body, – and not a body with a soul.

This subtle change in consciousness causes one to see the infinite possibilities. It is then easy to understand the so-called illusive financial demonstration which comes through the “no-time no-space” idea, – and to understand, too, how healings automatically take place through this recognition. The revelation of the soul as the healer releases LIFE through the Jesus with one hundred percent success. If the soul is designated as a speaker, the unintelligent body of Jesus or John Smith will speak, even though he has never learned how to speak. He draws on the infinite resources of the ALL.

“Then went He in and shut the door, – and WHATSOEVER He told the Father in secret, that was called from the housetops.”

Having admitted that He could of Himself do nothing, – that the unintelligent body had taken unto itself a mass of human beliefs, none of them true and most of them evil, – Jesus made His escape from this thought congestion, into His soul. Then WHATSOEVER He designated the soul, became true, for it had a body, a perfectly pliable body, through which to express, – with no resistance, no opinions, no beliefs to hinder.

Now it is not difficult to see how “IT searches the joints and the marrow”, – how it is the soul with a body can and does naturally disentangle the snarls of human thinking with its patterns of evil, poverty and disease. The body becomes the servant of the Lord. Hence, when the soul is specified as any given thing, this soul then holds the body in its grasp, causing it to manifest the desire. The body, though wholly incapable of performing of itself, does the thing it could not do, – and in less time than it could be done, – with greater success, – a sustained success.

This is the resurrection of the beseeching sinner man, – worm-of-the-dust, – born – of -woman, – full-of trouble. He leaves the pig-sty of human thinking, becoming a LIVING SOUL with an unresisting, unintelligent body through which to express. There is no argument or quibbling now from the body, – it is in its right place, – sitting at the feet of the Master.

When the body with a soul attempts to work out a problem, he runs the gamut of human emotions, from humility to hatred, – from the making of many affirmations to high powered psychology, – none of which work, even though he may have gone through a hundred courses, all of them guaranteeing positive and definite results. And this in spite of the admonition, “Be not like, the heathen, who think by repeating many words, they will gain the ear of God”.

If nothing happens, he compromises, – and then, if nothing takes place, he begins to “work’) things on the outside. The ignorant John Smith, never having had a consciousness of substance, does not know what money is, and is only fooling himself when he tries to imagine that he is wealthy. He has no capacity to accept that which he does not understand.

Jesus had no great earning capacity as a man. His trade was lowly, and in a small town, – and yet He became a master financier when needs be. He knew that the “Jesus” could not afford to feed five thousand men (not counting the women and children), – and yet, He did just that.

“Then went He in and shut the door”, – became the soul with a body, – and WHATSOEVER He designated from that elevation, the Jesus-body carried out without comment, speculation or effort.

Every financier in the world today works through his body into manifestation. Physically, his body may not compare favorably with yours. If he had to use the body to earn a living, he would fall far short of the millionaire. But he is the soul with an unintelligent body which does not know how to make more than a bare existence, and then is in danger of having that taken from him at any time.

And to the financier is given success, – and more and more money, although he may not need it, because the law states “to him that hath (consciousness) shall be given“, in like kind. The power of this “SOUL-consciousness” causes the otherwise sick or poor body to be suddenly transformed.

The moment you know you are a speaker with a body, you will speak in eloquence and with a fluidity hitherto unknown. When the soul is designated as any given thing, it not only brings that into manifestation, but all else that goes with it, – and automatically. Therefore the soul who designates himself a speaker, will find his audience, his hall, his success, – and the flow of the Bright Substance called Wisdom, pouring through him into manifestation. If he stays upon his point, he will see his words take actual shape before his eyes, – he will see the word HEALTH become embodied in well-being, – and WEALTH in the substance of things hoped for.

If the club-footed girl who wants so to dance, would recognize that she is soul, and that soul a dancer, she would find the body would move with such rhythm and beauty as to prove the “height and breadth and depth” of this thing called God, whenever it has half a chance to come through into expression. The hard, opaque walls of human thought give way, and the body becomes plastic to the touch of the soul, – and expresses in a way hitherto impossible.

If you will but grasp the idea that you are a soul with a body, and that soul is awaiting the announcement of the capacity it is to take on, then you will understand all- of the demonstrations of Jesus Christ. You will see why He invited you to partake of the same power, – so that God may be seen before men, instead of this awful human thing, born of Adam, filled with nothing but evil and death. Small wonder then, the insistent commands of “Awake, thou that Sleepest” , – “Awake, and arise from the dead”,”Arise and shine, for thy LIGHT has come”.

Yes, – with the recognition of this wonderful truth you will arise, for the unintelligent body is now obeying the command of the soul and will carry on into expression “whatsoever you ask in My Name (nature)”. WHATSOEVER! What a word! No beginning, – no ending! WHATSOEVER!

So overpowering is this revelation that at first you may well cry with Monte Cristo, – “The world is mine”. But why possess the world or attempt to horde the riches of unintelligent matter, – when

within you is the ALL to be brought forth at your command? Long since you have washed your garments white of the greed for power, place or thing, – and so you may have them all because now they are for the Glory of God, – and not for your own vain-glory.

The pictures cast forth disintegrate the moment they are released. This is why Jesus said, “Loose him and let him go”. Now for the first time, working from the elevation that you are a soul with a body Upon which to cast your pictures, you can understand how it is that a picture of paralysis can be “loosed” and “let go”, – and all the thought-congestion of disease slip into oblivion.

When Jesus went from His body to soul and identified Himself with this Permanent Identity, He immediately recognized that everything which Jesus desired already existed. “Body” cannot understand how it is that “before you ask, I will answer, and while you are yet speaking, I shall give it unto you”. Jesus never posited a problem and then try to work it out. He started always from the answer as definitely established, – and the LIGHT of this knowledge ran through the human, limited thought, – replacing the false appearances with the manifestation of the soul.

Whenever man (body) relinquishes his preconceived idea that he is a body with a soul and takes on this NEW elevation, he will find that “whatsoever he asks” is already taking place, – and that the old voluntary action is replaced by an involuntary power which carries on without the thought or suggestion of the John Smith body.

Jesus counseled, “Be absent from the body and present with the Lord”. He knew He was an Immortal, with a body through which to express, – a body which He could lay down and pick up at will. Operating from this level of consciousness, it is easy to understand the miracles.

Centuries of identification with the body has caused man to accept it as an intelligent organism, which calls upon something outside of itself for help. When it is discovered that the body is but a handful of malleable clay, formed of the dust of the earth, – then it is simple to grasp the power which Jesus said He had over the body-temple. Whatever He desired to be, He became in soul, – and the unintelligent body obeyed, without comment and offering no limitations or beliefs. And so the musician who realizes that he is a musician with a body, will find the body performing effortlessly, beyond all its former limitations.

“Then went He in and shut the door” This is the key to the Kingdom of Dominion. The body is the unintelligent screen upon which the soul throws its desires and truths.

Many people attempt to demonstrate finances or health or position by working from the “body” standpoint, – demanding, affirming, declaring that God is the thing they desire. And the success is sketchy, at best. But when the Immortal YOU makes the designation, the body will of necessity carry out the details “by a way ye know not of”. You stand in the place of the Christ instead of under the hypnosis of John Smith, and call upon the LORD with the knowledge that “before you ask, I will answer”, – and “Thank you, Father, – -I knew this was already done”. The body, John Smith, doesn’t know, and thinks something has to be done.

In MY Name! What name? God has many names, – infinite angles of expression. So when you approach the Deity through the Immortal BEing of you, the answer already is, – whether it be decision, – acceptance, – agreement, – – appropriation, – or any one of the various Name-Natures of God.

Whatever NAME-Nature you designate comes into being through the unintelligent body John Smith. At last he (John Smith) has been divested of his power apart from God, his knowledge of both good and evil, – and comes under the benign influence of having had the seven devils cast out of him. So he relaxes, seated at the feet of his Divinity, clothed in his right mind.

The movement of this Immortal YOU, divinely indifferent to the beliefs of John Smith and his thought world, is always in the dimension of success. It does not try, – -it does not work for it, – it is an indigenous quality. Whenever there is an expression of this Immortal YOU, success is assured without effort and thought.

Intelligent, then, is the command, – “Take no thought of the purse, the script, the body”-and so on. Now we see why, – because operating from your Immortal Self, you do not create, or come under the laws of limitation. You release the unseen power into manifestation through the temple-body, – and John Smith, if a cripple, leaps into the air, praising God, – or he opens his blind eyes, – or he is prospered “by a way he knows not of”.


SHE WAS weeping hot, rather bitter tears because she had lost a “friend,”- a lady who was in the throes of poverty and a thousand and one other problems, so she had taken her in. She had fed and clothed her, becoming her constant companion and advisor, – because it was such a pitiful case.

And then one day the “thing” turned and struck at its benefactor. “What ingratitude!” “I cannot understand why she should treat me in this manner, after I have done so much for her”.

Every Soul knows its own capacities. It knows the equality of birth and that it is entitled to all the wonders of heaven and earth, – even though the “John Smith” seemingly cannot bring them into manifestation with the same ease that another is bringing them forth. Daily it hears itself discounted by its benefactor, – who, feeling sorry for it, emasculates the person and makes it hopelessly dependent.

There is no friendship in pity or sympathy, – both are means of unconsciously inducing personal worship. True, sometimes this idea is so covered with human emotion that it does not recognize the bondage into which it has thrown another, – and it goes blissfully on, pitying and unwittingly discounting the so-called friend.

And so the lady discovered she had never had a friend. She had just taken something in, upon which to lavish her sympathy and pity. The human mind will accept anything it can get for nothing, – but the soul finally rises up against its “lord and master” and smites it in the only way it can to free itself. When you discover this, you will also discover that you cannot lose something which you never had.

Friendship, – that scarlet vine dropped down from heaven, – is filled with compassion, even as Jesus or the Good Samaritan, – but it will never descend to the level of pity in the human sense of the word, it will never bind the object of its compassion to it or cause it to pay tribute to a personal God.

The Good Samaritan bound up the wounds and sent the traveller on his way with sufficient to stay at the neighboring hotel until he recovered, – but he disappeared, looking not for the personal glory of having done a good deed. He received his reward elsewhere, – freeing the traveller from the ingratiating thing of fawning on the giver.

You must have a friend before you can lose one. Do not weep over something that is a fabrication of your own mind. The dramatic tendency is great in all of us, – but the curtain comes down and the “comedy (which you may call a tragedy) is finished”.

Since you cannot help doing good, no special effort is required to do it. There are plenty of instructions, – “Let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing”, – and so on. Give, – yes, and abundantly, – sometimes of gold and sometimes of “such as I have”. But FREE your gift, – -send it forth into life so it can find its proper place of lodgment. It will return to you, freighted with increase.

So the LIGHT dawned, – the tears stopped, – and the woman who had “lost” a friend discovered she never had a friend, – only a bond-maid who ran away from the slavery of fawning on another.


OVER AND OVER again we read stories about human love, based on selfishness, – jealousy, – possession. But the Love of God is no respecter of persons, – and possesses nothing because it IS all. A thousand and one references are made to the LOVE of God for man, – but measured by human standards, it is such an abstract and intangible thing as to seem of little value.

Human love is nothing but emotion, defined by Webster as a stirring perturbation or excitement of mind, – and is a sense product. Becoming emotional over the birth and death of Jesus may temporarily stimulate a sense of something mistaken for Love, but it lacks the warmth and life-giving quality of pure God-Love.

This God-Love is something different. God IS Love, – and God IS Omnipresent, – “above all, through all and in all“. It cannot, therefore, be ‘poured forth’ toward a person, or a thing, or a situation. It has only to be recognized, – first within, and then without, – in ALL persons, places, things and situations.

How, then, can a mind which is filled with “possession” partake of this great Impersonal Love. How can it understand the magnificent statement, – “BEHOLD! What MANNER of LOVE the Father hath bestowed (already given) upon man that we should be called Sons of God”? How can it carry out the works of the Master if it becomes emotional every time it sees a sudden manifestation of God? The Divine indifference of Jesus in healing is startling to this ’emotion mind’. Leprosy-that most dreaded of ancient diseases – was brushed entirely out of the picture with such a simple question as “Will you be clean?” And what of the man born blind, – born blind, – receiving his sight by the command, “Receive your sight”, – “Open your eyes”. How is a man born blind to open eyes he never had, – what is going to open, – and what is going to do the opening~ Human reasoning? Judging from appearances? Human emotion? And the cripple, – how is he to RISE and WALK? Is someone going to help him drag his crippled body over the earth, – or is SOMETHING going to do the walking through the body-temple?

The same thing will cleanse the leper, open the eyes of the blind man, cause the cripple to not only walk, but leap, that brought Lazarus forth from the tomb, – the Divinity, – the LOVE of God within, which transcends any and all human beliefs or appearances.

And the Love of God enfolding you in the midst of the human pictures of danger and fear, – that cloak of invisibility which is around you in the time of human trouble, – can only be made manifest when the “Lazarus” in the tomb hears the WORD, – and is ready and willing to step out.

And this Love of Cod, – the everlasting- arms, lifts you out of the mire of emotion so that you no longer “dash thy foot against a stone”,… and suddenly you “mount up with wings as eagles”.You pass through all and any appearances of evil, emerging “without the smell of fire”. What matter if a thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, – “it shall not come nigh thee“, because you have awakened to the LOVE of God as something beyond human emotion.

You can be in a glorious temple which is pouring forth the music of the spheres and the incense of a thousand flowers or in the lowest of hovels, – you can be in Heaven or hell, – you can be in the desert or at the North Pole, – and if you are finished with “trying” to love God from a human standpoint and are conscious of this ever-present, omni-present LOVE OF GOD, all will be well with you .

Yes, the LOVE OF GOD surrounds you, – is in you and through you, – for in HIM you have your BEING, – in HIM you live and move and breathe, – that LOVE which can melt a solid wall of steel as if it were wax, if there were need of it, – but never to excite the human emotions and beliefs.

The human love is theatrical, – and this is its strongest stimulus, – it needs an audience on which to unwind its coils of possession. But when it attains its object, it is finished, – the expended emotions subside, leaving nothing but dust.

But when the Love of God enters in, there is an opening of the prison bars, – there is such a freedom, born of absolute trust, that no lock and key can hold it, – there is such a communion and agreement that the mere “touching” establishes all things on earth.

So many “little people” are starving to death for Love, even though they are in the midst of it. They are focussed on a person or thing, and the human mind leads them to almost any length in an effort to materialize that “love”. But how can an omnipresent thing be directed through a little human thought pattern?

The poor, starved emotional things, endeavoring to display their tawdry talents before the world, either see this glorious GOD LOVE, – or sink into the stagnant waters of self-pity, neglect, futility.

The mockery of the human mind says, “I do not understand how it is that I am passed by, – I stand with my ‘beggars’ bowl’, asking merely for a crust -for the least kindness, – and get only scorn”. Yes, – (‘you are so worthy”. But are you?

Literally dying for recognition, you stand in your self-darkened temple, – but until you recognize “ME” within, – and “ME” without, – how can “I” find a way to your tent? A rose growing in the garden automatically gives out of its perfume and beauty, – and draws its beloved to it.

It all seems so abstract and impossible to the human mind, with its tearing emotions and its possessions, – and it is just that, – as impossible as the removal of a cancer without the aid of a surgeon’s knife, or the healing of the born-blind eyes. They are all impossible, – never have taken place, never can take place from the point of human reasoning. Hanging on to an emotional love, it is impossible to see or experience the GOD LOVE. The old fear of letting go of the faded love letters of human thought keeps you from this beautiful experience.

When you “let go” of the effort of human thinking, all the limitations of that thought-mind are dissolved, – and God will find a way of expressing his Love in such glory and beauty as to cause you to marvel at the wonder of it. Such is the Love that surrounds you, until you know you are never alone, – and “never less alone than when alone”.

Yes, God so LOVED the world that He GAVE, – Ah, there is an idea, – He, even God, is releasing His Beloved, – knowing full well that by “letting go” He would recapture Him in a thousand thousand temples, – yes, even in you.

It isn’t too late, – -it isn’t too early, – the old time space of human thought fades into the NOW of Spirit. NOW is the accepted time ! NOW is the day of Salvation! NOW are we, too, the Sons of God! The Son that He loved so dearly became the sons. Do you see how you have the LOVE of GOD in your heart.

And what a LOVE ! The only thing that NEVER faileth, – the ONLY thing. Isn’t it worth accepting, – this fool-proof Law which NEVER faileth?

When the narrow limitations of human emotion called love are broken, then ALL-LOVE in all of its glorious forms comes to abide with you, – then surely shall you go in and out and find pastures, then surely the heart of you will rest in peace and quiet, and be a listening post for the manifestations of this LOVE through you.

The aroma of God’s Presence permeates your soul, – and you are enveloped with the aroma of His LOVE.


“AND JESUS passed through the crowd.” Crowd of what? – Crowd of human thoughts which was gyrating human bodies in all directions, causing them to do all manner of evil.

And to you He gave the same power, – “Go thou and do likewise”. So why not accept your spot in consciousness and move through the turbulent streets of this war-torn world, filled with all manner of human invention.

Consciousness is the emanation of your God light, – and is a direct connection between you and the infinite resources which await you. When you see the differentiation between thought and consciousness, you pass through the streams of negative thinking and its resultant evils.

There is nothing strange in the occasional reports of the child prodigy. He may be only five years of age, and yet able to solve an almost unsolvable problem in mathematics, – he may play a difficult concerto before he can reach an octave, – he may answer questions which research laboratories have not as yet fathomed. And why? Because in one way or another he has a direct line of consciousness which touches the Infinite ALL-KNOWING, – and since problems are built around an already-existing answer, he is able to give the answer before it is perceived by thought.

Jesus knew this, – and we find Him constantly going to the Father within, – the Permanent Identity, created in the beginning, in the Image and Likeness, – unchanging and yet endowed with the ALL-CAPACITY of Spirit. And He tells us what He can do, we also can do.

“If you believe, – – ask WHAT you will”, – – what YOU will, – and again, – “If ANY man (and this includes YOU) lack wisdom, let him ASK of God”.

Yes, if you believe, – not a process of human thinliing, – not the human desire to believe, – but if you have discovered in your on-going that there is a POWER bigger than the human thought and its machine-humanity, and you believe in IT, – you, too, move through any congested crowd of thought pictures, – unhampered and undisturbed. Then why remain longer in the pig-sty of human limitations which today says one thing and tomorrow another?

It is true, many people were cured by the Coue method of suggestion, but only because the race consciousness accepted it so strongly that the force of this thought brought temporarily into manifestation what it accepted. Because it was the result of human thinking, there was no permanence to it,and today it would be difficult to find anyone advising you to tie twenty knots in a string. Yet it did work, – and it could again. But this is not the STREAM of LIGHT emanating from the “Let there be Light” consciousness, so beautifully revealed through the Temple Jesus.

Functioning from this consciousness, you pass through crowds of violent reports of evil and disease, and “it shall not touch thee”, – and “if ye drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt thee”, – because all the laws of thought are as nothing.

Deeper and deeper you go into the Light, and the shadows of human problems fade, absorbed into the Light, – deeper still into the place where the “former things are passed away”, – dissolved by the Power of Light flooding your Temple, – and “they shall be remembered no more.”

Are you beginning to see the HOW of it, – that when you have the answer, the problem is completely absorbed?

Silence is a good thing to remember at this point. “Tell no man”, – for the human thought mind believes nothing good about you. How can it, when it is a liar and the Father of it?

When next you encounter a problem, begin at the “answer” end and work down through the seemingly hard-set beliefs, disintegrating them. Try this “new-old” revelation of Jesus, – look, – look again,and then look again until you SEE. Have your sickle ready, for it states, “the harvest is rich, but the laborers are few”. Step right up and thrust in the sickle, – and reap. This is the TRUTH, for no man has told me.


THE WEATHER was threatening when we took off. A heavy, leaden sky blocked out every vestige of sunlight. The Pilot, a mere slip of a boy, picked up the plane, thousands of times his own weight, from the wet field and hurled it into space with more ease than a child flies a kite.

He flew straight on, hitting the ugly wall of black clouds at dead center. For the space of a few moments the plane was lost in a dense wet fog. By observation no one could tell which direction we were traveling,-and then suddenly we cut through into Elysian fields, under a sapphire dome. Great masses of clouds, snow-white now, shot with a myriad of colors, lined the heavenly fields of bright gold. It looked not unlike a picture of a field day of the gods of Mount Olympus.

The pilot sat back relaxed. He knew the only way to this heavenly state was to hit the thing that obscured it on dead center instead of trying to circumvent or avoid it.

And so does the enlightened one, by going straight up to his fear, by doing the thing he is afraid to do, find that it is composed of a mist-I-fication of human thought and gives way to the terrific on-rush of the unafraid consciousness. If you do the thing you are afraid to do, there is no fear left. “If you slay me, yet will I say you are God” will not produce death to anything but a quaking misbelief in God as a terrible tyrant. God has no capacity to kill anything other than a false belief which is better dead anyway.

And then presently after a few hours of travel, the slim young pilot set the plane on the field again, thousands of miles from where we started. He had the power “to pick it up and lay it down” – just as you have. In your case, the thing called avoirdupois is not matter, but human thought. The more you contemplate evil as something, the heavier it becomes. All gravity is in the human mind.

When next a wall of misbelief obscures your Elysian fields, pick up your plane and hurl it straight into the belief, – and you will discover it is made of the stuff of dreams.


SHE WAS a Truth student, – and a good one, too. She was on her way to the airport to catch a plane for the West Coast, to the fulfillment of a cherished dream. Life was as rosy as dawn, – a song was in her heart. Visions of a contract, signed, sealed and delivered, clustered about her like a flock of cherubs around a Murillo Madonna. Things were practically perfect until that sickening noise of a punctured tire made her heart sink. The car stopped, the driver got out and looked at the deflated tire. “Sorry, lady, but I have no spare, and the nearest station is a mile away.”

From under the car a flock of inky imps rushed out shrieking with laughter, pulling at her. “Why did this happen to me?” “And why did it happen today?” “Why, – after all of my praying?” “Of what avail is the Truth if such things can take place?”and a thousand and one other thoughts flooded her mind like a dark, swift current of water in a subterranean passage. It all spelled defeat.

Back to the hotel and utter desolation, – and to bed with seven devils of torment. Finally morning, – and with it the daily paper carrying dead-black headlines telling of the crash of the very plane she was to have taken.

. . . . .

Nothing had happened to her, – but suddenly she was thrilling with joy and thanksgiving for the very thing she had cursed the night before.

“God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform”. Sometimes when we are too dense to understand the inner voice, we are saved from our own undoing by the presence of what appears to be an obstacle, – an apparent defeat of plans, – a sudden stoppage of the way.

Yoked with the illusory fate is your Divine Destiny, – like two horses pulling side by side. One (fate) is so vicious and unpredictable it is apt to throw you without warning into some ugly and unexpected condition for apparently no purpose whatsoever, – which you are supposed to bear with fortitude and courage as part of your lesson, or charge off to a karmic debt of which you know nothing.

You continue riding this night-mare (fate) until you discover the perfect Destiny running so beautifully beside you, – and make a change. Whenever this Divine Destiny is acknowledged, the hateful pictures of human thought are neutralized. You are impressed with a desire, which is evidence of an already established thing, – but from the standpoint of fate, would have to be “worked out.”

In the Divine Destiny are the things that “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that are prepared for those who love the Lord.”

Jesus came to the earth to set aside fate, which is the heritage of the Adam man. Until man sees and accepts the fact that he is not born of the Adam father, but born of God, he will experience the hateful fate of “few days and filled with trouble.” So apparently new is this absolute and radical reliance on the Truth of Jesus Christ that many times we fail to hear-see the VOICE of guidance given us, – and so the Love of God saves us with His Divine obstacle, – a Guardian Angel.

The more we believe and rely on this Inner Light, the more we will see and experience the VOICE or warning that comes before every evil fate-picture.

This interpretation does not mean that we are to accept every evil pattern that comes to us as a warning from God. Many times we rise in “righteous indignation” and put to flight the thought-congested pictures. But it does bring to us the truth that there is no “insistence” in God, and the memory of “not my way, but Thine: be done.” Having your way is not conducive to bringing about the will of God. “My ways are not your ways … ”

We are told to “resist not evil” and it will flee from us, – and in this sense we do not resist it because we have come to the recognition that it has no reality, – and hence has nothing within itself to be resisted. The evil may be the ugly pattern of disease which appears very real. Resisting it will only intensify it if we are making something out of it other than human thought. At the same time we are told to “RESIST EVIL”. There is nothing contradictory in these commands, – they are both the same thing. Resist the evil temptation to believe in the reality of evil, and see it flee from you.

When we resist a thing in the generally accepted sense of the word, we create something to resist, – or at least give the picture confronting us the ugly power it seems to present. When the ways of God become our ways, we stop resisting the apparent condition which seems to block the intense desire.

Relax that conscious thinking for a moment and see through the mirage of beliefs. In that very obstacle is the blessing you have been seeking. Why do you insist on having YOUR way? It is written, “Your ways are not My ways”.

It is also written, “In all thy ways, acknowledge HIM and He shall bring it to pass”: not maybe nor perhaps. If the acknowledgment Is made, He will bring it to pass without question and “by a way ye know not of”.

“Wait patiently on HIM”, – and “Stand and see”. Give thanks for the only way there is. If it be through the crowded streets of confusion, or through the solid wall of fear, or through the scorching fires of evil, and it is HIS way, all the evils of these appearances will be destroyed. “If ye drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt you.”

“Peace be unto you!” Stop kicking against the pricks. Why will you “persecute ME”?

“This is the Lord’s doings, and it is wonderful to our eyes” pronounced over the greatest disappointment or failure will cause it to yield its blessing, as the prickly chestnut burr placed on a hot stove opens and yields its Sift.

Matthew Arnold said: “To understand that the language of the Bible is fluid, passing and literary, not rigid, fixed and scientific, – is a first step toward the right understanding of the Bible”.

A glimpse of this causes us to know how it is that there are no contradictions in the Bible. It is fluidic, – covering a thousand and one interpretations, – – one of which will answer the WHY in your life. The Ten Commandments were graven in stone and are hard and fixed, – until the fluid quality of them is understood, – and then they become as warm oil on a frozen body.

Enter this fluidic stream of consciousness and you will experience untold Light and Illumination. A single word or phrase will burst open in a flood of pure golden revelation.

Yes, it is recorded, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God”, – not John Smith. The more you rely on this Inner Light, the more you will hear-see the WORD so essential to your on-going.

Water runs down hill naturally, eternally seeking the sea. And so the Soul of you feels that urge of returning unto ME, – seeking that place where it is lost in God. If you lose your narrow human

concept of life, you shall find it, – -but if you save it, you shall lose it, – it is isolated from the Great Source.

If the water, on its eternal trek to the sea, be stopped by a dam, the Sun can and will pick it up and cast it onto the bosom of the Father Waters. In like manner, there is no obstruction or obstacle in your human fate over which God cannot bear you up. There is always a way when there is God’s way.

No WORD of Truth that you have actually freed in the spirit of recognition, but what must and will come into manifestation.

In the quiet of a cool oasis you have spoken many lovely words, – have freed them. Then do not faint with fear at the first ugly mirage that might show itself when you again mount your camel and go into the desert. The Words and Understanding that have gone before you have already devitalized it, – and you pass through.

You cannot miss anything that belongs to you and your kingdom. “Nothing happens but My LOVE allows.” It says NOTHING. Do you believe?

That the Bible is “not scientific”, as Mr. Arnold states, is proven in a thousand ways by Jesus. A Hindu fakir may be able to make a quick passage over burning coals, – but this is only a “stunt” and is not the manner in which Jesus did things. The human mind is ingenious and can simulate the Divine in an amazing degree, so that “even the elect are deceived”. You see the necessity, then, of watching and entering the fluidic state of mind.

“None of these things move me”, said Jesus. He knew what was behind every obstacle, even the crucifixion. “Nevertheless, – not my will be done.” According to the revelation of our Precious One, we are not here to experience a series of trials as something insurmountable, – but as a proof of the ONE Power. He went through the entire category of human evils so that we would not have to do the same. We are only now faintly beginning to understand this as something other than mere words.

And so the Prophet and his servant (your soul and you) are traveling along, – and the servant is afrighted by what he sees. “Look, – the way is blocked by a thousand warriors and chariots, – we are lost”. What could he do against such a picture of destruction? But the Prophet, that Soul of you which is always with you, has something to say. “Look again”, – and then the mountains are filled with Angels and the Power of the Lord.

“Those that are for us are more than they that be against us”. It is always that way. The recognition of the Presence always brings proof in a tangible and real form. You have only to “call upon ME”, and “I will save you”. But of course you have to believe before you can “call”.

Faith induced by fear is not very reliable, – but is better than none. Faith that is the result of the acceptance of God in your heart as real is a sure fool-proof way of being saved from the evils.

On the surface of the clear pool, Narcissus saw his own beautiful face and fell in love with it, thinking perhaps it was a beautiful water-nymph. But he died awaiting her materialization. All he would have had to do to have discovered the truth would have been to adjust his position.

You can look through fate and see your Divine destiny, if you make the adjustment. Where does the reflected picture go, – and what was it in the first place?

And so the obstacle or the ugly picture of disease that seems so real needs only a slight adjustment to cause it to vanish. The leprous flesh becomes clean and white. You need not go anywhere to make the adjustment, – nor do you need outside help.

“Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble”, – and he functions through one evil picture of fate after another until he makes the discovery, “Call no man your Father, – for ONE, God, is your Father”. This recognition disintegrates the “fate” and “karma” pictures inherited from the “Adam” father, – and frees you into the “Divine Destiny” inheritance of “God, the Father”.

And so, every time the distressing “just missing the plane” takes place, and you have blessed the situation, and likewise taken your blessing from it, you will join with Keats in the soul song,”Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken.” Rejoice and be glad! “I have overcome the world” of belief, – overcome it by resisting not, but at the same time resisting the temptation to accept it as something real. Everything is working together for the good of those who love the Lord.


THOUSANDS OF men, women and children had been following Jesus about, thrilled at the miracles He performed. He continued to show them that the Power He was using was indigenous in every man, – but they, even as we do today, found it much easier to attribute wonders to an individual, rather than BELIEVE and do likewise.

And to test his class in the outdoor laboratory of the soul, – seeing the multitude of hungry people, He posed the question to one of His students:

“Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?”

And it goes on to explain: “And He said this to prove him: for He Himself knew what He would do.”

When were His followers going to shove off into the crystalline waters of pure BELIEF, into a greater power than the sum total of all man’s knowledge?

Then answered one of His disciples and said; still doubting:

“There is a lad here who hath five barley leaves and two small fishes, – but what are they among so many?”

. . . . .

Jesus taught through parables and fables. This was the only possible way to say or show something; which could not be said or shown to the dense human thought.

It was not the spectacular demonstration of increase of bread that was so important, – but the law back of it, which could not be explained in so many words. And hence the importance of the manifestation in this case was the fact that some gamin had brought his lunch with him. I wonder why only one person of the many thousands had thought of that?

Well, if you look farther in all the out-side happenings of the Bible, you will find there was always a handful of meal, three drops of oil, five leaves, some dregs of wine, – and so on. There is always a “starter”, or a sort of “pied-a-terre”, – a point from which to start. But generally it is so disgustingly small that it is either overlooked or cast aside as worthless.

The significant point is this, – that every man has within his present state of existence, that “starter”, however small it may be, – which if given the chance, will feed the five thousand.

It is interesting how this kid took his lunch, while all the others went empty handed.

Afterthought: There is the rather sharp rebuke regarding all this in the question Jesus posited to his followers when the next day they came back for more bread, – “Did you not see the miracle, – only the bread?” – indicating the necessity of the extension of the sense of sight.


IT IS RECORDED that Jesus was taken to a high mount and asked to perform miracles, – such insignificant things as turning stones into bread, which He could have done, – and then to a church spire and asked to cast Himself down. He was taken there by no lesser a personage than the devil.

Just what picture are you seeing as you read? A red devil fashioned after the Mephistopheles created by your memory of the Opera Faust, (who had a certain charm in spite of his satanic powers) talking to the white-robed Jesus?

. . . . .

What are you going to do with duality in face of the statement of Jesus that God is ALL, in ALL, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent? About the first thing we read in the Bible is the fearful excuse, “The serpent did tempt me”.

How was he created, – this devil? “From walking up and down and to and fro.” A very thin background as far as his forebears are concerned. What? No family tree to blame for his troublesome capacity to make mischief? No coat of arms or family escutcheon, – no psychopathic grandfather to blame? No, none of these, – and yet there he is, tempting Jesus.

It is recorded that Jesus was tempted as we are tempted. The magnificent sense of equality which is eternally established between Jesus and ourselves unhands any argument about our innate weakness and predisposition toward so-called sin.

“The fame of Him went abroad.” His miracles and His conduct and His teachings were the “stuff” fame feeds upon, – and no small wonder, then, that He was tempted, – taken to a high place and shown the kingdoms of the world.

Nothing can tempt you from without if something on the inside does not recognize it. A picture-wire keyed to the same pitch as a note on the piano, will answer every time that note is struck. It cannot in reverse make a sound that would cause the piano string to respond. The original note must come from the piano. Nothing tempts from the without unless something within strikes the note.

Jesus was offered the kingdoms of the world for merely bowing down to the satanic temptation to glorify Himself instead of God. All through the Bible there are records of men wrestling with the devil of temptation, usually at night. And so Jesus wrestled with the temptation to take the world and enjoy it to the fullest, just as He wrestled with the same old devil before the crucifixion, only this time in the ugly form of pain and suffering and futility. After all, why should He go through the test of self-resurrection for a people who had taken everything and given nothing, and who had failed so miserably to understand the magnificent, simple law He had given them?

So you say, “I cannot resist the temptation that comes to me”. This is because you give the power to something outside of yourself. You believe that the inanimate thing has power, or that the situation can control you. How can an inanimate thing with no power of itself influence you in any way? You endow it with the capacity to control you, yielding to the power in the situation (the power you yourself have given it), – and so you succumb.

In the Bible we constantly find the division of the ONE into two, – Jesus and the Christ, – always talking to each other under many names. We start with Cain who murders Abel, – the human thought who tries and apparently does crucify its Higher-Self. The lust for power and to-be-known-of-men is so great that it stops at nothing. And still it is within the ONE, – these two separated manifestations who need each other so utterly, – you and your Self, – body and Soul.

And so, many have been taken to the high mount and offered the Kingdoms if they would only murder the Christ within. The old personality will make a final attempt to prove Adam was right when he said he was a creator. He becomes a law unto himself for a short time, but eventually finds the kingdoms of the world destroyed and the bread which was made of stones inedible.

The Blessed One admitted being tempted. He could have hidden in His Robes of Attainment and kept this honesty from us, – but not that ONE who came with the freeing, Life-giving message. He stood His ground, and after weighing all the profits of “casting himself down”, said, “Get thee behind Me, satan! Get thee behind Me in memory and reality”, – and the devil was not.

And so it will be with your own personal temptation-devil that comes to you with the belief in disease, fear, lack …… He will disappear into the limbo of the “former things” which are passed away.

. . . . .

Success is difficult to take-and more especially in Spiritual things-for immediately the personality thinks to set itself up and become a high priest in a temple, to be worshiped of men. When you discover that the healings that come through you are only natural, normal manifestations of the LAW of God and take place automatically, you will be finished with all this temptation to believe in a personal, creative power.

From “walking up and down and to and fro” in the world of appearances, you create the devil of belief in the reality of appearances, endowing it with power to overcome you. Once you have given in to this belief, you are cast out into outer darkness, – and there remain until you SEE the LIGHT.

One man sees a person as his benefactor, – another as his worst enemy. Is he both? Or is it the projection of something from within that does the trick? You look upon a hateful world full of all manner of evil. Jesus said it is the Kingdom of Heaven! “I AM all things to all men.” ALL things, -do you hear?

Eventually you must stop fooling yourselves, and recognize that your outer world is but a projection of your consciousness, – beautiful or damned as you decree. “YE shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass!’) The evil you decree, either consciously or unconsciously, manifests with great ease because you have believed in evil all these years.

When the prodigal returns home he finds everything awaiting him. And so with you, – when you return HOME into this wonderful ONE-NESS of Life, you will find all good things awaiting you.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Man (the Jesus or John Smith of you) is the outcome of his beliefs. This may be bitter to the taste, but it is sweet to the digestion, – and if you are not experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven, you have only to exchange your human beliefs for a BELIEF in REALITIES.

The Phoenix Bird, rising from the heap of ashes of his former limited self, new and beautiful, is but a picture of you, the YOU of you that cannot die no matter what crucifixion you have experienced, rising from the ashes of the human pyre upon which you have placed yourself, -purified from all the old beliefs and for the first time, seeing, – -yes, seeing, and this time SEEING! “Even though you slay me, yet will I say you are God!” That is it, – -the absolute recognition of ONE Power. You must accept and appropriate it for it is the ONLY Truth, and arise from the ashes of a belief in two powers, – leaving in those very ashes the devil who took you to a high mount and offered you so much of the world’s goods already at your command. Then you (yes, this John Smith) shall decree a thing and it SHALL come to pass.

Why does an otherwise gentle dog sometimes suddenly jump at the throat of a certain person? Is it within the dog or the person? The dog instinctively senses in the person an active quality which awakens a similar dormant quality within himself. Why does poverty, disease, unhappiness, jump at your throat when they do not attack other people in close proximity? Is it within the ‘dog’ or you? You “Cry havoc and loose the dogs of war” (the “war” of sin, sickness and death) because these are within your own consciousness, – otherwise there could be no objectification of them. This is difficult to admit, especially if we have been “working” to know the Truth, – but let us face it boldly.

There are no closed doors in the life of Jesus. If He chose to associate with wine-bibbers and harlots, He did not ask permission of any high priest nor offer excuses. Fearless of criticism, He freely went anywhere He chose to go. Yet He did not descend to the level of any of His associates, – He made them rise to the place where He stood. But what goes on behind the scenes today? There can be no dividing line between the audience and the teacher. And what about you? Do you lead two lives in two worlds? In your “diplomacy” have you become a hypocrite? Let us be honest with ourselves!

The greatest event in the world, – in fact, the only event of any worth, took place in a stable, – while all ‘my lords and ladies’ dined and wined in luxury. You may be in a “stable” right now, – but from that stable can come the GREATEST EVENT of your life, – if you will ‘let’ it happen. Presently the “lords and ladies” will go their way, drunken on the wines of intellectual and hyper-critical belief, – but from your stable a something is coming forth. You may, in the course of events, be taken to the high mount and there meet the devil of temptation, – but you are now strong enough to say to the tempter, “Get thee behind me” !

This old temptation-devil is not always offering you the kingdoms of this world, – sometimes he offers you the kingdoms of disease, poverty and sin. These are just as much a reality to the human mind as the kingdoms of wealth, fame and success.

And so you either “resist evil” and see it fleeing from you, – or you “resist not evil”. They are both the same. If you resist evil, it is because you have risen into the consciousness of the ONE, – and if you resist not, it is because you know there is nothing to resist.

“Oh ye of little faith”-“For why will ye doubt?” Why not step out of this morass of human belief and accept your heritage? You are a NEW CREATOR, – a ONE thing, – Christ-Jesus ! Not the twins, – but the Jesus and the Christ blended into ONE, – the Temple of the LIVING GOD !


A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, after a rather lengthy lecture period in Berlin, I decided to “get away from it all” for a while, – and so arranged to vacation at Fuldaland, a number of miles from nowhere. Leaving the denser civilization behind, we struck off over the loveliest green country imaginable. On and on we went into the open, – the houses becoming fewer, – fields and hills stretching off to the skyline, – And then a tiny village hove in sight.

I had arranged through a friend to take lodging with a farmer family by the name of Krauz, – composed of an old grandmother and grandfather. Their house was a long, low white building with a passageway from front to back which divided the stables from the house. Everything was under one roof, and when we entered, the odor of fresh milk and new hay greeted us. The house was spacious, and the aisle between the stable and the living quarters was as shining and clean as the streets of a Dutch village.

The old couple showed me to a large bedroom and sitting-room at the back of the house. It was fall, – there was a tang in the air, and the grandfather had built a fire in the large porcelain stove which reached the ceiling. From the statuary and pictures, it was obvious that they were Catholics. The grandmother crossed herself as she passed the little home altar, – and then they left me alone.

Through the small paned windows could be seen the rolling green fields. There were no hedges or fences of any sort, – and when I went outdoors, it seemed as if I were standing on top of the world. Here was peace, – and unobstructed beauty! A mile to the right the Rudolph Steiner School showed forth in a tapestry-like setting of colored trees. On a hillside a village girl tended some snow-white sheep. Clouds drifted in the clear blue, headed for some distant port, – and an air of contentment filled the place. Yes, – it seemed as if heaven had come down to earth !

The old couple explained that they were poor, meaning by that, they had no money. However, money did not play a very important part in their lives, as they had abundant food, clothing and shelter. There was an “exchange market” in the village, – and the housewives would exchange produce and poultry for coffee cakes and pies at the baker’s oven.

And so I “settled in”. Time seemed suspended. Oftimes I would find I had been sitting in a chair for several hours, in absolute silence. The only sound in the house was the ticking of the old clock and the lowing of the cattle, – and sometimes the soft, gentle voice of the grandfather as he tended them. There were only the three of us in the house, – and I finally began thinking of it as “the Stable”, – yes, “THE Stable”.

And sometimes the old couple would come and sit with me for coffee, – and tell me about the pictures and statues in the rooms. And then they would tell about the Christ Child, – how it was that one day He would come into their home and heal them, for both of them suffered from old-age complications of a sort.

As the days grew colder, the grandmother brought her plants in, – little tin cans filled with geranium slips which would be ready to bloom when it was time to re-set them in the spring.

Time was forgotten, and the three of us felt a “nearness”. Now they would come and sit with me for hours. Talking had virtually ceased, – we just sat there in a glowing sort of silence.

Then one morning the two of them came in with faces beaming, – bringing a tray of cake and coffee. I knew something wonderful had happened.

The grandmother could contain herself no longer. “Look!”, she said, – “look, – the geraniums are all in bloom!” And when I looked around the room, there was a flash of red. The plants were literally covered with blooms, – although it was months before their time to bloom. “The Christ Child has come to this house”, she continued, – “He has healed us, father and me, – and He has come to you, too”.

Suddenly it seemed that the Heavenly Host was there. The old couple knelt at the altar, – I arose from my chair. There was no weight, no heaviness, – something was bearing me up, – just Light, – and more LIGHT! Around the room the geraniums were glowing, – and there was Silence in Heaven. The grandmother had placed one of the plants on the altar before the Christ Child, – where it glowed like a flame.

And so during the three months’ sojourn in this unfenced land of beauty, the geraniums kept up their display. When the “Auf Wiedersehen” came, and I left to return to the noise of life, the old couple accompanied me to the door. We said our “Goodbyes,” – and as I looked back for the final farewell, the grandmother signaled me with a red geranium.

* * *

In London some weeks later, I received a letter written in the shaky handwriting of the grandmother. She told me of the peace that was still with them, and of the red geraniums in all their glory, closing with these sweet words, – “When again you come, the flowers will bloom”


AN ARTIST RETURNS to his model, – a mathematician to his principle. What do you do when imperfections in daily life occur, – run to a person or to “ME”?

Michael Angelo lifted an angel out of a block of marble. Where was the angel in the beginning, – in the marble or in Michael Angelo? So conscious was he of the angel he perceived or conceived within himself that he could literally lift it out of a place or substance where there was no angel. Standing before a block of marble, what do you see?

Standing before a block of human thought and beliefs, what do you see, – a block or something out of which you will take an angel in the form of your unfulfilled desire?

If you were a Michael Angelo, you would reach into the ‘block of solid marble’ and take whatsoever you would. How could he do it? One tap of the mallet at the wrong place would have marred the lovely features or the perfect lines of the body. Was Michael Angelo doing it? Was Jesus doing it? Are you doing it? All three have the terrific limitations of the human-thought heritage.

What was it that controlled the chisel -and a somewhat crude one at that? What was it that let the “machine” (body) go only so far? Inspiration poured over and through him like a flood-tide, and he couldn’t do anything else. “When the Inspiration of the Almighty comes unto you …” BUT how can it pour through you when you try to harness everything with the steel armor of human beliefs.

So tender, so wonderful is this Love of God which says, – ‘”‘Beloved- (the beloved YOU) -NOW are we the Sons of God”. You -that funny, little old thing or that ‘great personage’, – YOU are called the “beloved”, – not a transient calling of the emotional nature, but by your CREATOR, the Power that brought you into BEing, – calling YOU the Beloved. “My sheep hear My Voice.”

When you hear it you become breathless, – not the breathlessness of the sprinter who has made his hundred yards with every organ in his body torn to pieces. No, not that, – but the “breathless adoration” when no organ of your body is moved by emotion or human sensation, – the state of consciousness which is above anything that the human body does. And what is the human body? Nothing but an unintelligent mass of atoms which has a thousand and one laws over it, – -all the false education of perhaps thousands of years.

How are you to do anything that is recommended by God through Jesus? How are you to “run and not be weary”? Suppose you could run and not be weary, – would it be a miracle or a natural law? Suppose you discovered the Life of God flowing through you, – is it to be circumscribed by the laws you have set up about John Smith? Will you say, “Yes, I know, but-“?

The mathematician, when he comes to an impasse, – what will he do? Go to the kitchen and tell the scullery-maid how hard he has tried and tried and tried, – and have her say “Creepers, sir, I’m that sorry for ya”? This would merely be an agreement with evil and leaves the problem still unsolved.

“Though you slay me, – yet will I say you are God.” Well, go ahead and slay me then. I know that two times two are four, – on that I stand and will stand. Rather refreshing to discover that the law of mathematics is not going to slay you.

“Why will ye doubt?” Come on, now, and answer.

What are you trying to do? Are you trying to BELIEVE? Then stand before a block of marble and try to “lift” out an angel, – -not some grotesque thing that might cause a sensation for a day, but a thing of beauty that uplifts everyone who looks upon it.

Why not stop “trying”. It is about as effective as a mosquito trying to kick an elephant over a cliff. It just will not “work”. Nothing “works” in God, there is no “work”. Haven’t you been told to “consider the lilies of the field, – they toil not, neither do they spin, – and yet ….” Very pleasant philosophy to the human mind. Can you accept it?

Suppose you got the idea that all you had to do was to shout or whisper words or affirmations or mantras to God, and this glorious power would do your bidding? Then what would you do? You would change the whole world to suit your stupid ideas.

I was so glad when I understood that “prayer” is NOT answered, – not that kind of “prayer”, – the kind of prayer that wants to fashion my world after the leprous ideas of many human beings. I am so glad that all the silly prayers that are said are not answered, – thank God for that ! Yet I am so thrilled to say that EVERY Prayer, – (I said PRAYER) IS already answered before it is uttered.

It is so wonderful, “Beloved”, – how you are moving into your NEW DAY, – how you are beginning to see and understand the lovely laws our Precious One gave to us. Every one of them are true, – and true, – and true !

What is the matter with us? Two thousand years in the desert of human limitations -and only now hearing what Jesus said, – and still we are trying all manner of “mumbo-jumbo”, – -the old cliches, – the same old pattern of life, running through the mill and into the sluice, into the spill-way or over the dam. So monotonous!

Here is the picture: You are born -amid a few or many exclamations. That soon passes -and you become a problem child. But if they can educate you and establish you in some profession, perhaps you will not disgrace the family name of Smith (or should we say ‘S-m-y-t-h’). Then you become a “so and so”, – or you are able to fall in line and obey the top sergeant who says-“Private First-class, you have a family to raise and a mortgage to incur and pay off”.

Well? Here we are! We have heard all sorts of things and have tried all sorts of things in an effort to “make” God give us the desires of our hearts. We have performed all manner of “stunts”, – we have repeated certain words, – we have even paid tribute to certain personalities. But still we did not “get” the thing we wanted. Is this right? This IS right !

And do you still want to say you have studied and worked and taken super-special lessons under Mr. Blank or Mme. Blah? Perhaps you even have diplomas from a dozen or more schools. Schools of what? From what school did Jesus, Michael Angelo or Shakespeare graduate? And you, with all of your power and affirmations and diplomas, – are you going to put your fingers into the solid block of marble before you and take out an angel?

Why not stop all this foolishness and adhere to the only TEACHER, – why not turn to the only source of LIGHT -Jesus Christ? Must it be interpreted through another?

You may go into many cities-states of consciousness -and “meet a man”. Or you may sit in the paralysis of human thought. Or you may even play about in the tombs with the bones of dead men. But after you have paid your gold to a thousand and one “word-magicians”, you will return unto ME and discover that nothing ancient or modern has anything to do with YOU. YOU have to do with them.

Many will say, “If I had just known this before” Before what? NOW you know! Arise and walk! I AM here NOW, speaking to YOU, – not you and your teacher -but to YOU.

“For why will ye doubt?” Don’t you believe ME? Then why follow My Teachings through another. I AM the WAY, – your way. Why do you doubt ME, your INNER LORD? Are you still entranced by a personality who has grown gross and rich from selling My Garment?

Why do you think you can buy ME? I AM the free GIFT! Why will you sit before an empty “personality”? Why don’t you see what is back of it all, – and then you can sit before the Kamma Kura or a candle on the Shrine of Lourdes and get results. You can get it anywhere if you recognize ME.

HERE I AM! Do you BELIEVE? If you do not believe in ME, before what personality will you sit, – for “Besides ME, there is no other”.

What is all this about ‘working’, – when I said unto you, “Consider the lilies of the field, – they toil not, – neither do they spin”, – and yet Michael Angelo stood before his “block of marble”.

Yes, I know you would like to be finished with your work, – but you have a NEW WORK to do, the releasement of the angel out of your block of marble. But perhaps you think it will be brought to you. You may be standing before your block of marble using some silly affirmations, perhaps like this: “God, I am rich”-“God, I am well”-but nothing happens. Why?

“You ask and have not because you would consume it upon your lusts,”-the lusts of glorifying a personality.

And still you continue trying. “If this teacher does not give it to me, I will go to another”, – and finally, after you have spent all your shekels, you come to ME with nothing to give, – but tell of what you have done and given.

Isn’t it about time you discovered you have made a “personality” rich, and received nothing but some pretty prayers or affirmations or aphorisms, – which, strange as it may seem, did not pay your rent or heal your body? Isn’t it about time you recognized ME –within you -the CHRIST of GOD?

Acknowledging and relinquishing our misconceptions may seem a bit difficult to the personality, but still YOU are the BELOVED of GOD. Accepting this, you move into your own sphere of LIGHT.

So now you know why Michael Angelo could take the angel out of the block of marble. He could have taken a devil with the same ease. What would have stopped the sharp incisions of his chisel? What can stop the sharp incisions on your “block of marble”? Emotions? Beliefs? Teachings? Or just you, – that “precious” thing which cries out, “Who will save my darling from the flames”.

The answer is “Nothing”. If there is anything that the flames of revelation can burn, – let it burn. But how are you to emerge “without the smell of fire on your garments”? Review all the lessons you have had, – bring out your diplomas with their gold seals, and your “doctorate” degrees, – and see if they are the fire-proof material of Spirit.

And so there you are before your block of marble. What will you take out of it, – -an angel or a devil? -now that you are through with all the ideas you have gathered about how to do it from the outside? If the angel is not within you, it still remains the block of marble, – or else you will endeavor to copy Michael Angelo. But a copy is no good. Why not bring out your own angel? Why not stop the trying -and LET that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus? This is better than the mind of your teacher, isn’t it?

Notice the verb “LET”. And you also understand by now that when you consider the lilies of the field that neither toil nor spin, you will not interpret this to mean idleness or the working of magic. When you “toil not”, you may be more active than you have ever been, – your body may make a thousand more motions than it has ever dreamed possible, this time by the LIGHT which motivates a body which runs and is not weary.

“When the Inspiration of the Almighty is come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things”, – not the inspiration of a teacher, or a lecturer, or a book, or yet any ancient doctrines, – but of the ALMIGHTY. ALL things? Yes, ALL things, – and by a way “ye know not of”.

And so you will arise, – ARISE and SHINE, – for you have discovered that your LIGHT IS come and the Glory of the LORD IS risen upon you.

And then you will understand how the hands of Michael Angelo could go only so far and no farther, – and how the hands of you can go so far and no farther, – and that distance will be in the dimension of success.

When you can run and not be weary, then you can run, – the race being not to the swift, – but to YOU!


“AND THE Glory of THE LORD filled the House.” (Consciousness) And the Glory of the Lord filled the earth -the heavens declare it and the earth showeth forth HIS Handiwork.

What is this strange, apparently evanescent quality of God called “GLORY”? It has become so involved with theological interpretations as to mean nothing more than an abstract sense of Light.

Glory is a fourth dimensional word. It cannot be defined any more than ”Lo” or “Behold”. Therefore it cannot be understood by the human mind.

“The Earth is the Lord’s and the FULLness thereof”. The earth (all manifestation) is the actual body of God, through which He makes Himself manifest and felt.

We are told that everything shall praise His Holy Name (nature), – and that “all flesh shall see it together”. How can man see God, since he is also told “No man shall see God and live”? The man referred to is the Adam creation hypnotized to a belief in separation.

When once he discovers the revelation of Jesus Christ, that he came for but ONE purpose, – and that, to “GLORIFY GOD” (not himself), he will understand his mission in Life. He will experience a strange, subtle change coming into his life, – one so filled with new dimensions, so filled with wonder as to open a thousand, thousand doors before him into places which “his eyes have not seen, nor his ears heard”, and show to him things that have already been prepared, which have never entered his heart.

“For men to seek their own glory, is not GLORY”.

We have all been attempting to seek our Glory through the “demonstration” of health, wealth, success, – but if we have succeeded to any degree, these have eventually turned to “dust” because they had no base upon which to rest and because we knew not that all manifestation begins to disappear the moment it appears, in order that it can be kept fresh and new by the constant stream of GLORY which is passing through the Temple Body, – when once recognized.

What a wonderful relaxation and peace comes with the recognition of the Truth that your body is only for the purpose of expressing the Glory of the Lord. It is the condenser, as it were, through which the unseen Power of God naturally flows into expression, without mental or physical effort. This recognition vitiates and nullifies all human law, science and belief. There is no battle, no struggle, – only immediate, automatic Victory.

GLORY is a power which has no comparison, cannot be pitted- against, – nor can it be used to combat human thinking. It in no wise overcomes difficulties through struggle, effort or super-mental strength any more than the Sun uses force in its evaporation of dew. Nothing is lost, – but all is changed, transmuted, transformed. The violent onslaught of your “evil” is transmuted into avenues of accomplishment, without struggle, without loss. The determined thought pattern of failure which has been so successful in bringing out failure, is turned into success, – -and the success it had in failure, it now has in success or accomplishment.

Many truth seekers have repeated the success formulae in reverse, after this fashion: “I try, – -I read, – I pray, – I meditate, – and yet nothing happens.” The amazing part of it is how successful the power they accept is in bringing about “nothing happens”. It comes without effort and apparently against the strongest fight which may be put up against it. It is effortless in manifestation. It is “successful failure”

What is wrong, when we want so much the things promised and remain without them? The Law does not work two ways. In fact, it does not WORK, – it does not toil any more than do the lilies of the field. All this and more is revealed to you when you glimpse that JESUS and YOU came to express the GLORY of the LORD, – not the glorification or the glamorization of John Smith. The Glory of the Lord does glorify you in a way far surpassing the glory of man, – because it is not transient and fading, but ETERNAL, – and because it has ways and means “ye know not of” in human thought.

“The people of God are a peculiar people”. The people of the Adam creation and belief are more or less a string of paper dolls, all torn out of one newspaper, – and it might depend upon what part of the paper you were torn from.

* * *

One thing we have discovered is that we cannot stand against the vengeance of the Lord. Yet the vengeance of the Lord is only terrible to the evil human thought pattern. In reality, it is the LOVE of God moving out of your world that which is false. The Spirit that goes down into the subconscious pool of human thinking, stirs it and causes the accumulated filth to pass off so that the fresh water from hidden springs can clarify the well of Salvation.

Many times you have earnestly called for this Love of God, but when it comes with “sword in hand”, you hug the tatters of personal beliefs about you and have a problem which cannot be accounted for.

“Despise not the chastenings of the Lord”. You asked for it when you asked for LIGHT, – only now that it is attempting to come in, you are afrighted and want to return unto Egypt. You cannot take it, because no one is going to “save your darling from the flames”.

The Legend of the Phoenix Bird plunging into the Holy Fires and burning his accumulated beliefs of age, decrepitude, fear and all else, arising from the ashes anew and afresh, may be painful to contemplate, – BUT he comes out transformed and “without the Smell of Fire on his garments”.

This may sound as though you were to go through some ugly trial. However, the only trial is the letting go of your Soddom and Gomorrah. But, – don’t look back, – or else !

There stands in Southern France a lovely Roman Temple. The day was when it was used for worship, – a place of Light and Beauty. Years of belief passed over it and finally it came out labeled a “Feed Store”. Bales of hay rested against its Corinthian pillars and buckets of grain cluttered the erstwhile altar. Gaudy signs defaced the purity of its walls and the heckling of money-changing went on within. John Smith and Jane Jones had scratched their initials on its steps, hoping for some degree of immortality. And then, – one day renaissance came, – a recognition of its beauty. It was reclaimed and restored to the fair proportions of its true self. Today no vandal would dare desecrate its sacred beauty. “Glorify thou me with the Glory I had with thee before the beginning of the world”, – whether it be John Smith or the Feed Store.

Yes, you were created that the GLORY of the Lord might be revealed, – so that the LIFE of God might be established in a never-ending stream of glorious manifestation through YOU. The recognition of God as LIFE manifests as health and life more abundant, – not as some niggling demonstration of a healed body, – but GLORIOUS WELL-BEING. And so, too, with wealth and success.

Away then with all the buzzing chatter about demonstrations and ideas that you can direct this glorious Power to make it do your personal bidding. You were SENT-and for a definite purpose, – a purpose so much greater than the dreams of the human mind.

Your body is the Temple of the LIVING God -and GLORY pulsates through it, carrying away all the mist-I-fications of human thought. Your body, the TEMPLE of the Living God, – the point where the invisible Glory becomes the VISIBLE Glory.

“Therefore, whatsoever ye do, do all to the GLORY of God”. Let us be finished with the idea that we can of ourselves heal or help or save. When we do ALL to the GLORY of God, we will heal because we cannot do anything else, – and not because we want to. Anything that touches this consciousness, whether he be sinner or saint, will automatically be healed, in spite of the human mind. Then who are you, to imagine that you can of your own self do anything?

The Glory of the Lord is upon you, – and in you, – and through you, – and you SPEAK the WORD that accomplishes, – and you are not burdened with a long list of healings “you” have made.

Beloved, it is all so wonderful when you sense this fact that you came as Jesus came, – “that the GLORY of the Lord should be revealed”. Then what do you care about ephemeral fame, the fleeting egotism that goes with the making of yourself into a demi-god with strange powers. “Of mine own self I can do nothing”. But ah! What a wonderful truth bursts upon you, – “I can do all things through Christ Jesus”. Is ALL enough?

Are you afraid to come to ME? You have asked for so much you did not get because you wanted to consume it on the self-glorification of your little personality. But NOW, yes now, you are going to ASK that your JOY might be FULL, pressed down and running over.

Touching this truth that your body is the condenser of this unseen Glory, the old criticism, envy, hatred is released. “What is that to thee?” will do it. Just this glory pouring through you, – healing the sick, raising the dead, without human effort. You cannot help it, – nor can you hinder it. It is beautiful, – sacred, – holy, and… !

“The glory of man is as the flower of the field”. The GLORY of God is ETERNAL ! Then “Choose ye this day”


“WHERE THERE BE PROPHECIES, they shall fail” But LOVE never faileth. Strange, then, how after we have left our own personal and private “Egypt” and have seen signs and wonders and proofs of God’s Love, that we turn aside to prophecies.

But you say they are interesting. Yes, very,-but mighty slippery ground to stand upon, – for the “interest” is a will-o-the-wisp which keeps leading farther and farther into the quick-sands of belief in a power apart from God. In spite of the statement, “No man knoweth what a day brings forth” there is the temptation to peep and see if something good is coming. It isn’t, – for it cannot come as long as you put the time element on it and turn it over to some other power than God.

Yes, “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail” It does not say maybe or perhaps, – it says they SHALL fail. Hardly ten per cent of all the prophecies, personal and national, have even vaguely come to pass. Of course, there is such a thing as stretching the event to fit the prophecy, – but that isn’t the danger. The real danger lies in the time element which is always interposed and the array of evil that must be endured before that “speck” of good can come into being.

But-“LOVE NEVER FAILETH”! NEVER is a long, long time, – and NEVER is ETERNALLY NOW.

Meditating along this line recently, suddenly a flash came through, – a beautiful radiance which spoke in terms of LIGHT, impressing upon me: the fact that man is born under GOD, – not under a star or a group of stars. In the record of creation, man was created above the stars. How then can he come under the malefic influences of that which is under him, unless he descends to the level of that belief?

He shall give His ANGELS charge over thee, not His stars. And you have the power to call forth twelve legions of ANGELS, if you will.

Yes, – “Where there be prophecies, they shall fail”. You live in the Kingdom HERE and NOW. Your waiting is only in human thinking.


“And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto Him a Centurion.”

Could anything be more dramatic than this drama which is about to be unrolled? The Centurion, – glorious in his crimson and gold, his shining helmet and breastplate, his glittering sword and his entourage of picked soldiers, – the epitome of temporal power and authority, – meeting the most Majestic Person ever to trod the globe, – the embodiment of Spiritual Power, – the Radiance and Light of His Presence outshining the highly polished metal of the Centurion.

And there they stand, – the Centurion beseeching Jesus. He who never asked favors of any man but ruthlessly possessed himself of any and all things he desired, speaks: “My servant lieth at home, sick of the palsy”. A Centurion, pleading the cause of a common servant ! Servants were cheap in those days, – they could be had for nothing and disposed of by a word from their lord and master.

And then our Precious One answers, as He always answers every sincere request made of Him: “I will come and heal him”.

But no, – the Centurion, standing in all his majesty, again speaks: “I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof, – but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed”.

Humility and absolute faith flooded through his words, “Speak the word only, and my servant SHALL be healed, – for I also (note the self-recognition) am a man of authority, and I say unto this man ‘Go’, and he goeth, – and to another, ‘Come’, and he cometh”. This was the kind of language Jesus could understand, – and the servant was healed in the self-same hour.

Jesus did not resent the gentle rebuke given Him by the Centurion, who called to His attention that He did not have to go anywhere physically to accomplish the blessings of the Omnipresent God. He stood there before this magnificent creature and said of him, – “I have not seen so great a faith, – no, not in all Israel”. This takes in rather a large territory, – including all of His followers and even His disciples.

But reaching far beyond this is the motive back of it all. Why was the servant healed? What was the connecting link between this ruthless warrior, this proud aristocrat of Imperial Rome, and a servant? The gulf in position and place is almost unbridgeable. Think it over. The Centurion had come a long way in his chariot, – putting himself out a great deal for a mere servant. And then it dawns upon us that the Centurion was possessed of something mightier than the sword or his legions of soldiers. He was possessed of LOVE. Yes, the Centurion came in LOVE, – the only thing which “never faileth”. What else could have happened but that the servant who was thus loved, be healed. “The measure ye mete”, – the measure, – the motive back of the contact, – determines the results.

You too, will discover the joy of finding such a faith in the Words of Jesus, if you approach Him with Love the next time you have a sick servant, and be unafraid to go many leagues, if necessary, to do it. If you do, your servant, (body or situation) will be healed in the self-same hour.


“Forasmuch then, as we are the off-spring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device.

“And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.”

THERE IS A TIME WHEN a child is excused for using the keyboard of the Steinway for a serviette, because he just doesn’t know any better. But it is reasonable to believe that the time is fast coming in that young man’s life when he will find out differently, and then, if he is wise he will not try it again. The reaction will be sharp and painful.

There is a time when we ignorantly blunder through the laws of God and are apparently winked at, – “Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures”, – but there comes a time when the sharp reaction of misusing a law becomes very apparent.

The puerile concept of Truth as a system or means whereby you can ‘call upon ME’, and get anything you want, – and then reverse the order and put a lot of negative ideas into play, will prove a broken reed. Whatsoever you accept as real for yourself or another, be it good, bad or indifferent will, if placed before the Stream of your Consciousness, come into full manifestation, – with its ensuing reward ;or pain.

What you see of evil in the universe is the projection of some accepted state of human consciousness which emanates directly from you, building up its little tragedy in the material world with you the chiefest actor.

Now that you have acknowledged and recognized this never-failing Power, you will be more circumspect about the slides you slip into the lantern of your consciousness.

The Bible contains much advice to those who ‘have heard’, such as, –

“With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

“Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof.”

“If thou hast thought evil, lay thine hand upon thy mouth.”

“He that uttereth a slander, is a fool.”

“The scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off.”

“Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from troubles.”

“Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of LIFE.”

“The POWER of Life and death are in the tongue.”

“Therefore WATCH! and remember.. .”


OLD MADAME GAUNEE was in a pensive mood. We sat in her clean little peasant hut before a blazing fire. It was cold outside but there was plenty of cheer within as the light from the great open fireplace made huge black shadows do fantastic dances on the white walls. She stirred, from time to time, the ragout that was boiling in the iron pot hanging over the flames. When she raised the lid of the pot, the place was flooded with a savory odor as sweet to the nose as music is to the ear. It filled the mind with all sorts of joyous anticipations and made for contentment.

The husky, deep voice of Madame Gaunee startled me. When Madame talked at all -which was rare- she had something to say. She had a peculiar habit of appearing to talk to herself when addressing anyone. She was a woman of the soil, bent with labor and weather-beaten with the sun and wind. Life had taken on a simplicity with her which was disarming to most people. Madame Gaunee dealt in facts. Her daughter, Eloise, had just left us -distressed because her young husband had displeased her. Madame sat silent during her entire visit, and now that she was gone, she spoke -half musing- half as if addressing herself: “Yonder in the Auvergnes lived, years ago, Old Pere La Pre. He had all the secrets of nature and some of the wisdom of God stored away in his old wrinkled head. He knew herbs and how to compound elixirs and philosophy. How long he had lived in the deep ravine of the foot-hills, no one seemed to know, nor where he came from. He seemed to be a part of the whole thing. Young and old alike came to him with their problems, and he usually sent them away healed and helped.

“One day a young wife, sorely troubled, approached his hut and spoke to him.’Good-morrow, Pere La Pre. I am wretched. My husband makes life so difficult for me. He is so quarrelsome and argues from the moment he arrives here at night until he leaves for work in the morning. Life has become unbearable with his scolding. Can you give me a charm to cure him?’

“The old Father La Pre smiled at her.’Yes,’ he said, ‘I have the very thing – an Elixir which will so transform your husband you will hardly know him, and the beautiful part of it all is that he will not know it is being used on him’. He went into his little workshop and amid bottles and tubes, – he fumbled about and finally came forth with a vial of clear fluid. He shook it well and looked at it through the light.’Yes, that will do’, he said, handing the woman the bottle. ‘Shake this bottle well to-night and when you see your husband coming home from work, take a tablespoonful of the liquid and hold it in your mouth for twenty minutes-then swallow. Do this every night until the bottle is empty.

“Months passed, and one day the young wife appeared at the door of his hut again. She was radiant and said ‘Good-morrow, good Father. The battle is empty and I have come to tell you how it has changed my husband from a devil into a saint. It has worked a wonderful charm on him. Now then, tell me what the wonderful Elixir contains, so that I may never be without it’.

“‘My daughter,’ said the old Father, ‘the Elixir which cured your quarrelsome husband was just ordinary water’. He smiled at her. ‘It takes two to make a quarrel -it takes two to make inharmony of any kind’.

“There must have been a twinkle in his eye, waiting to see perhaps if the idea had sunk into her consciousness. ‘Yes, it takes two to make trouble. Remember, daughter, there is plenty of water in the world and it is a sure cure for quarreling husbands’.”


IT IS written in the Law, – “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity”.

You have had your opportunity to make a success of your life, – and perhaps still find yourself outside the City Beautiful with no oil in your lamps. And finally you come to the place where you can neither beg, borrow nor steal the “oil” to produce your light when the Bridegroom passes by.

Still the old human thought will make another effort. Like a beetle in a slippery bowl, he will try again and again to extricate himself from the difficulty he has fallen into. No problem ever came to you that was not first accepted by you as propelled by some false law. This you are sure is not true, and you will trace a thousand and one forgotten trails, endeavoring to find the cause of it, – rejecting the only true one: You are where you are because of your self.

It isn’t a very mellifluous doctrine. It is bitter, but it is therapeutic when once you see it. If you place the blame where it belongs, you have one foot out of the bog. Then finding the nothingness of the belief which is occupying your temple, you are out. When you discover what the Truth is, you will see the reality of the command, – “Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free”. But this, too, has been a stumbling block for ages, since the puzzling question goes on, “What is the Truth?”.

Only one Man answered that, but not many will accept it, – “I AM the Truth!” You are the truth about everything in your life, – good, bad or indifferent. Only that which you recognize as Truth in any capacity can exist for you. You may find truth in disease and poverty, and so to you it is true.

Many things are true that are not facts. Until a thing becomes established as a fact, it is of little use to you. For instance, you know that prayer heals the sick, and that is true, – but it is not a fact until you have set it into action in your diseased body and have seen the manifestation of it in perfect health. And so with wealth and happiness.

“I came that your joy might be FULL!”-not partially full, but FULL, – not the honey which is so tempting and sweet but in which has been mixed the bitter aloes of human experience. No, – but pure unadulterated JOY. The human mind cannot conceive of JOY as a continuous fare. It imagines that it must have a certain amount of the bitter so that the contrast will make the sweet sweeter. This human mind has such stereotyped limitations that it is of little use to psychologize it into imagining a state of freedom.

We acknowledge Jesus as the Way-Shower, and then proceed to find our own belief-paths. Then it is that we must be ever watchful of Scylla, that many-headed monster with its long necks reaching out to destroy anything within its reach by evil gossip and slander. And in steering a well-defined course to escape her, we may run into the whirlpool Charybdis, – that futile, disheartening teaching of the man whose breath is in his nostrils, and be sucked under, into a place of utter frustration, finally to be grounded on the Isle of the Enchantress Circe, – always calling on God, endeavoring to bend His ways and laws to fit our desires and needs.

“How long will ye doubt” that Jesus gave us a Law so fool-proof and powerful that it would “bear us up as if on eagles’ wings”?

Only when man reaches the extremity of trying, will he “let go and LET God”. “MY Ways are not YOUR Ways”, – they are said to be as far above anything the think-man can conceive as the “heavens are above the earth”.

Such an apparently nonsensical question as “For why will ye die?” is answered from the standpoint of LIFE. Nothing dies in God, – only in the human thought induced by the father-Adam. Life, when accepted as OMNIPRESENT, causes man to manifest health, and the desert to blossom as a rose, and a thousand and one other things. All this for the recognition of God!

The world is full of people seeking ME in some-thing physical, some man-made teaching, or through some set of labors which makes Hercules’ tasks look like child-play.

The idea of man’s extremity is well illustrated by an incident of some years ago. A young boy lived in a small town through which ran a deep ravine, bridged by a single-track trestle. In the course of events he left home, as most small-town boys do,returning some years later on a surprise visit. He arrived late at night, and having no conveyance, decided to walk home by the short-cut across the ravine. Midway across, he suddenly looked up to see a train coming. He could neither turn back nor go ahead, the distances being too great, – so he let himself down over the side of the trestle, there to hang until the train passed by. By the time the train had gone, he did not have sufficient strength to pull himself up again. Remembering the jagged rocks below, a horrible fear paralyzed him, and his strength gave out completely. His fingers slipped free of the tie and he dropped, expecting to be dashed to pieces on the rocks below, – only to find to his amazement that he landed on soft earth about five feet below the bridge. During his absence, the ravine had been filled in. All his harrowing agony for naught !

Jesus taught in parables, and the “letting go” He requires of you when you have come to your extremity brings the surprise facts to light. The ravine of your fear and belief has been “filled in” with the LOVE of God !

A thousand invitations are given you to “cast your burdens on Him”. You are invited to “take up your cross”, – that power which X’ed out all the belief of the life of “Jesus”. He said, “In this world ye have tribulations”, and then immediately said, “This is the Kingdom of Heaven”. This seems a contradiction, but He also told you how to escape the tribulation, – “Be in the world but not of`it”. This does not mean a retiring into the seclusion of the hills, – but it does mean a retiring from the beliefs of today which tomorrow will be cast into the oven because the human mind ceases to believe in them.

Whatever you, – yes, YOU, accept, will come to abide with you as realities, – and what you reject through the Light of your Christ Consciousness will pass you by. At best, they will turn out to be “clouds without rain”.

Yes, man’s extremity IS God’s opportunity. You remember the poem about opportunity passing but once, and if you are asleep, you are bidden to awake, for it will not pass that way again. And you have tried your opportunity with small success, but there was always some “fly in the ointment”, or “little gnats that spoiled the honey”. Then why not see what God will do with His opportunity? Be un-afraid to walk through the shadows of beliefs about you and give Him a chance.

“Wait patiently on the Lord and He WILL bring IT to pass.” What means this “it”, if not the desire you have tried so hard and long to bring into visibility. But remember that the dust of the disintegration of your extremity must settle before you can see the SUN that is emerging through the cyclone of belief.

“Wait patiently on the Lord and He WILL bring IT to pass”. It says “will” so there can be no question about the results. Now you are not afraid of being found “naked”. What a thrill is awaiting you ~vhen you come to the place where you will “stand upon your watch and SEE what the Lord has to say unto the temple-bodies”.

None of this can be accomplished through the human reason which demands proof of the answer. “The signs follow, – they do not precede” is too much for his fearful thought, – and so another cycle passes by. The Wheel of Life turns over once more and instead of letting go, you have hung on to it and are being crushed with further evil.

But this “letting” God have His opportunity is like coming in from the blistering heat of the desert, – like suddenly discovering an oasis with cool shade and bubbling spring.

“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity!” It would seem, then, if you are surfeited with your “extremity”, it is about time to “let” something happen,the something which you could not make happen. Or if you are not yet at your extremity, why not get there as quickly as possible, so that this golden flood of NEW LIGHT and REVELATION will be yours.

The complete submission to the ways of God leads to the Perfect WAY and brings out the true meaning of “I AM the WAY”. It is only at this elevation that the laws which Jesus gave can be and are made manifest as realities. It is then that WHATSOEVER you designate the I AM to be, YOU ARE. The urge of this designation is coming through, straight from the God of the Universe, guiding you into the things that have been prepared for you and which have never entered into the heart of man.

So often this submission carries with it the false belief of a complete giving up of everything the heart has longed for and the leading of a desolatory, lonely life. This is the human concept. And yet in spite of this belief, man goes on eternally seeking God. Why for? If “things” are the ultimate, why continue to seek God? Why not find Him in money instead of substance, if you believe that money is a greater power than God. If you feel that evil is more certain and powerful than God, it would be well to worship the devil, – or would it?

Why will we stand in the Temple and say with our lips, “God is the only Power”, – and at the same time consider the evil power that apparently has us in its grasp?

You cannot legislate, nor yet control the human love. It goes where it will without rhyme or reason, – nothing can be done about it. Then why imagine that by the use of words or beliefs you can direct or control the LOVE of God?

Yes, – “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity,and incidentally, your opportunity, – -the only real one you ever had. The opportunity to have all the senses extended beyond the human belief, – to have eyes that SEE and ears that HEAR, – to have a clear, limpid consciousness of the Truth of Life and an ability to SEE through the veils of human thought. “I saw you under the fig tree” is not a capacity to tell fortunes, – but an ability to see all that is essential. So often man comes under the category of “what you ARE screams so loud I cannot hear what you are saying”.

If God cannot do it, then it cannot be done. That should just about settle it. Then, why in Heaven’s Name not LET Him do something. Give Him His opportunity, as you have given yourself so many opportunities which have all failed. Why not come to your extremity NOW.


WHEN RAPHAEL ENTERED his studio, he would sit at his easel for some moments before beginning to paint, – explaining that he was waiting for the cyclone of dust, created by his coming into the room, to settle.

When we obey the command of Jesus, “Ask and ye shall receive”, we appropriate a new state or “shape” of consciousness. The atoms of the thought picture in which we are living disintegrate, becoming a confused mass flying about us, which settle in again, – fashioning the new “shape” or degree of consciousness.

It is during this period of change that man is apt to judge from appearances, which for the moment seem far worse than the former state, and become “jittery”. The Children of Israel asked for freedom, – thus breaking the pattern of slavery, – and when the changes necessary to their releasement were taking place, they complained and wanted to return to the old idea, – “Let us return to Egypt”.

LIFE is change, – not change of principle, – but an unfoldment out of the hard and fast thought forms that have held us in bondage.

Today the world is in a convulsion of change because it has accepted the bright New World Pattern. During the transition everything is apparently thrown out of alignment. During the confusion we are commanded to “Judge not from appearances, but judge righteous judgment”.

So, having done all, “Stand and SEE the Salvation of the Lord”. Stand, – and stand, – and stand, for “thy redemption draweth nigh”. You will witness the atoms falling into alignment, and the new body, the new expression, taking form.

”Go not back”, then. Set yourself, – remembering that during the hurricane of changes, you are “hid with Christ in God”, – hidden deep in the Permanent Identity of you.

It is also indicated that this period of change which comes to you as you dare launch out onto deeper waters, is covered by the “Pass Over”. While the dust of change is filling the air, the Spirit “passes over”, – and because it sees the Sign of the Cross, there is protection and calmness.

Then stand!


You NEVER SEE THE SUN that is causing the rainbow, – and yet you know it is there. “No man shall see God and live.” Power cannot be seen by the eyes of man, – but he can see the results of it embodied in the infinite shapes of his consciousness.

The mist which went up and watered the whole face of the earth after we took unto ourselves the belief that we could create, has so completely enveloped us that we believe in the distorted shadows caught on its surface as realities. We believe that we are in a world filled with all manner of ugly shapes and forms against which we must fight. There is no escape from this through the teachings founded on such beliefs.

And so we sit in our cave of dreams, watching the pure White Light pass through the spectrum and break into a thousand colors, nuances and tints. We watch a horrible war unroll its bloody canvas before us and think it real, – yet it lies only within the thought of man and is projected by his divided thinking. We believe the ugly diseases of man are a reality, and then try to rid ourselves of the pictures patterning on the screen of our body. The moment the thought of it is snapped, the illusion disappears, the screen is white and clean, – and we say, “I have been healed”.

No, you have not actually been healed. You have merely disintegrated the false belief which held the picture in place, and without which there could be no picture. Health is the out picturing of LIFE, and therefore eternally existent. You do not make it, handle it, nor yet control it. You recognize it, – and it is then established on the earth.

All these ugly pictures of life are but the uneasy, terrifying nightmares of the dreamer as he lies on his tortuous couch of belief. He clutches at the shadows, – only to find they are nothing but empty

“This dreaming, – this somnambulism, – -is what we on earth call life, – wherein the most undoubtedly wander, as if they knew right hand from left; yet they only are wise, who know they know nothing.”

There is nothing of a permanent nature to be known from the findings of the human thought. How could the mind which is “a liar and the father of it” give forth anything but lies.

“When a man loses his life, he shall find it”when he lets go of the limited concept of life, he will find his infinite life everywhere present and immediately available to the degree he is able to ‘take’ or accept. Jesus knew this so well that He passed through the dream pictures of human belief and dispersed the mists that clung with such apparent reality to man.

Man, the most noble creature God created and endowed with ability to LET the never-ending LIGHT into manifestation, is bested by the least animal or “beast”, as he is more wont to call them. Carlyle has something pertinent and full of promise to think on:

“The horse I ride has his own whole fell. Strip him of the girths and flaps and extraneous tags, and the noble creature is his own seamstress and weaver and spinner, – -nay, his own boot-maker, jeweler and man-milliner. He bounds free through the valleys with a perennial rain-proof court- suit on his body; wherein warmth and easiness to fit have reached perfection; nay, the graces have also been considered, and frills and fringes, with gay variety of color, fealty appended, and ever in the right place, are not wanting. While I, – -good heavens, – have thatched myself over with the dead fleeces of sheep, the bark of vegetables and the entrails of worms, the hides of oxen or seal, the felt of furred beasts, and walk around a moving RAY Screen, over-heaped with the shreds and tatters from the charnel house of Nature, where they would have rotted, to rot on me more slowly.”

Carlyle is being a bit facetious, perhaps, – but he is aiming at the same ONENESS which Jesus knew. “You are clothed with the Spirit.” Recognizing this, the material counterpart of it will be seen and will be available. This is beyond the confines of human thought, and there is a way to “work” it out from appearances, – but there is also a definite way to bring it to pass when you BELIEVE.

There’s that word again, – BELIEVE. It is the last hurdle for the human mind, – the point of departure from the prison-house of evil.

When Adam was caught in his attempt to establish his equality with God as a creator, he was ashamed because he was “naked”. Why? Because he was in the presence of SIGHT which was not stepped down to the surface of things, – but saw through it. So does this penetrating Light of God go through the multi-colored beliefs of man, discovering the perfection of man, – naked, – or free from the ghastly clothing of disease, fear and limitation, – of which he is ashamed.

We are a little afraid of the “come unto ME” when we are faced with nothing more apparently solid than a sea of water, – but there it is. We have tried all the other things and ideas. They have all failed, – and now this step. It may be your situation is a common, prosaic one, – but nevertheless, you must STEP out if you expect to reach the boat. And how can you STEP OUT if you do not hear anything more than the mere words “come unto ME”. You have to HEAR that which said the words, not the words, – but the something which makes it possible, if you will obey.

So the sea that lies before you is only one of the dreams from the phantasmagoria of the dream cave. Do you see why the command is so often made,”Rise”, when you cannot rise, – “Open your eyes”, when you are blind, – “Stretch forth your hand”, when you are in a straight jacket of paralysis. You do none of these movements physically, or because you “try” to do them. It is something that happens when you have “touched” that wonderful agreement within you. After that, the words “Stretch forth your hand” run through the withered arm like a flow of electricity through the feed wires of a great city, flooding it with LIGHT. Every physical manifestation is preceded by the spiritual recognition of the PRESENCE within you. “The Lord is in His Holy Temple, – let all the earth rejoic!” – and it does, because the earth is born anew and the mistshave cleared away.

So now we know that healing is recognition, – and not the result of words, or prayers, or aphorisms.

“What is man, that thou art mindful of Him?” Mindful, does it say? Did you ever think of this, – that God is MINDFUL of you? And what then? Well, more than you could ever imagine in your limited human brain-mind.

It is all so in reverse to what we have been thinking, – but it works. The ONENESS of LIFE becomes more and more apparent as you step out on the waters of human belief when you have HEARD the WORD commanding you to do just that impossible thing. “Come unto ME.” In the final analysis, there is no other place to go, – and it is the place you have been seeking lo! these many years. And these time and space elements are also mere limitations put upon eternity by the fallen Adam thought. He must have a beginning and an ending to a thing which was never born, – nor can never die, – but is ETERNAL in the Heavens.

If he does not hear this word, he will accept as his lot the death shroud, woven of beliefs, the chiefest being ‘three score years and ten’, – and many times much less. All this in spite of the command “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. What does it mean, this “transformed”, – a temporary change for the better, or actually re-formed into the transfiguration of your True Self?

Many cry for transformation, – but could you take what goes with it. A grandmother said to me, following an evening lecture, – “Yes, I could take it, of course, I would like to be eighteen years old again”. “But”, I said, “How would you gain entrance to your home, if this happened to you? You don’t suppose you could convince your husband that an eighteen-year-old girl is his seventy-year-old wife, with grandchildren of twenty, do you”?

Yet it is possible in the Spirit, – but with this, so is it with most manifestations of Spirit, – can you take it, – and pay the so-called price of it all? Are you sure? Well, just to the degree you stand up to the Spirit, can it come through.

But this has nothing to do with the imagination of the human mind which thinks the change from one state to another does not mean the cracking up of shells of limitations, which may at the instant seem like a definite loss. If you cannot lose your life, you certainly cannot find it. Or if you are still looking back on the shells which you have thrown off, you may wish to “return to Egypt”, – finding it more comfortable and easy for the moment at least.

To “Follow ME”, is not a dramatic trailing off through palm-covered roads, – but a trek into spirit, – although you may not make a move physically.

All this revelation is so secret and so far-removed from the human world of thought, that you are commanded to “Tell no man”, – no, not any, – not a single one. When you are ready, “SHOW”, – and then there is no argument pro or con. No one believes you can and will be healed of an incurable disease, except those who are healed, – and they do not need to be told, – they will SEE.

Deeply hidden in the cloak of human thought is this beautiful Naked Truth, – swathed with the Garment’s of Light, which will be stepped down to a point of visibility to you and to the on-looker.

There is a reason for the HOPE that is within us, – and this evidence comes to the surface in daily life in a thousand ways. The cat, caught in a tree, will bring out all the neighbors and even the fire department, because there is THAT within which wants to help. It is in all of us, and happy is the man-:who can see through the heavy shroud of human thought and find that spark. “Sermons (silent ones in stones, – and good in everything”, – and so it is.

And there is Life, Happiness, Success, within you, in spite of the diseased clothing you may be wearing. “Seek and ye shall find”, – yes, it says “YE SHALL”, – not maybe nor perhaps, – but definitely and utterly. You cannot fail if you follow ME. “Believe on ME”, – your Divinity, – and be saved from the beliefs of the human mind.

Words and language are only the outer garments of thought. That is why diplomacy flourishes so definitely, – saying one thing and meaning another, – always leaving a loop-hole of escape. But in the final analysis only the import of the thought carries through, – and so you may say “Peace, peace”, – and there is no peace. If there is no consciousness of peace, then there can be no peace. Peace will never come to the world until it is within man himself, and then the world cannot escape it. It will manifest as a natural thing, instead of something that must be held in place by legislation.

So you live in a world within a world, – and the LIGHT of your world is all that is real or permanent. Jesus, living- in the Kingdom of Heaven, exuded such LIGHT that we are still finding our way by it after two thousand years. It is the ONLY Light that ever came to the Adam-world. All else is a picture of a picture, – and a copy of an original is already filled with defects. When this is passed along for a time, the original light becomes dim indeed.

“I AM the LIGHT of this world”, – THE Light, – the ONLY Light, – for I AM the Light of God, and in that Light there is no darkness. All the flimsy garments of Adam and his beliefs are cast off. You look through and discover the Veritus, – the Naked Truth.

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but MY WORD shall endure forever”. One heaven and one earth after another, made of the mists of the Adam mind,:shall disintegrate and pass away. But there is no change in Spirit, God. The only change that takes place is our concept of HIM. Our concept of health one day, is changed into a greater concept the next, – and so with wealth and happiness.

And so the “enlarging” of the borders of the tent of things takes place with never-ending variety. If we are to die daily, we must be born anew daily. The things of the former life must go with the dying, – and the wholly NEW must come forth.

So that invisible SUN which is casting its gorgeous rainbow across a dark cloud, is always there. And so is God! “Fear not, – it is I”, – be not afraid. Keep the secret in your heart and SEE.

The type-setter rarely ever understands the story as he sets his type. He is working wholly with the mechanics. The most wonderful revelations and stories may pass through his fingers, – but except in rare instances, he must read the book later if he wishes to know what it is about, – even though it is his handiwork as far as its make-up is concerned. So it is with us, – we can live life in a mechanical fashion, without the slightest concept of what is in it. But, –

“When the inspiration of the Almighty is come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things”,- and give you that extended vision which can see through the shabby garments of human thought and; discover the pure nakedness of your SOUL. It can see all that has to do with the man under the fig tree, and it can see through every fabricated or prefabricated material of the human thought.

Yes, – there is the “Arc in the Heavens”, – the “Cloud by Day”, – the “Pillar of Fire”, – the “Burning Bush”, – and a million other ways I can talk to you. Can you hear what I AM saying? I AM the VOICE !


JESUS SAID, “Think ye not that I could call upon My Father and He would send twelve legions of angels”. Had He called, some sixty thousand would have appeared, visible to the mob trying to destroy the only real teaching ever to come to earth. Do you believe this?

It is reported a terrible earthquake took place during the crucifixion, – the ground was rent, – the graves gave up their dead, – and the Saints appeared. Were they visible, – or imaginative?

And then we are told that the Heavenly Hosts surround us. Are they actual, – or is this mere symbology?

Did Jesus’ disciples see Him when He broke bread with them after the resurrection?

What took place when He said, “Look again”,and the fields were white, – setting aside the times-pace of four months until the harvest. What means this “Look again“? Haven’t we been scanning the horizons of human thought for ages and seen nothing but futility? And yet, “Look again” !

With our limited human senses we look through the reverse end of a telescope, seeing the close-at-hand as far-removed, – in other words, – the “four months until the harvest”. Now comes the command, “Look again”, with the single eye of spirit which sees only the finished thing.

Because we have no consciousness of a thing is no indication it is not true, – and because we cannot see a thing does not mean it does not exist. Only that which we recognize as possible can or does take place.

“Ten thousand thousand shall fall at thy right hand,… but it shall not come nigh thee”. How can this be? There is no answer from the standpoint of the three-dimensional mind. But it further says,

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

Yes, I know all about the extended human sense of sight. It can and does show every evil thing in the subconscious mind, . . . disembodied entities, disembodied souls, antagonizing forces. The human mind which has been aping the Divine since Adam can seemingly perform everything God does. The wise men, soothsayers and magicians produced serpents identical to all appearances with the serpent produced by the Prophet, – but what happened? You recall how it was that the serpent of the Prophet swallowed the serpents of the magicians. The human mind can and does embody anything it recognizes and it can become so real and terrible as to destroy the mind that gave it birth and life. All creations of the human mind are evil, – but their existence depends wholly upon the sustenance given by continued attention.

To be rid of an “entity” which may be disturbing your life, all that is necessary is to deprive it of the thought substance of your mind, – just as you would deflate a balloon by releasing the oxygen in it. Demons and devils flee in all directions when once you “X” them out by the Power of Almighty God. A man writhing with delirium tremens certainly sees snakes that are real and alive to him crawling on his bed, – but the nurse and the doctor standing alongside do not see them. Where, then, are they?

We can see only that which exists an the particular level from which we are functioning. Any wonder, then, that we are told to “AWAKE”, “ARISE” to a higher level, – and then “LOOK AGAIN”. And the beautiful part of it all is that when you “arise” to a new degree of expression, you take nothing of the old degree with you. The former things are passed away, as far as you are concerned, – not even remembered.

We are told that “Heaven and earth shall pass away, – but MY WORD shall not pass away.” And then it is explained that You are the WORD made flesh, – YOU, the Permanent Identity, hiding behind the ghastly mask of John Smith or Mable Jones.

As LIGHT passes through a negative film, it produces a positive picture. As long as that LIGHT remains, it will produce pictures in reverse of its appearance. In a film negative, what appears black becomes white in the picture, and what is white becomes dark. And likewise, when the INNER LIGHT floods through the negative John Smith, all his color values are reversed.

And it says, – “YOU, – (yes, you), – are a NEW creature- (something that has life) – in Christ Jesus”. Do you believe this? Were not the negative conditions of the blind man reversed when the LIGHT poured through his consciousness?

To have all negative conditions of sickness and poverty in your life reversed, all that needs be done is to pass this LIGHT through the “negative”. We are so busy trying to eradicate the shadows of human thinking that we will not LET the LIGHT so shine. We have been “working” instead of EXPRESSING. The unlabored action of God does not work. And yet many people say, “I have done my work“, – or “I will work for you”. Jesus said, “Labor not for the meat that perisheth”.

Finally we are beginning to SEE. Yes, – we are glimpsing the Radiance of the Risen Lord. When our vision is sufficiently clear, we will see Him, even as the disciples finally saw Him for a brief moment when He broke bread with them. But they could not hold that consciousness, and so He disappeared from their vision. Where did He go, – since He said THIS is the Kingdom of Heaven, – here and NOW, – even within YOU? How much longer will it be before we are willing to hear?

It is said “On them the second death will have no effect”. So then, the Saints who arose from their graves, – the grave of human thought that killed the body, – are ALIVE and HERE. Perhaps you would like to see them, – but how can you if you do not believe? There is no particular reason why you should see them just because you are curious. Remember what happened to Pandora and the box, she was so curious that she opened it, – and let loose on the universe a million and one evil beliefs. The SOUL of you is incurious, for it knows. When it knows, it does not “talk”, – it SHOWS FORTH. No one who actually SEES anything beyond the human thought limitations will expose it. A film that is exposed before it is developed is ruined. “See that ye tell no man”, – but be certain that you SHOW.

One person praying, – actually praying, – and not voicing a long line of word pictures, – can and has changed a situation for thousands of others. “One with God is a majority,” Do you believe this? The answer is always “Yea, yea” or “Nay, nay”, – regardless of what words may or may not be used, and the results are directly in ratio to this statement.

Heretofore it has all been so impracticable, – so “out of this world”, – but NOW it becomes a reality in the life of ANY man who believes. Then what is the matter with us? Why do we continue studying and ‘working’ with the philosophies of the ancients? There is nothing ancient in God or Jesus. If “a thousand years are as a day” and vice-versa, what is to be said of the collected and amassed information we have gathered during the last two days of life since our Precious One spoke the Kingdom of Heaven into BEING?

At the NAME-nature-every knee shall bend. What is bending but the old human beliefs, – so weak with all their vaunted powers? Such wonderful POWER is given you, – not worked for nor earned. The old John Smith negative you brought out has such wonderful possibilities, All his shadows and dark spots are to be filled with LIGHT. These dark spots of limitations are automatically reversed when the LIGHT passes through them. If they seem more real and true than the LIGHT, it is only because we are hypnotized by human beliefs. On the Temple Beautiful the shadows of disease will melt into glorious decorations of God !

In that day of SELF discovery, you will find that the blacksmith helps the goldsmith, – although they are leagues apart as artisans. Everything will then “work together”, – and THEN is when you discover and (let’ the LIGHT pass through the negative of John Smith, – turning every shadow into LIGHT.

The negative says you cannot see, – or hear, – or move, – all dark shadows of limitation. It says you are diseased, – and poor, – and unhappy. But the darker the negative, the lighter the positive picture taken from it when the LIGHT is recognized. “Arise and shine, – for your LIGHT is come, – and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Please note the present tense “is”. For Heaven’s sake! – what is the matter with us? Why don’t we “return and let”, instead of trying and “working” with the negative thing? “When we are absent from the body, we are present with the Lord.” So what have we to lose? “LET ME IN!” HERE I am, at the door of your consciousness, – knocking. Why not open to ME? If you do, – I will sup with thee, – and what a feast! – and ye with ME! All this lovely equality, – ye and ME !

All diseases and imperfections you ever experienced were merely the LIGHT trying to push out of your consciousness some horrible thought picture. All poison of hatred, greed and revenge must be pushed out of My Temple. Then why not LET them go, – release them, – instead of working from the outside?

“Who will save my darling”, – my old John Smith, – my masquerade costume, – from the fires of reality? Nothing will save them as long as you continue to see the negative as a negative. When you reverse your vision, – “presto!” the cancer, the lung trouble, the liver complaint, or whatever else you may have, no longer exists. The dark places become light, the positive comes forth, – because you let the LIGHT through your negative.

A sweeping symphony written years ago comes to life under the baton of a Toscanini. From our point of view, it may be only dots on lined music paper. Let the LIGHT shine through, – and it becomes a rapturous melody that lives forever. And all this is done by the swaying of a simple baton. So the negative John Smith, when the LIGHT is passed through him, becomes a beautiful symphony.

When will Jesus come? Well, – He is already here, and He will appear through the clouds of human thinking to anyone on that level of consciousness. Why did the disciples SEE Him for but a few moments? They had been with Him for three years, – and yet, when they walked with Him to Emmaus, they did not recognize Him because they had not fully accepted His Teachings. Just as you and I, they wanted to see something startling. They did not fully accept His Doctrine, – but yet, when they walked with Him their hearts “burned”, – although their eyes and ears were holden by their unbelief. And so the disciples saw Jesus in His resurrected body for but a moment.

And now what about the twelve legions of angels? If our Precious One had called them forth, would they have been visible to the human eye? And if they had appeared, what would the “crowd” have done? You know exactly what they would have done, – taken refuge in any shelter they could have found. But He let the swine of human thought kill His body to show us what could take place if one believed in God.

And now, – since Jesus said, “The works that I do, ye shall do also”, – what about your Legions of Angels and the Heavenly Hosts? Well, they are HERE and NOW to you, – if you are YOU, and accept your God-given Heritage as did Jesus.


God Smiles on You

WHENEVER YOU “touch ME”, God smiles on you. A feeling of “well done” envelopes you as. does the ambient perfume from a field of flowers. Nothing may have changed for the moment, – but a sense of all-rightness sings within, – and then you are feeding among the lilies. All this beautiful symbology becomes real, tangible and true, – and you find you have been seeking ME “as the hart panteth after the water brooks”. Then you “touch ME”, – and God smiles on you.

Through the iridescent clouds of REALIZATION and LIGHT, the manifestation appears, the “dry land” pushes up into reality in such a strange and magical way. The flickering candlelight of human reasoning has burned low, – and “Jocund day”, – joyous day, – a NEW DAY, stands tip-toed on the misty mountain tops. And miracle follows miracle.

And God smiles on you! And sometimes in that smile such LIGHT falls upon a darkened Temple as to rid it of a loathsome disease, or a nagging, never-ending worry, – and PEACE, – yes, PEACE that passeth all understanding, comes to abide in you.

And God smiles on YOU !

The Stream of Consciousness

There is a “stream of consciousness” flowing from the God-head to man. When you “PROVE ME”, you will SEE the Windows of Heaven open and the blessings descend in a never-ending stream, – so many you cannot count them. This is the NATURE of God. “Whatsoever you ask in My Name (nature)”, – whatsoever you “take” in that NATURE, – whatsoever you conceive in the pure consciousness, will instantly begin building its body or vehicle of expression, – just as the moment conception takes place, gestation sets in and the body is formed, and in due time the Child is born.

This process has little to do with the old worn out thought patterns of yesterday, – that which imagined all it had to do was to “think hard” enough and God would do something He otherwise would not have done.

The matrix or model is conceived in the invisible. Like the potter standing before his batch of clay, but detached from it, – and in his mind there appears the perfected object of his desire. When he recognizes it as a reality, then the “stream of consciousness” begins flowing through his temple into the clay, – towards the embodying of his desire. It is invisible to everyone except the potter. In fact, the world would deny its existence, – and would endeavor to prove their point, – just as the potter will “PROVE ME”, and SEE the manifestation HERE and NOW.

The appropriation of the “Finished Thing” is now taking the place of the outgrown “thought” systems. Jesus worked from the basis “before you ask”, – and “Thank you, Father”, – the recognition of the consummation and completion of the idea before it appeared to the limited human sight. And so must we do likewise.

Jesus and His Sisters and Brothers

It is recorded that the brothers and sisters of Jesus were present when the people were marveling at His works and words, – and “they were offended at Him”. A lot of help He received from His family! One would think that if they did not understand or approve of Him, they would have remained at home. No wonder He said, – “A prophet is not without honor but in his own country and among his own kin and in his own house”. “All my familiars watch for my halting.” So goes the old human record. All teachers and revelators have met with the same thing. People who worship emotionally one moment, hate with like violence the next, – for there is no LIGHT there.

And so your enemies are only a testimony of the LIGHT within you. If you did not have the Light, they could not see you. So rejoice, – and be glad! “Blessed art thou, when men shall curse and revile you for MY Sake”. So if you are blessed, – take your blessing and be glad!

What Did Jesus Write on the Ground?

After giving the accusers an ever-lasting rebuke and seeing them slink away in their guilt, He must have written something about the shifting, transient human accusation and forgiveness, – something bespeaking of the incapacity of the human mind to have any enduring principle, – something indicating that their accusations and their forgiveness would last about as long as His writing on the sands.

The Juke Box

(Concerning Choice)

One day recently I sat down at a crowded lunch counter. In front of each one was a slot machine connected with a Juke Box. The gentlemen next to me inserted a nickel, – and we were all treated to a most gorgeous thing about a “hep cat”. When this meowling ceased, someone else dropped in a nickel, and a lovely rendition of Chopin’s Polonaise filled the place. Then food came along, which we all proceeded to put in our bodies.

And then I thought, – “There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile him.” Some of the customers, perhaps, were destined to have heart-burn, – others stomach-ache or even ptomaine poisoning. And still others might feel stronger, fatter and more satisfied.

On the Juke Box slot was a little wheel listing the musical numbers from which to choose, – the nickels that went in were alike, but what came out was very different in each instance, according to the choice made.

We choose from a menu what goes into our body, and at the same time, either consciously or unconsciously, choose the effect thereon, with results far surer than dropping the nickel into the Slot. “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.” “L-a-a-dies, and Gentlemen, – step up and put in your nickel!”


“What are you doing”, said the Prophet to the widow.

“I am picking up sticks to build a fire and cook a pancake for my son and me, – after which we will lie down and die.” How very sad ! Why prolong the agony?

Then said the Prophet, “Well, give me a pancake”.

Of all things! “Didn’t I tell you I only had two?” “Well, then, eat your pancake and die.” All that stood in the way of heaven with that widow was a pancake. Not much, – but she had to remove it in order to see the flowing oil and meal.

You haven’t a pancake in the way of your heaven, have you?

Think This One Over

Did you ever think how that the Children of Israel were supposed to be so abused and enslaved, beaten and underfed, – and then, without any explanation, they borrowed all the jewels and wealth of their masters? How come? And then you discover that in their hurry to get away, they forgot to return the jewels. Now was that nice?


It is said that no man has a good enough memory to be a liar, – and this is true, unless one belongs to that classification called Pathological Liars.

After several experiences with them I came to the conclusion they are one of the phenomena of life. The things they tell and the minute details into which they go can be accurately checked so far as authenticity is concerned, – and yet the so-called liars have never been near the place they so accurately describe nor experienced the things they so scientifically describe. They never make a mistake when repeating a story, and apparently cannot be caught up on any point.

It causes one to wonder if they are really liars, or if, through some reach of consciousness, they are possessed of the capacity to “see” things. Many children have this extended capacity and have been punished for lying, – and in after years it has been discovered that they ‘knew’ what they were talking about.

Jesus saw all things, persons and places at will. Perhaps these people have somewhat the same power to see, – since everything is eternally existent, and all that has ever taken place is photographed on the ethers.

However, I am not inviting you to join this group unless you can recognize this capacity as a power of consciousness, as did Jesus, – and not assume it as a personal experience, for the glory thus gained is short-lived.


One day a young Hollywood Hopeful came to me, radiant with the news of his interview with a studio official.

“Yes, I have signed a contract. I told them what I wanted, – and now I am all set.” “Then all you have to do now, is to go to work.” “Well, – just as soon as they sign. I have already signed.”

Three months later I met him again, – still without work. The studio had not yet signed the contract, – in spite of the fact that he had signed it.

. . . . .

A contract of itself is a mere scrap of paper. If the spirit of it is not fulfilled, nothing takes place.

I remembered the many contracts I had made with God, – telling Him exactly what I wanted,

drawing up my own contracts and signing them, but strangely enough, they were not fulfilled. And then I saw, as in the case of the Young Hopeful, if the contract had been executed from the other side, things would have been all right.

How refreshing and how wonderful it would be if we would look over the many contracts God has made with us and signed, – and then affix our signatures to some of them, – and LET them come to pass.


If you can check the emotions when discussing a thing, you will be saved many disagreeable ventures. The moment you become emotional over an issue, you automatically take sides in accordance with your personal opinion, – which after all, may be erroneous.

“Come boldly to the Throne of Grace” All wrong disintegrates when the LIGHT of this Throne passes through your temple. “Be not afraid, – it is I”, – the Permanent Identity, which has the power – to “pick it up and lay it down”. When you are ready, “I will do the works”.

If there are no “works”, be not discouraged and go back again to your former bondage. Take all condemnation from your body and self, – then walk straight into the Christ Light, – and naturally and normally bear away your blessings.


David .Seabury gives this definition of Self Pity: “A common term for Masochism, – an ugly form Of Egotism”. Masochism is a neurotic state of mind which enjoys suffering.

There is no doubt that self-pity is, as someone has said, more opaque than a solid body. No light or illumination can come through the dense clouds of feeling sorry for oneself.

But if you enjoy indulging in it, that is your business. But no one else does, – which is their business. And so!

This is Where I Came In

I entered a Cinema toward the end of a rather. ghastly newsreel, – an ugly picture of suffering and torture. Closing my eyes, I waited for the feature. When the feature had run its course, the newsreel started again, finally unwinding to the place of torture. I said to myself, – “This is where I came in”, and left the theater. But the pictue continued as long and as often as it was projected, – and the repetition of the suffering and torture would be reenacted over and over, – although the original incident was probably already years old.

“Here’s where I came in” has more meaning than at first appears. We find a unique spot in consciousness in the picture of evil, and if we do not “go out”, the reel will be repeated over and over. The”Squirrel” in the cage of human thought, never gets anywhere, although he travels miles in thought. The wheel he manipulates remains an eternal repetition. There is no escape until he is released from the cage, – -until he “goes out”

But once we awaken and arise and “go out” into the consciousness of the Presence, we are freed from the negative pictures. The reel may continue to unwind, but it has no screen on which to project the pictures into visibility. Memory of an unpleasant incident and not the incident is what perpetuates the evil pictures.

Let us, then, “go out”, – leaving all the ugly human thought-pictures, – and enter into our rightful Inheritance.

This ONE Thing

Attention is the focusing of the ALL of you on one point. Drawing the diffused sunlight through a magnifying glass to a sheet of paper will set it afire.

When we pray, we are told to do just one thing, and one thing only, – and that is to BELIEVE. Through this “magnifying glass” of BELIEF will that for which we pray be “set afire”, or come into manifestation.

“Be not afraid, – only believe.”

“Thou art careful and troubled over many things. But ONE thing is needful.” “This ONE thing I know, – ”

Then do not be like the Ancient Knight, who rushed out, jumped on his horse, and rode off in all directions. Have a definite point and stay on it.

“This ONE thing I do !”

This Temptation-Devil

What are you going to do with this devil which the human mind has made so real through recognition and blame? Yes, perhaps you think that after you said to him “Get thee behind me, satan”, he pushed you, – BUT the push is always from within you. Remember the ancient saying, – “If thou hast not seen the devil, look to thine own self”.

Everything that can tempt you, you have endowed with that power. Nothing can attack you of itself. It has no power so far as you are concerned unless you have transmitted that power to it.

“Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God.”


The human mind, with its great or little erudition, always “knows better” than the Divine, – and tries to argue its point, – like Naaman, the leper, who couldn’t see the difference in dipping seven times in the Jordan and in the Pharpar rivers. There probably wasn’t much difference as far as the water was concerned, – but there was a great deal of difference when it came to causing the old human thought to break through its fixed limitations.

“Behold I set before you this day a blessing and a curse, – a blessing if ye obey the commandments of the Lord your God.”

“We ought to obey God rather than man.”

Obey my Voice and I will be your God.”


HAVING BEEN ACCUSED many times of having eyes and seeing not, and ears and hearing not, one finally concludes that the so-called physical senses must have a further reach beyond the generally accepted limitations of human thought and findings.

In every instance of miracles, we see Jesus “looking again”, – an extension of the sense of sight which looked beyond all human findings to a place of permanent completion.

Since in a dream you can live many years of time in a few moments, and experience apparent reality with equal vividness as in the waking state, the extension of the senses beyond time-space does not seem so strange and unreal after all.

All of the human senses can be and are being continually deluded. Synthetic conditions and hypotheses are set up which are accepted as real to any of the five senses.

When through the recognition of the fundamental fact of life, there is an awareness of something greater than human thinking, the slim tender “feelers” go out through the gloom of thought and “touch” something beyond, – and yet strangely enough, present.

The moment human reason attempts to handle or analyze this new dimension of the senses, it disappears, – for there is no thought-shape which can capture it. It cannot be put in the straight-jacket of man-made knowledge, – and yet it is more real and enduring than anything man knows or sees, – a subtle sixth sense which runs through the other senses and causes them to function in a place of the Fourth Dimension.

A mass of real and pseudo evidence has been given of extended sight and hearing. One hesitates to mention the word “psychic” because of its prostitution. A shade of difference is given in the word “prescience“, as opposed to “psychic”. Any of the results from real extension of the senses comes through or into being instantly, – “In the twinkling of an eye”, – and cannot be induced by so-called spiritual “work”.

Digging into the trite words and sayings of the Bible, we discover chinks in the armor of human thought, – ways out, as it were, – -into this extended area, – –

There is something about the sense of “touch” which is ably allied with agreement, – “Two shall agree as touching-and it shall be established”.

There is something about the capacity of “taste” which can and does savor of the impossible. “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good”, – the unconsciously implied connection between taste and sight. And then “smell” has something to do with the Breath of Life, – and quite naturally all this hooks up with the “speaking of the Word” on the breath, – and the “power of life and death” being in the tongue.

“Blessed are your eyes, for they ‘see’; and your ears, for they ‘hear’. For verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men have desired to see the things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear the things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”

And then over all is the command to disregard appearances, – and to judge from the righteous point of consciousness. And the advice, “What is that to thee, – follow thou me”, – taking away the findings of human observation.

It is likewise interesting to note that “In my Father’s House are many mansions”. A mansion being larger than a house, it gives us another indication of a plus power, and the many degrees of the extension of the senses, with their accruing degrees of manifestation.


FOR A LONG TIME I listened to a daily broadcast. It was perfectly set in the lobby of a tumbled-down hotel, peopled with a group of characters who met daily to solve their little problems, – the old bell-boy, a complaining lady guest, the manager and his assistant, and an attractive girl.

The moment I tuned in to the program, I automatically entered the dingy lobby as a spectator, the old elevator with its noises, the half-hinged doors and arriving guests.

Then one day I went to see the broadcast. At the stroke of nine the curtain went up and my hotel vanished with the same magic as did Cinderella’s coach and four at the stroke of midnight. There on a comparatively bare stage was a handsome young announcer and a few musicians. There was no elevator, no creaking doors, no adorable and complaining old lady guest, no old man so belabored with odd jobs. My lady became a man, my old bell-hop became the same man, my harassed manager the same man. Sitting there, I wondered what had become of the hotel I had builded, peopled and lived in each morning, – so very real and true to me. It had never existed except in my own mind.

Now suppose this picture had been some fearful condition of failure or disease or a wretched state of unhappiness. If we would likewise “go and see” the truth of the matter, – if we would enter into the center of it all, we would find it did not exist, – that it never had existed except in our own thought, – and it too, would vanish, having no reality. “Return unto Me, all ye ends of the earth, and be saved.”

The next time we tune into a station of disease, fear, evil, lack, or anything of like nature, let us remember this. The shape of human consciousness is filled with our thought substance, – and remains in that form with all its ensuing evils until we go in and see what is back of it all.

“Behold, I set before you an OPEN door” of attainment. Enter, and be saved from the human thought confusion.


AND THE SINS Of the fathers shall be visited unto the children of many generations.

The sins of the fathers are not the supposed breaking of civil codes and standards of living generations ago, – but the incorporation into our lives of a thousand and one evil beliefs that have come to us by the grapevine of the “old wives’ tales”, in many instances parading under a thin veneer of pseudo-scientific concoctions.

A child comes into the world freighted with these beliefs and immediately learns fear of every sort. Ancient teachings of his fathers are heaped upon him. If he can surmount these beliefs in sin, sickness and death, he may live to “work out his own salvation by the sweat of his brow”, under the curse of being born of woman. He in turn passes his sins on to the next generation, augmented with all the “witchcraft of yesteryears”. And so “the children’s teeth are set on edge” because we have failed to break this false pattern.

New and fresh escape is offered from this curse through the Revelation of Christ Jesus. “Call no man – (not any) – your father, upon the earth: for ONE is your Father, which is in Heaven.” With this Light we see the sins of the fathers, the dark shadows of heredity, environment, slip into the limbo of oblivion. Pulling ourselves out of the mire of ancient sins, we discover exactly what Jesus discovered when He “left all” – everything – and followed into the Light of being “born again”, – born into the recognition that God is a literal and actual Father of everything that lives, moves and breathes. A new beginning is offered, – a wholesale elimination of the heritage of evil.

Oftimes the sins or beliefs of the fathers are outgrown and people say, “I no longer believe in that”, – only to take up the same belief in a new garb. And so the wheel turns, – the game of hide-and-seek goes on and on. But when they are seen in their true light, much of the witchcraft and fear that has haunted every child born-of-woman, will pass away. “I will arise and go unto my Father”, – the prodigal suddenly takes his NEW BIRTH and returns to his true inheritance, irrespective of the fact that he may have squandered his apparent substance in riotous living. He will “follow ME”, – leaving everything, person, place and condition.

This is not a dramatic display of power, but an inner “letting go” of the sins of the fathers and a releasing of all those who bind you and who are more than likely bound by you. You are “a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST JESUS”. The teachings of the “man whose breath is in his nostrils” fall

away. No more do you accept the beliefs of yesteryears, – no longer are you under the “curse of the law”, of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” You are UNDER GRACE! You are BORN AGAIN! You are FREE!

It is one thing to talk about casting out sin and overcoming it, – it is another to do it. You may purify a river at its mouth, but if a poison is poured in at the source, it is a hopeless task. Why should we waste time endeavoring to overcome the sins of our fathers? Unless the poison is eliminated at the source, the denial of a sin is an endless job.

But what did Jesus say about it all, – how to be rid of not one sin of the fathers, but the whole gamut in one instant? “CALL NO MAN YOUR FATHER!” When this is accepted and taken into consciousness, then the old-wives’ tales and remedies are done with. You are a NEW creature when you transfer your birth from matter to Spirit, and you sense your true nature. The human mind, being a liar and the father of it, can produce nothing but evil, discord and inharmony. And what else is a man to look forward to, who is born of woman, few of days and full of trouble. The redemption comes with the discovery that “God is your Father”, – the only one you ever had or ever will have. Claiming your birthright, you go not back to dig in the dusty archives of yesterday with its false beliefs, nor do you accept them under their new, up-to-date names under which they are being offered on all sides.

Behind the mask of personality lies your individuality, – and one of these times you will tear that mask away and BE your God-given self, endowed with undreamed of capacities, – and will accept the things your eyes have not seen nor your ears heard, that have never entered your mind. How could they enter into a mind that has no capacity to accept them?

A wholesale house-cleaning takes place when you recognize God as the ONE POWER expressing through you and through all. Time and space disappear, – in the twinkling of an eye all is changed, and in less time than the human mind can register, the transformation takes place. You will recall in the case of Mary Magdalene, so complete was this change that the multitude did not recognize her, (though she had been among them for years) – and even then were on the verge of stoning her. Neither did they know Jesus, who had also been in their midst for years. “Is this the carpenter?”

How the “dust” gets into the eyes of the multitude in the presence of one so transformed. In reality, the dust is the dazzling Light of Spirit emanating from the enlightened one, so overpowering that the limited sense of sight becomes blinded and the crowd says, – “Is this the carpenter?” – “Is this the Magdalene?” – “Is this John Smith?” Considering this Father idea as a reality and not as a hackneyed statement of the Bible, you discover that “if your human father could give you good gifts, how much more can I”, – and you will know that God LOVES you, – not with the selfish human love, but with an ALL-ENVELOPING nobleness which gives you such strength and causes you to exclaim at each new manifestation, “I have gotten a man-(ifestation) of the Lord”. One barrier after another goes down, – all the crazy beliefs you have had in two powers crumble into dust and are blown away by the breath of God.

Only “watch with ME one hour”, – the most important hour when perhaps things look the darkest, – and “I” will show you how it all takes place with and through you.

And when the seven devils are cast out, you will find yourself in your right mind, sitting at the feet of the Master; – the “John Smith” with his load of sin and karmic debt casts his burden on the Lord and is not only in his right mind but he is now being sustained, – and his burden is LIGHT.

And now I know you feel as you read, the Holy inrush of Life, real LIFE, real POWER, permeating your temple-body. Yes, – you are a NEW creature, – with NEW and more wonderful possibilities than you ever dreamed of. You need not “work” any more, – you have discovered a NEW way, – and you “let” things take place. What things? ALL the things that are prepared for you which you could not accept with the limited human thought.

So you make your agreement and give up the struggle to “make” things happen, – accepting the wonderful things that come through you, – yes, YOU, the wide-open channel through which God will express.

You are not afraid now, – you are clad in an aura of LOVE which brings everything to you belonging in your Kingdom. And oh, so very much belongs there. The obedience to God that is asked is so easy and so beautiful. “What would you have me do?” And then the mechanics, – and the sluggish old body finds itself operated by the LIGHT of GOD, – and rests. The hellish sins of the fathers fall away, taking the appearances with them, – and you abide in the LOVE of God.

Then ARISE and SHINE for YOUR LIGHT IS come, – YOUR Light that is different from the Light of any other, although the same in essence. It is this that makes you hopelessly original, – a different, a “peculiar” people. Your success is assured, for there is no competition, – no opposition. You are now in your Father’s house, – and He has said unto you: “Thou art ever with me, – and ALL that I have is thine.”


ONE BECOMES almost breathless when contemplating for a single moment what can happen through faith.

But then, what the average man calls faith is but a pseudo-hoping that something which could happen, might happen.

But faith which is fully accepted actually does become the substance of things hoped for and the evidence (manifestation) of things not seen. And so this state of consciousness experiences “wholeness”. “Thy faith hath made thee whole!” It states “thy” faith, – not someone else’s, – showing that the entire operation takes place within you and not in the consciousness of another.

When another prays for you, you must meet him with your one hundred percent agreement, or nothing is done in that place. “Not many mighty works were done because of their unbelief.” It does not say they could not have taken place, – for in reality they were already done, awaiting recognition. So “thy” – your very own – faith hath made thee whole, because in essence you are whole. Through faith you are re-cognizing this essential fact, – discovering it again.

And so you contemplate this magnificent Truth in breathless adoration of God. You see that it only takes faith as a grain of mustard seed to remove a mountain, to open the eyes of the blind, to raise the dead, or to do a thousand and one other things.

What is the matter with us, that we continually make it difficult. You do believe in God, don’t you? Well then, how many more stupid man-made lessons, with all their psychological twists and modern quirks, will it take before you discover the simplicity of faith.

When the Inspiration of the Almighty has come unto you, it shall lead you into ALL things. Is ALL enough, or must you have more.

When you discover your grain of mustard seed, you will be finished with human ways and means and enter into the WHOLENESS that faith brings.


ALEXANDER THE GREAT, magnificent in body and accomplishments, was dubbed “the Divine Lunatic” because his entire life was fraught with a succession of events beyond human comprehension. Because of the lavishness of his expression, he was also dubbed “the Golden Lunatic”.

His mother, Olympias, impressed upon him that he was not the child of a human father, Philip of Macedonia, but that in reality she had been overshadowed by Zeus, – therefore his nature and capacities were Divine and not constrained within the narrow confines of human limitations.

Alexander believed this and acted accordingly. His appearance did not belie his Divine birth and he was constantly doing the unpredictable and the impossible. His gentleness made him beloved in spite of the fact that he was a valiant and relentless warrior. His life was full of this Divine quality, stemming from the fact that his mother had told him he was Divine.

At one time by his gentleness he conquered the magnificent, mettled black charger, Bucephalus, after his father Philip had eschewed the opportunity to show his prowess and the groom had declined to touch him. It is recorded Alexander put his arm around the charger’s neck, patted him, jumped onto his unsaddled back and rode away as though he were the gentlest of animals.

. . . . .

And then comes Jesus! His mother was actually over-shadowed by the Spirit, – and while we have no record of her telling Him this, we see from the beginning of His career a succession of events which come under the category of Divine.

Since the “Wisdom of GOD is foolishness in the eyes of man”, I presume Jesus, too, might have been called a “Divine Lunatic” because of His works. And strangely, one of the chiefest “planks” of His teaching was “Call no man your father, but ONE which is in Heaven” We find Him saying to the world, – You are not born of man, but you are born of God, – You are Divine, – You have the capacities to do God-like things, such as healing the sick, raising the dead, opening the eyes of the blind .. . All of which apparently invoke a power beyond the physical capacities.

Alexander believed, – and reproduced a Divine quality in body and works. This very capacity to BELIEVE is the key-note of the teaching of Jesus. “Believest thou this?” A thousand other times this insistent word is brought for consideration as an absolutely necessary thing.

With this belief comes the capacity to do what the human woman-born man calls miracles. When this is once accepted, the laws of God become the natural laws of man, and the man-made laws of time-space become naught. There is, therefore, a”Divine Lunacy” in the whole picture as far as the human mind is concerned. “How does this man speak, seeing he has no learning.” How did He do the things He did without any technical knowledge of them? How did Alexander subdue the stallion without doing anything?

The “call no man your father” principle establishes once and for always your Divinity, – and the BELIEF in this truth clears away the veils of human belief which says “born-of-woman, few-of-days and filled-with-trouble”. It sets aside the time-space element of life and brings into being an indefinable substance called “NOW”.

Jesus dwelt much on this substance called “NOW”. Everything of which He spoke took place in this “NOW” – and always takes place in the “NOW”. No matter what the slow human mind thinks about the time element, it does not exist to the consciousness of God, – and hence finds no place in the mind of His off-spring. The illusion of human thought, with its measures and its laws of physics, evaporates, as it were, without explanation or apparent reason, – and the harvest appears without all the motions of man, – the sick man is instantly well without the convalescing of human thought.

There is so much startling information given as to upset the entire human thought world, – telling every man that he IS the Son of God, – that he IS endowed with the capacities of God, which can and do set aside anything and everything man-born-of woman has learned through thousands of years of experience and study, – notwithstanding what is said to the contrary. This God-given heritage finds the “wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God”, and quite naturally, the God-wisdom is “foolishness” in the eyes of man.

It is not a belief in a Power called God as something separated from man, – not a use of it as something apart from him, – but a belief in his Divine Nature, – that he, too, is the Product of God, the expression of His Love, and that he, too, can, in the language of Jesus, “do the works that I do, and even greater”, when he accepts his birthright.

In spite of the records which state clearly that we were created in the image and likeness of God, a little lower than the angels, given dominion over all things, and so on, – man still harks back to the fact that he was “born”. Man was never born, – he was created, complete and perfect. This trite and hackneyed saying suddenly bursts into flame when we actually believe, instead of trying to believe.

How can you believe when you look to appearances? Alexander’s father, Philip of Macedonia, was a great king and warrior, and he claimed him as his son, – but Alexander had already accepted his Divinity and showed forth his BELIEF, – even as did Jesus in a much truer and greater way. So will you when you discontinue the “study” of Truth and enter into it and be saved from your human beliefs of time-space and the “born-of-woman” state of affairs. You will then be “born again” – “a new creature in Christ Jesus” – in the sense that you must re-appear in the freshness and newness of the created, changeless ONE which you are.

A moment’s contemplation of this TRUTH and many old pictures of diseases will pass into oblivion and the barren fields will be ripe with harvest. “Believe, and ye shall be saved” from your human thought-belief of good and evil.

On and on the WORD continues, offering this salvation from humanology for as small an amount of faith as a grain of mustard. All things will be changed in the twinkling when you claim your birthright, – not as something you have to claim, BUT AS SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO CLAIM. You do not do anything by force or effort when you discover you are the Child of God. You inherit a Divine Right which you employ and the groundlings of human belief flee before the brightness of HIS coming.

The effortlessness of healing by Jesus Christ is as one removing dust from a highly polished surface, – a casual wiping away of nothing. Age has nothing to do with it, for in the God-head there is no age, – it is a never-born, never-dying Spirit.

. . . . .

And then comes Paul, – seeing the Athenians, mistaken in the Power which he showed to them, fall down and worship him, he exclaimed, – “Ye men of Athens – know ye not that ye are gods?” What a revolutionary statement! To tell the Greeks that they were actually the Gods they had been worshiping, – that they were Love, Power, Beauty… The Greeks had divided their god into twelve phases, giving one deity many forms and virtues. They prayed to Aphrodite for Beauty because she symbolized that phase of the Great One.

And today we have as many names for God as the Greeks had, – or for that matter, more. We pray to a God of Strength as surely as the Greek prayed to Mars, – and to a God of Love and of Harvest.

And so we see how the generations of the worlds have been reaching for the supreme knowledge of this One God, – which only Jesus Christ gave and which we have so miserably failed to grasp, for we are still casting lots for His Robe of Understanding, peddling it in the markets of the world.

Always there is a “secret” to be sold or a special way to follow. And yet there is no secret which the very Soul of you, when awakened to its Divinity, does not perfectly comprehend. There is always the “teaching” that it is “difficult” to understand God and more “difficult” to “use” Him, – which is quite right. You have only to pause for a moment and think of the thousands of people who believe God is something to be prayed “at”, – some power which is to grant special dispensations. There are no special dispensations for those who are in Christ Jesus for the special dispensation which the human mind seeks indicates a belief in two powers.

“If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God”, not John Smith. We have heard this a thousand times, – -yet we continue to ask the “man whose breath is in his nostrils” to make something happen.

If the ways of God are NOT the ways of man, as it is written, then why do we attempt to change the ways of God to conform to those of man? “My ways are not your ways … For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways.” And still man beats against the door of heaven with human ideas, thinking to gain the ear of God by many words as do the heathen.

We have tried our way, – the way of the man-born-of-woman, “of few days and full of trouble” How about launching out into the deeper waters of the “created-in-the-beginning” man, the image and likeness, endowed with such magnificent powers and given dominion over everything that now has dominion over man.

Transformation too, – and in the twinkling of an eye, when this perfectly Created Being sees through the age-old beliefs of time and change, ugliness and age.

And so the next time you read and HEAR Jesus speaking to you through the sacred pages, telling you that you are to “call no man your Father”, BELIEVE and experience the glorious plus values of Heaven-on-earth.

You ARE the Son of God! It may all seem foolishness to the man-born-of-woman, – but do not tell him. Let him discover it, and perhaps he will consider you a “Divine Lunatic” also, – and perhaps you will be just that, because everything that God knows is insanity to the human mind.

We have a better and surer proof of being “sired” by God than did Alexander. We have our Precious One, who ran through every picture of the human thought and proved them all to be the insane hypnotism of the human mind. So you can fold your tent and steal silently away into the new level of revelation in which ALL things are possible because you are Divine. Yes, we hear Jesus calling our attention to, – “Know ye not that ye are Gods”.

The hour is late, – the Kingdom has already been ushered in, – and the awakened Sons of God are shouting for joy! That joyous shout within your soul will tear down the walls of your Jericho.

ARISE and SHINE for thy LIGHT is come, and the Glory of the Lord thy Father is risen upon thee, – and Radiant Splendor which has hitherto seemed so abstract, is now found to be real.


WE HAVE ALL asked this provoking question over and over again, – reasoning after this fashion: “I have studied”, – “I have worked”, – “I have given”, – “I have tried to live the life”, – and yet, – and so on. And of times we are lead through a dark forest of fear and mistrust, near the slough of discouragement.

Jesus, our Precious One, has given us the answer, – “Be not discouraged, I have overcome the world (My world).” “What I have done, ye also can do.” Each has a WORLD of human beliefs, quite different from any other, – a world made up of all the pictures of evil we have seen, or heard, or otherwise taken in.

Remembering the POWER of Jesus, – when you are about to give up, it may help to recall that even He was “driven into the wilderness” of his subconscious mind and was there faced with His pictures. There He remained for forty days, – but when He emerged, He had risen to a NEW level.

So be not discouraged, for “at a moment you think not, I come”, – and at that moment the Desert and the Wilderness will blossom as a rose. Regardless of appearances, that moment may be nearer than you think.

Once even Jesus seemed to forget the present Power, when He said to the Centurion, “I will come and heal him”, – and the Centurion answered, “Only speak the WORD”. So take heart, – and “Stand and SEE”.

If you had a crystal and superimposed upon its surface a transfer stamp of a Chinese Dragon, – and then sat down to contemplate the LIGHT in the crystal, you would have to see it through the Chinese Dragon.

We superimpose every problem we have on the surface of the “no problem” God. The answer already exists. We make up or create a problem (which is the only thing man can create), – and then work it out to the “no problem”, – or what we call healing. That is, we merely return to the original state which existed before we superimposed the “Dragon” we believed in as real on the crystal.

There is no problem in God. All problems are created and sustained by human thinking. You can neither add to nor take from the WORD, the PERFECT CREATION of God. If you attempt it, you only add to your plagues or take away from your peace of mind.

Symbols, things, come and go, – but the WORD shall not pass away. Therefore, if all the symbols of money were made null and void, nothing would be taken from the sum total of God Consciousness. All substance would still exist, – and another symbol would be brought out, which could turn the first symbol into a Dragon.

All values are in human thinking. Diamonds are held in line by not releasing too many on the market. If they were too plentiful, they would have little value, – and yet nothing would change in the diamond, – all its qualities would remain intact.

Break the human thought and the picture sustained by it will disintegrate, – no matter what its nature or intensity.

Jesus looked through the pictures and saw the ‘fields white’. Strange, too, that the laborers are few, – yet so many want to reap the good of life. But if they cannot SEE it, they cannot “thrust in the sickle”.

So if you are in the wilderness and are about to plunge into the slough of despondency, – “stand” a little longer, remembering that Jesus overcame His world, – and you can and will do the same, for He said you could.


THE Imprisoned Splendour in every man is IMMORTALITY, – so magnificently released by Jesus in His SELF-resurrection.

In order to show man the nothingness of the ‘thought world’, He used Himself as a human guinea-pig, – submitting to the ways of human thinking. Thus day by day He built the inevitable tomb which would one day encompass Him and from which He was to come forth. When the tomb was completed, Jesus was apparently killed and placed therein. When it was closed, He was beyond any and all help from without, – anything that was to transpire from then on had to take place from within.

And so on the third day we find the stone of the human mind rolled from the entrance of the tomb, – and He arose from all dead beliefs. The Imprisoned Splendour, – IMMORTALITY, – came forth!

From the moment of birth man builds his tomb, following the cruel, hateful FATE pattern until he accepts the teachings of Jesus, – thus setting aside events which would have produced inharmony in His life.

Easter might be called the “Triumph of the Egg”, – taken from an ancient Pagan Rite. The symbology is perfect, – within the egg the perfect manifestation lies, wholly unseen and undiscovered. The moment the warmth of the mother bird penetrates the egg, gestation takes place, and moves along orderly with the creation of a NEW body, – a NEW form, – which presently will emerge from the tomb.

The awakening soul may experience a thousand Easters. Time after time an idea imprisoned in a hard shell of belief is resurrected, – and is set free by the warmth of the Love of God. Within the shell of every problem lies the Imprisoned Splendour, which if given an opportunity, will build its NEW and WONDERFUL expression with sufficient strength to break through the “tomb”, – in spite of all those about you who profess with their lips to believe, but are always looking for a sign. You, knowing “the signs follow, – they do not precede”, – will “tell no man”, and be content to stay within your tomb for three days, – coming forth independent of all opinions and beliefs.

This is no longer a metaphysical experimentation. Jesus went through it all to prove that every man has within himself the POWER of SELF-resurrection, the releasing of the perfectly created SELF from the grave clothes of dead beliefs we have been winding around it since the beginning.

A thousand commands are given to substantiate this lovely revelation, – “Arise !”, – “Awake !”, – “Come forth!”, – “Be born!”, – and “Reborn!”, again and again. All this is as nothing to the mind still endeavoring to prove the law to see whether or not it works. It will not work, – and will only “prove” what he knows to be untrue.

There comes a time in the life of every man when he discovers he is within the tomb of his beliefs which have become much more real and defiant than the stones of an actual tomb. Then if he does not go within and discover this Imprisoned Splendour and release it through the recognition of a power outside all human findings, he finds himself in “desolate places as a dead man”.

But you can have your Easter when you are still as death, – when you tell no man, – when you place the coal of fire upon your lips, – and let something beyond all human figuration take place. Then you SHOW JOHN. And why JOHN? Because JOHN was the “other disciple” who understood IMMORTALITY.

At the time of Jesus most of the tombs were sealed, – but the stone in front of His tomb was round, and a guard of Roman Soldiers was placed in front of it. The rolling stone which obstructs the tomb indicates there is always a way out, – the Roman Soldiers of public opinion is the only guard placed there.

It is reported that the soldiers fled when they perceived the soft flush of LIGHT of the Imprisoned Splendour of Jesus, – and so the hard fast opinions and beliefs of others flee when you awaken within your tomb.

Those who came to the tomb later found the grave clothes of Jesus neatly laid aside in two piles. He had left everything, – even the memory of the human ordeal. “The former things are passed away, -Behold! ALL things become NEW !”

The “other disciple” was the first to come. He SAW and BELIEVED. It is of him Jesus said, “If I will that he tarry till I come again, – what is that to thee?”, – revealing his immortality, which he accepted.

A dozen “Thomases” came and argued at the tomb, – “Was it the gardener?” – “Was it an angel?” – “Have they taken Him away?” – “Where have they laid Him?”, – not believing His WORDS nor His WORKS.

The reason Jesus descended to the level of human expression was to prove to EVERY MAN that he could, if he but believed, arise from his tomb of unbelief, – dissolving the human FATE patterns of karmic debt and the sins of the fathers, – into the DIVINE DESTINY OF IMMORTALITY, – revealing the WORD that was in the beginning with GOD, – the PERFECTLY CREATED IMAGE AND LIKENESS. In this Divine Destiny there is neither birth nor rebirth.

Are you “the other disciple”, “the man who was sent from God”, – or among the doubting. It is of no use trying to believe in Immortality so long as you bear witness to disease and mortality. But when you accept in its entirety the PURE REVELATION of Jesus, you release your Imprisoned Splendour, the transformation takes place, – and you are a BEING of LIGHT.

“And this is the record, – that God hath given to us Eternal Life.”

“Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness IS righteous.”

“Our Lord Jesus Christ hath abolished death, and hath brought LIFE and IMMORTALITY to LIGHT.”


“If therefore thine eye be single, thy

whole body shall be full of light.”

THE SINGLENESS Of the eye is automatically taking place in these times. The double sight of evil and good is passing away. It is the day, the moment, when this subtle change is actually taking place with you, even as you read, – otherwise your eye could not have contacted this text. You may have come to scoff, but you will remain to pray, for this is given through inspiration, – and you, – yes you, the reader, have been caught up in a NEW revelation.

So strange and interesting that I place this on paper for you, and you alone. No matter where you are or who you are, it will reach you, – and from that moment a change will take place, – perhaps not so noticeable at first, but recognized within you, and then recognized by others, – a sort of transformation. An atmosphere, a something will envelop you, – apparently a nothing, – and yet a tremendous something. This sounds rather contradictory, but not to you, – for the moment you see – (and you are beginning at this instant to do just that) – you will know that “something” hashappened, – just as I know while writing this to you. And I am writing it expressly for you.

No profane eye will see it. The Divine Light will so blind him that he will “try” to interpret it. And since he has nothing but three-dimensional words and ideas, he will circle around like a cat chasing its tail, – and presently will meow! and go to sleep. But you, – holding this book, reading this line, – you will and you are experiencing that unuttered revelation of SINGLE VISION now.

It is, – and I was going to say difficult, – to put on paper. But yet it isn’t. It is easy, – and beautiful, and simple, – and filled with LIGHT, – and IT IS FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

I want to say something about “suddenly rising”, – not physically, – but “rising” into the NEW degree of LIGHT, – tearing away the veils of the old thought-patterns, And then you will experience the change within. I don’t know exactly what to say in words other than you will “straighten up” a little physically, – perhaps a lot, – but yet it isn’t physical, this thing I am mentioning. It is the consciousness that is coming through first, – and then the physical will begin its transformation.

You will not say a word to anyone, – he will feel something ‘different’ in your presence and will mention it, – and you will accept the fullness of the word spoken to you.

The “former thing” thought shall pass away. Well, let it go, – do not try to make it go. Do not do anything with it, because in this new accepted level you do not have to, – it has nothing to cling to.

And now the eye is becoming single, – and you are seeing through a person, a situation or a thing. Everything becomes transparent, – even the words you have been using, they are transparent, – and take shape and form when spoken with this NEW sight.

“The Word that shall not return unto you void” is the “word” of the WORD that shall not return unto you void.

The single eye, – the ALL-SEEING eye, – does not wonder or guess. It sees perfectly what is blocking the operation of Divine Law, – sees through closed doors. It’ becomes one with ALL LIFE, – one with the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms, – and so possesses all of them. It becomes one with the elements, – and hereby controls them as far as the beholder is concerned.

The single eye sees the uselessness of trying to heal people. It either heals or dismisses the thing that will not be healed, – for it speaks, seeing the evil for what it is worth, – at the same time not caring one way or the other. It will not tolerate argument, – is above all the chatter of the parrots and monkeys of human reasoning, even though they wear a cap and gown and have all the letters of the alphabet after their name. In a tin of alphabet soup you also get all the letters, – and they mean about as much when it comes to LIFE as do the letters of the wise.

“The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of God.” Well, – do you still want to argue about that? Not decrying education or learning, – but just debunking what the dark human mind “finds” as real today.

So many wonderful instructions await the single eye. All the old worn-out cliches suddenly burst into bloom. The least word of Jesus becomes volcanic and you realize you have never heard it before, although you may have heard it a million times.

Having been blinded with the double sight, nothing could be accepted, – all things had to be “worked” out. Even the words of the Master were put through a dozen schools of thought and found to be difficult to understand and to put into practice, – although it says something about “little children and fools”, – but nothing about the “wise heads”.

Well, now, – and I mean right now, – that you have arrived at the place of the single sight, you are seeing through the whole chaotic morass of the human world words. Nothing matters any more because everything matters. You are careful about nothing because you are careful about everything. Even the crusts that are left from the banquet, – they will fill twelve baskets, – one for every month.

“Neglect not the gift that is within thee.” What? You didn’t know you had a gift? It is so written, and now that you see through the hellish old human beliefs, you discover it. Apparently you have neglected it, for in another place it very definitely says, “Stir up the gift that is within you”. Well, – you have your orders, – and now that you see the gift, it is up to you.

This seeing is going to change our lives. As I write this, I feel that subtle change creeping over me. Tomorrow, – for it is now midnight, – I will go forth conscious of a PLUS value in everything in my life, – just as you will go forth with a PLUS value in your life.

I am speaking this word for you, – and it cannot return unto me void, – it will accomplish that whereunto it is sent. This particular word at this particular instant, (no matter what the calendar says, it will be in the NOW), is entering into BEING within you. You will recognize it first by the singing of your soul – then the enlightened will see it a little, – but presently everyone will see the subtle change in you.

This is only the beginning of what is to come. “All flesh shall SEE it together.” We are entering the NEW day of the PRESENCE of JESUS CHRIST, – the second coming is here, – and we are “doing the works” because we do not do them. We do not go about looking for things to heal. The LIGHT is so strong and so visible-invisible that anything ready to give up its human thought will come to the cleansing fires within you and be consumed. And you will stand and see the Glory of the Lord passing through your body-temple.

So wonderful that I am speaking the word for you, – and incidentally for myself, – at this moment. I “saw you under the fig tree”, – and I have called you into the glorious union with ME. We have so much to accomplish by doing nothing. The more unlabored it is, the more certain it is to take place. I do not know you personally, any more than Jesus knew the Centurion’s servant, – but we do what He did, now that the “singleness” has taken place.

And of course we cannot discuss it with anyone. If we did, it would be like dissecting a body to discover life, – there would be no life in that body.

And so we are NOTHING, – and we do not care. It is so terrifically difficult to be something. We are nothing and know nothing because we are ONE, having all knowledge. It is utterly wonderful, – all this “double” talk that is so “single” when you can SEE with the single eye, – and you can !

Good Gracious! What have we been doing? We must “stir up the gift” by recognizing that we have it. Such a thrill! That lovely gift within us which does the works of the Master with such facility. It has been so choked by human thoughts and beliefs that it has been almost crowded out of existence. But there it is! – and so now you heal. You have walked right into that consciousness without effort. All of a sudden you can heal without trying to heal and without particularly wanting to heal. You heal because you cannot help it. You run up and down the ladder of expression, – and at any point to which you are lifted, you automatically draw all manifestation on that level unto you. Now you hear-see, do you not? It says YOU draw automatically ALL manifestation on that level unto YOU.

Do not try any funny business, – but then, you won’t, now that you see. Why should you when everything is revealed with this single eye? I said everything! Can you accept it? Of course you can.

You seem suddenly to be walking out of a condition. There is a sort of an indefinable nothing that has become terrifically something to you, – and you find yourself walking out of the present cloud of misunderstanding, no matter where it is, – just walking through it and out of it, as though you were walking through a fog to a mountain top.

I know you are glad that I am writing this to you. I am glad that I am writing it to myself, because. at times I wondered if I was getting anywhere. Then suddenly I discovered what I am now writing to you. The gladness of my soul welled up within me. It filled me, – and then ran over in such floods that one of these floods is reaching you at this moment and is engulfing you, – and that gladness I feel is welling up in you, and you will have an overflow which will engulf so many who need the purifying (simplifying) of the WORD.

Your GIFT, having been stirred up, is now on its way to expression. Perfectly amazing that this wonderful thing could have remained dormant so long. But here it is, – and in a short time it will be recognized as a reality to you, – and then to “them” SO now the words “tell no man”, but “show”, have something for us other than fear. We do not have to tell, – they will see when we are smiling and will not have to be told that we are happy.

Transformation and transfiguration and change into the perfection of spirit is taking place at this instant. Practically anything can happen now, – and all in the pattern of the Divine Destiny. It is very pleasant not to have to “work” for everything, – but to allow or “let” the expression through. It is nice not to “labor for the meat that perisheth”.

Now also do you know there is no lack in God, only in the mind of man, – so that is not too difficult to remedy. Now that you see, you cannot be fooled by the talking serpent of human thought.

And you are enveloped in silence, – that mightiest of powers, – the thing that can and will “take a city”, a new and lovely state of BEing. You do not have to be great, or to endeavor to make people believe in you. You are walking into the Power of Jesus Christ, just as you walk into the DAWN of a NEW DAY, and you keep walking until the dawn becomes HIGH NOON, – and with such ease.

Isn’t it interesting that at this point we do not try to do or to understand. We are just being told of something that IS taking place within, – which eventually will be physical.

We can now run a line through the “having eyes, ye see not”, – for we see. The eye is SINGLE, – and the WHOLE body is full of LIGHT! Yes, it is filled with the substance of LIFE, – and is emanating this LIGHT and LIFE all over the place. Anyone upon whom this LIGHT rests can, if he will, draw the virtue of recognition from you and be healed.

All this is just between us. I know I will catch a wave of joy that goes out of you as you read this revelation.

And now it is morning, – one o’clock, – OUR NEW DAY, with OUR NEW SINGLE EYE. It is Wonderful, – isn’t it?


“There is a path which the vulture’s Eye hath not seen.”

“MY SHEEP hear My Voice, – and I know them, – and they follow Me. I give unto them ETERNAL LIFE, – and they shall never perish. Neither shall any man pluck them out of My Hand.”

Immortality in the flesh hinges on the ability to hear, – not the hearing of the ear, but that subtle sixth sense which operates from a point in infinity.

There is much said about “losing your life and finding it”, – about “dying” and being “born again”. Death will continue to take place as long as there is a sense of separation from God, – as long as man refuses to lose his life, – his little John Smith concept of life, – lose it in the SEA of ALL LIFE.

Many are now discovering the ONE LIFE in everything, – that they are no more separated from the GOD LIFE than the islands are separated from the earth, although to man’s limited vision they appear to be. Man is taking his bucket of dirty water, his beliefs of and about a personal life, and throwing it into the SEA of PURE LIFE, – and the accumulated filth of the human mind is no more.

The personal life immediately starts deteriorating from the cradle, – and continues to do so until it becomes impersonal. This personal sense of life is bound by an idea of health, – that one must guard this fast fleeting thing against every sort of ravage engendered in the human mind. Thus, from his first moan, man is headed for dissolution.

Men have not believed in immortality for the simple reason they have never seen an immortal. This is really no proof, but it suffices the unbelieving. The blessings are to those who perceive it beyond the flesh-and-blood angle. You will never see anything that is not in your consciousness, – and it is hopeless to delude yourself by endeavoring to believe in something your consciousness does not accept.

Merely making a statement of and about a thing does not constitute an acceptance. Immortality in the flesh will not manifest because you declare it to be the truth. “My sheep hear My Voice”! But how can you hear if you do not believe?

And so you run hither and yon, – listening for a “voice”. But it is not there, – it is within you. “Whom to know aright is LIFE ETERNAL” !

In reality, health and wealth are human limitations of LIFE, – limitations of the brain-mind. God can be neither healthy nor wealthy, – for He is ALL LIFE.

When you “glimpse-hear” this revelation, you will have finished with health, – and then you LIVE. You will have lost your life, – your “health idea”, – and you will have found WHOLE LIFE, – that vibrant quality that is searching the “joints and marrow”, that is equal to anything it may be called upon to do. Hence the man conscious of LIFE can do what he could not do with a “health-wealth” consciousness. There are many instances of men, under the stress of emotion, – forgetting their limitations in the flesh, lifting objects many times their own weight without the least strain or struggle.

Of course you cannot do any of these things to prove it to anyone, for the very idea that it is necessary to prove it, indicates you do not believe. You will not work miracles before profane unbelievers any more than you would cast your pearls before swine. Actually, you do not care whether they believe or not, – so there is no argument. If you cannot show in your day-by-day living, – -of what avail is endless talk of and about the Deity, what He can do or is going to do for you? He isn’t going to do anything, – He has already done it, – and it is up to you to accept and believe in something beyond your own intellection.

What has been said concerning “health”, is also true of “wealth”. God is not rich. When there is only ONE, there can be no rich or poor, for opposites are produced by comparison. What man calls money is not substance, – it merely represents it. Money can and does become worthless over night. Its value changes almost daily, – but substance never changes. Your money never manifests above or below your consciousness of substance, – no matter what motions you make or do not make with the human body in an effort to bring it into visibility. It will be there when you speak the word of recognition, – for whatsoever you have in consciousness, you have in manifestation.

No explanation can be given for the HOW of all of this, – but you will see, – or you will not see. Perhaps you have thought it depended upon your efforts. God is effortless, – so how did this “effort” to survive come into the picture?

“Who told you that you were naked?” Try to explain this. How is it that you have tried, – and studied, – and worked, – and “prayed”, – and yet nothing has happened? Furthermore, nothing will happen. God is not a “jack-in-the-box” that jumps every time you attempt to tell Him a ‘pretty’ little story about the horrible things you are going through, – or the red hat you must have. His disregard for your “best” prayers is positively appalling.

With all the claptrap going on in your mind about what you must have and must demonstrate, you cannot hear My Voice, – the hearing of which will give you Eternal Life. Why not be done, then, with all human chattering, – and believe, – and hear, – and follow, – and you will never perish !

Why not shove off into deeper waters, – into depths you have not yet sounded! There is something out there for you. It is not written in any book, – but it is given unto you.

This is Life Eternal, – to know ME”! ME–what do you mean ME? How can you know Jesus? You know all about Him and His story, – but yet you do not know Him because it is impossible to know Him with that little old intellectual ‘brain mind’.

This Immortality is an absorbing thing. It has been symbolized by the Phoenix Bird who arises from the ashes of its dead self, – clean, – and beautiful, – and new! And so will you have to die to the limited belief of John Smith, that “on you the second death will have no effect.”

“What?” “Is no one going to save my darling from the flames?” “Think of all the good I have done.” Well, why not think of all the evil you have done (most of it intentionally), – and then consult your scales. Not so pleasant, is it? I’ll wager you will be found wanting.

But why not come up HERE! – forgetting those things which are behind, – the “former things”. When you walk straight into the dawn of this new ONE thing called LIFE, they are all lost, – swallowed up in the NEW Glory.

There is no time to bury your dead father. Let those who believe in death bury their dead. “Let the filthy be filthy still.” You haven’t time to wait, – and it isn’t worth anything anyway.

When you hear, then will you hear, “I give unto them ETERNAL LIFE, – and they shall NEVER perish, – neither shall any man pluck them out of My Hand”.

NEVER is a long, long time to John Smith. Immortality within the limitation of John Smith would be unbearable, even if it were possible, which it isn’t. But when you come up HERE, you are transformed by the renewing of your mind, – sort of swallowed up in Immortality. Then the “impersonal-personal” life begins, – fraught with a thousand and one NEW capacities hitherto undreamed of by John Smith.

Do not look for signs. They always follow, – never precede. You are abandoned, – divinely indifferent to the appearances. “Ye shall reap in due time.”

Do you believe? I have a feeling you do. I AM speaking to you between these lines, – saying something so very important and thrilling to you. Can you HEAR ME? Do you remember when I said unto you, “Look again“, – and you looked through four months of time-space and days of hard labor, right into a new dimension? No physicist can explain it. In fact, no one can explain it because there are no words sufficiently comprehensive to convey what has taken place or been revealed.

Of course, anyone who would be so stupid as to argue about it would be just fooling himself. And granted that he had been inbreathed with the breath of life, he would lose it, – his breath would again be in his nostrils. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” So if you will not SEE-HEAR, you will perish.

You may still have a hurdle or two to make, – and your horse may upset you. But you will get up, – dust your clothes, – and go on, – unless perhaps it is the water hazard. In this case, you may have to sit in the sun awhile, – which won’t hurt you a bit.

You are on a new highway now. “No man is going to pluck you out of MY hand.” It says NO MAN, no manifestation of evil belief, – is going to pluck you out of MY hand. You must HEAR-SEE this!

You have already spent forty years in the desert, – had a few signs, – complained a lot, – and after you crossed the Jordan, you discovered the whole trek could easily have been made in two weeks. This sounds rather foolish, doesn’t it? And so is it, – but since the thing called time is only a human-thought measure of the distance between two events, it does not make any difference. You have all of eternity, so shed no tears over a wasted youth or any other time element. When you had youth, you were not actually conscious of it. Not until you began to “age” did you remember that you once had “youth”, – and so you may have been inspired to write a poem about the ‘beauties’ of it all. Let others have all the “backward, turn backward, oh time in thy flight” they wish, – but we want none of it. We are glad to have passed through, into this NEW dimension, – into this NEW elevation, – which can be experienced, but never expIained.

And now you are sensing this subtle change, – this up-gush of LIFE taking the place of health. I said YOU, – not you and your “spiritual” adviser. It is the pearl of great price for which you will Sell or give away every human thought-thing you possess, and you will hide it in a field, – a new state of consciousness. And they will say to you, “Something has happened to you”. You could be facetious and reply in the vernacular of the street, “Are you telling me !” – but you won’t. You will just keep on shining and shining, – and presently they will not be able to see you, unless they can, – and then they will.

It is said the former things will pass away, – to be remembered no more, – nor come to mind. Not amnesia, – but just a SELF-revelation wherein you discover there is nothing worth remembering.

You may be driven into the wilderness, – the subconscious mind, – in order that you can clean up some old scores. But this will not hurt you either, and it will not – endure for long.

I think you had better come up HERE. Stop talking about how, – but just COME !

“Verily, verily I say unto YOU, – if any man keep My saying, he shall NEVER see death.” “And I know that His commandment is LIFE EVERLASTING.”


the author of 37 books, all inspired by the revelation of the Christ teaching is a world-wide traveler and lecturer. He was educated in the United States and Europe, served-as interpreter and foreign correspondent, has written two operettcrs, a novel and numerous short stories and human interest articles. The clear and simple way in which he has re-stated the Christ truth has made his books invaluable to the sincere Truth Seeker.

The Central theme of his interpretation of the Truth, is “a point beyond human thought”-as suggested in the commands of-Jesus Christ “Take no thought”-and “who by taking thought?”

The Joy Bringer

The Joy Bringer

by Walter C. Lanyon



Dear Anybody:


  Whoever you are, I am glad that you have this book, because I know by the time you get thru reading it, you will be one of an ever-increasing army of Joy Bringers.


  You will soon see that it is the easiest and most profitable thing in the world to be joyous and suddenly your Kingdom of Heaven, harmony, will descend as from a cloud and you will sit on the right hand of the Father


I love you, dear anybody, and I salute you with “Peace be unto you”  -the passwords of a Joy Bringer.





Nothing greater could be said of you than that you are a JOY BRINGER.  It may not sound like a great title at first but the more you look into it you will see that it is the open Sesame to everything, because:  “He annointeth my head with oil (joy), My cup runneth over.”


Joy is the oil that saves the material machinery from grinding itself to pieces and burning up with friction. It is the healing and soothing balm that brings peace.


Nothing can hold out against the spontaneous overflow of a joyous life.  All things give way before it; and the best part of it all is that is a present possibility for you.  You, too, can be a JOY BRINGER, you do not have to wait even a day; you can start right now.


The business of being joyful is the business of God.  “The people of God are a people of joy”  -you have been saying for years that you are one of his people  –but, can you say that you have been joyous or joy bringing?


No!  You will have to admit that life as a whole had come to be very much like a never-ending arithmetic lesson, with only occasional spots of joy.  The very thing that you wanted most was the rarest thing in the world, and yet you kept reading over and over “All good things are yours”.  You just did not have time to be joyous and glad, and so the very thing that would have made the wheels go round smoothly and save you ad strengthened you for real service was withheld from the machinery of life’s everyday grind.


About the first thought that comes to you is, “This is not for me, I could never be continuously joyous, I haven’t the time, I have too much to do,” and like the foolish Virgins, you think to get along without oil and your light goes out at the very moment when you need it most.


No matter how good you are, how much you read, and study, and repeat certain words, if you are not a joy bringer, you are working in the darkness.  You may not like to admit this, but the fact is that if you believed absolutely in ONE POWER, you would be continuously joyous.


Why not?  Think it over.  Starting with the One Power Premise; you say it is good, it is beautiful, it is the cause of everything that you can desire, and that power is not only willing but urging you to draw at the “open fount” whatsoever you have need of.  It is pouring into your life infinitely more than you can possibly use.  It is offering you full salvation.  It is bringing you into the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.  It is fulfilling your least desire.  All this you say is in the ONE POWER, and you claim to believe in it and then are not joyous.


We must be honest with ourselves first.  It we are not happy and joyous it is because we believe in two powers.  We may deny this, but if we believe in one power alone, we become satisfied that absolutely nothing can happen that is not caused by that one power and that it is good.


“If your eye be single then the whole body is full of light.”


Get hold of the ONE POWER idea and cling to it, and you will presently see it working in everything, not only in your own life but in the lives of others as well.


In the book of books we are told that after the creation was completed, God said, “Behold, it is very good.”  What are you going to do about it?  If you can find anything bad or distressing then you can find something that the creator did not make.  And what the Creator did not make is made by your own little intellect trying to copy the Divine.


Either you believe that there is but one Power and that Good, or you believe that there are two powers, fighting each other constantly and you are little better than the heathen who try’s to win them over by sacrifice.  The fact is that the heathen in his worship, spares himself and makes a material sacrifice and has it over with, but the worshippers of the one power, who in reality have half a dozen powers to appease, sacrifice themselves to the despotic belief.  They are worse than the heathen.


“I know but”  -I can hear a dozen protests.  “What are you going to do about so and so and this and that and the other thing?”


Listen; this is what we are going to do.  We are going to learn how to get out of it all, and how to transform it all, and how to help, and go gladly through the glorious day with a song of rejoicing and praise.


If you know the slightest thing about radio, you know that you have to tune-in to the various stations in order to get en rapport with them and enjoy the music they are giving.  Your mind is, after all, just a wonderful radio set, only it is always tuned-in to some station or other, and generally the aerial wires instead of being high in the air are dragging on the ground, and you are getting the lowest messages that are being sent. The wires of scandal, or hatred, or criticism are dropped low, and they are busy all the time.  There is a perpetual concert going on.  If any enjoy this sort of thing you must suffer the consequences, for the radio set that you operate daily takes the receiver with it to the same level as the messages you are receiving.


The laws of Life are few and simple, think them over:


JUDGE NOT.  Remember that in order to see something wrong with the other fellow you have first to possess that quality in yourself.  The law does not change.  If you are a “stone caster,” remember that you will receive your thirty pieces of silver for your day’s work and it shall draw interest to the last farthing.


“GOD IS NOT MOCKED.”  You cannot get by with a single thing.  The judgment that you have rendered against another shall be returned to you ten fold, pressed down and running over.  Criticism then is about the most expensive commodity you ever handled in your life.  The rate of interest is so high and it lasts so long.


Remember that you are also a sending station, and when you are sending out messages of evil you are only sending out boomerangs that will some day find lodgment in your breast.  This is the law of LOVE.  It is impartial and impersonal.


What good is it to you love God and believe in Him when you fail to observe the first law:  “In as much as ye have done it unto one of these ye have done it unto me.”  If you have criticized, hated, or tried to make miserable one of “these”, “you have done it unto God.”


But reversing all this, suppose you tune-in to the good things of life.  You realize the one power and abide in it, you see the Good, God in every man.  You keep constantly fulfilling the law of Love to all of “these” –what a glorious concert will come humming out of the infinite to you –what a song of joy and gladness will be yours.  Yes, what a wonderful reward; you shall be called the “Bringer of Joy.”


You cannot imagine the joy of suddenly coming into full power of the truth that in reality you do not need to think another evil thought.  You are free from bondage of material thinking when you realize that “Behold it is very good.”  Why worry, why be anxious, why care?  God said it was very good, and He knows, no matter what your sense testimony tells you.


Just as soon as you recognize this Oneness, you become single of eye, you get so accustomed to seeing good that good comes to meet you, to greet you and to make you glad.


Go into your ark and draw in after you all the worth while thoughts, and then have a flood and drown out all the criticism, hatred, lack and sickness that has been infesting your garden and made it a Sodom and Gomorrah.  You can do this. You can have the baptism of the Holy Spirit the moment you decide to take God at His Word, “Behold it is very good.”  You can, from that time on, see only good, and rest assured it will be good.  How often have you heard of a child in the night mistaking a burglar for Santa Claus, and how the burglar for that time was Santa Claus to the child?  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” is the Truth.  You become the pivotal point in your Kingdom of Heaven and nothing that maketh a lie can abide there.


Start right now and eliminate all evil thinking from your life, it is surprising how easily it will fall away from you once you let go of it.  Begin to seek diligently for the good and you will find it everywhere.  Why?  Because another law is:


“Seek ye first the Kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you.”



Note the word “SEEK”.  When you begin seeking for good you begin to have “all things added unto you.”  And, no matter what your problem is, if you will determine from this moment that you are going to seek good, and only good, and see only good, you will find that among the good things will be the solution of your problem.


Know this:  that any failure you may have in your demonstration is simply in proportion to your belief in two powers.  You may not like to accept this, but it is the truth and when you become single minded as to Good, you will also be able to say:  “Behold it is very good.”


And listen, when you take this ONE POWER idea into your life, you will suddenly become a “Joy Bringer,” and your joy will be full.  It will be pressed down and running over; it will be as gleeful as a bird in the spring sun.  It will be contagious; it will be golden, and it will be full on song.


Your coming will be the signal for all worry to depart; you will be the most sought after person in the world, and your price shall be above rubies.


As the sun shines by no outside power, neither do you require help or assistance when you once come into your own.  When you once realize that “The Father within me He doeth the works” and that “the Father and I are one” there is set up in your life a never dying fire which emits light, health, joy and everything that you can desire.


“Take words and return unto Jehovah.”  Take words of joy, of gladness, and faith, and return unto the Father within, talk with him until you become so filled with the spirit of service that you rise naturally and go about your Father’s business, the business of spreading joy.


When you come to the ONE POWER idea, you realize that instead of being the rose on the bush you are the life of the bush, the rose is merely an expression of yourself and you have the power within to constantly renew and beautify the body.  You can cast off the old leaves and flowers and bud forth anew in greater glory and beauty whenever you desire.  You can renew your body and surroundings by renewing your thought.  You can cast off the thought of age and limitations and let the Youth Eternal be made manifest in you.  When you are single in your faith you can do these things, when you drop off the dual power idea for the God power.


Now that you are becoming a Joy Bringer, one of the joyous things you will have to do is to keep blooming.  Make your life and body beautiful, see it beautiful and good and it will not be long before the man in the street will tell you about it.


It’s worth trying –there is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained.


Let us first say to our body and 9our lives, “Neither do I condemn you.:  Free yourself from self condemnation, just as you are going to free others from it.  You have made mistakes but now you are going to stop all this when you take the ONE POWER, Good, as your guide, for from that time on you will not function thru the carnal channels of hate, criticism, etc., etc.


Have faith in God, have faith in yourself as the Son.  Faith is the thing that makes life easy and beautiful, the faith of a little child, we are told.  And why?  Because the faith of a child is productive of results.







The Love Life



Do you realize the power of Love?  Do you realize that such as abstract thing can cut thru gates of brass; can crumble walls away; can melt prison bars?  No, I most of us it is a quality closely akin to giving up everything and assuming a patient attitude of waiting, for our demonstrations.  The reverse of this is the truth.  Love is the great invisible armor which surrounds you, and is perfect protection against the most wicked thrusts; it makes you absolutely safe against sudden attacks from the enemy; it makes it possible for you to “set yourself and see the salvation of the Lord.”


Love seems to be invisible to most of us, yet it is the most visible thing in the world.  It is constantly with us.  If a gardener loves flowers, his love will be manifested in a great variety of blossoms.  As his love increases he will be more and more selective, seeking better manifestations of it.  If a man loves books he will draw beautiful and wonderfully bound volumes of master thoughts unto himself.  If a man loves pictures, he will draw unto himself rare and beautiful masterpieces.  If a man loves people he shall draw unto himself thousands of souls ready to express or reflect back to him the thought which he is giving them.  Thus we see that a man’s love is reflected in all that is about him.  Love is made manifest constantly in myriads of ways.


We all know the qualities of love.  A life which has adopted it is not only forceful but noble, firm and gentle.  Once a man has decided to take on the love life, he suddenly finds his whole way lightened with a new illumination.   His business is to IMPART LOVE.  Constantly thinking on ways and means of imparting love, his life naturally becomes lovely, for the thing we meditate upon becomes a part of our make up.  What then could be more wonderful than to start right this moment to live a love life.  Right now throw every bit of criticism, hatred, fear, revenge and envy out.  What a load of rubbish you have thrown over the cliff of oblivion, and how free and peaceful it seems to be rid of the thought of getting even with your enemies.


What a joy there is in the work that is done with LOVE.  “Love goes all the way, duty tires when half through.”  When we love our work, when we love the workers, when we love the day, the country, the town, the home that we have; when we love everything then everything will love us, and we shall find ourselves already in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We shall tread the magic way where flowers bloom at our coming.  We shall find that one of the most joyous things in the world is the pursuit of the right kind of happiness, the happiness which comes from serving and helping others out of their difficulties.


When man is poised in love he finds that his former failure was due to the fact that a large portion of his mind or thought was filled with fear, revenge, hatred, criticism.  Now that he has gotten rid of these, his capacity is suddenly enlarged.  The little plant inside the narrow confines of the seed has suddenly grown into a vigorous thing of glorious beauty.  It has filled the whole space and its perfume spreads everywhere.  A love life is felt in all directions because it is a thing of shining beauty.


What does the love life give to a man?  It connects him with an inexhaustible fountain which supplies him with the pure spirit of youth, and fills him with fresh enthusiasm; with wondrous visions of what he may accomplish.  It takes away the bug-a boo called procrastination, and puts in its place accomplishment. It brings to him his own, no matter where he is located; it fills his mind with the ease of perfect trusting and spreads about him the great peace which the world does not know.  It brings him poise, balance and power; it causes him to realize that leading the love life is like connecting up a completely wired house with a power plant.  Instantly, in any place or at any time he can turn on the power.  Instantly he can connect up with the universal Mind, God, and find the exact answer to his problem; can draw continuously upon the inexhaustible ideas, can know that these ideas are constantly being supplied to him for his use.


Once a man has gotten into the habit of drawing upon the Father for ideas, instead of things, he will find that the things just naturally take care of themselves.  Ideas are the substance, the spiritual substance, which is transformed though our thinking into tangible things; which becomes flesh and dwells among us.  Jesus knew the idea supply, or substance, was with him and so he drew on it for all the bread and fishes he wanted in a place where, to sense, neither was available.  When man allies himself with God and knows that he is one with the Father within; then, and then only can he appropriate the magnificent inheritance which is his as a Son of God.  Gradually he comes to understand the idea of body.

“For we have many members in one body,

And all members have not the same office;

So we being many, are one body in Christ,

And everyone members one of another.”

We can then by looking into the idea body find that we are all members of the body of Christ.  That is, we are all part and parcel of the whole, and are therefore fed, sustained and supplied by the same river of Life which is flowing in the midst of the garden.  We know also that as in the material body, so in the spiritual, every member is of importance and is just as precious as any other.  We know that in the material body and blood courses through the body in especially prepared channels, and there is not one part of the body where it is not carried in abundance, bringing nutriment and taking away impurities; so in the body of Christ we find the life stream of ideas circulating, supplying whatever the member is in need of.  We are not a separate and isolated idea but a member that is apart of the whole, and we cannot escape the influence of the Master when we realize that we are a part of his heavenly body and listen for the instructions which he gives us through the “Still Small Voice.”


When we realize that we are members of the body of Christ, we also realize that the Still Small Voice which speaks to us is very much akin to the way we speak to our material bodies; for instance, if you see a book on a table across the room which you wish to read, you certainly direct your body to get it, yet you do not actually voice this thought in audible words.  So it is with the Christ body.  You as a member, are instructed, guided and protected constantly, and by virtue of your position in this grand scheme of Life, you  are constantly en rapport with Mind.


Think deeply about this wonderful truth.  Think then how futile it is for you to struggle materially.  Put on the love life; get the habit of imparting love.  Live it, breathe it, sing it, and rejoice in it.  Suddenly you have come to the realization that you are a member of the body of Christ and that the magnificent Mind which was able to work thought the man Jesus is now working though you and that you do not have to worry or be anxious.  You are a member of the One Body and you do not have to worry, you are dependent on the Christ Mind which is at the head of the whole plan and which will direct you as a member of the One Body.

Let nothing disturb thee.

Nothing affrights thee;

All things are passing,

God never changeth.


God is your life, the thing that is worthwhile and ALL that is worthwhile.  Material things change, but the God which is your life never changes. Fear not then, get in harmony with the body of Christ, find your place by putting on the love life; IMPART LOVE and be at peace with the world and with God.






Binding Things In Heaven



That which you bind in heaven shall be loosed on the earth.  This is a statement which stands wrapped in mystery to many people, and yet it contains one of the most perfect laws of metaphysics.


Starting with the correct definition of Heaven, we find that it is not a locality but a state of right thinking.  When we are thinking rightly,  we are in the Kingdom of Heaven, and can understand readily the statement, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand –it is within you.”  Naturally it follows that the Father, God, dwells in the Kingdom of heaven, which means that He is always present in the right thinking mind. From this we see that what we bind in right thinking; what we claim, or decree in right thinking, shall be loosed on the earth; that is, shall be made flesh and dwell among us.


The same law is stated in “That which is told in secret shall be called from the house tops,” that which we decree in the secret place of the Most High, that which we affirm as real, and true, shall come forth as surely as the seed brings forth its blossom and fruit.  “Be no deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap:’ whatsoever a man claims as real and true will produce results after its kind.


“Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass” is a law so little understood that it almost passes over our heads, it seems beyond us, we are afraid to take God at his word, we believe in what Jesus has to say, but shy off when it comes to speaking with authority and to decreeing things.  We rather feel that we are overstepping our rights, but there the promise stands, and only as we come out with a definite state of mind, a positive authoritative state of mind, which knows that right thinking is God in action, can “we expect to demonstrate with scientific certainty the rules laid down in Divine Science.”  Planting, planting every moment of the day, what wonder then the admonition “Pray without ceasing” since prayer means right thinking.  Some of the planting is mushrooms, some oak trees, some of it lilies, and some of it thistles, yet planting, planting goes on eternally.


Pray without ceasing, start the process of right thinking and hold to it.  Refuse to let wrong thinking have place or power.  It becomes a splendid game to see how many times you can withhold weak negative words and expressions and replace them with strong words of truth.  It is great sport to see how many times in the day you have withheld a criticism, an unkind word, or thought, against another.  It is a joy to see how many times you can eliminate the thought of sickness, poverty, or error of any sort in your own consciousness or that of another, by reversing the lie and claiming the all ness of God.  God is the life of man for God is infinite life, ALL life.  Remember this and know that it is impossible for man to be sick unless God is sick.


Life is all there is to any one.  This is proven when the state called death overtakes a friend for we know that the lifeless body is not that which we loved and respected.  If we thought it was we would preserve it like the ancient Egyptians did; we would not bury it, but would set it up and worship at its shrine as the more heathenish tribes of the South Seas sometimes do.


Life is the thing we love, the animating influence, and the thing which is so infinitely bigger than body and so much more beautiful than matter.  And we find that God is Life and that God is infinite, so Life in infinite, and being ONE it could not suffer in part without suffering in its entirety.  God cannot be sick, and “What God cannot do man need not attempt.”  Is there anything clearer than this –that in being sick, poor, or unhappy we are apparently doing something which the Creator of the heavens and earth cannot do.  Let us then eliminate these beliefs from our consciousness, for there is nothing in Reality, Truth, to support them.


Remember that when you are going on a journey and get started on the wrong road the best thing to do, when you find it out, is to go back and get on the right road.  If you do this and continue to travel, you cannot fail to arrive at your destination.  Perhaps you have gone a long way down the wrong road, and perhaps the moment you reverse your course a traveler comes by and picks you up in his high-powered car, and you are back at the starting point almost instantly.  But perhaps you have gone down a selfish, personal, little road all of your own making, which is not mapped out for the general public and which you are blazing as you go along; then you may have to retrace slowly each wrong step.  But either way, whether fast or slow, whether you have assistance or have to walk alone, one sure thing is that you are bound to arrive, without the question of a doubt, if you will only persist in right thinking and doing.


And so in the morning before we arise, let us bind some of the sweet influence of life, let us bind them in heaven, the Kingdom of right thinking, and during the day they shall be loosed on the earth.


For instance let us bind the truth that “I shall see something good in everyone I meet today.”  This will not be a foolish optimism which is not practical; just try it and see.  You go forth and perhaps the first person you meet is one that you have a little grudge.  Do you know what this will do for you?  It will make you a magnet, it will draw all men unto you, because your consciousness is uplifted and uplifting.  Letting the criticism out of your own mind you fail to see anything to criticize in another, and having a fine, clean mind you attract everyone to you, for everyone in the world is seeking light.


Bind thoughts of prosperity; have that comfortable feeling that you are provided for by an infinitely loving Father, that all is well.  And bind close unto your heart that the lilies of the fields, that the ravens, that all other manifestations of his love are abundantly supplied, and a great comfortable feeling of peace and harmony shall be loosed on the earth, and also the substance of things hoped for will be manifested unto you.


When we bind the things in Heaven at the beginning of the day we find that the influence of it carries through the entire day –every minute of it we are so busy loosing this wonderful energy of good that we have no time to lapse into erroneous thinking.


Binding the love of good in Heaven, we fail to have the usual interest in local and foreign gossip, in scandals, etc., and soon we find that those things are not mentioned to us so often for we are so busy loosing the good on earth that we have no time to take in the details of some sordid life, or some life of crime.


Bind love in Heaven; see how quickly you can reverse the desired effect of some story of criticism; say right in the face of slander, “Why, I find so and so a very bright person, they are clean, they help so and so,” or something of that sort for you can always think of something good, and it acts as an immediate silencer to evil.  This method is certain death to the shafts of wrong thinking, and is the loosing on earth of the things which you have bound in Heaven.


When we bind love in heaven, we find it easy to set a watch upon our lips, we find it easy to practice the rule of saying nothing in the absence of people that we would not say in their presence.


We find that binding clean thoughts in Heaven enables us to loose clean conversation on the earth.  It purifies the language of a man.  It rids him of the superfluous words of gush or slang.  It rids him of profanity, and makes his speech eloquent.  These are some of the glorious things which are loosed on earth, when we have bound them in Heaven.






You are A Child Of The King



All of us can recall some story of childhood by which we were indelibly impressed with the nobility of the king.  With few exceptions, the king of the make-believe world was men of great valor, men of great deeds and best of all, men of great love.  There was something in the king which instantly drew a line between him and the commoner; it was his nobility, his graciousness of bearing, and his courteousness.


All these earthly kings and storybook kings emulate in some degree phases of the Only King –Jehovah.  All of them have one of His qualities, that, Power; some of them had many others, and all of them had nobility.


In legend and in history, we see the brave knight setting forth to overcome obstacles, his destination, the Holy Grail.  It was his business to be an exponent of nobility, to be gracious, kind, and helpful.   These are the things that marked him.  Though he finally was reduced to rags he still kept his nobility. Upon his breast, near his heart might well have rested a single word, gold encrusted and shining; a single word which would keep him noble as long as he remembered and used it, and he would remain a fit associate for king, prince, or layman. And that word is LOVE.


How often we read of the “doings” of court, the excitement of some new presenter, the anxiety and fear of the would-be courtier, the arrogance and stiff-necked conduct of those who wish to win favor, but oft times though they bear a title and are rich as a Croesus they fail to give the impression of true nobility because of the absence of the key-note, the password, L-O-V-E.


Heaven and earth may become one by way of the great white clouds that tumble and toss about in the sapphire and catch I the billows of cherry blossoms reaching up from earth in the spring.  So a man may become one with the King of kings by putting on love.


When a man puts on love he suddenly becomes conscious of his real self, his real sweet worthwhile character which has been besmeared with wrong thinking for generations, and has suddenly come to the surface.  It is a glorious awakening, he realizes that all that is worthwhile is his forever, and that he is giving up nothing real, he is just ridding himself of a lot of excess baggage, such as fear, criticism, hatred, and belief in place and power.


Drummond has said in so many words that LOVE is the Supreme Good.  You that seek to be noble heed this, you do not need to go further in search of good if you only stop for a moment and realize that Love is the Supreme Good of the universe.  The wisdom of St. Paul caused him to say “Now abideth faith, hope, love, BUT the GREATEST of these is LOVE.”


When a man puts on love life becomes extremely simple, life becomes extremely harmonious, the music of the spheres is the rhythm of his own soul, and he wonders how he could have lived in the self-same place and yet missed all the glories that are about him.


When a man puts on love, the eyes that have not seen suddenly receive their hearing.  Tongues that have wagged and said nothing, or that have been cloven by fear, are suddenly made the instruments of a glorious strain of music that sweeps into a hymn of praise.  Heaven comes down to earth, man walks untrammeled and free in a Garden of Eden, into which no sin can enter.  Man ceases his labor, his seeking, his worry, and enters into his true station if life as a son of the King.  From that moment on he goes out into the world with his badge of love glistening so that others may take courage and heart and live in the same way and become sons.  He appears unto the prodigal, the lost, and the sick, and bids them return unto their Father the King, and lo, the sweetness of His holy presence He sees them afar off and goes to meet them.


Think of it, the King comes to meet you, the poor sinner, the poor troubled one; the King comes to meet you with the robe and the ring, and oh, the glory of that robe with its gold encrusted word LOVE.


When this robe of LOVE drops over you it shuts out the petty annoyances of the every day life, all the little fears, the little bitternesses, the little griefs, and it puts courage into your heart which is backed up by the words of the King, “The battle is not yours but God’s (your Father’s).”


Drummond has made a complete list of the qualities of LOVE:  “Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Humility, Courtesy, Unselfishness, Good Temper, Guilelessness, Sincerity.” 


Is it any wonder then that a person having these qualities is aristocratic or entitled to be classed under the head of nobility.  Yet all these things are within your reach, yea, they are offered to you with the promise that they will bring deliverance from all human misery.  Why?  Because if God is the only Mind, then God is the only thinker, the only doer, the only actor, and he is backing up each one of the promises he has made to you.



Patience:  If a man be patient he has put away all sense of hurry, all sense of excitement, of anxiety.  There needs be no hurry, for all work to be performed is God’s work and He is working with you and can accomplish the work which is to be done easily and satisfactorily, without the element of time having the slightest thing to do with it.  Somehow or other when a man has true patience, suddenly the work is done, and done well, without fatigue, without restlessness.  He who makes haste usually lacks everything worthwhile.  The King has plenty of time and plenty of help, call upon Him, rest in the Lord.  “Wait patiently on LOVE,” and Love will find the way which is lost to you through impatience.


Kindness:  Since half of our unkindness to our fellowmen is due to impatience, kindness is easier to grasp when we grasp the right conception of patience.  Why be unkind?  Ask yourself this question.  It is because you do not understand God as all Goodness.  God is kind to all His creatures above the power of words to describe, above all that we ask or think, above all that we can imagine.  We get pleasure out of being kind and it is like throwing a boomerang for it is sure to come back to us –laden with joy.


Generosity:  Let the other fellow have his views.  Remember that he has arrived at his conclusions through a process of thinking which has differed from yours.  You would not quarrel with an acorn because it did not at once become an oak tree; then have that same spirit of generosity with thy fellowman.  Being generous rids one of many of the more noxious weeds of material thinking, such as jealousy, envy, and hatred.  You cease your hatred and instead of condemning people you are tolerant, knowing the cause which moved them was not the truth; you root many lies out of your thinking by being generous.


Courtesy:  In all things be courteous.  Remember that no matter how appropriate some trite word may be, withhold it if it would not be courteous.  Courtesy is a fine badge of nobility, it is the thing which lends splendid dignity to a man.  It is a magnet that draws all men unto it, because everyone knows that no matter what their case may be they can bring it to you and be treated with courtesy.  Surely courtesy is worthwhile.


Unselfishness:  There is no need for selfishness, the never ending source of supply is pouring into your life as fast as you provide vessels to receive it.  Nothing can stay it, therefore there is no need to be selfish; use, give, let go.  Be a channel for Truth through which it may flow unceasingly to others.


Good Temper:  We all know that a piece of steel is worthless when it looses its temper.  The same thing is true of a man, there is nothing so weak as a display of temper.  We know the substance of the proverb, “He that is able to hold his temper is able to take a city.”


Guilelessness:  In some way the word guile has a slippery sliding way about it, as if it were very closely related to the serpent.  Be not beguiled into the narrow thought that Truth is difficult to find or that there is a group of enemies, such as Animal Magnetism, Catholicism, and Malpractice which can pounce upon you at any moment, and that your only escape is to run to some person for help in order to rid yourself of something that does not exist.  Just throw all that cargo overboard right now.  The only guile there is in any of these things is the fact that you have accepted as real something that is only a bugaboo and are suffering from it; But it is not real, so there is no need to fear it, and nothing to put out, and nothing to be overcome.  I care not if a whole army were to malpractice on me, for as long as I know that such a power does not exist I am free from its guile.  God is the only thinker.  Is there then any need of fear?


Be not beguiled into believing that truth is not universal and that every man on the face of the earth is not striving for it in his own way.  Truth is everywhere, and everyone has a right to it, and everyone is seeing it in his present progress as best he can.  There is no stereotyped way of attaining it.  Truth never has been trade-marked.  Truth is universal; it was here long before there was any means of setting up a press and making a brand or trademark for it, and it will be here after these things have passed away.  Be no beguiled, be not a tool in the hands of this or that cause.  Come out from among them and be you free.


Sincerity:  It is crystalline in its purity.  It knows no deceit, it knows nothing out of the way to say about the party who has just left, it establishes a state of confidence in man which is above the price of rubies; cultivate it.


“Love never fails.”  Think of it, when you put on LOVE you can count on its standing right back of you, for LOVE NEVER FAILS.

LOVE –Suffers long and is kind.

Envies not

Vaunts not itself

Is not puffed up

Does not behave itself unseemly

Seeks not her own

Is not easily provoked

Thinks no evil

Rejoices not in iniquity

Rejoices in the Truth

Bears all things

Believes all things

Hopes all things

Endures all things

Love never fails, Love never fails; make it yours today.





Be Not Discouraged


If you were working on a mathematical problem and came to the end of your process only to find you had made an error, you would know at once that you had not applied the principle correctly.  You would not even so much as vaguely think the principle to be wrong.  You would start over to salve the matter from the premise that the principle was absolutely correct, always has been, and always will be and that the problem could be worked out with ease when the principle was thoroughly understood.


When you fail to make a demonstration of Truth what do you often times say?  “Well I have tried and tried, and been faithful and for some reason or an other my problem does not work out.”  You are so busy with the problem itself that you have little or no time to go to the Principle which you must abide by and study it more closely and become more conversant with it.  You spend all your time with the unsolved problem, hoping against hope that after all you can get through somehow.


In mathematics you simply set aside the wrong results which were obtained through misapplication of the principle and go to work at the beginning again, or it you are not sure about some line of work you go the principle of the thing and refresh yourself and then start out with the positive knowledge that if you apply the principle correctly the answer follows without question.


If this is true in mathematics, it is infinitely more true in metaphysics.  If it is true in solving the problems about material existence, it is infinitely true in solving THE riddle of human life.


Note this one thing, until you are thoroughly convinced that you are working to demonstrate an absolute Principle which is always perfect and infallible, you are likely to whine around over unsolved problems, spending most of the time in failure instead of going to the fountain head and increasing your understanding of the Principle.


Learn this; effect is not to be considered at all, seek only the causative side of existence.  If a man offered you a loaf of bread or a handful of wheat your human sense would seize the loaf of bread, but your wisdom would take the seed.  Why? Because the loaf of bread while it would more quickly satisfy human craving, would soon be gone.  But the see is the substance of increase and would grow into unlimited possibilities, for there is no end to the result of one seed if properly planted; in a short time the result of one seed could make a girdle of flowers or wheat around the entire world.  You know all this, it is merely brought to your remembrance with admonition to “Get understanding,” and stop trying to gain material things.  Once you have an understanding for the infinitude of substance, the material effect takes care of itself quite naturally.  The harvest is plentiful, you can make it into flour and bread at will or you can plant it again and increase the substance.


Keep your thoughts away from the seeming material existence and let them dwell in the Kingdom of Reality.  Remember that you are not controlled by the “human-being” side of your nature, but the “God Being” side which is the soul, which is the Spirit that is “one with the Father within” and is a majority, because of its singleness.  When a man begins to work on the inner side of his life truly, the fields are “white with grain,” a thousand ways open to him.  Opportunity is not an evasive something, but a sure thing, coming as often as man is ready to claim it.


Form the habit of first acknowledging the Principle you are working with as absolutely above change and as infallible.  This is your premise, so whenever you fail to work out a problem do not five a moments consideration to the failure.  The only thing that is wrong is your application of the Principle, so go quickly to this Principle, seek a better understanding of it and find out what you missed in your application and then work your problem out anew.


The day of the Absolute is dawning.  We find arrayed against the Absolute those who are still making concessions to a number of things, they claim to follow after truth and yet they acknowledge its limits, and they are mixing personal and human sense with it to such an extent that they prate loudly about certain kinds of truth.  As if there could be more than one Truth.  Be no deceived, follow after o man, no matter what light he may give forth.  Accept the things which he sets before you that you are able to prove, but let the man alone.  Rest assured as soon as you break from personalities, whether it be teacher, practitioner, or friend, the sooner you will find you  are dwelling with a God inspired race of people.  Pygmy personalities fade out, they are nothing but the material mist.  They set up long dissentions.  They strangle truth by trying to make it conform to their little idea of it.  They look up rules and regulations and try to decapitate truth if it does not conform to the way someone else has interpreted it.  Stay away from the mind which distorts little words into particular meanings.  Away with this child’s play, you have bigger things on hand.  You must discern Truth more and more in your life and in the lives of others.  Spend no time tin trying to define error of any sort.  If it is nothing but illusion why waste a moments time on it?  Look for good in everything and everyone.  Error is nothing to turn from.  It is simply nothing and hence the way to overcome the sense of it is to fill the vacuum with something that does exist.  This something is the knowledge of your God Being!


The deep things of Truth are coming to the light.  We are beginning to make a distinction between the :I: and the man, those who are awakening are beginning to realize what body is, and what “I” or Soul is.  There is little ambiguity to the one who is seeking the absolute.


“Who did hinder you that you should not obey the Truth,” was it a personality, a person who is suppose d to have a super intellect?  Be not deceived again, go not back to your bondage, learn to accept the truth as universal, learn to get the “sermons in stones and good in everything” which Shakespeare tells about.










After we have come this far, we are still reluctant to turn the matter of hard cold cash over to a mental process.  There is something too uncertain, something which constantly reminds us that we must “work it out by the sweat of our brow.”  But the fact is that we must resolve the whole thing into the mental realm if we are to gain the financial freedom that we are seeking.


Going back a little in history we find that what we today call dollars and cent were not known, and that men traded work for something to eat, and the Indians traded skins for manufactured goods.  The state of Pennsylvania was purchased for a few skins which were not redeemable for much in actual dollars and cents.


Today we think a thing is worth so many dollars and cents, not stopping to realize that it is the mental valuation we place on the dollars that makes the value of the thing we are buying.  If you do not readily grasp this, just look at the present situation in the European money market.  The mark for instance is identical in size and shape, and yet today people in Germany know that the mark is only worth a fraction of its former value.  The mark has not changed, it is the peoples idea of values, and so it is with our dollar.  During the world war it was a common thing to hear it said that a dollar would not buy much more than a quarter’s worth in normal times, and yet, there was and is no scarcity of money; on the other hand there is an ever increasing inflow of it from every mint.  Is it not then strange that when the standard remains unchanged that we should suddenly find it changing in value and at one time becoming scarce and at another time plentiful?  Does it not resolve itself into the mental attitude back of it?  The standard remains the same and it is just what we, the people, determine it is worth that makes its value.  Then dollars and cents in reality simply stand for a mental value.  Now then, if this be true, we know that our mental capacity is not limited, we are not shut off from thinking as much as we want, and it is through this simple little rule that we shall demonstrate prosperity.  When we begin to realize that value in mental, then we also realize that we have access to the real substance of things hoped for, through thinking, and we stop seeking the effect and look for the cause, which is mind.  We begin to know that “As a man thinks, so is he” is a very trite and true saying in regard to his financial affairs, as well as everything else.


It would be well then for us to adopt a prosperous way of thinking right now. Never again allow yourself, for a single moment, to think poverty:  never again acknowledge a limited condition or state of affairs, but realize that since the whole thing is mental, you have the power to bring into manifestation anything that you need or desire.


I do not mean to say that you can sit down and think a million dollars into your lap without an effort.  In the first place, you cannot easily gain the million dollar consciousness, so it is better to begin by placing yourself in a state of consciousness which you can more readily imagine yourself in.  Once you have set about correcting the poverty thought, you will find new and untold avenues of supply will open to you.


A person who spends minutes a day in meditation on abundance and then goes about his work thinking, “I cannot afford this or that because I am poor,” or “I do not see my supply,” etc., etc., cannot expect to demonstrate that state of finance which he should have, because his negative thoughts offset the positive to such a degree that he repulses the very thing he would attract.


Once you have decided to take the stand of thinking prosperity and refusing to see poverty or limitation in anything, you will find that the battle is half won.


Further more, if we are going to eject the poverty idea from our minds in connection with our affairs then we must also refuse to see it in the affairs of others; we must absolutely fail to acknowledge it as a real condition for anyone.  This will not make you stony hearted towards your fellow man, when he seems to be in need, but it will enable you to look on the suffering of poverty in its true light –as ignorance of God given rights.


In the beginning, or before that let us say, everything was evolved from formless substance, or mind, which was brought into expression; even the silver of your dollar was a mental thing at that time for there was nothing but God, Mind.  Then this Mind set about creating the different things in the universe.  It pressed out, or expressed Itself in various thing, so today we begin to realize that the thing we are looking for is in Mind. Now it is happily possible for us to link ourselves with this one infinite source of all things, for we are “made in His image and likeness;” we are sons and joint heirs with the Christ, and little later on we find that “The Father within me He doeth the work.”  It does not say the Father outside of us, but the Father, Mind, within me He doeth the work.  We have then but to turn within and make our connection with the Father, for Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.”  Now we come to the realization that we are one with the Father, Mind, Creator; and being one with the Creator, we also can with absolute certainty bring out, express, or press out that which we can imagine, for if you can imagine a thing with clearness, you can bring it our with absolute certainty.  But if doubt or fear takes possession of you, your demonstration will fail, for “let him who waivers expect nothing from the Lord.”


It is the relative mind and not the Father within, or Divine, Mind, which fears; it conjures up all sorts of hideous phantoms to be afraid of.  It is the thing which says to you “you must work and earn your bread by the sweat of your brow,” it says to you that your earning capacity is so much a week and you cannot get more, it says to you that you cannot do the things which your inner self knows you can do.  Therefore, when this carnal or deceitful mind is at rest it is possible to accomplish wondrous feats.


For instance, not long ago a young girl walked about the narrow ledge of an apartment house, several hundred feet above the ground, in her sleep; a thing she would not have attempted when awake.  The relative mind was out of the way and the Divine Mind was in control.  All things are possible to this Divine Mind and that is the Mind which we wish to let work within us, while it is the mortal mind which we wish to eliminate.


The unlimited power of the Divine Mind will work in you when you have overcome this mortal or relative thinking and given yourself over to the absolute.  This is not a difficult thing to do, but it is a thing that requires diligent watching.  Idle words or thoughts are little seeds that will develop into weeks that must be garnered or rooted up sooner or later.


Accumulated wrong thinking sometimes seems like a mountain before us as we attempt to say, “I am abundantly supplied with everything I need,” but just the same a large mountain can finally be but just the same a large mountain can finally be moved away with a shovel if there is no other way of doing it.  The cleansing process, however, is not as slow as our illustration, for once we have taken our stand and realize that we are right now in possession of infinite substance, recognizing that there is nothing but an erroneous belief to handle, we will soon see great masses of wrong thinking give away and float down stream, and the clear calm waters of Truth being revealed to us.


One of the master strokes in demonstration is silence.  “Keep silent before me.”  And remember that to keep silent is like allowing a seed to remain in the ground until it has time to germinate and come to light.  Tell no one, talk with no one, discuss the subject with no one, work it out in the quiet of your own soul, and when it is time for its announcement to the world, it will be so evident that there will be no need of advertisement.








Back of everything there is a cause. Whether we are considering the universe or a rubber ball, we recognize that there is a reason for its existence; a cause for its being, and going a step further we realize that back of the myriads of things; back of the differing graduations of life there must be one supreme and infinite Cause, which we call God.  In other words, the whole plan of things had to be conceived, worked out, and brought forth by a single Cause.


Recognizing this simple truth, the most important thing to be done is to examine into the nature of the Cause of all things, God.


We know that God is infinite, hence He could in no sense be personal, or limited to personal form.  We know that being formless and yet causative, He must be the Principle underlying and overlying All that is or ever will be, and we know that he is Good.


A good Cause, which is infinite, could only produce good as a natural result, and it is upon this truth that we establish the fact that the universe is already good and perfect, since it eminated from a good and perfect Mind, which had no competition, nor opposition, and which is infinite.


We know also that in order to be expressed, there must have been action, and that this action partaking of the nature of the Mind back of it must be perfect and eternal, harmonious and satisfying.  These are simple statements, yet they are fundamentals upon which man is able to regain his perfect state of being.


Man is able to demonstrate this wonderful truth in proportion to his ability to have faith.  If he has faith that there is a God, which is good, and infinite, he can be small beginning prove that this is absolutely true, and the greater his faith the grader and more perfect are his demonstrations, until he reaches the point where he will speak the word and it shall be so, as did Jesus.


He may start with a faith as small as a grain of mustard seed and move mountains.  Hold to the thought for a single day, “God is good and there is nothing but god” and see if mountains of doubt and fear have not utterly fled before you.  As the young faith becomes stronger, man dares to hope that life after all is a thing of joy, a glorious something which is so perfect and full of happiness that it lives and moves and hasits entire being in the sunlight of Truth.


Man begins to realize that “According to thy faith be it unto you” is a vital truth.  If we have faith in wrong conditions or adverse circumstances, medicines, etc., we can expect them to respond in accordance to the faith we put in them.  It is a known fact that drugs and healing methods of a century ago would no more heal the same disease in this age than a stone cast into the river would float.  Why?  Because faith has been taken from them.


Christ’s message to mankind was “Have faith in God,” “Faith is the substance of your very thinking;” put yourself into it absolutely –you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  All things were accomplished by faith in absolute Good.  There is power in the thought “good must prevail, because God is infinite and eternal and never fails.”


When the disciples failed to heal the sick man, Jesus said, “Oh you of little faith;” he knew that the healing was possible if the faith was strong enough.  In other words, he said that if our faith is perfect, there is absolutely nothing that cannot be accomplished by us.






For Lo The Kingdom Of heaven Is At Hand



Though we have read that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, yet there are few who take the statement literally, and this is strange, too, for it is one of the few literal statements in the Bible.  We are told expressly not to look in a locality for Heaven, but to realize that it is right here and now.


Let us take this promise then and see what a different outlook on life we have.  Suddenly when you begin to ponder this thing you realize that right where you are at this precise moment, you stand in the kingdom of Heaven.  You stand, you live, you move, and breathe right now in a state, or Kingdom, of perfect and absolute harmony.  You do not have to go somewhere to find happiness, to find health, to find prosperity; you only have to awaken to the fact that you are in the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things are right here for you.


As a further proof that you are in the Kingdom of Heaven, I refer yo to such passages of scripture as “I and my Father are One,” and “The Father within me He doeth the work.”  Now the Father, God, is perfect Mind enthroned in Heave, in harmony, and where He is, where God is there is Heaven.  You see then the futility of even making the slightest concession to material laws or to the last enemy, for there is nothing gained by dying; a man cannot die into Heaven, but he can surely live into it.


Jesus realized that he was in the Kingdom of Heaven and when he left he did not die, he merely acknowledged the Absolute and was translated, as were others.  Those who “walked with God,” that is, came into the full realization of the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven, did not go through the experience called death.  As matter is acknowledged even by material scientists to be but points of force, which can be translated back into its original mental condition, why should we not take advantage of this pleasant manner in ridding ourselves of the material concept of body, instead of thinking that it must be cast off like an old garment?


To the average man death offers one means of ridding himself of the thing called body, but to the spiritual man the new salvation makes it possible to ascend above it.  Not in the sense of material measurement, but simply rising to a mental state where he sees everything perfect and harmonious, here and now, and recognizes that he is already in the Kingdom of Heaven.  When he has reached this state there is no need to dispose of matter, for the material concept has disappeared of its own self.


Starting then with the premise that we are NOW, this day, in the midst of the Kingdom of Heaven, we go out of the home in the morning looking for the manifestation of Heaven and the first person we meet is a cripple. No he is not a cripple, he is an idea of God as perfect as when he was created, but the mist which watered the whole ground has surrounded his material condition, bringing with it the ugly pictures of ignorance and misunderstanding.  Now, that you are a dweller in the Kingdom of Heaven you can quickly realize that beyond the shadow of mist is the real man, perfect and eternal, and so in place of the apparent deformity, you see the perfect man.  In place of a beggar, you see the bountifully supplied son of God, in place of ugliness you see beauty.


It is a most wonderful experience, this taking possession of your new home, Heaven.  Literally accept your home as the Kingdom of Heaven, and all fretting and worrying will cease; all anxiety will disappear.  There is nothing for us to fight against, for we are told that the battle is not ours, but God’s.  There is nothing to carry, no weight of materiality, for we are told to lean on Him.  There is nothing to be desired, for we are living close living close to the fountain of substance, which is pouring out more than we know how to accept.


Then we are lifted up in thought, and when we are lifted up we shall draw all men unto us.  It is possible, yea, it is the duty of every truth seeker to practice this lifting up process on his fellow men, and it is done by leaving him alone, except for the wonderful impersonal help you must give him by lifting yourself up into the present state of harmony, which is yours as a dweller in the Kingdom.


This is no mere idle theory; it is a present possibility.  This is the Kingdom which you have been seeking, this is the door through which you have striven to enter, this is the Sheepfold which offers you sure solace from all the pangs of the so-called flesh.  Jesus says: “Behold, a new doctrine I give unto you,” former things (thoughts) have passed away, all things become new, and the former things shall not come in mind nor be remembered any more.  They are blotted out forever –all the trials, all the tears and sorrows, all the failures and struggles –when you come to dwell in the Kingdom. It is the sudden opening to you of a door which has long been closed, obscured by the mist of ignorant thinking.  Perhaps you have followed the line of reasoning that says you can think yourself out of your difficulties, but never have you come point blank to the reasoning that this very old universe of ours in the Kingdom of Heaven, and therefore we are already living in it, and when we are living in Heaven all things must be heavenly; all things must be harmonious.


And now we take the positive stand that we will henceforth and forever more see nothing but the beauty, holiness, and happiness of heaven; we will look for it everywhere, because it is present and to be found everywhere.


Remember that the door to Heaven, harmony, stands open.  It is the door of your consciousness.  It is the door over which you have guard and you shall determine what shall enter there, but the main point to remember about the door is that it is open and needs a porter, or a guard. If you leave your post of duty and allow the band of thieving material thoughts to come trooping in you will find your kingdom an inharmonious place, full of misery and unhappiness, so “watch and pray” (think rightly), that your kingdom (consciousness) may be the Kingdom of Heaven, harmony.






Take No Thought



One of the things which marks the Master’s career with extraordinary merit is the abandon with which he gave himself up to right thinking.  So complete was his faith, his understanding, that his attitude of mind might be typified as :tahe no thought.”


It is pleasant when one comes to you and says, “I have made all arrangements for a day’s outing, a vacation, an evening’s entertainment, so take no thought about it;”  there is an abandon, a letting go, an I-do-not-have-to-bother attitude of mind, which is very refreshing.


There is a difference in carelessness and abandon.  Abandon is that state which relaxes, lets go, and takes the promises of the Bible as true and good, as promises that will and can be fulfilled without much effort, physically speaking.  When we are carefree, when we are joyous, we are so to speak, “taking no thought,” that is, we are not worrying, or being anxious about the sense testimony.


This taking no thought attitude brings a glorious freedom.  Once you come to the place where you recognize that because God is infinite Mind he will do this thinking and that your taking thought is going to avail you nothing, but that taking no thought (getting the mortal thought out o9f the way) you are tuning-in with the father within and will receive messages, instruction, guidance, protection, substance, and supply.


The proof of the “take no thought” attitude is clearly shown in the case of the widow who took very much thought of the reality of matter, and of Elisha who took no thought, but who poured the oil from the cruise into everything that was ready to receive it.


Christ took no thought of provisions when he went out into the desert with the multitudes.  If he had taken thought, a special corps of officers and men, cooks and waiters would have been necessary to attend their needs, but he took no thought of these things; he KNEW that in the precise form and at the precise moment that he needed it, would appear the thing that he wanted and the thing that he asked for.  He therefore found it unnecessary to take much thought about material things.


Take no thought for the journey.  “I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way.”  What more could you ask?


Take no thought for tomorrow; for tomorrow is only a thought in itself, a man made thought.  With God life is eternal, without measure or limit; there is nothing to stint on or deal out sparingly, as so many days, to man.


Take no thought of time, do not measure your life by so many years.  Call to mind this:  that man was never born, and this being true it stands to reason that he has no age; he has not passed thought conditions that were infantile; he has not passed thought certain growing conditions which cumber mankind with laws of disease or fear.  Man is and always has been eternally one with the Father.  With this thought in mind, one throws off the thought of age and stops saying I am so many years old.  One no longer checks up his age for he begins to realize that he has passed through a series of pictures which are not unlike the changing scenes on the screen –constantly altering and flickering on and off but not affecting him (the xcreen) in the least.


There is a glorious something comes to you when you realize that you have cleaned out this futile and stupid thing called age.  It is only a belief of mortal mind and has nothing whatsoever to do with man.  Forget all about it, or better still:  “take no thought.”


Taking thought is like hoarding up the manna.  It becomes sour, old, and useless.  Why hoard old memories and dates, thoughts of the past, comparisons, and the like, when daily the new thoughts, fresh from the Mind of God are available for your use.


Someone has aptly said that when we take thought for things, which we say do not exist, like disease, lack, sorrow, etc., it is like saying “there is no water in this cloth, but I must wring it anyway.”   Surely if you knew there was no water in a garment you would not wring it.  Then if you know that there is no sickness, no sorrow, no lack, you do not have to put anything out, or wring anything out, but rather you will have to fill up the empty place with something real, the substance of God.


In truth we find that the main thing is to bring in the good and powerful thoughts and they of themselves will crowd out the evil thought, or perhaps what we call evil thought are simply a vacuum which we must fill with the God thoughts.


All this brings more and more to our mind that our business is not examining the nature of evil, but imbibing the quality called love, filling our lives with it, taking no thought about anything else; and surely when this state has been reached we will find our souls dwelling in the courts of our lord, in the many mansions (the various stages of progress of man from sense to soul).


If you wish to stop “taking thought” of error, you will stop discussing the seeming condition of it.  You often hear one admit its unreality and then set out into a discussion of its various forms, with details about their difficulty in overcoming it; and all the while they do not realize that the subtle thing which they are trying to put out, is laughing at them and mocking their feeble efforts from beneath its mask of “seeming.”  One might just as well try to put out consumption as to try to put out a “claim of consumption,” it is the same in either case, for “What’s in a name?”  In either case it is wrong for we do not have to put out something that does not exist; that has no reality, shape, or form, but we surely do have to stop taking thought of it, and when we do this we take from it the only nourishment that it has –the food of our thought.  What we want to do is to begin affirming the truth about the condition, to fill our thought so full of the true condition that the other is just naturally eliminated, because it is only an illusion, having no real existence.


“Ye are gods, and all of you are the children of the Most High.”  If you are gods, what business have you thinking mortal thoughts?  If you are children of the Most High, why worry about what mortal man can do unto you?  You have only to turn in thought to God and realize that you are at this instant in the Kingdom of Heaven to dispel the mist which is obscuring your birthright from you.  There is nothing difficult about this.  It only requires a little practice to make it a very easy thing to do.  Soon you will begin to see that all the material pictures about you are only different intensities of the “mist” which went up and watered the whole ground, but that it has ot in any way effaced the true image, likeness, or idea of God.  Just a the blood flows though your mortal body, so divine ideas flow thought the Infinite Mind; ideas that supply richly all that is needful for man’s happy, harmonious existence.


Again, “Now are we the sons of God.”  Do you still lack proof as to the type and nature of the thing called Mind which is thinking though you, and which obviates the necessity of your taking thought?  “Ye are the sons of the living God.”


The God whose son you are is a LIVING GOD and is Infinite.  Then take no thought fo life for LIFE, GOD will take care of Itself.  Taking thought of life also brings into consideration its opposite, death, so take no thought.


Listen then what God has done for you.  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.”


The gift of POWER is yours.  You do not have to think or worry about a material counterfeit of this one Power which is yours, for there is nothing material that can cope with it is any way.  This wonderful Power is YOURS, so take no thought of fear about material power and what it might do to you for there is no such a thing; it is only a thickened mist which presents itself in various shapes trying to persuade you into believing that it is something, but remember always, that the gift of POWER direct from God to you is yours.  Then is there any need to take thought of fear?  Even if you should suddenly be attacked by the mystification of fear, you can listen and hear this Power speaking to you:  “Fear thou not; for I am with thee; be not dismayed for I am thy God.”


There you have it, you are reminded that not only the gift of power is given you, but that the Giver is right there to back it up and to stand back of you.


Take not thought of fatigue or weariness for “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength . . . they shall run and not be weary and they shall walk and not faint.” Remember it says you have to wait upon the Lord, wait upon Mind to think, therefore put yourself in the “take no thought” attitude so that you can hear the instructions for overcoming the mist which has seemingly bound you.


Then it says that you have the gift of LOVE.  That means that suddenly when you realize that you have this Gift you have dissolved the mist of hatred, revenge, criticism, and all evil thinking.  It means that once you become conscious of the gift of Love, you go about imparting LOVE.


Think then what a wonderful mission you have in life, that of IMPARTING LOVE.  Practice it for one whole day, go out and impart love to everything that lives, and in the evening you will be in harmony with the whole world. You cannot help it, for all the time you are imparting love you are actually in the Kingdom of Heaven and experiencing real LOVE.


Take not thought then of anything material, but whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, think on these things.  And lastly, again I say, “TAKE NO THOUGHT.”






My Ways Are Not Your Ways



“My ways are not your ways, says the Lord for as the heavens are high above the earth so are my ways from your ways.”


The ways of material thinking in contrast with GOD THINKING are such.  Stand in the center of any railroad track and see the rails converge at no great distance.  Stand at the end of a tunnel and see it dwindle away to a vanishing point of light.  Look out and see the sun arise and the earth stationary and flat.  A friend who sits beside you can throw his voice so that your ears say it comes from the next room.  Taste is wholly dependent upon the sense of smell, and this combined with sight can play havoc with man’s judgment.


Carrying it further, material senses can also produce and suffer from all sorts of untoward conditions which are classed under the general caption of “ills of the flesh and which it is heir to.”


But man, when he hears the command “Arise and shine for thy light has come” realizes that to his dark night has come a star, and that star is the vital truth that “My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways not your ways.”  At first it is a vague statement, but gradually man begins to see what the difference is and how by accepting this difference he can change the face of the universe, as far as he is concerned.


Guided by the beam of this glorious star man finds that the rays increase in intensity in proportion to his willingness to allow them to pass though him.  He finds that the light is using him for a vehicle with which to express itself better, “God without man would be a nonentity.”  “I and the Father are one,” “the Father within me he doeth the works.”


Man begins to realize in a mild degree that he is not a mortal something, a mortal being, or human being, with limited and distorted senses which twist everything out of shape, but that he is a God-being, working consciously and intelligently with the light or intelligence which is now centering in his temple or body.  “If the eye be single (If we realize the absolute ONE-ness of God) our whole body (temple) is full of light.”  If the temple is full of light then we have the seeing-eye, which knows and corrects the so-called defects of the human being senses.


Man finds the command of “Let there be light” a most delightful course to follow. It eliminates resistance or insistence.  Man cease to struggle, he finds he already possesses the very thing which he has desired and now he is coming to a very powerful use of it.


Man’s unity is now beginning to be apparent to him, he in ONE with God, one with this infinite Power, one with this Light and Truth.   Further, man learns that the keynote of success in handling this power is absolute faith.  By faith were all things accomplished that could possibly be thought of.   By faith all the so-called material laws are set aside as naught, and the reality of the God-being brought out in harmony.


Simplicity is the keynote now, man comes to the lesson “Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and you shall find.”  He is not ready for this, however, until he has arrived at the absolute faith stage so that when he affirms a thing he knows that the prayer of affirmation sent forth stirs the waters of human thinking and causes a healing or demonstration to take place.


His faith presses on to understanding and he comes to the place where “You shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass” –but he is not ready for the full benefit of this lesson until he has effaced self to such a point that he will not in the least way conflict with his fellow man.  His decreeing shall have a good and reasonable reason to be, and he shall then stand firmly on his decree and he shall see it come to pass, for he is now working consciously and harmoniously with the Father within.


Man learns then that his main object in life is not to change anything, but that it is simply to correct the mistaken sense about the thing called material.  You do not try to make the rails of the track spread apart as you look at them in the distance and explain that they do not meet, never can meet, and never have met; what you do is to convince the student that what seems to the sense to be real is a falsehood, and that in spite of appearances the tracks do not meet; neither does the tunnel dwindle, nor the sun rise, nor is the world flat.  With this assurance, with this understanding, man proceeds along his way, disregarding what the sense say.  The engineer knowing the truth, rushes his engine into the tunnel, which to sense seems impossible.  His eyes say that the opening at the other end is not large enough for a lead pencil to go through, but his knowledge says that as fast as he is ready for it, the opening will grow in size and that by the time has reached the other end, the train will pass easily though.  The face which we all know is that the tunnel remains the same size and does not change, it is only the material vision of it, the faulty sense of vision which changes.


Taking this thought into the business world when a man is confronted by what seems to be a massing together of evil, dishonest thought, which tries to cut off the way by which he must pass; when he come to a tunnel of demonstration through which he must pass and the appearance is that the end is blocked and is too small for him to pass through easily, he must instantly apply his absolute knowledge that it is only a seeming condition.  It has no reality and that which appears to be a blockade of dishonest thought will melt away as he goes on with the assurance that Truth is a two edged sword turning in all directions, cutting off the head of every dishonest thought that tries to make itself heard.  He realizes that the human senses are always deceptive and that the “single eye” sees rightly and although appearances may indicate dishonesty that Truth is the reality and there is no obstruction in the way of perfect fulfillment.


What he works on then is not to widen the tunnel or separate the tracks, but to correct his mental concept of them.  Once this is done his passage is assured, nothing can keep him form reaching his destination.


Likewise in sickness we do not try to heal any disease or diseased organ, but to make the patient see that it is the mistaken sense of the thing which must be corrected, that in spite of appearances he is in reality well and strong, and when you have convinced him that the rails of material reasoning do not meet in the distance, but that they are ever separated by a like distance, then his correct thought will eliminate the wrong bodily condition.  Then as he goes on realizing the truth, as fast as he advances all fear of a wreck vanishes, because the rails on which he is traveling keep separating as he pushes forward.  And to this is added another glorious thing, and that is that when man gets this concept of treating disease, he finds that the so-called appearance of disease are wiped entirely from hi body which has now become the “Temple of the Living GOD,” full of light, and peace, and plenty.  He sets about, scraping off the material veneer of age and other illusions, and sees a thing of beauty, white, and glistening; a place whereunto all men are drawn.






Your Enemy



Have you an enemy who has done you a great injustice?  Did he snub you, did he lie about you, did he do a lot of things right while he was supposed to be governed by the truth?  Has he made long speeches, or raised a finger of rebuke when another spoke in language which he did not consider scientific and then in his own way acted a thousand times worse?  And, have you secretly cherished the thought that he would be punished, in fact have you not rather rejoiced in the thought that justice would sometime overtake him; and in your thinking have you not pictured justice as working out into some material difficulty?  If you have, you had better stop it right away quick!  You had better rid your mind of the thought that there is anything “awful” that can overtake him if you do not want that “awful thing” to overtake you, for remember this:  Whatever you make a reality of for him first becomes a reality for you, and if you think that because of his hypocrisy he could be overcome with some malignant disease, then unconsciously you are giving power to a thing called disease, and it can from that moment attack you.


Yes, I know you do not hate him, that is you do not want anything but justice done.  He did you a great injustice, yes, in every court in the land they would say he did you a great injustice; that goes without saying, but do not bring into your own life the law which you wish to operate in his.  If you recognize and acknowledge that the law of justice is sure to bring discord to your enemy, then how can you hop0e for the law of justice to bring anything else to you?


What I want to bring to your remembrance is that you cannot think evil for another and good for yourself!  This would be a house divided against itself and it would surely fall!


You must stick to singleness of purpose, singleness of thought and singleness of idea.  Acknowledge good, hold to it, and refuse to acknowledge even the appearance of evil and just in the proportion that you do this will evil become a nonentity for you.


Once you realize the oneness of Mind, your eye becomes single and your whole body is full of light.  This singleness of eye, or consciousness, is a glorious life. It is a WHITE  life which is clear as a crystal, spiritual, loving, joyous, and pure.


“I know only good, I see only good, I hear only good.”  When you are grounded on this basis you will find that having acknowledged no evil laws operative for your enemy, no evil laws can operate from your enemy to you.  You fear nothing.  There is nothing to be avoided.  You are a master.  No person, place, time or circumstance can in any way disturb you.  You move on, impelled by the single light which is constantly blazing forth.  You are not concerned what so and so things, what so and so does, or says.  You are concerned only with yourself. You are not afraid of any situation, for having wiped out the law of punishment you have wiped out a great fear that has been dormant within you.  There is nothing to fear.  There is nothing to oppose.  There is nothing to oppose with.  There is nothing to be dismayed at.


There is no person that is greater or more important than you.  You need not fear their manner, their position, nor their power.


There is no power that is formed against you that shall prosper.  Because you are at-one with the single lighted Mind, you recognize nothing to fear, to harm, to oppose.  You are so closely allied with good that evil does not come within the vista of your life.


But what are we to do –let them sin and not expect them to be punished?


Sin is ignorance, no matter what form it takes, whether it be murder or whooping cough.  It is all of the same mistaken quality called mortal thinking.  It is ignorant in every way, and ignorance shall have its school master.  You can recall the price of education, how you labored to acquire the alphabet, the multiplication tables, etc.  ignorance has its school master; that is enough.   The school  master will bring about the change n the easiest way possible, and the best for all concerned.  Yes, the school master will bring it about so “fret not thyself” –adopt for your motto, “What is that to thee –follow thou me.”


Oh, take this unto yourself, say it over every time you are tempted to criticize; to offer suggestions; to rebuke; or to feel sick.  Let it ring in your heart until you image forth the Christ for it is His voice bidding you away from the mortal chaos; listen to Him, obey Him.


Dearly beloved, “What is that to thee, follow thou me.”  Resolve from this minute that you will make this a part of your life, and you will find it sweetening existence more than all sorts of justice which you might wish to see meted out.






The Still Small Voice



We have heard much of the Still Small Voice, we have heard much of the listening attitude, the receptive mode.  We have all waited for that VOICE, we have all longed for it, and we have all sought for it, but in vain.  It has not spoken.  It has been the elusive thing which was fraught with uncertainty.  No sooner did it speak, or we thought it spoke, then came the doubt as to whether it was the still small voice or the whisperings of mortal mind.  And why has this been so evasive?  We are told that it shall speak to us and say “this is the way go thou in it,” or “turn to the right or left, etc., etc;” yet the promise has not been fulfilled so far as we are concerned.  Why is this?


When you seek diligently, when you delve deep into mysteries, when you try to force it through long repetition, then you are displaying one of two things.  Either there is an uncertainty that the voice does exist or else you fear that it will not find you –notice the word fear –and in you fear you repeat formulas, you pray beseechingly, you beg the voice to speak, but the voice remains silent.


No voice is heard about the voice of fear and her twin sister doubt.  Prayer that is beseeching, that is repetition, that is fearful is of no avail.  The very thing you wished to hear is speaking constantly but with your effort to hear it, you are making so much mental noise that it cannot be heard.


This is not a theory, a play on word, it is the actual fact of the case.  The denizon of mortal mind clammorings keep up such a racket that there is no key of your mind in tune with the Divine.  We have a very clear example of this given to us today in the concrete.  Take the radio, you may tune into one station or another by the slight adjusting of a little dial.  Another instrument in the next room may be picking up a concert very inferior to the one you are receiving.  Both of you have the same sets, the same apparatus, yet you are attuned differently.  The operator turns the dial quietly and slowly and suddenly a burst of glorious music fills the room; the quiet of the room is suddenly made vibrant with the music.  With another slight turn he can pick up another class of music, a lecture, or opera.  Suddenly it dawns upon us that the very room which we live in is filled with a million voices, is crammed full of music, is packed tight with messages, but the operator of the instrument decides which of these shall have the floor.


It is interesting to note that without the aid of this little instrument we hear nothing of the music and harmony that is all about us, in our very homes.  “Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard the glories that God has prepared for them that love the Lord.”


Then in our own case we get precisely the station that we tune in with.  If we tune in with Truth we hear the vibrant message of strength, health and happiness.  If we cut in on the mortal mind strata we get the unhappiness, vice and poverty of the world.  Some of us get our tuning instruments locked so tight in one pitch that we cannot receive anything but the troubles of the world.  Such a person is a disciple of the tragedy of living.  He will tell you that life is a tragedy, that man is on the hunt for man, that poverty is the wolf forever at the door, that all a man does is pass through successive stages of fear; and he can prove it to you just as the man who tunes in to harmony can prove to you that all is harmony and happiness.


This wonderful instrument over with we are sole custodian, this wonderful receiving set which is ours, is not subject to the limitations of the radio but is open to unlimited possibilities.


We need but turn about, adjust the thinking, to be instantly in connection with the heavenly concert that we desire.  When you find things going “dead wrong” then you must first completely reverse the  process.  You must right yourself mentally, even though your receiving set is screaming error so loudly that the whole house hears it.  You reverse the thing, you cut into a new circuit.  You will probably experience some confusion in coming from the utter extremity of error into harmony, but this is just a clearing away of the mental debris, and by setting your instrument to a higher level presently, as the din of mortal mind dies away, a sweet strain of harmony will come to you.  You will find that reversing the process is not a difficult thing to do.  Just take a common sense attitude towards it, as you would in mathematics, do not rehash and flay yourself mentally for half an hour.  Having made a statement that the reverse of the lie is the truth, you are then open to back this argument up by, “You shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.”  Take the Bible at its word, the promises therein are all kept and fulfilled when we accept them at face value.  Decree the thing, cast out the evil thought and decree “This day shalt you be with me in Paradise” –this very instant you are in Paradise, if you but decree it.


The fear thought that a miracle or instantaneous demonstration could not take place with you is brushed aside just as you erase a wrong figure in mathematics.  Just relax, let go, and accept God at His word;  it is the most glorious feeling in the world –“Cast your burdens on the Lord,” abandon yourself to His Love, and just listen with a wide awake mind, and the still small voice will not only speak to you but it will come unto you and be your teacher, your guide, your protector, and you can summon it instantly, in any place, at any time, and find out the right course to pursue.


Let us rejoice, the simplicity of Truth has come down to earth.  No wonder Christ said, “Suffer little children to come unto me,” he knew that their ears wee not dull and that their minds were not filled with conjectures drawn from material conclusions.  He knew that they accepted that which was told to them as a fact.


Have you ever thought of the child faith, how it begets according to its faith.  Just recall how long Santa Claus remain a reality for you if you want to see an example of what faith will do even on a purely material plane.  Your parents told you there was a Santa Claus and that he was coming, and he never failed to come, and he continued to come until some other child told you or your curiosity got the better of you and you started reasoning things out and found out that it was impossible for him to come, and so he stopped coming.  Just a s soon as you found out in your mind that there was no Santa Claus, just that soon did he stop coming.  You were not intelligent enough to realize that Santa Claus was just the material name for the fiver of gifts, that Santa was a reality.  “No,” you said, “Impossible, it cannot be done,” and so you destroyed your Santa.


This is the point:  that so long as you have the absolute faith of the child, so long as you take God at his word, and do not try to see how he can possibly do the things he promises; just that long are you going to be abundantly cared for in every way.  Do not try to figure out how Santa Claus can come down the small chimney, do not try to figure out how he can cover the whole world and stop at every house in one night, for when you start to figuring these things out according to sense testimony, they instantly seem impossible.  Underlying it all is the fact that God has infinite ways to bless and help mankind that man knows nothing of, that he cannot dream of, and that just as in the case of Santa, He visits all the house because the spirit of Love and the Giver is infinite, and fills all space, and has infinite ways to provide, so that the universal Giver is everywhere present at all times.


This is the way it is with God.   Little children do not doubt him, take Him at His word, accept His promises, turn about and just reverse the sense testimony and do not wonder how, when, or where the truth is going to be manifested; just decree the thing and let it come to pass.  When you have the childlike attitude, the pure faith of your thought will open up your connection with the still small voice, which in reality is very close at hand, for it is “the Father within you,” with whom you are one, and with whom you have constant contact, and you will hear the word spoken directly to you.


Gain simplicity.  I entreat you to get away from creed, rules and rituals, of ways and means, and just turn to His promises, and with the attitude of “Father, I believe,” just accept the beautiful promises just as you did the Santa Claus promise, and it shall be unto you according to your faith.


Whenever you seem to b e in the swamp of despair, just “be still and know that I am God.” Be still and know that God, absolute Good, is ALL; in this way you will tune in with the Infinite and you will hear the still small voice saying: “Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come you to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”  Could anything be more wonderful, could any message be more pleasing, culd any promise be sweeter?  And remember that His promises are fulfilled, they are filled full of substance for you.  “Incline your ear” “Ye shall seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.”  Another promise.  When you seek with the heart, it is with feeling and faith, it is not with the cold intellect of the brain or the reasoning of mortal minds.  It is the simplicity and faith of the child.


Suppose you make a practice of getting in tune with the Infinite and letting your instrument stay set at that pitch.  Get into the Kingdom of Heaven and stay in it.  It is easy, it is simple, it is the present possibility of every right thinking person in the world; for right thinking is the Kingdom of harmony, Heaven, and nothing can keep you out as

Long as you think right.  No doors are closed against you, but remember you must enter by the door.


And remember that the door to your mind is always open, if you are a careless door- keeper and do not keep watch you cannot tell what vicious thoughts will creep in and crowd out the good.  You cannot tell what vicious messages you may receive over your radio because you are not watching it carefully enough.  So be a door-keeper who shows himself approved, and you will live, and move, and have your being right in paradise here and now and the glorious music of the Still Small Voice will be your constant guide.






Why Weepest Thou



Perhaps no question could have seemed more futile and unnecessary than “Woman why weepest thou?” –spoken to a woman standing at the door of a tomb in which had rested the body of her Lord, for even the body had disappeared and the impoverished material sense had nothing but the empty tomb to gaze upon.


“Woman why weepest thou?”  -what have you lost, is man material and does the body represent all that there is of the Idea of the One Mind?


“Woman why weepest thou?” comes the question spoken by the Still Small Voice.  Why weepest thou, if you believe in God, in reality, in eternal life?


“Because they have taken my Lord away.”


“Why seeketh thou the living among the dead?”


The voice again bids thought depart from its dense material mystification, old thoughts which have been made flesh and dwelt among us for a long time have suddenly been downcast and yet we stand weeping for their return.


“She knew not that it was Jesus” –so blind with grief, so deadened by the crushing sense of material separation, she failed to see that the very voice that spoke to her was the voice of the one she sought in the tomb.


Standing without the narrow limits of material bondage the Christ spoke to her, bearing a message to her which was the highest proof of life eternal, and yet she know him not.


So, today you who stand at the tomb of someone who has dropped off the accumulated material thinking called body, will hear again, “why weepest thou?” and you will answer “because they have taken my loved one away,” yes they have taken Him away and I know not where they have laid Him.”


Again the voice “why weepest thou?” it is the voice of Him you seek in the tomb speaking to you, giving you the message of His supreme test, “There is no death,” there is but victory, for “death is swallowed up in victory.”


You who are grieving at the door of some tomb, do not fail to grasp this glorious message, do not fail to put away the tears of grief and be ready to answer the voice “Why weepest thou?” with an awakening joy that comes with the understanding that Life eternal has neither beginning nor ending, and that it cannot and does not become extinct for a single moment.


The Still Small Voice of your loved one, whose real life is eternal –one with God, is pleading with you to stop loo9king for the living among the dead.


If you will but heed this voice, will but turn away forever from the tomb, and will pluck out of your thinking the belief that anything has died, has been buried, or can remain in the narrow limits of mortal confines, then surely you will hear your name spoken in the sweetest, softest tones ever breathed; bringing with it the blessing of peace that passeth all understanding.


Then when she turned from the tomb she heard the word, her name “Mary,” that was enough –Life had triumphed.  So when the blessed revelation comes to you that you have not laid your dead away, but that your dead have been lifted up, have been freed, have dropped off an old garment; oh, then can you truly day, “Death is swallowed up in victory.”  Then can you rejoice that “all things are subject unto you,” though your understanding of your oneness with God.


If the thought of death oppresses you, you can realize that man is instantly supplied with thought of life –that the two cannot occupy the mind at the same time.  If you realize that Life is already perfect, not subject to change, decay, or limitations of any sort whatsoever, then you will fill in the vacuum of the death thought with with the activity of Life Eternal.  Instantly you have at your command the ability to think of God and if you are thinking about God, you cannot entertain thought of death.  If you do not entertain thoughts of death, death does not exist as a reality to you; to your beloved ones; to anybody.


“Why weepest thou?”  Because you thought something had been taken from you; when in reality it has been loosed unto you in an infinitely greater capacity.  Nothing that is good ever dies, so nothing has been lost.  Nothing can be separated in the one Mind, so there can be o separation between you and your loved ones.






True Prayer



We often hear the remark, “I gave myself a treatment for this or that,” “I want to demonstrate so and so,” or “I have worked so patently to make that demonstration.”  All of which means that we are working for a material thing in a very material way  Perhaps we think that we are not, but surely we are, and it is small wonder that the results are so poor.


What a man does when he treats himself, or treats another, in the truest sense of the work, is not to pray for something to come to pass, for everything that is worthwhile, good and real already come to pass –creation is already perfect and intact.  What he should do when he treats is to bring his thoughts in line with the Divine mind, and when this is done for a single moment the demonstration is as sure to follow as day follows night.  This is the point so often overlooked.  We find teachers, practitioners, and healers trying to demonstrate things; never once taking cognizance that it is already demonstrated, that it is already here, and all we have to do when we treat is to get in line with it.


This thought gives treatment a radical and new impetus, it starts as the Master started, with gratitude for the thing already at hand.  It acknowledges at the very outset that the results are already assured and perfect.  It has in reality only one thing to do and that is to get the thought en rapport with Truth –this is the mission of prayer.  If a man treats for health, he will get much surer and better results if he will simply know that health is already perfect and that what he is going to do is to change his thought about it –going to replace the thought of sickness with the thought of health.  Then he will get in touch with the real LIFE and immediately his demonstration is completed in the flesh; “in earth as it is in heaven.”


What a wonderful thing it is to know that when we sit down to a problem we can say: “Well, the first thing I have to be happy about is that this very problem is already worked out; the thing that I have to do is to put myself in line to receive it.”  Just think of it, dear reader, whatever your problem may be, it is already worked out right NOW, and is only waiting for you to get your thought in tune with it.  Isn’t this a glorious and inspiring start for any problem that may come to you?


You are not getting rid of anything when you treat.  So many people think they have something to get rid of.  They have not!  What they are suffering from is the lack of something, and that something is GOD – LIFE – HEAVEN.  When we begin treating by giving thanks that the problem is already worked out we feel something push towards us mentally and fill in the vacuum which the so-called trouble seemed to fill.


What a jubilant thought, what a thanksgiving, to suddenly come to the understanding of “My problem is already worked out, my part is merely to clear away the mist and behold the Truth.”  What a new zest, there is no fear of failure for it is already done; no thought of possible mishaps, the way is straight, simple, and narrow.  It leads straight to your destination; and joy of joys, we have already started in that direction, because we know that the perfect destination is already set for us.


So, dear reader, your problem is worked out.  Get busy then and put your thought in line with the Divine; get busy harmonizing your thought with the God  thought, and you will find that the mist of wrong thinking which has obscured your perfect birth right from you is cleared away.


I shall call to your remembrance such things as these:  “All that the Father hath is thine,” “Ask and ye shall receive,” “Prove me and see if I will not pour out a blessing” –and many other similar assurances.


God has been urging us to get in line with the true state of Life, which is already perfect and eternal, which is already harmonious.  He is urging us to turn from the mortal testimony of incompleteness and say, “It is done, I will now align myself with it.”


You remember when you were a child how some of your arithmetic problems were stubborn and how much it helped when someone came along and worked them out for you and said, “Now go over them, get in line with correct thinking and then put them on your own paper correctly.”  That was a happy release from worry and today the Divine voice is speaking, telling you that your problems are worked out, and all that you have to do is to get in line with this wonderful truth.


“A house divided against itself shall fall,” and so a man who has divided his attention fifty-fifty between God  and the appearances of matter will fail.  If a man keeps his eyes constantly on the ground he cannot see the stars; likewise if a man keeps examining into his material condition, weighing, checking, taking note of everything, he cannot dwell much on the “It is done of Spirit,” for he is closing the channel.


When you begin to treat yourself just think “My problem is already worked out,” and having taken this mental stand you do not need examine “my problem” all the time. Perhaps a good illustration of how the attention or thought should be aligned on God would be that of a man looking through to a patch of sunlit landscape on the other end.  The man who know how to treat correctly will keep his eyes fastened on the destination and will not go stumbling along trying to examine the rough walls of the tunnel, and believing that at every step he is getting into a worse state; he will go buoyantly along knowing that his problem is already solved for he can see the solution at the other end of his way.
”Behind the dim unknown standeth God within the shadow keeping watch above His own.”


Remember: He has chosen you; and He is responsible for you; and He is not a respecter of persons.


What you see the other man possess can also be yours if you will know that God is impartial and that he bestows no favors upon individuals, but offers the open fount to all.


But of all the wonderous things the most wonderful is the knowledge that no matter where you are, no matter what your problem may be, there stands this one glorious thing;  “The problem is already worked out” –my business is to get in line with it.  To get in line means to fasten the thought, once and for always, on God as the perfect Principle of Life, operating through you and by you and around you.  What more can you want oh ye of little faith?


















Your Heritage

Your Heritage



To ANTOINETTE K., MAUDE D. and GERTRUDE K., this little volume is lovingly dedicated Yonder on the sea of Life a Vision Ship is approaching the Port of Realization, bringing with it a clearer understanding of the eternal spirit of the now-the Continual Spirit of the Year, which already you have seen more or less clearly, but later “face to face.” The seed is sown within, it will blossom in the without, imparting a rare perfume of exquisite sweetness, which will refresh the hopes of blasted years. Pioneers in this glorious work, the reward of your untiring efforts will be the echo of your thought voiced by mankind, which is the truest proof of demonstration. That which you first acclaim will later he acclaimed by the whole world. And also this book is dedicated to SYLVIA as’ a reminder that Your Heritage is a present possibility.

Your Power to Demonstrate

What Is It That Heals

The Power of Thought

Let There Be

The Thing That Sinneth It Shall Die

Come, Let Us Reason Together

The Father Within

Your I Am

Right Thinking

The House of Darkening Shadows

Your Power to Demonstrate

If in a fit of insanity a ship’s captain should destroy or cut loose the rudder of his boat while in mid ocean at what port would he finally land? At the port of chance. And who can say what that port would be. Perhaps it would be the harbor of his dreams. Possibly by some wild fate the wind and waves might carry him, rudderless, into the desired haven, but the odds would be so great against him that no one would care to take such a hazard. For a ship without a rudder, though it might have on board minds of the most trained excellence and the most perfect instruments of nautical science, would fittingly resemble many a man whose mind is full of practical truth, and is yet being shipwrecked on the shoals of indecision and “waiting.”

It is certainly true that the rudderless ship in mid ocean meets with no opposition as to the direction of its course. All ways are open to it. Any port is available. It may turn about in any direction, without hindrance, and yet be making no real progress, because it has lost its rudder. With all the power in the world stored in its mighty hull it will yet get nowhere and will at last run on a reef, going down to shipwreck and disaster.

Just such will be the fate of hundreds of honest Truth Seekers. They have the letter, but not the spirit’ to direct, and because of this are all their lives counted among the Listless Waiters, lacking the guidance of the Unseen Hand, which is but hazily formulated in their minds, and the lack of which leaves them derelicts on the world’s trackless ocean. They are lacking in that essential innate power which, when used aright, enables a man to accomplish almost what he will. One ship, as we all know, is able to sail west, and another to take its course eastward, both carried onward by taking advan tage of the same favoring wind. But it is the knowing how to use this power and the ability to subject it to our needs that carries us to the desired port and enables us to make life’s journey a success.

Just as all will concede that no ship ever starts on a voyage without having a destination definitely in view, so it should be with us. None of us should start in to demonstrate an indefinite truth. We follow too much the careless habit of letting Truth do the work of guiding . us; which is like tearing off the rudder of our ship and trusting to a favorable wind to blow us into a satisfactory port.

Every one should have before him the chart of what he expects to accomplish. He should cleave to the line and stand as captain at the wheel, not for one moment doubting that he will reach the high goal of his ambition and desire.

No evil can come from a well-formulated plan or outline, and these will be found necessary and advantageous in all lines of life. What would we think of a railway company that would start out to build its tracks without having decided upon a destination and with no fixed end in view other than building from town to town. Yet this is just exactly what you do when you set out on a demonstration that has no definite end in view. Here is, for instance, a man whose demonstration is along the line of health. He knows exactly what he wants. His aim is to possess that well feeling that snaps with vitality, and he goes after it mentally. His end and aim are clearly defined, and he realizes that he has but to apply the principle in the right way to get results. But if it is wealth that he wants he does not set about it so definitely. You find him saying: “What is right for me to have will come.” He fails to realize that unless he in some measure shapes his desires, he cannot receive, and when the oil starts running he will have no measure in which to receive because he has not formed the cup of his desire.

A haphazard, aimless, waiting state of mind is precisely what kept the man at the Pool of Bethesda from getting his health. Instead of placing himself in the pool, and thereby stirring the waters into healthful activity, he waited until the waters were first stirred, with the result that some active mind always rushed off with the prize.

When man makes his contact with God, the infinite sea of substance which surrounds him-that whole sea of substance-starts to move in the direction of that mind, as when a small hole is made in a dam all the water of a river or lake moves towards that opening, ready and willing to pour out floods.

Man, then, in contact with God must feel the inexhaustible urge of substance which is pressing towards him, desiring to be expressed. “Prove me, and see if I will not pour out a blessing so large that ye will not be able to receive it.”

But just how to put this rudder into action is what puzzles the minds of the masses. They are burdened with Metaphysical Fat, that is, of reasoning and pondering truth without practical results, but knowing not how to put it into good use in demonstration. If a statement is not demonstrable to you, you have either come upon a false statement, or else have not grown to it and are not ready for its fruitage. First, then, when you desire to demonstrate the principle of truth a cleansing process must go on in the mind. Gently brush from your mind by denial all that which is clogging the way. Deny, forget and forgive, and presently you come to a wholly mental realm. It is almost a state of mind which is typified by children when they say, “play-like.” You take for granted, accept and acknowledge the desired state, which is not as yet manifest in the flesh, or in your affairs. Once in this receptive state of mind, you are ready for the second state. Next you press out further than the narrow confines of your mind and find God everywhere present. You meditate for a moment on what God is and where He is, and now that you are in contact with Him, the whole sea or substance of love is moving towards you, as the water moves towards the small opening in the dam.

Further you realize that the Father is just as eager to be expressed bountifully in your life as the water is to force its way through the opening in the dam. We feel the great urge of spirit upon us fulfilling our desires (filling full our desires) which arc very much like balloons uninflated. Now the inrush of this substance fills them until they are lifted completely off the earth or material base, and people say it is a miracle or a demonstration has taken place, for it is materially impossible.

When you have your contact with God, the infinite power, the next step is set forth in the Scriptures: “Ask.” We are told to “ask,” and there is no doubt but the translation of the work which appears so often is correct. Suppose a child stood by a table loaded with food, hungry and desiring nutriment, but afraid to ask, would he not more than likely wait long and perhaps in vain for that which he desired? How many of us have not heard some grandmother say, “Why didn’t you ask for it, child, long ago; you could have had all you wanted.” So it is with demonstration, we are told to literally ask, and like the child who wanted cake, he would probably make a specific demand for it rather than asking for the ingredients which go to making it up. So we must ask direct. This is the difference in having an aim, a destination, or a well-formed desire in mind when demonstrating. You might have placed in your hands all the materials which go to make a loaf of bread, and yet be as helpless as if you had not asked, and almost starve because you failed to make your desire known. When you need bread, wheat, yeast, water and sugar do not suffice. You want the finished product. So when you need money, an indefinite asking for supply and substance makes a disturbance on the sea of substance, but the cup of your desire not being formed your demonstration is very much like dipping water with your hands-most of it gets away from you. When Jesus demonstrated sight for the blind he did not ask for the indefinite thing called healing. Yet sight is contained in health. He said: “Receive thy sight.” So we must learn to use the cup of our desire, and ask, knowing what we desire.

When you have asked-when you-have “spoken the word”-your next step is to “believe” just accept the thing and cling steadfastly to the completed work, meeting all objections with the firm assertion: “It is done.” From this state of mind follows a natural state, that of gratitude and thanksgiving, which is the first and last step in your demonstration. You give thanks that the “Word” is made flesh and is now in your possession.

But you say: “Perhaps I might be asking for a thing that is not good for me.” “Perhaps I maybe unconsciously taking that which belongs to another.” You .begin your demonstration with your one-ness with God. When this is established, when you forget, forgive and bless all mankind, then you innately know whether or not you are trying to put God’s power into a material, selfish desire.

Gradually, as you hold conscious communion with the Father which is within you, you ‘will learn to recognize whether the desire is from beneath or above, and instantly you will either destroy or fulfill. “Thanks be to God for His Unspeakable Gift.”

What is the unspeakable gift which Paul refers to in the above quotation? Is it not for grace, for continuing we read:

“And God is able to make all grace abound unto you, that ye having always a sufficiency in everything, may abound unto every good work.” It is plain that the “Gift,” of which so much is said, is the coming into possession of unlimited supply, whether it be money, health, contentment or love. There is no limitation in the thought: “God is able to make all grace abound unto you.” It does not say that He is able to make a part of the whole, or a limited amount; but all. The Bible is full of promises that great riches shall be bestowed upon us; that great riches are already ours.

“And I will give thee the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places.”

“Thou openest Thy hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thy heart.”

How many times have you read these promises over and over and then wondered why it is that you should have to struggle along in the most limited sense of things? Perhaps your barest needs are met, but always with the strictest economy. Something is wrong with the way we apply the rule, for the rule is correct. The whole trouble lies with ourselves in the application of the laws laid down for us in the demonstration of prosperity.

Let us examine the nature of the thing called thought. We have already come to a place where we recognize that thought is productive of its own kind; that when we think a kind thought it is accompanied by a gentle word or deed, or vice versa; that when we think of action, the body moves; and when we think “I can” it produces an entirely different state of feeling and action from “I can’t.” And soon through the whole category of thoughts we find them productive of their own kind. If you plant a radish seed you expect a radish, not a turnip; and here we see a conscious or unconscious faith set into operation. We never plant seeds knowing that they will not grow and that our whole garden will be a failure. We see, then, that one of the elements of growth is Faith. Of course, you already know all this, and when you are asked what it is that demonstrates prosperity, you reply, ” Divine Mind,” or God, and you have already learned that Divine Mind is Right Thinking, and that God is no longer afar off in the heavens, but close at hand. You have learned that you now have a conscious unity with Him, that you and the Father are one, and you begin your operations from the center of your being instead of trying to work a mystic chain by saying, “There is no lack; God is everywhere,” and then “waiting” for something from without to happen. True, certain conditions external to us do operate and act, but only because we place ourselves in the way of these conditions. We place a seed in the ground when we are ready for it to start growth. In another place, in a sack -for instance, it manifests no growth. This is also true of us; when we get the inside right we automatically find the exterior conditions such that we cannot fail to grow.

Thought, then, is the formless substance out of which things are molded. The cup of our desire is that which shapes it. A child at the seaside with molds fills them over and over again with sand. All about us is the unformed substance, and when we get into consciousness with the Father within, and realize that the Divine Self and the Father is one we begin molding and shaping this formless substance into the formed. Try this, dear reader. Go within and unify yourself with the Father, and start to decree and declare mentally without the physical or material counterpart entering into it. Satisfy yourself mentally that you possess all good; that you are now bringing into existence that which you need. “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.” “Decree” does not mean that ye shall wish a thing or desire a thing, but shall declare it as a thing which is inevitable. How many times have you done this? Not many. You have thought what is right for me to have I will have, and sledded along under a burden of poverty and limitation which was very painful and altogether distressing. There is no virtue in poverty. It does not help in a single way and is as much a sin as anything else, for it is a belief in a limited, selfish and personal God, who deals bounteously with some and is sparing with others. Some have declared they have all substance without the slightest concept of the mentality of a hundred dollars. They have spoken in terms of millions and held in mind at the same time a few dollars. Now to become conscious of substance is to let go and give up and take for granted, as it were, that you possessed all. You have no fear or thought when you get in your bath that you will remain dry. It has long since passed the stage when you would think of that, and likewise the demonstration of substance must come. When you know that you are one with the Father within, and are speaking out this new authority, you learn that you can actually “Decree a thing and it shall come to pass.” So must you get yourself in a mentality that refuses, for a single moment, to acknowledge defeat or limitation of any sort. Assume a mentality which is rich and abundantly prospered. Place yourself in your desired mental surroundings and bring out the vision which is shown to you on the mount. Remember that your very desires, insofar as they are good, are of God, and ‘do not originate in you.

Praise the first appearance of the operation of this new law, however small it may seem; praise every bit of substance which comes your way-your health, your contentment, your happiness; praise and bless it all, and pass it along. Get very busy giving out joy. Be a giver. See how many happy people you can make during the day. Never let the evil thought of limitation crowd you out into the cold. You have returned to your Father’s house, and “All that I have is thine.”

Try it for one day. Refuse to let the least limiting thought enter your mind. When the appearances of limitation come to you, say, “I shall not judge from appearances. I shall judge righteous judgment.” It may help you to take a check on your treasures at the present time. Take a pencil and paper and list the wonderful things you have to give thanks for. They will increase and increase until they will become more numerous than the sands of the sea, and you will have a glorious praise-giving, and even the ground you are standing on will become so holy you will thrill with a new life.

When you come to recognize that all about you is a living, vibrating substance out of which things are created, you begin to feel the unspeakable peace which comes from true understanding. Now in order to have abundance, you must talk abundance. Never let your conversation get shabby and poor, any more than you would think of indulging in discourses on disease. Keep your thought rich and your conversation rich. Someone has said: “Talk abundance, have abundance.” Not that the mere talking will bring you .money any more than it does health, but it will mirror forth the thought, and gradually the mind will become so saturated with abundance that it will speak it forth in that which it desires.

Be very consistent in this matter. Be willing to start anew with the rule. If you were to decide to write a letter, you would not put down “Dear Sir,” and then say, ” Well, I have done my work and the letter will be written.” No, you would continue writing letter upon letter, word after word, line after line until it was complete. So it is with demonstration of Prosperity. We must keep right after it consistently, and not let down until it is made. Refuse to accept lack as a reality; it is only a belief that there is a place where Mind is not, and this, you know, is an utter impossibility. What a man can conceive, he can bring to light if he be consistent and persistent in his thought world. Rejoice at every evidence of wealth, whether it be yours or your neighbor’s. When another gets it, it only makes your opportunity that much greater, and should make you seek a closer knowledge of the law of prosperity. “Be not envious one of another.” Be glad-be glad and rejoice. All about you is the inexhaustible source of supply. Do not fix the channel through which substance can be made manifest to you. There are infinite ways and means. All you have to do is to get hold of the idea of limitless substance, and press it forth into

expression. Let no limited or selfish idea enter in. Use this wonderful substance like you do the air and sunshine. You never think of wasting it. Yet you use it in any quantity and without encroaching on the rights of others. It is abundant and is yours. Think it into your life. Make it your very own. Claim it as an heir. Decree it as a master. Dwell in the thought until it becomes as much a part of you as health does. Remember, that every visible idea of wealth which now exists-be it house or lands or jewels-can be directly traced to the mental. “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of light, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”

What Is It That Heals

What heals and is healed is a question that often starts discussion. What actually is Mortal Mind-error, carnal thought; and what is Immortal Mind-God, Good, as understood in metaphysics?

When you say you “know the truth” what do you actually do? Many times have you pondered this subject, and perhaps have dismissed it all with a feeling that you could not give a clear statement of just what knowing the truth is.

Now it is true that when you think health, your body manifests health, as it does happiness, etc., and since all right thinking originates in and is of God, and since thought is the modus operandi of God, the current or point of communication, we find that Immortal Mind, to which we attribute our healing, is composed of Right Thinking. Then Immortal Mind is really Right Thinking; and it follows, inversely, that evil thinking is mortal mind or error. It further follows that since evil thinking constitutes the mortal mind, which you fear, this very mortal mind is not, as you supposed, a universal instrument which attacks you from the outside, but a recording disk of wrong thinking, so to speak, which is in sympathy with all other minds of the same standard, and is universally susceptible and impressionable by the cross currents of mortal thought.

Knowing the truth, then, resolves itself into one thing, that of thinking right. When you are thinking right about a thing, you are knowing the Truth about it. How simple, then, to know the Truth. The moment we change our thought about a thing and place it in the right, we are at that moment “knowing the Truth” of that thing, and as soon as our mind becomes thoroughly saturated with that idea, the demonstration comes out into the flesh. For “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” The truth of the whole matter is that you are already free, and have only to put on the practice of freedom to acquire it in the flesh.

No more will you have to reach for God, to strain and feel after a thing called Divine Mind which is somewhere outside yourself, but immediately you start thinking right you are in the presence of the Most High, of the Father within, and your seed of demonstration is lacing planted. “He is a very present help.” We understand why accidents are unknown to this understanding, since we have the guidance right with us- all the while, the power which never slumbers, and which is striving to make itself manifest in our lives.

Instantly, then, we can start thinking right. If you are ill you can begin thinking right about yourself, and that moment you tap the reservoir of all healing, and it, figuratively, starts moving towards you. As you make this opening larger, more and more of it pours in upon you, and you have the completed demonstration. But the keynote is that you are instantly brought into the source of all health when you begin thinking right about the situation.

Now be not discouraged or overcome if the first good thought you put out does not instantly put to flight the “armies of the aliens.” “Stand fast and see the salvation of the Lord,” for it is bound to come. It is inevitable and cannot be withheld. The simplicity of it all at first is too great to be comprehended, but as you try this rule you will find that the reaching after God has ceased, that the straining and worrying to become spiritually minded has been actually replaced by a knowledge that right thinking is spiritual thinking and is knowing the Truth. Furthermore, you turn your affirmations within. You address the Father within and immediately you feel a nearness of this living principle, and feel consciously at-one with it.

All with years you have been reading the Scripture: “Behold I stand at the door and knock,” wondering how you could let the Savior of mankind into your life, never dreaming that He was already within your life, waiting for an opportunity to be brought out, to be “let loose in your Garden,” as it were, to be acknowledged as the Master of the Temple, and that now, when you say “Father,” directing your thought within, the response “Son” completes the perfect union or contact.

As the word is the thought clothed, and is the seed which is planted, gradually there dawns upon you the importance of guarding your words. These are the little stones that go into or spiritual building, and if they are weak and selfish, they crumble soon and fall into the dust, thereby weakening our whole structure and making our existence shaky and uncertain.

The Power of Thought

Which was first: the egg or the birds? the flower or the seed? You have but to resolve the whole thing into thought to find that first of all, before either flower or seed, bird or egg, was the idea, which rested in the mind of God. For we know that these .things were formed and created out of the invisible “substance of things hoped for.”

All about us is this invisible unformed substance Mind from which Jesus drew that which He needed, by first forming the desire into an$ idea and impressing this or pressing this out, to expression in the flesh. He knew that it was inexhaustible and unlimited; that as long as He drew from the unseen substance he would be supplied.

But the injunction comes, “Judge not from appearances.” In holding an acorn in your hand, if you say, “This little seed has no strength,” and “Such a small thing could never in any way aid the wheels of progress” you are passing similar judgment to that which is passed by the world at large on right thinking. People say, “Yes, it is all right if you want to delve in pretty theories and thoughts, they perhaps tend to make your life sweeter and more harmonious, but as far as actually producing results they are nil.” But you know that this is judging from appearances, and that when the seed, thought or acorn is properly planted and cared for, before long these very people find themselves dependent upon the sturdy oak tree to assist them in some way either to furnish shelter or to give light and heat.

So with your desire: it is the seed thought which must be planted, with all the faith that you plant your garden. It must be cared for with the same confidence that you have in the future of your garden. A lady who each year planted flowers always said: “Flowers never grow for-me; they get spindly and die.” They followed in results her lack of faith in them. In the same yard another member of the family reaped a plentiful harvest of whatever she planted. But she had loved her flowers, and had long before won the odd comment: “If you were to plant a stick of wood it would grow and flourish.”

So with our mental gardens. We look out and see gardeners all about us who are planting with differing results. We often hear the remark: “I do my work; I know the truth; and yet when it comes to actual results, I must confess they are disappointing.” And unconsciously this very gardener, when he plants his mental garden, had watered it with the thought: “It always turns out this way. “What could such a one hope for?

Suppose you undertook to instruct a child and always after giving the lesson, you would say: “You will never play well, but you can go on through these tiresome exercises.” How far would such a one get? And with what results?

So we come to a place in our thinking when we must add to our work an absolute faith. A positive application of cause and effect must be the principle with which we are guided, and let no doubt or fear overshadow the results. Do not water the ground with tears of doubt. Tears are salt and will kill life.

“That which is born of the spirit is spirit.” First and foremost in your mind is the fact that the work must all be done on a mental plane. You must disregard absolutely the material. Do your work from a mental plane. If necessary, call in that undeveloped faculty, imagination, for your first work must be absolutely mental. If you are working upon a case of sickness, you must first defeat the thing in your own mind and on a purely mental plane; then bring it out into the flesh and sec it manifested. If you are desiring a home first form it perfectly mentally, and cling to it like Jesus did. He stood there and said in the case of Lazarus: “I thank thee, Father, that thou hast heard me,” before the slightest manifestation of demonstration was made. He finished his work mentally; then he added, “Lazarus, come forth.”

When you are using your Power of Thought, when you recognize this tremendous power, which operated in every direction for Jesus, even to the control of the elements, then you will begin to awake, and arise from the dead to a glorious at-one-ment with the Father within. You will begin to speak out to the storm-tossed sea of affairs, and immediately a calm will come which will prove to you beyond a doubt that the Right Power is at last working. ” I and My Father are one, and the Father being in the Kingdom, the Kingdom within me, I have but to turn and connect or contact this wondrous source of power with myself to “move mountains” and “still tempests.”

Jesus said: “Who touched me” when he perceived that virtue had gone out of him in healing. We all know that merely touching the physical Jesus would no more heal .than it would to touch a tree. But He was so closely allied with the Father “within” that he was actually one with Him in power, and the contact with this power set right any wrong condition that came near it, just as surely as a thing thrown into the sea gets wet and partakes of the conditions of the water into which it was thrown. It is inevitable.

To further show his one-ness with the Father, and to give us an idea of what a tremendous power is ours, he said: “I am the Resurrection and the Light.” So closely allying himself again with the Father within that he used the ” I Am” in speaking about himself without reference to the Father.

“There is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth him understanding.” There is within you that Spirit which shall suddenly break through your limited thinking, and accomplish in a minute what you have worked months on in the old way of reaching for a power outside yourself.

But some have declared that God is not within you, and with the same breath declared that He is infinite and everywhere present. What hopeless reasoning this, when you view it directly and see that the statements are contrary. Either God is infinite and within you or else there is a place where He is not. Yet Jesus made .no hesitancy in saying where the Father was. He plainly defined Him as dwelling within man. “All things are possible to him who believes.” What does this mean? Are we going on from year to year accepting certain conditions as real and others as unreal and unnatural, and wait? Nothing is so stupefying, nothing more harassing, nothing more destroying to real life than waiting, when we see nothing coming our way. Hundreds there be who are daily praying this unknown principle to bring something to pass “which will be best for them.” Are you one of these who study, read and wait? Then let it be told you that your results will be exactly the same as if you sat yonder at the well and prayed the bucket to dip down and bring you up some water.

It is all there, your supply and the means of getting it, but the power which is resident in you, the Father within, must be brought into active service, and then the results are sure and certain.

Way back there in the recesses of the most humble and weakened mind is a dream of dominion. In day dreams they mount up the conqueror of every situation, the master of every condition. A triumph and success in every line. This is, dear reader, more than a day dream, after all. It is the spirit of the real You which is speaking and trying to gain admittance into your visible life. Where did these glorious thoughts of dominion originate? In the mind of another? No, they were born within you. It is your birthright which has remained all these years wrapped in the swaddling clothes of ignorance. Yonder in that gorgeous palace sits a master of three hundred slaves. He is weak and puny, and there is not a man among his slaves but could break him with the greatest ease. Yet, unconscious of their power, raised in slavery, they cringe and slink away from his very approach. So with us, this mortal slave master is in reality a weakling, and he has stood there with whip in hand, tyrannizing over us, while resident in us is that magnificent power which could break him into pieces without a conscious effort, if we would but use this power.

Dominion, Dominion, that is the song of your soul, it is the song of your life-it is the teaching of the Master.

When you come to ally yourself with this Father within, a great unselfishness comes to you; a feeling that all the world is your home, and you would no more think of hoarding this precious knowledge and keeping it in selfish reserve than you would desire to preserve for your own personal use- a certain quantity of air. If you did this you would soon sicken and die; you would stifle in your selfishness, for your power would again be sent back into chains of material making and the air would become poisonous with repeated use. Selfishness must be flung to the wind. The great doors of your mind must be opened to the world so that mankind may come and go at pleasure. Love must radiate through you in such a way that it will magnetize your very life for good. “You shall draw all men unto you.” Not for personal, selfish ends, but for the glorification of God.

No longer do you insist on My this and that; you detach all this and dwell in the. absolute. You guard your words as you would select your seeds. You can either grow roses or thistles by choice in the same piece of ground. You can always begin anew, and though the ground be tilled to weeds they can be uprooted and new seeds dropped in at once. Such is the glorious progression of man, forever flowing upward and outward, and gathering new and fresh impetus as it moves along.

Let There Be

The record of the greatest demonstrations in the Scriptures all show they were the result of “Let there be.” It is still dominant and heard in the land. The command ” Let there be light,” is still ringing through the ages, and will continue to reverberate until there is naught but light. Here and there along life’s highway one hears the command and places himself in position to receive it. If he is earnest and sincere his whole life will become “full of light,” and he heeds the more personal command, “Let your light so shine. “Later, when the light has come to us, we have the command, “Let that Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Do you get the full note of the work “Let?” It does not imply struggle or warfare, but a giving up. Did any one ever say to you, when you were struggling with something or other, perhaps lifting a weight or moving a piece of furniture, “let me help you?” Do you remember the mental change that took place in you as you accepted this offer? Right away accomplishment of the desired end came full into view. You still remained active and did your part, but you felt the aid of a stronger power cooperating with you, and a flow of gratitude, whether conscious or not, came to you, and the whole burden was made lighter. But it is not always added strength which assists us. It is the sweet sense of cooperation which goes a long way towards lightening. A little child one morning ran up to her mother who was carrying a heavy washing, and said, “Let me help you, mamma.” And immediately a gentle smile came to the tired face, and a tender, loving look of gratitude to the eyes, and the load was made lighter.

When we desire to cooperate with God or the rather within, here is this same appreciation and gratitude expressed, and the load for us is made lighter.

“Take my yoke upon thee and lean on Me.” Is there anything there that suggests struggle and worry? Is there anything that suggests heartache and trouble “Lean on Me.” Just forget and forgive the world, and “lean on Me.” Did you ever say that to an invalid Did you ever hear it said, and see the gleam of gratitude which goes forth by reason of it? All these little incidents, while small, are index fingers which point to the real tender father, mother, relation that God bears towards us, if we will but obey the command, “Let.”

By it the whole matter of living is simplified and clarified. What matter, then, if we have strayed in by-ways of reasoning? What matter, then, if we have sidestepped, and fought battles with a so-called cruel world. Now we come into the sweet presence of peace; we rest in the perfect peace, for nothing matters but this one thing: that we “Let” the light which is in us shine forth; that we let it thaw the cold hard material reasoning, and break the icy covering which has frozen the river of life for us.

And one day, when the masses pass along, they behold us “clothed and in our right Mind (place) sitting at the feet of Jesus” and they realize that some wonderful thing has happened to us.

You merge naturally into this spiritual state. It is not done by reading long dissertations, or by saying rules; it is a surrendering of yourself and a placing yourself in the hands of the Father within. Now the very next time you are perturbed or worried, and when everything has seemed to go wrong and you are in the thick of battle, just pause a moment and go over this “Let there” reasoning. Almost immediately as your mind takes on the condition of “let,” you feel all tension loosening; you are no more in the grip of will-power or mortal thinking. Backing up these arguments with what it is that takes possession of you, i. c., the rather within, and that you are one with Him, you immediately come into a new power and use it. You say to the condition, “Let there be Light.” You say to yourself, “Let that Mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus,” and you say to the mortal thinking, “Let go; disappear.”

God Said: “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” Where is God? “In the Kingdom of Heaven,” you answer. Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? “Within me,” you say, according to the Scriptures. Then what is it that is made in the image and likeness of Gods It is man. Man is made after the pattern showed to him in the mount. Man is the spiritual body which is constructed by the Father within. As this body is perfected in our thinking; its counterfeit of objectified state takes on more perfect health and strength.

Man and God, then, are not the same, for man is the image and likeness of God; and, remember, your Divine I or Me is one with the Father, which is within. Now you come to a new and vital point. Man is not You. You are not man; but man (spiritual body) is the image and likeness of the Father within. Is it not, then, an easy matter to ally yourself, or identify yourself, with this one Mind-this Father-and then speak out to the image and likeness, reflection of God (Man, Body,) what you wish to see manifested upon the body? Can you not then have perfect control of Man (body) and heal the counterfeit (material body) of all diseases instantly?

This will all come to you as you get into the mentality of “letting”-allying yourself with the Father within, and handling your body as one who has authority to do so. Nothing can stand before so powerful an alliance.

Jesus, the Wayshower, did not hesitate to do this. He made it plain that when speaking of His Real Self He was speaking of that self which was unconsciously unified and at-one with the Father within. He had his body under perfect control, and refused to be identified with the material body at all, even denying his material parenthood. He knew that his body was a reflection of that which was within, and that it was therefore under complete control of the Christ Mind.

Join this wonderful cooperation with your inner lord and resurrect your body from the grave. Speak to it and bring it into the natural state-youth, strength, power. Delineate upon it the beautiful image of mind and bring your Divine individuality into light.

When Love is coursing through your mind, when you love, irrespective of condition, when the great heart of you thrills to do good, not looking for reward, then you are electrifying your life; you are charging it with a power which will draw naught but harmony to you. “Love is the fulfilling of the law.” Fill everything full of Love, and see it burst forth anew with hope and promise. Translate your material loves to spiritual. Purify and elevate them. Reclaim the waste places that have become parched and dried by sensualism, parading in the sheepskin of Love. Strip oft’ the covering and be not deceived. Your inner Father knows instantly whether the love you have is of the beast or of the Father. The serpent in the beginning is still here to tempt and make glowing promises, but in its wake is the sorrow and the loss of Eden. Now this “serpent” is not something that is lying; in wait for you. It is not something which will attack you from some hidden ambush; but, when reduced to its primitive state, is simply evil thinking. The greatest tragedy in history was at one time the smallest embryo thought in the mind of a single individual. Had he stifled it that would have ended it.

And again -tile admonition: watch your words, for “every idle word shall be given account of.” All true growth proceeds from within, just as the urge of a seed bursts the shell and it comes out; so all action, accomplishments etc., starts within and comes out. Hear this and heed it.

Nothing is coming to you from without, either good or bad, for it all starts from within, and radiates through your being. In your inner kingdom-in “the secret place of the Most High” you can accomplish wonders. You can start the urge of perfect demonstration. You can move mountains.

Try this, dear reader; try this inner working. Seek and pursue the peace of the “place of the Most High,” and you will find that every promise of the Psalms is true. But this is only possible when you realize that it is the Father within which doeth the work, and that you are consciously one with Him, that Man (spiritual body) is the reflection of this inner lord that you are in complete control of the whole situation, that neither time, place or condition can stop you when you, are allied with the Father within.

Fear not the stupid predictions of Star-gazers, or false prophets, who claim to have mathematical data as to your life. Their doctrine is but one more record of material mind tampering with the Divine, and they come to naught, having no legitimate cause, and resulting only in ashes and dust. God came before the stars, and he is the power with which you are allied. He did not subdivide this power, and make you come under the law of certain man-named planets.

Fear not. Forgive, forget. And give up all these material theories, and come into the “secret place of the Most High, unify and identify yourself with Your Father. Go forth a conqueror, a son of the Most High. This is your Birthright.

The Thing That Sinneth It Shall Die

To some people sin is more terrible, though they dislike to admit it, than the most hideous Dragon or Devil ever produced. They say in the same breath that “it is a state of mind,” and is nothing, but that they must protect themselves against it. It is to them like some vicious thing which prowls about through the kingdom, and every so often attacks without giving warning. Some of them call it Mortal Mind others the devil, or Satan; but they are all one and the same thing, no matter how labeled.

Sin is in reality nothing but ignorance. It is bred and sustained by ignorance. It believes it has a reason to be, and a just one. But as soon as it is clearly looked at for what it is worth, its sandy foundations give away.

A man steals because he believes that he is limited. Show this man that he has all substance in his hands, and he will no more hazard the chances of being caught or killed than you would. It is ignorance that prompts it ignorance of the fact that God is all supply and is close at hand.

A man kills, believing that by getting rid of a person he has changed a condition or gotten rid of a situation to which he objects. Show him how this condition can be changed or corrected mentally, and he will have no more desire to kill than you or I.

A man commits adultery because he has learned through fiction or legend that it is the expression of love. Show him the purity of the indwelling Love and he will rejoice in the conservation of his substance. Teach him the uplifting, purifying process which reclaims the downward tendencies of mortal mind or ignorance and he. will re-enter anew the Garden of Eden. Instead of polluting the stream of life, and misappropriating its pure waters, and diverting them into foul channels, he will transmit this substance into spiritual vitality, and will see the desert blossom as a rose. He will come. within the Kingdom of Regeneration and Rejuvenation. He will renew “his youth like the eagle.” It is more than abstinence, however, that is necessary to “lift the serpent” and make.. it a staff upon which to lean. It is a process of reclaiming the lost regions and reversing the false testimonies of the senses. For the counterfeit desire and passion is the spiritual power and urge which will move mountains when properly applied. Soon he learns that the River of Life flowing through the Garden” is a beautiful thing, and his body takes on that renewed and rejuvenated condition of a well watered garden. He sees the fruits of ‘his toils, perfect and wonderful before him. “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” There is no doubt as to the nature of the original sin. Bible students of all times are of one opinion on that. It is a belief of the resident power in mortal man to become a creator. It is a belief that matter can become as God. It has been so long indulged in. that when you go to awaken one from his stupor, he says, ” Let me alone; you cannot change the facts of existence.”

He is like the man who is a drunkard, and who is convinced that he can never overcome this condition that has become natural with him. Yet many a drunkard has been led, step by step, back from his pit into the glorious sunshine, and he never fails to express gratitude for it all when he is once free. So with man in general, as slowly and by small beginnings he begins to find his way back to the garden. What a rejoicing, what a happy feeling comes to him when he begins this glorious work. Age, fear, greed, limitation and decay have no further meaning to him. He is free, free, free, and he thrills with a new-found power of which he has but dreamed heretofore.

Now ignorance, as we all know, is not a reality any more than darkness. They are both negative or unenlightened states which disappear at the coming of light. When a child begins to learn certain things, you say, “He is losing ignorance gradually.” But you see nothing

disappear; rather do you see intelligence making its appearance. And after he has reached a certain stage of learning you cannot do such a thing as “unlearn” him. You cannot teach an intelligent person ignorance, for it has no legitimate mandate or power. It is not real in any sense of the word, and is so intangible when you think of it in this light that it completely disappears. So it is with sin. When you begin to see what a precious opportunity you have been wasting, either in a material or mental state, you begin to desire at least to transmute it into the spiritual.

When you begin to realize this wonderful new truth that in the lifting up of the serpent in the wilderness of your mortal body, it will become a staff-yea, a veritable staff upon which to lean-you will at once feel the regeneration taking place. Your eyes shall be opened and your ears shall hear. Your body will take on a new, a finer sense of health than you have yet had and you will speak with authority to obstacles. In short, you will find that you have been born anew, that the corruptible is being put off and the glorious incorruptible is being put on. Then and then only does every statement of the Bible ring forth with truth for you and you can go forth without thought for the morrow and without preparation of any sort for the eternal source of all is within you. When you give way to the downward tendencies of ignorance you throw yourself into the burning, destroying hell fires of which the Scriptures speak. Yet you know that God, being present everywhere, he is there with you in hell, ready to give you an upward lift or start. Your affirmations must be persistent and unwavering: “God is all good, and is indwelling in me.”

All of us who are seeking the Truth have started the journey out of the Land of Bondage. We have come forth with rejoicing, for the first steps of freedom were glorious and easy to make. But later on, as we go across the burning sands of the desert of mortal thinking, the cry of sense and passion sweeps over us and we fall by the way. “Too much, too much,” we exclaim, “let us return to Egypt, back again to our slavery.” But no, pilgrim. Lift your eyes from the burning desert of accomplishment to the promised land which shall flow with milk and honey, and press on. God will sustain you, the rather within will feed you, and at last you pass the Red Sea of Doubt, and there will be between yourself and the past an impassible barrier. You set your back against the past, forget and forgive; and know that at last your enemies-evil thoughts-have been consumed in their own liquid, mortal mind-the Red Sea.

Can a thing be a sin at one time and not at another? Is ignorance at any time, under whatsoever conditions, ranked as intelligence? Remember that all creation is first mental. Its origin is in the mind, and it can there be destroyed or brought to light. If the way at first, in this new overcoming, seems a little hard, just remember, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” The presence of the rather, guiding and instructing, is always there to sustain.

“Why call ye Me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things that I say?” What is the Lord, but Principle or Law? Why do you call upon principle if you expect to disobey its demands. You cannot expect to call it, and then stand idly by and wait for it to work out your problem. Many are the promises of blessings which shall come unto us when we deny self, and “lift up a standard for the people.” It is for those who do this that it is promised that “their youth shall be renewed like the eagle,” and that they shall mount up as on wings. If man is spiritual, his desires must be likewise spiritual, and it follows that his actions also will be spiritual. And this is a good measure by which to gauge your thoughts: Is this desire spiritual? Would Jesus have had this desire, and have accepted it as real? As sin withers at the temple door, so it withers at the doors of those who are conscious of “lifting up the standard.” Paul has admonished that we “strive lawfully,” and that when we do we shall be crowned. “Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things; now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown, but we an incorruptible.”

Self denial will not rob or cheat you, or deprive you of anything that is worth while. It will only take away from you, or help you to give up the unreal for the real enjoyments; the false for the true. Jesus overcame the fleshly appetites to the extent that lie arose from the dead. He crucified or crossed out a belief in power apart from God and resident in Matter. “If any man come after Me, let him deny himself.” Denials brush away the thin covering of ignorance or sin, and in their place affirm the strength of Wisdom and Truth.

One thing which will help in overcoming is to destroy the false testimony of the senses that you are the children of material man. “Call no man your Father. “God is our Father and He is within us ready to cooperate to the fullest of His law in our behalf. If we acknowledge only a spiritual Father we are not burdened by laws of a material parenthood or generation or sin, for our desires coming from the Father and our inheritance are both spiritual.

Only by the process of regeneration shall the body be resurrected from the dead. “Lift up a standard for the people.”

Come, Let Us Reason Together

All that I have is thine”-all the sunshine, all the air is thine; yet it never occurred to you that you would hoard it up for future use, did it? You never thought of trying to box up sunshine and fresh air, and store it away for a future day, did you?

No. You always agreed with yourself and everybody else that it was a great impersonal possession for the use of all. And it doesn’t hurt your feelings if another uses more air than you do, or because a child plays out in the sunshine all day while you only stay in it for a few moments. You say: “It belongs to us all to use,” and there’ll be plenty for tomorrow and the next day and so on.

Did you know that the very life you manifest is just as impersonal, and could not be boxed up and stored away? It can only be used, and like the air and sunshine is free to all. It is not your life. You have no mortgage on a little parcel of it. It comes from the All-pervading spirit which is life and in which you live and move and have your being. And it is fresh and new every morning, just like the day is fresh and new. It never becomes stagnant, sick, weak or helpless. But man, when he tries to lay a personal possession act upon it, usually finds that his idea of life becomes stagnant. He immediately is beset with a thousand-and-one fears that something is going to happen to His health. Everything that he sees is an enemy to His health-the air, the sun, the wind, and he is therefore besieged with a million fears which laugh at his torture.

You’re not afraid that anything is going to hurt the air, that the smoke that rolls out of a smoke stack is going to entirely envelop the earth and consume all fresh air. Life is just as impersonal as air, because it is infinite.

Do you say your eyesight is impaired, that your hearing is bad. You haven’t any hearing or sight of your own to get bad. You’ve been trying to hang on to some of it, instead of loosening and letting it flow freely through your mind, and using it at your pleasure and as much as you like, and now all that you have left is the mere shadow of the real substance of health, and this shadow which you are hanging on to is about to fall to pieces.

Let go. Relax, and know that as the air passes through the screen, and the sunshine through glass, so health passes through your consciousness, and that it is not thine, but Mine, but all that I have is thine to use. “Not my will but Thine be done.” If His Will is to be done, then His Will must be in us, in our consciousness, and His Will is that we have an abundance of all that we need.

“The Lord is in the midst of thee.” “The Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth (body) rejoice.” The Lord in your consciousness makes all the body (earth) rejoice; and can you imagine rejoicing without a flood of light (or health and happiness)?

“Let there be light” does not suggest weary hours spent in trying to know the truth (or light). It rather speaks of a stepping down and letting go, so that “Let” may be made manifest.

Personally you possess nothing. When a man takes ten thousand dollars to the bank, does he get the same ten thousand dollars back when he calls for it. No, he may never see a cent of it in money again. He may check it all out on little slips of paper. All that he has in reality is the idea of supply to the extent of $10,000.

The formless substance of mind is all about you. Out of this you can draw what is necessary, for your happiness. Jesus did this, for he fed the five thousand, and drew on this inexhaustible supply, and gave it; he used it just as freely as he chose and yet it still remained full. “The works that I do, ye shall do also.” This mind He has called the “Substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen” (with the material eye).

Then learn, to impersonalize everything. Use this great abundant health just as freely as you do the air, never thinking that it is My health, but that it is health Just like air. Let it flow anew into your consciousness. Let it stream in and out, full of the radiance of Eternal mind (light). Let go; relax and give up; and “let” this all come to you to use.

The Father Within

The whole world looks like a huge crystal this morning,” said Jethro, as he and Abdallah walked along the narrow winding path which led to the little hillside vineyard. Saying this, he caught one of the long banana leaves and shook a myriad of diamond crystals. “Each one of them seems to contain the whole world, catching impressions from all angles and reflecting a different color or aspect wherever viewed. The whole outside seems to contribute to its makeup.”

“That is because of what is inside,” said Abdallah. “The purity of the dewdrop makes it possible to catch and hold these myriad images. A drop of muddy water would not do as much.” You see after all it is a process which works from the center to circumference. It is precisely the state of man. Everything must come from the within out, for the Father dwells within.

Many there be who seek the external with minds as opaque or as dulled as the drop of muddy water, not realizing that in order to see out and see the reality of things they must first turn within and clarify their minds. They seek in every locality but the right one for the Kingdom of Heaven, for happiness or harmony, only to return weary and worn, to find that it lays within themselves, and was the most accessible locality in the world. They have gone out prodigals, seeking happiness and indulgence, and returned satiated with matter and sick of the material husks. And the Father within was still waiting and rejoiced when he saw his son “afar off.” Yet unheeded stands the Scripture which reads: “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand; it is within you.”

But not all are prodigal sons. Some are earnest, sincere seekers for truth. Others there are who call themselves workers in the Truth, who insist upon “knowing the truth about every situation in life, but who usually circle about a few times by repeating certain glib bits of learning, and then lie down to case in mortal dreaming. And some of the earnest seekers find it difficult to find God, ant to act in contact with Him, forgetting the admonition to “feel after Him:”

How impossible it would be to feel after a God who is afar off, or who is outside of our mental scope. Yet how persistently does the Master admonish us to “look within,” to “feel after Him,” to “be still and know;” all of which are indicative that he is close at hand. Tennyson says: “Nearer is He than breathing, closer than hands and feet.” And again we are told that “The Lord is in his holy temple.” What is Temple? Jesus said: “The Father within me; within me; he doeth the works.” And later: “I and the Father are one.” And then again: “He who hath seen me hath seen the Father.” There is no ambiguity or doubt as to where the Father is, and it is only when we learn of this nearness that we can consciously cooperate with Him, and speak “as one having authority.” Where would the still, small voice come from if the “Father” were not within? Would it come spoken out from space? “That which is spoken in secret is declared from the house tops.” The “still, small voice” which speaks in the silence of the heart is manifested so visibly that its truth is declared from the housetops. Nothing strange, about this. When we are listening for this voice, when we are consciously communing with the Father, we are prophets and seers and speak out the Truth from the inspired source. “You do not need but open your mouth,” and the necessary words shall be supplied. Every man his own teacher is the lesson we gain from the Scriptures. We begin to realize that within every man is the source of wisdom from which flow streams of pure reasoning and teaching. A man cannot heal but he teach and vice versa. “I came unto mine own and mine own received me not.” This is the state of the Father within. He has come to us, but instead we seek him afar off. We try to know the truth by thinking of God as entirely outside of our own self. Ask yourself: “When I think of God, just where do I think of Him?” Be fair with yourself and answer, not in some metaphysical term, which you use to destroy your purpose. Speak candidly to yourself, and see just where you have located Him. Hundreds have spoken to me of Him as Up, and nearly all as Outside themselves. Yet it says: “The Father within, He doeth the work.” Is there any doubt as to the locality of the Father?

What a sweet assurance and peace of mind comes when we realize that the Father is ever within us. We have but to turn to Him to ask and receive. There will be a new uplifted feeling for those who learn to say, “Father,” addressing Him within instead of without. An uplift, a strengthening and building up process, and a calm assurance that “He is close at hand in time of trouble.” When doubt or fear overcomes you there is but a moment’s delay ‘until you come into His presence and are far from the “noisesome pestilence.”‘ Immediately we recognize that He is “close at hand to bless,” we become conscious of his presence and are no more alone feeding among the “husks” and receiving only “cursing for blessing” and failure for effort.

Presently when you come to recognize more and more that the Father is within, you will also know that you are the Son in the true sense of the word-” This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”-will be the quick response when you say “Father” understandingly and turn to Him within.

“I Am persuaded that neither death, no life, nor angels, nor Principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Now you realize that such a thing could be possible and why.

Remember then that the success of your life depends upon the positive alliance with the Father within. The positive acknowledgment of His presence. The Positive clinging to the “It is done” state of consciousness will result in accomplishment when other things fail. A clearer realization of the Father within brings man to the realization that he is an instrument “wonderfully and fearfully made” upon which the breath of the Infinite gives impetus to sweetest concord and harmony. It is an unselfing process, a giving up and letting go and turning absolutely to the Father for guidance, with absolute faith that “He is faithful who promised.”

“See this perfect cluster of grapes,” continued Abdallah, as he held aloft a magnificent bunch of ripened fruit. “Perfect nuggets of substance. There is a huge measure of juice contained therein. Yet where did it come from, for only a few short months ago not even a green leaf was visible on the vines. Where was this beautiful cluster of fruit last winter?” He dropped it into the large saddle basket strapped on the burrow. It is like yon house. It first existed in the Mind, and was brought into manifestation by a cooperation of power through a given channel. If the house were to be destroyed it would yet live on in the mind of its creator and could be reproduced. And so the whole plan of existence is divided into three states of progress, i. e., Mind, Idea, and Expression. The Idea takes tangible form through expression. Thus we resolve things into thought. We trace them back to idea, and then to mind, and it becomes easy to build up again or destroy things or conditions in this manner.

Take for instance a claim of disease which is manifesting on the body in some loathsome form. How can we eradicate this seemingly real thing by saying that it does not exist? First ask yourself where it came from,. and you will find that it was first an idea, and back of the idea was mind, which in this case was mortal and of itself unreal. Then you can destroy the idea from mind, because the mortal mind itself which formed it is not real. This process of dissolving things into thought will make you a true overcomer. Your conditions which are wrong and bad will be easily transformed into ideas and traced back to mind, and thus destroyed.

When you develop an idea into expression, which is good, it will draw impetus from the Divine source and will draw its own unto it from without.

The law of cause and effect are always operative and are unfailing, and this unchangeable principle or rule is counterfeited in the material, so that the material law of cause and effect which is but a counterfeit of the spiritual law is unfailing in its results.

If you plant weeds, you cannot expect by some unexpected interference of Love to bring forth roses. Like produces like is the law which is true of mind and its operation.

And so as we take our rightful position in relation with the Father within, do we again come out of the far-country of worry and care, and the robe is placed about us, and the ring, the circle of unending, undying love, slipped on the finger pointing upward. A joyous and new relationship springs up between Father and son-a joyous, childlike faith takes possession of man and he is able to lie down in green pastures and rest.

“Father,” “Father,”-what a velvety sound it makes when silently breathed within. What an inrush of calm .and rapturous feeling, which makes one secure from the “snares and pits” of the enemy. What a safety in the stress of storm and worry. “Father.”

Your I Am

One of the most confusing, and perhaps most obscure, points to the advancing student of Truth is the distinction between His Divine Self and the mortal man-between personality and individuality; between what he is and what he seems to be. He is thronged with questions both from his own mind and that of others; What is man? What is personality? What is the spiritual body and material body.

Among the refuse of a tumble-down shop was found a canvas, dark and mouldy and presenting to the world only a poor bit of landscape. One day as the old dealer was examining it, he noticed a faint outline of something under the surface. Accordingly he set to investigating and, removing the thin coating of paint on top, he found that he was in possession of a valuable painting. It had been there all the while, and he had offered it for a mere nothing. But upon investigation found that it contained not only a fortune, but was a thing of beauty. Some jade, with a distorted idea of his ability, had covered up the valuable work, hidden it from the world, and left only his poor effort.

This is not unlike Spiritual man. He is sometimes only just below a thin coat of materiality. Not that he is hidden in the material body, but is obscured from the sight by reason of the material thinking which has cast over him a cheap imitation of the real man.

In the same shop stood an old chest, veneered and heavily lacquered. Underneath was the solid oak which had remained in perfect condition for centuries, although numerous varnishes, stains and veneers had been applied to the exterior.

So it is with personality and individuality. Individuality is of God and remains perfect and intact, though personality may veneer it and completely obscure it from view. But in reality the Spiritual man remains unchanged and virtually unaged. The veneer or personality is easily scratched or changed. It is rubbed thin or is made thick. It is subject to constant change. Personality, coming from the Latin word “persona,” standing for mask., gives us the true idea of its falsity, and the ease with which it can be changed. Every day a new character is assumed by the mortal mind. One day it is a sick. man reclining on a bed of pain. Another it is a poor man straining under the bonds of poverty. Tomorrow it is a man of sorrows, worry and care, subject to accident or to a pack of merciless laws that haunt his every step. And so the dance of personality, or material . existence, goes on, ever changing. What it believed and practiced yesterday, today it laughs at. What a contrast between the two: individuality, forever the same, unchanging, undecaying, and forever intact, undisturbed by all the material changing ideas and customs.

Eventually man discovers that as the veneer gets worn, spots of real beauty are revealed. He discovers that the soft, natural finish of well-matured wood is much more desirable and permanent than a cheap, gaudy veneer, which is constantly subject to devastation from the outer, and at last he sets to work to rid himself of the ugly pretense, personality, which has hidden so long the precious nature of his Divine self.

Today we find the world full of startling “discoveries”-how we can develop personality, magnetism, control, etc., all of which are but systems of introducing a thicker veneer of unreality which will sooner or later meet its Waterloo and get knocked off or scuffed by reason of its changing nature. How very refreshing it is to find a man, be he in professional or civil life, who is unpretentious, natural and genuine, letting his soul shine through the mask of personality to such an extent that it is all but obliterated. For such men were Emerson and Ruskin.

Personality may be cultivated, studied and even bought in a course of lessons. We can attain the exact personality or a near likeness to any one else we desire, but individuality is distinct and different. We have nothing to do with changing it, for it is an eternal distinct idea forever in the Mind of the Father, God. The only thing we can do to Individuality is to “let.” Let it be expressed, and this standing aside, out of the way of our Divine self, and allowing this Divine I Am, or. Individuality, to come to the surface, is the only way we can become acquainted with our true self.

Whatever this Divine self requires to express itself to the fullest is supplied, for it has a Divine impetus. It naturally and easily performs the task set before it with out effort or labored motion. Like an electric fan it turns without regard to the source of its power, which may be a thousand miles removed, originating in some mountain stream, and the power is thus transmitted through one channel to another until at last it turns the wheel of the fan or gives a blaze of light to some darkened room. Individuality performs with ease the task which is set before it, moving on and upward, overcoming all obstacles and accepting the supply it needs, never questioning or fixing a definite channel through which it is to come.

Now this Individuality, or Divine self, is the highest expression of God, good, and is given dominion over all the world. It is the ” I Am that I Am,” and is capable of all things.

“Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Not the changing, shifting and material body, personality or mortal man, but the spiritual, individual, Divine I Am, is the temple of the Living God. Since Life and Soul are one and God is Life, it follows that God is the animation influence or life of man, and dwells in these spiritually individual temples of the Living God. No wonder then that you are told to “Speak as one having authority.” It is Divinely possible to speak with authority when you come into even a partial consciousness of what power is back of your I Am.

“If ye abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ye may ask whatsoever ye will and it shall be done unto you.” “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.” No good thing will He withold from them that walk uprightly. “For the Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. If we are letting our light (or individuality) come to the surface, establishing better the Home or Temple (body) of our I Am, we are gradually experiencing a surcease of anxiety, worry and care. Practicing the Christ is not so difficult when you stop to consider that the Christ is right at hand constantly trying to get an audience with you. The Wayshower is there to guide into all Truth. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock” at the door of the human heart. I Am already there waiting for an audience waiting patiently to guide you into all things. When the unthinking oyster takes in a grain of sand, he suffers with this foreign substance until he has coated it with precious substance, and from each problem he makes a pearl, So we, as we go on life’s way, may learn to make pearls from our trials, and refuse to give them up until the lesson has been brought home to us in a luminous pearl of truth.

Right Thinking

Did you ever have a day dream in which you pictured yourself as being the recipient of a wonderful demonstration, so wonderful that your whole little world would turn when you passed and say “Behold that is the man who made the demonstration he was healed when it was said to be impossible by many Doctors and Specialists?”

Did you ever think that if something wonderful, some sign like this could come to you that you would immediately take up the cross and go out into the by ways and preach. Yes, preach, both literally and figuratively, and that you would be such a wonderful disciple of truth that you would bring thousands to repentance and acceptance? But after this moment of exaltation and day dreaming you slipped back into the track of more sane reasoning and went your way again. And as you pondered your sudden ascent to the mountain top you began to see that there would be nothing to support such a demonstration. Suppose you were suddenly put through a so-called miraculous experience without having worked through to it, or been prepared for it. What would happen when you began to preach by the wayside? You would not have sufficient understanding to support your claims and demonstration and men would pass by saying “it was a miracle,” and your demonstration would have no more effect on them that the demonstrations of Jesus do to many today. Not that many instantaneous demonstrations are not made. Not that they cannot be made, but that the general rule of the thing is so beautifully natural and requires that each step be taken so that the foundation of the thing will be perfect and the one and only way is through Right Thinking.

“I’ve heard all that before,” you say.

“So have I,” comes back the answer, but it is only when you become awakened to what it is that you begin to see it in a vastly different light.

When you begin to realize that every time you hold a right thought you are lessening the sum total of error you begin to see what it means to “Pray without ceasing, and to Watch, Watch, Watch and be not weary.” This praying without ceasing does not mean that we have to go about with our faces pulled down, or to sit in quiet with our eyes closed. It means that we’ve got to reverse the lie that comes to us every time it comes, and whether it be in us or some other Idea.

You begin to realize that “This is the kingdom of Heaven” right here-this very earth-and as you begin to correct the lies by reversing the error you begin to see the truth of it all, and it gets beautiful and grand and you wouldn’t even want to leave it, and you ask yourself, why should I? You begin to correct the lies that come to you, and as you stand in the center of your kingdom of heaven, which stretches in all directions from you, just to the extent you are conscious of distance of infinity, then you know that to have a perfect concept of heaven, nothing but what is perfect could pass through your kingdom. Does this not seem natural and reasonable? Then, tomorrow morning, if a lame horse goes by will you think “poor thing” or will you think. Life is power and everything that manifests Life manifests power and then dismiss it from your mind.

Now of course when we begin this process we may not see all these instantaneous healings take place at once. The horse may limp by for days, but every time you reverse the lie you are lessening the sum total of error both for you and the horse.

If you see two boys fighting will you say: “They should be whipped or stopped or one is strong and the other is weak” or will you know that there is nothing but harmony in your kingdom of heaven and no friction could happen.

If you will go through a single day like this, before night fall you will begin to see a magnificent change. The same trees which you have viewed will be more glorious, the heavens more blue and the singing birds will be more enchanting, and in the heart of you will be the silent song which is content with the blessing “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

When truth is reversed it is a lie and vice versa, and at first if this reversal seems to be a stupendous job, and you feel that you could do little with it, just reverse this thought of discouragement and make it vibrant with joy of accomplishment.

What is there in your home which you would not like in the kingdom of heaven? Don’t condemn it bless it, praise it, it stands for an idea and if it is blessed and praised the manifestation of the better thing will appear. A child that is praised does twice as well as one who is discouraged. Your body is a child and is waiting to hear the word of praise or condemnation of the-mind. If you say to it: “You cannot do that you’re afraid, you’re sick, you’re weak, you’re poor”- what can the poor body do. It is helpless to do anything but let all these evil thoughts pass over it as the motion picture is thrown on the screen. Now we have heard “thoughts are things,” and if we could only get a hold of this we would not project any of them that we did not want to see manifested.

If you trace upon the body thoughts of disease, sooner or later you will see your thoughts become things and the only way to get rid of objectionable “things” is to resolve them into thoughts, correct them and dismiss them. When they are dismissed they are destroyed and you can say to the body, “Go and sin no more.”

Do not let the importance of this slip by you-begin right now with this corrective process. Don’t let anything happen to others that you do not want to happen to yourself. Do not think failure for one of God’s ideas if you don’t want to see it yourself, for what is possible for your brother is possible for you. “Therefore, be ye perfect even as your father is perfect.”

Where is your Father? Look in the new testament and find out just where Jesus located him. “The Father within He doeth the works.” He had him right at hand, right within reach, and he was certain that “He doeth the works,” and then he was sure of his identity “I and my father are one”-he identified himself always with the Christ or the Father within and paid little or no attention to the fleshly Jesus, knowing that it would take care of itself if the inner workings went well. When an auto stops men do not rush about to see whether the wheels will turn or not-they usually look somewhere else for the difficulty, and so when we meet a so-called sick man the rubbing on a lotion or giving of medicine cannot or does not cure (although they may seem to give temporary aid). We must get at the mind back of it, resolve the thing into thoughts, and destroy the evil thought, then the body is completely healed.

“Ask and ye shall receive” does not mean that we can merely make a request and have it fulfilled. Many a child has cried for the moon. Unless we are founded on the truth we do not know what to ask for and how to ask, yet the eternal inexhaustible source of all good is ever pouring out to us more than we can possibly accept, for it is pouring out infinity. “Think, think, think” become conscious of the condition ‘you wish become conscious of perfect health as a quality of the Father within and you will never again suffer from illness. Become conscious-pause ‘a moment and see if you are conscious of anything. Perhaps you are conscious that you own a home-you know it, you feel it, you possess it and there is a dismissal of it from your mind. You go to a distant village or city and visit; you take with you the consciousness of home, and presently you say to yourself ” I will return home.” Now if you did not have a consciousness of home you would never be able to find it. And the same thing is true of everything else. You must have a consciousness of health to have health, you must be conscious of your richness spiritually before you can have wealth, you must be conscious of strength before you can be powerful.

Before you lose your sense of fear of drowning, nothing is so terrible as the thought of deep water, after you learn to swim and become conscious of your ability, nothing is so pleasant as deep water. The thing which in one instance would seem to draw you down, when understood in the other bouys you up and makes it easier to swim. This is true of every condition of life.

Ignorance is cheating you out of your dominion. It is taking you by the hand and leading you through the dark valleys of fear and sin. Dominion is yours, Dominion is your God-given ability to conquer and it is all done by thought. No man can swim physically that does not know how mentally. If a baby knew how to walk mentally he would do so from the start, but he has no consciousness of strength or power or locomotion; as soon as he becomes conscious of this he walks, talks and overcomes. Picture a man on a desert island with a ship load of canned food and no can opener and no conveyance but his hands to open them. He could starve right in the midst of the richest and most bounteous supply of food. This is the very thing that many people are doing every day. They know that the inexhaustible source of all things is pouring out to them unlimited supply but they haven’t got the “key” or “can opener” to get at it. No wonder they cannot open it. The principal thought in their minds all the while is “It’s. not for me”; “I cannot do it.” “Others can get at it, but it’s too deep for me.” “I try but I don’t succeed,” not realizing that every one of these thoughts need to be reversed and the “Mist that watered the whole ground” be thinned and a glimpse of the spiritual gotten through it.

Just start this reversal-perhaps the walls will not fall the first time, but if you are faithful and reverse the lie even in the face of the most disconcerting conditions-if you “Judge not from appearances” but reverse the judgment of the material senses, presently you will become conscious of the condition and as soon as this “soaks” in you will become conscious of the thing itself. This is the only practical way to demonstration.

It is a grand warfare, a battle which is always successful, and one that is full of promise and reward.

Try it-start reversing everything that is a lie, even though it does seem impossible to accomplish just try it for a day, a week, a month and behold the fair morning will break gently upon thee, with a sweet scented breeze of summer blowing gently over you and you shall know the peace of the consciousness of right.

The House of Darkening Shadows

It was a cold, grey February day. A day full of barrenness, a day full of futility. From the bleak, cheerless hills an icy wind swept down with a stinging lash. The telephone wires hummed with tension, and the boughs of the trees snapped with the cold. Now and then the wind caught a flurry of snow and sprayed it relentlessly over the passerby. A faint, yellow sun had vainly tried to wend its way through the mass of leaden grey, but only succeeded in making the somberness of the day more acute.

Before a little gas stove placed in front of a genial looking fire place, Mr. and Mrs. Robins sat. The cheerlessness of the outer world had found no barrier in this home and had entered and filled the place with darkening shadows-shadows of doubt, sorrow and futility. Mrs. Robins sat

with hands folded looking into the small flame of the stove. She sighed as she looked for a moment at the picture on the mantle; a portrait of a smiling girl.

Selma Robins had died three years ago and had left behind these two wretchedly unhappy people. Her death marked a complete change in the life and surroundings of her parents. The fine’ old home had practically been shut up. There was no use living in the whole house, now that she was gone; no use going out into the world; or having the world come into you; no use doing anything but just waiting, until the end should come and they would meet again. The kindly old minister had said “they would meet again when they all died,” and so since her death the only action which could be actually said to take place was that of waiting. It was a long, tiresome wait full of tears and heartbreaks. The pretty little rose colored bourdoir on the second floor, which had been fixed for Selma’s return from school, also stood shrouded in darkness. No one had entered it since that awful day. The great open fire place where so many happy evenings were spent was now closed and a little gas stove placed in front of it. Everything in the house expressed somberness and unhappiness.

Finally Mr. Robins stirred in his chair. He walked over to the window and looked out. “That blizzard which was predicted is about here” he said, watching the great rolls of grey clouds. Already the sharp snap of the sleet against the window was heard. Out in the street people were hurrying home, muffled in great coats and furs. Mr. Robins sighed as he looked out on the greyness-it was but the imaged state of their existence; a picture void of light and filled with shadows; a picture in somber monotones dull and uninteresting. As. he stood there the hills suddenly became lost to view a curtain of snow was drawn between, the blizzard was upon them, sending its avalanche of snow hissing through the air with its frozen voice howling like a ferocious beast: “Just think, Father,” said Mrs. Robins, wiping tears away, “She’s out there under all this snow,” and the woman wept as he drew her to him, folding his arms about her.

“Now, now, mother, you know it was God’s willHe knew best and we must bow to it. Some day we’ll meet again and then we’ll all be happy like we were, before she went,” his voice trembled.

“God’s will,” said the woman, “why should He take our only child and leave families of six and seven untouched: Where is the justice of that. Sometimes I don’t believe there is a God.”

“Mother, mother,” the man said, “think what you are saying. You are giving up the last hope.”

Just then there was a heavy thud against the storm doors which startled them both.

“What’s that,” said the woman, a terrified look in her eyes, as the thought rushed through her mind that perhaps her blasphemous words were about to bring their reward.

Mr. Robins left the room and went out into the long, cold corridor. He pushed open the storm door and out of the snow came a voice. “I’ve lost my way and the storm is so heavy I can go no .farther,” It was the voice of a woman-a young woman.

Mr. Robins helped her in and led the way down the corridor to the living room. When she got there she shook the snow from her clothes, undid her furs and cloak and took off her tam. Mrs. Robbins watched her. From the bundle of clothes a young, red-cheeked woman issued. She greeted them with a smile and went over to the little gas stove.

“I am June Allen,” an orphan, she said, ” I teach at the community house just around the corner, and tonight I stayed rather later than usual. I love the snow so and it’s such good sport to go out in a storm, but thus was a bit too big for me.”

As Mrs. Robins watched the youthful figure it recalled only unhappy memories to her. Unconsciously, tears ran down her check. June Allen watched the silent drama for quite some time. Suddenly she saw the picture on the mantle with its little badge of crepe -pinned on it. Then she understood.

She went over to Mrs. Robins and placed her arms .about her. “My dear,” she said, “dont you know there is no death.” Mrs. Robins started. “For this is life eternal, to know Me.” She repeated :as she led the woman to the spacious chair and sat on the arm of it. “This” she paused a moment. “This right here and now is life eternal. Man cannot see death if he knows God. He cannot die as long as he is thinking God. “There is no death. There may be change for those who cease for a moment to think of God, but there is no death. There is only progress, promotion, and al ready we are coming to the place where we are finding out that as long as we are consciously thinking of God .and what He is, we cannot even experience the thing called death. ‘To be carnally minded is death.’ What is it to be carnally minded, except to give sway to the material senses. To make a reality of that which is a falsehood. To make so-called death the reality and life a myth. Is God then all-powerful and yet is overcome by matter and adverse thinking.

“Where is the kingdom of heaven?” and who dwells there? Is it possible to have separation of love and the loved and yet have harmony, heaven. Yet we read “That the kingdom of heaven is at hand, it is within you.” Then we know if the kingdom of heaven is at hand and is within us, and that Heaven is happiness, then there can be no separation for that would bring unhappiness.

“What is God? Is he a mixture of life and death. No. He is Life eternal. Life how? temporary and limited? No, life eternal, and he is infinite, of course then life is infinite and if infinite, death is no where, no power, no reality. “Since God is Life and eternal and since man is the consciousness of God or Life, in reality nothing can happen to man that does not happen to God. Can you imagine God dying? Then if God dies not, man the consciousness of God, or life, cannot die. Only when man becomes carnally minded he not only dies but is already dead.

“Though a man were dead, yet shall he live again.” Though a man were carnally minded and were dead to the real issues oú life yet should he be made alive again by turning to God and filling his thought with God. This is not a long, tedious process, it is as quick as turning the page of a book. Turn to God, think God, live God and the change is instantly accomplished. At once you are raised up from the sense of death or carnality.

“If man cannot die, if there can be no separation, then there can be no sorrow, for we are told that neither height, depth, things to come nor things that have been can separate us from the Love of God. Now the Love of God is the Life of God and we are one with Him. God is the rather, we the expression of His Love or His Life, and until he ceases to be our life, we cannot die.

“Sorrow is the essence of one of two things, either selfishness or ignorance. How can you who are individual try to hold in bondage another idea or expression. “Loose him and let him go” does not mean that we should cling to a personal sense of man and grip him tightly to us. It means that we should free him and let him work out to the best of his ability the problems which confront him and which he is able to work out only alone. We can only point the way, the steps to be taken-the work to be done belongs to -the pilgrim. “Do not tie a string of grief to them and ever and anon draw them back into your empty lives. Fill your life full of activity and life. Begin to live, to ‘ be happy for freedom has come to this house. A glorious freedom of the children of God. Allowing each man to work out his problems unhampered by pride and false human sympathy.

“One moment’s contemplation of God will flood you full of light and happiness. You will see the reality of Life and the unreality of death. You will understand that Life, the absolute, cannot, does not change, though the picture thrown upon the mortal screen may take on various attitudes, many of them visible, some of them invisible. Is the man of seventy the same as the babe in the mothers arms. You say yes-he has grown, and the changes have been natural and good. You have seen him a different person in reality every day, yet you did not grieve when the child walked, when he ran and jumped and when he laid off the cooing of a baby for clear speech of the child. No, you said `this is growth-isn’t it wonderful.’

“Now growth is also an eternal thing-it is continuous and goes on whether it is visible to mortal eyes or not. The seed dropped into the ground is hidden from view for a while, yet growth is still going on-it comes to the surface in changed form, and so with man, he may be invisible for a while to the material senses, but with the growth we shall one day learn that he has but changed form and become more fruitful. Presently the vision of the world shall be changed `in a twinkling’ when they shall all say `There is no death’ and then we shall have eyes that see and ears that hear and know that our loved ones, though dropped into the ground did not submit or experience death, but a larger sense of Life. Those who are left behind and carry on the sorrow and grief are in reality experiencing death, for Life and harmony are one and they are joyful and glad.

“Death or grief paints with a grey brush, it smears its monotonous colors over happy faces and dulls bright eyes, it veils the sunlight, it makes silent, unhappy houses and uninteresting men and women. It accomplishes nothing for good and much for evil, it is one of the brood of imps which hides under the sheepskin of right. It is an age-worn custom through which man is beginning to see the light of Truth. “Truth comes with its childlike simplicity. It comes with a great flood of light and instantly dispels the gloom, no matter whether that gloom has just arrived or whether it has been there for years. Truth experiences no more difficulty in bringing joy to the grief of years than to the grief of a moment. They both melt away with the same ease that darkness melts from a house whether dark for a moment or and age. “When we shroud ourselves in black and shut ourselves away from the happy world, away from the world which needs us to spread this truth, we are not accomplishing anything for ourselves or those who have gone before. Neither are we offering a fair tribute to their memory. “Forget, forgive, call down a blessing on the wonderful world. Rejoice, be happy for Life is eternal. It knows no death, and when it becomes clearly enough established in the minds of men the world will echo with the song of praise “There is no death,” because the carnal mind has given place to the Spiritual. Already there are those who see this clearly, and are experiencing it in a measure.

“Life is God and is unchangeable. The only thing that changes is the mortal concept of it. It is constantly changing. What you thought today you will cast aside tomorrow. This is the law of mortal mind, but to be Spiritually Minded is Life, and so long as we meditate on God, actually think Him, just that long can no concept of death enter, and no thought of death hold sway.”

When June Allen finished her little talk she looked from one to the other of her auditors. In the face of both a calmness showed and a smile of gratitude played about the lips of Mrs. Robins.

” I wish we could all pray,” she said, ” I feel like some great burden has gone from me and I want to give thanks.”

And so the three knelt in silent prayer. The prayer of thanksgiving. When they arose Mrs. Robins went to the mantle and unpinned the little bow of crepe from the picture. Mr. Robins put the little gas stove to one side and opened the genial looking fire place and lighted the fire which was already laid.

A ruddy glow filled the room with its warm light. June Allen held her hands to the warmth and smiled. The mantle of warmth which encircled them was vibrant with meaning and happiness. She went to the window and looked out. The storm had passed and the. street lights were burning brightly through the snow.

” I think I shall be on my way now,” she said, ” I can make it alright.” Mrs. Robins came up and put her arms around her”— No, my dear you shall not go out tonight-there is a little rose-colored boudoir which is waiting for you, which has been in darkness for years, and since you have brought the light it shall be yours.”

The Road To Happiness


A COLD, blustery wind came down the avenue carrying everything before it. It was a terrifically cold wind, one that made the telephone wires literally sing and snap with tension. It had a sting in it like the lash of a whip, and made you think unpleasant things. It was just this particular kind of wind that painted everybody’s nose red and ears purple. You halfway hated yourself without a cause; you sort of wished you had migratory sense to move with the sun, instead of so-called human intellect that tried to bluff an impossible game.

At the corner Jimsy, the newsboy, was struggling against almost insupportable odds to keep his stock in trade under control. The wind laughed at him as it stung his half frozen face, and snatched a paper from his hands, tossing it to the top of the tallest building. He blew on his purple, benumbed fingers and cursed the whole thing.

“Damn it, anyway, dis is a fine day for the day before Christmas, but,” he went on talking into his hands, “what difference does it make to me, whether it is the day before Christmas or the day before Fourth of July? It’s all de same to me – ‘cept, perhaps, I gits a free meal, fer nothin’, at the hall with the other nuts. But nobody cares really fer me, where I comes or goes.” All the grey of the leaden sky settled about him mentally; the whole thing seemed so futile and useless: – what was it all about? – just work and barely enough money for a bed and a scant meal or two.

Slumbering in the soul of Jimsy was a wistful longing for something better and nobler than his present existence – an innate longing for some of the good things of life. Sometimes he almost heard it speak to him, and he longed to find the secret spring that would be the “open sesame” to all he desired. He knew that it was there, yet undiscovered. Everywhere he sought for light. He listened to the Socialist speaker tell about how everything should be divided and then all would be happy; but inwardly he knew this was not the happiness he sought. At the slum mission he heard them say “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” at the same time shoving a collection basket in his face. He rather resented this sort of teaching. How could he give, when it took every cent he could make to buy his papers, pay for a poor living, and supply him with a cheap bed. Still, the mission was generally warm, and after the ordeal of the collection basket he could stand the rest.

And so, on this very day, he stood there in the blustery wind pondering this very sentence, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” “It’s a cinch I’ll not be much blessed,” he soliloquized, “but it’s not my fault; I ain’t got nothing to give with.” The heart of Jimsy was big, it yearned for expression, it was a loving heart that wanted to do for others. Just like the great blue eyes that begged for understanding, his heart longed for that freedom to do and to be. After having reasoned himself into the depths of despair, he turned on his reason and with a bitter smile said, “Aw, well,it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.” Hardly had he uttered the words when out of the last gust of stinging wind a little booklet dropped on his stand. “Hello,” he said, “what’s dis? – it must be the ‘good’ and I must be the ‘nobody.'”

“The Road to Happiness,” he read out loud, taking the book up, and opening it he began to read. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Jimsy had heard this many times, and had passed it buy without a thought, but to-day it somehow or other stuck with him; it held his attention, and so he read on:

“Rome was not built in a day, neither can a man buy one thought think himself a king and attain that place. Wherever this finds you in life – start by taking the next upward step, be it ever so small. Then, step by step, you can climb to any height.

“For the first step suppose you try thinking happiness; start your progress with a happy thought; change your frowns into smiles, your bad words into good. If you half the faith that you can be absolutely happy right here and now, that you have in your present unhappy situation, you have succeeded with the first step.

“Be happy in spite of weather, ancestors, or circumstances. Happiness is like oil on the axle of a wagon, it keeps it from wearing away. So happiness will keep your life from becoming a grind. Remember – one step at a time. To-day let us try happiness.”

Jimsy read the page over carefully; he saw the logic of it; he knew that he could change his thought if he so desired, and perhaps it would be the beginning of the upward climb to something better. “Be happy in spite of weather . . . or circumstances . . . Happiness is like oil.” He half smiled to himself as he read this; he wondered if the writer of this little book had ever stood on a windy street corner and handed out papers to a growling, scolding public, which thought no more of you than it did of the box on which your papers lay.

* * *

The nearby subway belched forth its stream of hurrying, disgruntled passengers. As they came up the damp, smelly stairway and out into the street, His Nibs the wind was there waiting to snatch away their hats and breath and make them unhappy if possible. He waited there to sting them in the face and make them cross (like bears are supposed to be).

“Whoopes, she’s colder than a seven hundred dollars,” said his first customer, peering out of a great fur-collared coat. I hate this kind of beastly day.” Jimsy was just about ready, through force of habit, to second the remark when he remembered the book – “Start your progress with a happy thought.” “Well,” he said, making change, “it’s colder at the North Pole, I guess,” and smiled up at the man. “It sure does make your blood circulate, this kind of day does.” The man stopped a moment and looked at Jimsy; he looked at the purple, half-frozen fingers, and smiling back at the boy said, “Well, if you’ve got no room for complaint, surely I haven’t,” and hooking his great fur collar, he went away chuckling to himself, unmindful of the wind.

Later in the day a limousine drew up to the curb, and a little grey lady called out, “Here, boy, bring me a paper.” When Jimsy came with the paper she took it, saying, “If this isn’t the nastiest day I ever saw! If I were a man, I’d surely swear.” The last gust of wind, which had disturbed the little lady so, had not helped Jimsy to keep his resolution to be happy; rather, he felt like cussing for the little lady, but he turned to her and said, “Well, it is kind of cold, but think how you’ll like your nice warm fire when you get home.”

“A warm fire,” repeated the little lady, looking at the large blue eyes smiling up at her. There was a queer sort of pity and love in her glance, and smiling back at the boy standing there in the cold, she said, “Well, come to think of it, a fire does feel pretty good this kind of weather.”

And so through the whole long, cold day Jimsy kept turning frowns into smiles; he began to see how many smiles he could get from his customers; he began to count those who had come up half mad at the whole world, and who had gone away with a smile; and at night when he sought out his cheap lodging house he felt an inward thrill that he had accomplished something. He felt that he had taken the first step up the ladder that was to lead him out of this dark pit of circumstance. He proved not only that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” but also that “As a man thinketh in his heart, so are all other men” who come into contact with him.

On the next page of the little book Jimsy read:

“All things are possible to him who believes in an absolute, positive Good. Believe, and it shall be so; ask, and it shall be given; ask, believing that all that you desire will be given you, for good is all about you, waiting to be spoken into manifestation, to be asked for.

“Why seek ye a God that is afar off, when the Living God who is able to do ‘exceeding abundant, more than we ask or think,’ is right at hand, waiting to bless?”

Jimsy had never prayed nor asked for anything. He only bowed his head when they prayed at the mission. The preacher always did the praying; he was the only one who knew how to get in touch with the God who was away off yonder in the skies. Jimsy never even thought of so much as trying to pray – he knew that he could never find the God who was away off somewhere with the angels – but the book said, “Why seek ye a God that is afar off when the Living God, who is able to do all things, is right at hand, waiting to bless?” Then somewhere also in the little book it explained that since all good things came from heaven, the inward desire of every living being to be better and nobler, to give and help the less fortunate brother, was but the “still, small voice” of truth trying to make itself manifest in us, only we stood in our own way, we went on trying to arrange and force conclusions rather than leaving our lives completely to the will of God, Good.

Jimsy felt rather ashamed as he read on and on in the little book; he remembered the voice that spoke so often, half pleading with him to do this or that, and how it had been drowned in his belief in circumstances and conditions. Then the little book said that within every man lay the possibility of being that which he desired to be; but as surely as it took proper care and attention to bring the mighty oak tree out of the tiny acorn, so it took care, good thoughts, willingness to be led as a little child, good words and deeds to draw the perfect man out of the limited human concept of him.

That night when Jimsy was ready to climb into his fifteen-cent bed, for the first time in his life he knelt down and prayed. He gave thanks for the little book; he gave thanks for the happy day; and last he asked with the heart of a child, “Give me, dear God, a nice warm fire and a little love.”

The next day was not much of an improvement. It was blustery and cold, but the heart of Jimsy sang on, it thrilled with a certain something, it felt as free as if a great responsibility had suddenly been lifted. He felt a careless abandonment, verging on recklessness, but which was stayed by perfect Faith. Looking over his papers, he smiled to himself. “Nothing has changed,” he said, “still everything has changed.” He kept repeating to himself, “I believe, I believe.”

The clock over in the church chimed out ten when the limousine with the little lady drew up to the curb. “Come here, boy,” she said. “If you haven’t a good warm fire and a nice hot dinner to go home to to-day, I want you to come home with me.” Jimsy lifted his large blue eyes to her and said, “I’ll go, and thank you, thank you so.” Picking up his three remaining papers, he got in with the little lady, and away they flew through the “nasty, cold wind,” all housed in the sweet-smelling, electrically-heated limousine.

Pretty soon they stopped in front of a comfortable looking old house on the park, and Jimsy followed the little lady through a hall and into a great, comfortable living room, at one end of which blazed a merry fire. “My boy, ” said the lady, coming up to him and putting her arms about his shoulders, “it did not mean much to me until yesterday; you made me stop a moment and be grateful, and so I am sharing with you. It is more blessed to give than to receive,” she said to him, and Jimsy knew now what it meant to “give” – not a little money, but a little smile, a little cheer, a little love.

As they sat there before the great fire, the door opened, and the man in the great coat with the fur collar came in. The lady rose to greet him. “Well, mother,” he said, not noticing Jimsy, who was buried in a huge armchair near the fire, “our little ‘happy lad’ newsboy had gone. A boy who can smile and be pleasant in a gale of freezing wind like we had yesterday, has the right kind of stuff in him to make good, and I have decided to give him a chance in the office.” “Come here,” said the little woman, taking him by the arm, “I have a gift for you, a gift I shall both give and keep,” and leading him up to the large armchair she showed him Jimsy, who looked up from the Road to Happiness with a little smile, a little cheer, a little love, gleaming in his deep blue eyes.


DEEP in the heart of the forest – snugly buried beneath the warm earth and leaves – lay an hyacinth bulb. In the heart of it, it dreamed of a beautiful pink flower – so full of perfume that it filled the whole woods. It dreamed of a very blue sky and tall, black trunks of trees with their great swaying branches – but still it dreamed on – because this was not possible to My Lady Hyacinth – since she lay buried deep in the earth which was covered with a heavy layer of leaves and snow – but, anyway, she dreamed it – it was her secret. She did not tell anybody else, because it was too sacred – and because she had no words to express that secret, had she wanted to talk about it – but one thing she knew, and that was that it was there.

Deep in the heart of man lies buried the same secret – he feels a Godlike something imaging itself in his thought – he thinks also of lofty hills and blue skies, and he dreams of untrammeled walks, through green pastures and besides still waters – but it, too, is buried deep in an earth of material reasoning and thinking, and over this is a thousand and one mortal laws and human opinions which even freeze the ground tighter about him. And he, too, tells his secret to no one – because it is so sacred – and also because he has no words to express it – and then, too, because no one would understand it. But within, his heart sings to him, and sometimes it almost pleads openly to be expressed.

And in the heart of the pale blue egg that lay in the robin’s nest a whole world was mirrored – but it was bound by an ugly hard shell that it could never break – its thrilling dream of flight through the air with its throat swelling with glorious music was also the secret that it kept – the secret of expressing itself.

But anon – deep in the heart of the hyacinth something stirred – it was a queer sort of feeling – half disturbing, half joyous – almost as if something was pushing it out of its warm white bed. Yes, that was what was happening, and the hyacinth thrilled with joy – but presently it was confronted by the dark earth which said to it, “You can never force your way through all this – you will die in the struggle; and, besides, when you do peep through, the frost will freeze you, and you’ll wish you had stayed where you belonged.” But something had stirred in the hyacinth – and just as she was about ready to turn back and give up, this something said, “Keep going – the way will open.” And so the hyacinth abandoned herself to this inner voice, and her dream came true.

And so with the little blue egg – something stirred – but the shell said, “You cannot get out of this condition; I have bound you fast – you cannot break through this wall of prejudice and heredity.” But something had stirred, and the little bird kept growing until he had almost filled the shell, and then he thought – and feared and wondered. “To-morrow I shall completely fill the shell – then what will happen? I cannot get out; to-morrow will be the end of it all.” To-morrow was a black and awful affair to the little bird who had almost used up his supply – who had come to the limits of his present condition. He could not see any further than the narrow boundary of his shell, and he had completely forgotten to look within, and by looking within see the way out of the whole situation; so he settled down to worry, often looking at the tiny mite of room he had left to grow in – and which he was constantly using up. He wished he could stop growing; he wanted to save the room. He could not see that by using up all he had he would burst its narrow limitations and have all the room that there was in the world. But presently in his dire distress he turned to the “still, small voice” within and heard the words, “Take no thought for the morrow. Now is the time. Live to the fullest extent now, if it be to the last sou you posses, use all that you have which you find necessary to use – and see what happens.” So the little bird also with an abandon grew to the limit of the shells’ capacity, and then the narrow walls began to crack and give way. A powerful light began to penetrate the shell – and again a wild fear took possession of him. He was loosing his protection – his present home was being broken up – he was being cast into a strange world; and another panic ensued. Fearful images of what might happen if he dared to leave his present hedged-in thinking. He kept his eyes closed fixed on the outer condition, and they certainly looked as nothing other than chaos and decay. But the happy inner voice said to him, “Judge not from appearances – get a look at the power back of all this change; keep praising its wonderfulness, because all power is good, and only good can result from any change when you declare that the power of good is at work accomplishing whereunto it was sent.” So the little bird felt a happy, contented feeling that the whole matter was in the hands of this power, and that, whatever came, it must be good for him, because there was but one power, and that one Good. And at last the shell gave way, and his dream was realized. Had he one regret that he had declared the truth about there being but one Power, and that one Good? Had he one faint longing to return to the narrow confines of his former abode? Had he one fear that he could not meet the issues as they came to him if he listened to the “still, small voice” within? No; not one. He lay there snuggled up under the wings of Love – oh, so happy, so warm; and as he lay there he listened to the singing of the heart of Love. It was a silent song, not herd with ears, but infinitely sweeter. It was the great heart of Love that sing s a constant symphony of harmony and love to the listening ear. It was the great unselfish and impartial parent love which breathed forth in holiness, “Our Father which art in heaven.” It was the joy of being in His presence and feeling his tender care and relationship that wove itself into the song which the little bird heard, but which the noisy world missed.

And so within the heart of man – something stirred, but he, too, was afraid to listen. His family said it was imagination; his friends laughed at it; material laws held up its hands and said, “Impossible – idealistic and absurd.” And the poor fluttering hopes of man fell into despair and bondage. But the heart of him sung on, “You are free born – you are the son of a king.” “Speak as one having authority.” “Ask and ye shall receive” – and little by little the man began to listen to this inner voice. He used the “manna” of that day without fear that the inexhaustible source would be cut off, without trying to hoard up enough for to-morrow; and presently the shackles dropped from him and he walked Free – a son of the King.

So, dear one who has heard this story, if a condition presents itself to you that you do not understand – and which seems like chaos or fear – just turn within and declare that the power operating within you can only be good, since all power is good; and judge not from appearances, no matter how contrary to good they seem. The very worst condition that may present itself to you may only be the power of good pushing you from the shell of limited thinking, and preparing you to enter a greater sense of Heaven.

And if in your sickness you stop but a moment and realize that the only power operative, not only in you, but in the whole universe, is good, and that power is always present, you will quickly see that what seems to be sickness is merely an evil thought being destroyed or pushed out of your consciousness by this ever operative power of good, and you will rejoice in the midst of the lion’s den, because you will realize that the night is far spent, and already you will begin to see the rosy tint of dawn – if you but turn to the East. So, no matter what the condition seems to be, just declare the allness of this one power good – let go and let it have full sway in you, glory in it in spite of all material conditions, and soon you will preen you wings and fly off to higher fields of joy.


What the Truth-Sayer from the Far East ToldTHE SMALL, WHITE THINGIn the sacred scrolls it is written, “and in the morning the ground lay covered with a small, white thing” – and they said it is manna; we shall gather and eat. And every morning they did gather and eat of the white manna;neither did they try to eat or gather sufficient one morning to last them a week, but each morning they partook of this bread which came down from heaven, and which sustained them through the long day. And what was this small, white thing which came to supply them every morning with food? Was it not the bread of life which, if eaten in the morning, would nourish the waste places and save from sudden attacks of the enemy? Was it not the renewing of the mind by contemplation of the real – early in the day before the contemplation of the unreal had darkened the thought so that they could not see the small, white thing which lay on the ground?

And another one sayeth, “I shall arise and go unto my Father.” He shall arise out of the sleep and chaos of darkened thinking and go unto my Father. Not after I have spent the day in by-play full of evil thinking and doing, but I shall arise and go immediately to my Father. The Father is not far off when we arise and go to Him in the morning; in fact, He is right at hand, and we may commune with Him almost instantly by turning to Him and addressing Him, “My Father which art in heaven (Heaven, our consciousness). My Father which is within my consciousness.” Instantly we are within the portals of His abode – heaven. But when we arise and busy ourselves with a thousand and one little worries and cares, when we put our conversation and prayer with God, after we have fretted through a dozen little irritating encounters with our brethren – after we have passed judgement on a dozen or more of our brothers – we find that when we turn to enter the Father’s house the way is covered with nettled briars and weeds, which have to first be rooted up before we can find the “WAY – the truth and the life.” And even though, through all the sweat of agony in ridding ourselves of the weeds of the day, we hear the soft knocking at the door, so tightly have the tendrils of that vining material thinking bound themselves about our door that we cannot open unto Him until we have gotten at the root of the vine and torn it away. And, oh, how glad we are to “open unto Him and sup with Him.” See how compassionate He is with us. He has offered us a morning meal of love, purity and safety from all this struggling, and when we have refused to partake of it and gone our way over material roads – and at last evening has found us weary and worn – then His great compassion is still with us, and He is prepared to sup with us if we will but open unto Him.

No end of love feasts has He prepared for us; no place in the journey is He not ready to “prepare a table for us in the presence of our enemies”; no end to His inexhaustible love which constantly invite and enfolds us.

Then why, my dearly beloved, will you not except the morning refreshing, gather and partake of that manna, that bread of life, that substance from above? Suppose you give thanks while you are partaking of this heavenly manna – suppose you acknowledge to yourself that you are filled with the bread of life, that you are sustained and kept by it, and that your spiritual body is like a well-watered garden in the midst of which flows the River of Life, purifying and beautifying it eternally; then, after you have bathed in the purity of this inflowing love, arise and be about thy Father’s business, and see if, during the long day, He does not direct thy every step. There will be a little thrill of joy ripple up in you as you secretly keep the Faith – within yourself – and you will feel the joy of doing His bidding; a little thrill of joy that will grow and broaden as it flows on because it is fed by an inexhaustible source of joy, and the hand-writing on the wall shall be your protection, and it shall be just the wisdom you need at that time. If, for example, you are about ready to judge your brother, the hand-writing on the wall will appear, “Judge not.” What a happy translation follows, for God has relieved you of the burden of passing judgement on anything – you do not have to judge; and think how easy it is to get rid of criticism when you say, “Well I do not have to bother with judging you – God will attend to that.”

Think of the joy that will come to you that night when you have passed one whole joyous day wherein you have judged no man, and when you have said to yourself, “Neither do I condemn you.” Think of what a restful, peaceful state of mind it brings you in, not only all the world, but within yourself as well.

So to-morrow, when the first faint flushes turn the sapphire night into morning, gather you a measure of manna and take it up unto a high hill and there partake of your morning repast. Perhaps on this particular morning all the manna which falls about you will be gratitude and praise – and you will gather together all the joys and gratitude and thanksgiving you can think of and take them with you and feed your soul upon them, so that all through the day it will go singing and praising God and shedding its soft healing light of Love all about you as you go. Perhaps it will be faith – pure and simple faith – the kind that was rewarded with a perfect healing when it said, “Speak the word.” Do you know what that means – to be able to say, “Speak the word”? It means a complete abandon to a living, vibrating faith that is sure to accomplish. So it may be faith – but whatever it is, take unto yourself a full measure and feed thereon.

The Song of the Singer


IT was only a word that started the whole trouble. The doctor who dwelt by the temple said that word. He had said it, half unthinkingly, to the wife of Agara. “Agara has sickness that he knows not of, an incurable sickness – hopeless.”

“HOPELESS” was the word which threw the wife of Agara into a panic of fear. Her spirited step lagged as she wended her way home, her voice was dull and her eyes were dimmed with tears. A word had done it.

At the gate of their court she met the mother of Agara, who greeted her with a kiss and a kindly smile. “Why these downcast eyes, my beloved?” And then the wife of Agara told her what the doctor had said – told her the word “hopeless.” And likewise the smile died from her lips and the light of her eyes dulled and the mantle of gloom spread its dark folds about her. She had heard the word. That one word uttered in a half-thinking way had thus far spread its seeming power and as it passed from lip to lip its influence widened. One after another felt the poison stealing along their veins.

And the doctor went gaily on his way, forgetting in a second his message to the wife of Agara, but his word had set a whole household at variance, had set at naught years of dreaming. “Is there, then, such power in a single word?” said Agara, who at last learned the cause of the gloomy atmosphere of his otherwise happy home. Can a single word, a single spoken word, carry such tremendous power with it? And if one man speaking the word “hopeless,” which is negative, can cause the overturning of a dozen people – can destroy the sunshine of a home, what will happen if a man chose to send out the word “hope”? And rising up, he said to his dear ones, “There is hope – there is yet the promise of the Holy Book,” and so the word of “hope” was given out, and little by little the joy of former days crept back into its resting place.

What is the power of the word? Well, let me see; the worlds were framed and fashioned by words, and further, the “Word was made flesh.” Man himself is the spoken word – the thought of God. In reality, the word is but the vehicle of thought, and since mind is everywhere present, and thought is the timber of which mind is composed, then the word is everywhere present waiting to be expressed.

Let us examine back into the original of our spoken word – yours and mine, for example. What was the thought back of our word, back of us? Here’s the word: “Man was made in the image and likeness of God – free, perfect and eternal. Divinely fair. The son of a King.” These are some of the words that were expressed for us – these are some of the words that were sent forth. And “My Word shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish whereunto it was sent.”

Is your word going to return void, or is it going to accomplish whereunto it was sent? You only have to remember that you are the idea of God – the expression of Him, His spoken word made flesh – to know that you must accomplish whereunto you were sent.

What about poverty when we seek out the spoken words – which shall not return unto Him void and find Joint heir with Christ”? Christ the older brother – son of a King, and we joint-heirs with

Him. Can poverty stand before the unlimited riches of God? “You and I” sons of the same and only Father, the King of Kings. This is the spoken word that has come down through the ages, and which we have failed to hear.

What about worry and care when “My peace I give unto you” come to us from the Source of all Peace? Can you listen for a moment while the “still, small voice” says “Peace, be still”? Do you catch the undying harmony and cadence of this word? The “peace that passeth understanding” is yours. Now? It is yours now, and you can let it be made manifest among you. “The word became flesh and dwelt among them.” Let this peace be made manifest in your flesh.

What about fear when the word “Fear not” comes thundering out of all time, “for I am with you always”? Will this not give you a mastery, poise and peace yet unknown?

What about criticism when “Judge not” relieves you of this distasteful duty?

Back up all your arguments with the powerful declaration, “My words are spirit, and they are true and they shall not return unto me void.” And your power back of this statement is that “God hath said so.” Do you want any better reason for believing it? God hath said so. Did not He “speak and it was done”?

Then comes the practical application of these words – not in theory, but in every-day life – you and I. Let’s see, there is a struggling student who needs a word of cheer. Are you going to speak it and see your word travel out and make a string of smiles and sunshine?

There’s a sick man. He is coming right to you for help. Are you going to say “How bad you look,” or are you going to put on your shield and buckler and decapitate the word – the false word that has bound him? You will remember that you are armed with the Word of God, which is “sharper than a two-edged sword, turning in all directions.” You won’t be afraid, will you? because you are protected by this “two-edged sword, which is turning in all directions.” You will use this sword and put an end to the lie, and after you have declared your truth you will not send out a legion of fear words after it, will you?

Do you remember the power of Jesus’ spoken word when the Centurion came to him and said, “Only speak the word”? What did His spoken word accomplish? “The servant was healed in that selfsame hour.” He did not speak the word and then say I will see your servant to-morrow and give him the spoken word for a week or month. He spoke the word and then went on his way, confident that “His word should not return unto Him void, but would accomplish whereunto it was sent,” and it was sent on a healing mission – and it accomplished it. Finally, he said, “Even greater works than these shall ye do.” What is your spoken word doing all day long?

What does “Watch and Pray” mean other than guard your words and pray – affirm God’s allness and perfection?

Words are seeds, we are told over and over. What kind of crop are you sowing? Every word springs up with differing degrees of strength and power. Is the seed of your Truth sowing going to bring forth a crop of mushrooms or are they going to bring forth mighty oak trees? It is as easy to plant acorns as it is to sow mushrooms. “My words are spirit and they are truth, and they shall not return unto me void.”


DO you know what it means to dwell “in the bosom of the Father”? Do you know what it means “to live and move and have your being in God”? Since God is ever-present mind – then to live and move and have your being in God is to live and move and have your being in mind; and since thought is the chief fiber of mind, then man is in reality the thought or idea of God – sustained and protected and dependant on that mind. Think for a moment of, let us say, a very red rose. Where does the thought rest – where is the thought? In your mind, of course, entirely separate from the external. Now think of that very same red rose in the next room, then in the garden, then in some foreign country. Easy, isn’t it, to think that rose around over the entire world – to make it go large or small as you will, because it is a thought in your mind. All things are possible to it that are possible to your thinking. You could even think the rose growing out of a block of ice. The most frigid winds could not nip it or the most torrid suns could not wilt it so long s you thought of it as a perfect rose.

Now, then, if man is the idea or thought of God, then God literally thinks man into his proper place. He holds in mind always the perfect conception of spiritual man – unchanged by any exterior condition, be it heat or cold, or any other man-made condition. He continually sees man as His offspring, perfect, indestructible, and eternal, and so He holds him in His mind. The perfect pattern is not lost or destroyed, but remains whole and intact, whether it is being expressed in China or New York, whether in the fields or in the office, the individuality of the God idea man is retained in all its primal beauty.

Then when you realize that you are one with this mind – that God is expressing you as His idea – is it for you to stand in the way of this perfect manifestation by thrusting in the distorted mortal ideas that come to you? Rather, should not this prayer be on your lips, “Thy will be done,” and put aside all outlining and striving to bring certain results to pass. He will not suffer you to be lost; He will abundantly prosper those who give all and follow Him – But He will do it in His own way and in the place or land that He has given unto you. Have no fear, He will not think His ideas into a place, a problem or condition which cannot be perfectly met. “When thou passeth through deep waters I am with thee,” and “No plague shall come nigh thy dwelling.”

Then again I say unto you, “Be not afraid.” God is mindful of His own, and His Way is peace.

What the Poet Sang


MAN is as inseparable from God as he is from his shadow. The reason of one is the cause of the other. As nothing can obliterate your shadow, or separate you from it, so nothing can separate you from God. Storms may beat upon it, rain may fall upon it, but the shadow is not effaced or even affected until its cause is removed. Since God, whose image and likeness you are, whose reflection you are, is immovable and eternal, unchangeable and fixed – there is no fear that the cause for your reflection will taken away.

To have a shadow it is necessary to have light shining on us, and the way to keep this light shining is by keeping a heart full of gratitude, full of the oil of joy of right living. There are no gray days in a grateful heart; the sun is always shining there.

That which is your will come unto you – not by any frantic struggling and fighting to wrestle it away from the Giver of all Gifts; not by long and dark hours of laboriously “knowing the truth” – but by letting it float into you as a natural sequence of right thinking, just like the light comes to you in the morning. You don’t fight for it – you don’t go out to meet it; you “let” it come unto you. There is clean, wholesome activity about this letting – it is the jewel of thought turning in all directions to catch all the light possible – it is the obedience of the sunflower which follows the sun across the sky each day, ever with its eye heavenward on the Source of all Light – and at night immediately after it has set – turning its face eastward, ready and waiting for the first faint flushes of the dawn. Keep, then, your mind’s eye open to every bit of truth and love that is being sent out to you by the all-loving Father – and all else will take care of itself.


Each successive state of existence gives man more freedom from matter. Compare the caterpillar, who laboriously covers every inch of ground with his whole body, with his next state as a butterfly, who floats off without coming in contact with matter but ever so rarely; his silent work in the cocoon, though unseen by the outside world, was productive of huge results to himself. So it is with man, who is working diligently with thought; he may seem to have entered a cocoon state of existence, but anon he soars up higher, having cut through the walls of Jerico which bound him.


What will dissipate criticism quicker than the question which the Master traced in the dust, “He that is without sin among you, cast the first stone”? If this be your motto, sitting in judgement on your brother will be unknown.

* * *

Withhold not from me the roses of your love and well wishes until I have passed the portals of the great beyond. There – scatter not scented rose leaves of memory, fragrant with love, on my grave, but give to me the dew-covered petals of your appreciation and love while they are yet fresh and fair that I may drink thereof and satisfy my soul.

* * *

Why do I call you friend? It is because your voice when you greet me calls for something from within which sends dull care and worry back into its nothingness. It is because the steady gaze of your eye searches through the mass of chaff and finds the few grains of wheat and looks well at them. It is because your love is like a mighty well that shields me from the shafts of criticism and hate. And, lastly, it is because you understand.

What more restful melody could come to you at evening after a long, long day than these simple words, “I have called you a friend”?

* * *

On grey days take out your jewels of gratitude, for in them the sun of happy hours is yet shining.

* * *

When the storm is upon you, “stand fast”; there is another in deeper water than you who is looking for your light. Unself yourself by helping the man farther down to get up to your level, and God will lift you both up.

* * *

When the day is sunny, fortify yourself that when the storm breaks you will find yourself protected against sudden shafts of wrong.

* * *

Remembering all the while, if you load seems hard and heavy, that the place you find yourself in is the place you have made by your own thinking. Think yourself out of hell by knowing “If I make my bed in hell, there is God,” knowing that where God is heaven is.

The bird singing on the bleak February bough has caught the message that spring is coming, and in his heart it has already come. So man who is spiritually alert catches the messages of Divine Intelligence long before the ice of materialism melts into the sunshine of Love – and he, too, sings of the completed Word, “Father, I thank Thee that Thou hath heard me.”

* * *

Why feed on the husks of hate, jealousy, envy and wrath when you might be feeding among the lilies, love, peace, calm and harmony?

* * *

Worry is like a cat chasing its tail – it never gets anywhere and at last drops exhausted within the tiny circle it has trod.s